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  1. Anduriel

    [WIP] de_splash

    The good news is: This project is not dead. The bad news is: Progress is interrupted again and again. But over the past months I learned a lot about Blender and how to get the models work properly in source. Thanks to @grapen, @Terri and many others who helped me out with all the modeling and exporting issues I had. In the near future I'll try to focus better on making some fitting models to get this map to look like something. I've got ideas for at least some of the areas. But for now, here are screenshots of the CT Spawn in it's current state and some unfinished models.
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  2. What is Borealis: The Last Man Standing? Borealis: The Last Man Standing is an Alien Swarm mod that takes place in the Half-Life/Portal universe, which explains the story between the events in the Half-Life and Portal series' universe. For a complete rundown, visit our ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/borealislms What we are looking for. We are currently seeking talented individuals that could help us progress. In particular, we are looking for the following: 3D Artist Character Animator Environmental texture artist About Us Our team consists of
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  3. WD

    Unreal Engine 4

    It's true. UE4's bsp tool does feel unwieldy compared to hammer's but then again you don't have to live and die by the grid because of the fear of leaks. It can be too intimidating to think the grid as just a measuring/alignment tool rather than something that is whole foundation of the level. YES YOU DON'T HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY FOLLOW THE GRID AND THAT IS FINE AND YOU ARE NOT A NOOB FOR DOING SO depends what youre building tho.
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  4. ItzOmega

    The random model thread!

    WIP. Looks too much grey for me Ideas?
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  5. ┌HP┘

    Unreal Engine 4

    I agree, I don't even worry with UV's on my blockouts, I just use a worldspace shader that applies a checkered material to all of my faces, and I tint the vertical faces of another color, just to make the floor look a little bit diferent. This is very similar to what I use: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/6142-auto-uv-color-material-for-block-outs-download-available
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  6. Finally ordered my favourite album on vinyl.
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