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  1. Hello Mapcore! This is the final project I have made in my first year from my master as a 3D Artist. The project is based in a distopic futuristic city with a big gap between rich and poor, and mafias fight for the control of it. The whole project has been created by the entire class, with me and Pau Sanchez creating the Outdoor part of the scene (Floor, low level, first level, tunnel and roof). The aim was to work all the class in one big project, with our teacher being the lead artist of it. In all this work I was responsible of creating the kitbash for the floor, first level and roof (From our part of the scene), and also creating some props and one big car. I also created the main character with a pistol, that has a basic rigging and skinning and is able to move around the whole scene interacting with doors, elevators and enemy players. We used vertex paint for texturing the entire floor, tunnel and low level, and Substance Painter for the rest of the parts. Breakdown Floor kitbash First level kitbash Roof kitbash Floor asphalt (Created with Substance Designer) Car asset Main bridge. Create by: Hao Jin and Jordi Oller Tunnel. Created by: Hao Jin and Jordi Oller Area 2. Created by: Irene Cruz and Jordi Montfort Aside from the 3D artist result, which was our main focus, it is also a playable project, with colliders and usables, and also players that are able to move around the whole scene. You can also spread love around Artstation https://www.artstation.com/itzomega and help me grow as a 3D Artist Thank you for your time!
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  2. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Still working on this thing All lighting is just a draft.
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  3. I can only agree, it’s way too dark. A lot of details are lost, the whole scene gets a dated look and I don’t know where to rest my eyes. Hope you guys will reconsider the lighting and update us on it!
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  4. Everything is extremely dark
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  5. @Yanzl also made some adjustments to it so it packs everything necessary for your map automatically (the technology is finally here): https://github.com/gortnarj/CompilePal/releases/tag/v025
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    Black Mesa Source

    I see where you're coming from, but those are tiny screenshots. Personally really happy that Black Mesa is still around and kicking, this is one of my most anticipated titles of 2018/2019. I really miss Half Life a lot
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  7. Messing around and having some fun in UE4 with some early wip lighting studies
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  8. +Rusty+

    The random model thread!

    Two Lil afternoon doodle's
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  9. Oliver

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Today @BubkeZ and me are celebrating finishing the first art pass for de_iris. That means we have mapped out all our ideas for locations and buildings, and making sense of the environment. We don't want to show off too much yet. Our workflow is rather loose, so ideas are constantly changing. Art pass 2 will focus on solidifying ideas and tie together the theme better. For the sake of experimenting and trying out ideas, we have left the polish on some of the models. The map will look more presentable after the next art pass. So far I have made 62 unique models for the map, and we have designed almost 15 fictional brand names and businesses for de_iris. The iron is hot! Here's a sneak preview from one of the locations in Middle. Oops, how did this manage to get here?? We don't want to spoil the fun yet...!
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  10. ElectroSheep

    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Hello guys !! Some update from the BLU side. Almost done (probably this week end. And them full polish !!
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  11. jd40

    [WIP] de_biome

    Update! Thanks to all the feedback I've received I determined that bombsite A needed a few changes. There are now spots where you can comfortably hold the site without having to worry about getting shot in the back, whereas previously you basically had no chance but to fall back or push somewhere. Here's a gif showing the changes: Screenshots of the new bombsite and surroundings: And here's some other stuff I've updated recently but haven't posted in the thread: Wingman mode takes place on bombsite B Other improvements and polish:
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  12. Ubuska

    [UT4] DM-Chamber

    Hi, here's a couple of updates. I more or less finished with rough modelling, starting to refine assets. Trap room rough modelling First textured asset. This asset uses one tiling material with single unique mask texture with no bake. I'm using custom vertex normals to give it rounded look. I plan to produce assets that way - using just one (sometimes don't uses at all for not significant assets) unique mask per asset. I also use mesh decals for additional details. Will add emissive for some of them later on. And lastly, some rough modelling for other rooms And here's some experiments with emissive mesh decals That's it for now, thanks for watching
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  13. Le1T

    de_mine.vmm (dev name)

    Забавно. Крюк-кошку не забудь засунуть в первый слот вместо ножа
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