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    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    Sent you the demo and feedback files on discord
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    El Moroes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Belgium / France ... will be interesting, me, a belgian guy with all my french friends and colleagues But, hey, GO BELGIUM GO !!
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    It has been repaired with today's update: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2018/07/20556/ (bug is not exist in patch notes, but we can find an updated Phong shader files in platform/shaders/fxc and it works on de_train). And, for me, all models using Phong shading (weapons, player models...) looks different after update.
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    2018 FIFA World Cup

    So proud of my country
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    Ubisoft Toronto Looking for 2 LDs!

    Come join the LD team here at Ubisoft Toronto! Position 1 Position 2 If you have any questions dm me
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    Ubisoft Toronto Looking for 2 LDs!

    Cons: You have to work with Ted. Pros: You get to work with me.
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