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    Spicing things up and implementing dynamic weather variation/change: Storm/heavy rain Cloudy/overcast Clear/sunny Hours logged on the developer tools: around 800 hrs and still going
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    Games W.I.P Thread

    Our Cyberpunk Game Demo Level Screenshots Made in Unity
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    Name: Konstantin Löffler Website: konstantinloeffler.deStory: You find yourself as a deaf protagonist in a corridor with a door in front of you. You have to try to open it.Engine: UE4Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V9Cpq7NaBQPuEXESxBNGXt-tocyWiARP Screenshots: Video: Special Thanks go to Rául Sánchez Calderón for helping me implement the core functionality of this challenge.
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    Name: Tomas VanyaStory: You were partying too hard and got thrown out of the night club but the party isn't over yet.Engine: UE4Download Link: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1t7iOJHpVDhRxGPiSpCUzfPIwSOvPttis&export=download Screenshots: Video link:
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    Hi guys Playground Games has a couple of Level Design positions available - one is for a Principal Level Designer on our new open world RPG title. The role would be one of owning the macro level vision of the world layout and focusing on high-level open world composition. There's also a Level Designer position available on the Forza Horizon team (details aren't on the website yet as this has just come up). The company is great with many perks and an awesome bonus scheme, salaries are based on experience. PG was also voted the best place to work (2017) by Gamesindustry.biz! Please check out these positions and more on the website. https://www.playground-games.com/careers/ And please get in touch if you'd like me to pass on your details for any of these roles Cheers Paul
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    Mitch Mitchell

    What movie is this?

    It's Damian Lewis (I think, gotta love that jawline), so...Band of Brothers?
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    [Wingman] Station

    The layout is 10/10. Also couldn't find a spot where i didn't take damage from the bomb lmao.
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    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    That old chestnut? LOL. Floating points numbers are the foundations 99.9% of all video games. Quake definitely used floats. Every engine after that one as well. There is no way you can do otherwise nowadays, especially considering GPU are basically floating point calculators. Games mainly used integer in the past, but that was a few decades ago, when hardware graphics was non-existent. Floating point numbers can describe integer without any precision issues. There are lots of myths floating around (pun intended) and lots of misconceptions on float/double. Even BSP engines uses floats for brushes. Since everything is on a grid you could use rationnal numbers, but I guess nobody thought this would be useful. I don't think a precision of more than 0.001 is relevant to be honest. I do get triggered by my vertices being 0.001 units misaligned in editor. Then I'll compile and play it and realize it's really not a big deal. When you know what to look for you can see issues everywhere, while most players won't bother.
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    Name: Sean Noonan Website: noonan.designStory: Whilst waiting for your commute to reach it's terminus, you reflect on the news of the day. Relief washes over you in an awesome wave. Engine: UE4Download Link: https://sean-noonan.itch.io/pearly or http://sean-noonan.com/games/mapcore/Pearly_v1.zip Screenshots: Video Walkthrough:
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    NOTE: I commented here before, but I accidentally made it hidden and I do not know how to find it again and undo that action. So just in case, here is the same post. I do apologize Name: Lucas LaMonica Website: https://lucaslamonica.wordpress.com/ Story: Our hero finds themselves in a maze consisting of colorful blocks, and a door that cannot be opened. However, the player will also discover various colored jewels and most interestingly, a terminal connected to a miniature version of this same maze. Perhaps our hero can put this miniature to use. Engine: Unity Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZK-U-R6Q9fQdlligb4DyvuWOroNi6pFv/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Video link:
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    Mapcore Job Census

    I've been hired as Junior Level Designer at Fatshark Games.
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    Name: Alexey "cptnsigh" Website: https://twitter.com/cptnsigh Engine: Unity Download Link: https://cptnsigh.itch.io/locked-zone Screenshots (2): Video link:
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    Name: Stefan Vorwerk Story: To open the Door, the player has to go on a little quest. Engine: Source SDK (csgo) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SEnY4HCES2hgf4hP4gzzS3m22VdF82Oc/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Video link:
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    Name: Jacopo Colangelo Website: https://jacopocolangelo.artstation.com/ Story: You are a test subject trapped inside "HexLabs Inc." Testing Facility. To get the last door open you have to solve different puzzles. Will you manage to escape? Engine: UE4 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/196GZp6NHYD1A9VheNYEDvOlJTtI216t- or https://mega.nz/#!mhpRiLKR!_teTmtvZ16pgxLFlOvCNzMHHNAXz7H52b7-K4Vz7Ey4 Screenshots: Video link:
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    Name: Fredric Grapensparr Website: http://www.grapensparr.com/Story: You stumble upon a shrine hidden among the rocks. Use your curiosity to get inside. Engine: UE4Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1omOcgAM0KBjmBZPTqeg6gERtfMPL9SxW/ Screenshots: Video link:
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    I'm afraid that @General Vivi's game is VR only, which leaves us all frustrated and angry...
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