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    Wow @zastels, after all the insider insights you received, you completely disregard it and keep on banging your bell. You really don’t care about the explanations do you? Or don’t have any idea of business. This thing you are talking is not happening, why would anyone waste their time working on a dying platform: Source is old and there’s no support or development. Even modders are creating HLcontent in Unreal lol. Unknown Worlds has switched to UE4 for the time being, why would they retrofit a game they are not really developing anymore. CS is successful in its own right but every month there’s someone discussing if it’s dying. Compared to the other big MP games the numbers of CS are low, and anyway a new game wouldn’t have people transition from CS just because it’s Source powered. That being said I do hope UW has the chance to work on another NS and hopefully be even more successful. In regard to The Specialists and Source, I’m pretty sure porting wasn’t considered because Morfeo had been hired by Crytek and moved to Germany at the time. In that period Source licensing wasn’t clear as well. Nowadays Morfeo is a freelance developer and has switched to Unity, i helped him release Furious Angels last year and on the side of the paid projects, he keeps working on concepts of his own.
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    What have you watched recently?

    I've been watching entire movies and TV shows uninterrupted with my wife, unlike my usual solo-self who simply lacked the attention span needed to watch them. I would watch a TV episiode, 20 minutes at a time. Here are some of the movies and shows I've watched. Black Panther - 5/10 Another cliched action movie from the same franchise, with the same cliched build-up, comeback and similar storylines. I just wish it were more gripping. The visuals were nice, the humour attempts poor. Definitely not worth the price for the first show ticket. Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle - 6/10 Not nearly as impressive as the original but a watch with some big stars. The visuals are good. the humour is so-so and it could be just another action movie if it weren't for the Jumanji 'virtual world'. I mean, you really could take any action movie with 4 characters into the Jumanji outline to have this movie. Just watch it as a late night, mindless watch with no brains involved. It's fun. Phantom Thread - 5/10 Really not my kind of movie. The artwork, styling is gorgeous and the mood well created, but the pace is really slow. It was a drag watching. Get out - 10/10 Well-deserving award winner, a movie that builds up its thriller plot really well with great intensity for the first 60 minutes, broken up with bits of modern-day humour thrown in. Easy to relate, really gripping stuff and I couldn't stop watching this one. Really worth watching! Wild Wild Country (TV series on Netflix) - 10/10 A real life tale of the religious cult from India that brainwashed a whole lot of people, and nearly took over a state in the US. It's done really well and first-hand interviews with people today makes it all the more exciting. Really shows you how religions start off with a naive, attractive agenda and turn dangerous really quickly. And if anyone uses trakt.tv, this is my ID - cyberjunkie (https://trakt.tv/users/cyberjunkie)
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