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    For all the Hammer users who have been praying for an update, Wall Worm is happy to announce a new Advanced VMF Editor. Just some of the key features: Classy black and white theme to increase readability in High Contrast Monitors. Familiar Hammer menus (some of which work as expected) Context-sensitive right-clicking to open assets directly in your Hex Editor of choice. Currently supports MDL and VTF. Tons more! Finding the cause of a bad brush never got easier. Here is a screenshot of this new, exciting product:
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Yanzl made an awesome update to the level!
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Awesome work @Ties! I have messaged regarding this and was going to contact you as well, I was wondering regarding the state of things and seems it's clear where you are at I'm happy to start something, I was just wondering if, being something in collaboration with Faceit, it should recall some of their design as well - I mean if that's a requirement.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    fewseb - nothing is final, just not got any other ideas at to what can be added to the sites. A better story would be good - just can't think of any! RZL - Thanks for the detailed feedback, much appreciated. I will deal with those issues when I next do a pass on that area. Hopefully can get some replacement textures for the storm drain areas. Regarding sending a map - working on trying to get it playable - at the moment, the map currently has every source mappers favourite issue - max_tex_infos, and max_brushes limit. Should be fixed pretty soon though - will let you know! Got a replacement mesh for the old blockout van. A before and after shot. Other stock vehicles also being replaced with rv's and a VW Van.
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    $mapquality "{10 10 10}"
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    This editor revolutionized how I do my maps. You can do everything from just one viewport!
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    A level in ue4 i'm working on . it all started with making a few palm trees and then it went from there. The ocean water is a community project water from ue4 forums.
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I've worked on something a couple of weeks back (https://compassionate-bell-62f5f1.bitballoon.com/) after the topic was discussed in the discord hub chat. The main issue to solve is with Face It atm. As @JimWood said in discord: I'm not sure if someone is in contact with Faceit about this, but it's something that needs to be resolved to make the whole plan work. About my hub page itself: It is linked to these collections for displaying the maps Voting is done by signing in with Faceit, and when voting it checks if a user has joined a Mapcore hub The page can use some content (text, images, structure), it's something I would like to handover to someone else or at least collaborate with someone with. For me it was just a fun experiment with the steam and faceit API's, and thus finished my personal goals for the project. That said, I'm open to work some more on it. So if @El_Exodus @Thrik or @blackdog need anything, feel free to contact me (discord is the fastest way)
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Here a bit of feedback: 1. The trees look a bit too repetitive and do not look very good from the angle you're looking (from below). 2. You seem to use the fence model a lot and it looks pretty wrong in front of the wall. I would get rid of that stuff there. 3. I would change the texture for the storm drain area to something that looks more like concrete, this one gives me too much of an italy vibe, especially since it looks similar to your map de_coast. Same goes to the floor trims. 4. The double double door entrance looks really wrong. I would definitely remove one of them (and replace them with a window you might be to jump through?). If it is two entrances to different parts of the interior (with a wall between) then I would replace the doors with single doors instead so you have some space between the entrances. Also the balloons are too repetitive and too uniformly clustered. I would spread them out a bit more in some parts and move them closer in others to break things up. Gameplay wise the whole map is an absolute mess and no fun at all to run around in. Prove me otherwise by giving me access to actually be able to play it