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    i learned to model in a few months, and i think its allowed me more creative freedom than ive ever had screenshot from de_sydney, a wingman man made my T-R3x3r and i im in charge of the art, and honestly i have taken a while to get the map to the point that it is at (8 months so far), but i am speeding up steadily
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    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Ooops... I leaked a screenshot. Unlucko.
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    Another UE4 scene Inspired by Season 1 of True Detective.
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    Mitch Mitchell

    What movie is this?

    Those shapes were the things that did it. Rules be rules, I can't start the next one - so over to the first poster to start the next one...
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    What movie is this?

    Yep, that's correct!
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    Thanks for the feedback, especially with the docx and font pair. I had not thought about that. I agree that it is a bit weird regarding the Dying Light map, however i noticed that sometimes people would miss it if it were put under "individual projects". I wanted to stress that i have worked with one in-house engine! anyways, great feedback, thanks!
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    Hey! The font used for your name and role in the upper left corner is a lot more rounded and doesn't go well with the other font on your page. I'd recommend taking a look at what pairings of fonts work well together over here: https://fontpair.co/ The same name/role image also makes the page feel a bit messy, because each row has a different starting point: I would put the rows in that image so that each row has the same horizontal starting point as the projects title on the page. I think that small thing would make the entire page feel a lot cleaner. I find it a bit odd that your Dying Light map is listed as an "in-house engine" and not a individual project. On the banners of Skylar & Plux and Trial you mention level art but don't really go into or show if you have modeled anything for the projects as far as I can see. But overall your documentation seems pretty dope to me. I love small touches here and there, especially that you show multiple .cs files that you can open and close, integrated into the site design. Saving your CV as a .docx file can be a bit risky by the way as some of the formatting might get lost for different peeps. I'd go for a .pdf which is more reliable when it comes to that. I am looking for work myself at the moment so maybe take my feedback with a grain of salt. I have been where you are and looked for internships before though. I wouldn't worry too much, just keep looking and I'm sure you'll find something soon!
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    Level Design 'Side Hustles'

    Great information, thanks mate. I think I've come up with a couple of ideas, I'll get the ball rolling on them and check back in should they become successful. The LD principles book is something I was thinking about previously actually as I've been digging into a lot of that at work recently and it definitely interests me, it's just a case of figuring out the right angle for it and knowing that there's enough of a market for it (level design is still relatively niche I guess). Might be fun to work on regardless though.
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    [CSGO] Victoria

    We made some changes to mid and A that should adress the concerns brought up by the last test. We'll do another 5v5 test tomorrow and that should hopefully finalize the layout and get us started on environment art. Radar before / after
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    Level Design 'Side Hustles'

    Well done at putting yourself into doing extra stuff! I find difficult to point at many games with prosperous communities, one can be exposed to only so much... definitely CSGO still going strong, there's also still a core of passionate TF2 players and mappers, and there have been community "events" (packs), and of course some HL2. UT seems dead, I haven't seen anyone posting stuff on here for a long time and it doesn't seem to be ever in the news... they used to do community catch-ups livestreams but on the YT channel the last video about patches is 1 year old, maybe @2d-chris knows more, but with Fortnite's success... I can see many devs like you busy with Q1 or Doom mapping in their spare time. Far Cry 5 has the Arcade system for custom content, and there are tools for Dying Light if you want to get ready for the next (check Will2K campaign topic) I'm sure you can easily find freelance jobs for UE4 and Unity, there are so many teams around, but I would imagine they'd require more effort than what you probably have time for. Something much more passive and that you can take at your pace, is producing some courses on the many platforms available. Not sure if you can find a different "angle" to it, as I have the feeling there are so many out there now, also pretty much people ask for UE4/Unity... not sure if with your previous experience with CryEngine, doing one on Lumberyard would give you more return potentially. Working on a book would surely be cool, I would imagine being very satisfactory if you can abstract enough to talk about LD principles instead of specific tools. You can also get to publish it yourself via Amazon (I have an acquaintance that has gone from robot programmer to writer, after self-publishing his story of ditching the job and going around the world). Books can be very "2.0" as well, I've seen already quite some time ago that you can tie-in digital content with the book like Scott Robertson has done with his concept art books. Best of luck with your hobby search and I guess let us know what you go for
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    Level Design 'Side Hustles'

    Can you make and sell 3D models? With the current amount of 3D printers people are always buying cool/cleaver designs for minor stuff to print at home. Not sure if it can ever come close to an actual income (I haven't checked what models go for) though. It also seems like there is a market for freelance 3d designers for board game models etc. Not sure about how it differs from models in games but I guess it still pays. Can do you visualizations for architecture firms? I would guess that there is tons of money in that, but also time consuming.
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    de_mine.vmm (dev name)

    new screenshots gameplay ready for test
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