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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I've had a lot of frank conversations with FACEIT about the challenges and issues we've been facing with the HUBs. With the understanding, of course, that we all want the idea to succeed and in order to do so we're going to have to be exchanging feedback and, hopefully, pushing updates to address that feedback. There's more to come there, but what I will say is that they do seem genuinely interested in improving the platform. It seems like they're in this for the long haul, so let's try to itemize our feedback. Current feedback: -Downtime (of course) -Need to be able to delete messages as a mod, don't want any egregious posts or out of control spam -Warm-up time increase so that games aren't cancelled by map downloading -Notification of our map list when you queue (apparently, this is already being worked on!) -Trying to reduce the amount of instances where it feels like you go "back to square one" when trying to get into a game, such as when someone doesn't accept a queu Long term I'd like to see us have the ability to: -Interact with servers in the same way admins with RCON could -Workshop map upload option, so that we don't have to route through FACEIT anytime we want to change the map list -Deeper engagement with the rest of the FACEIT platform, so that it doesn't feel like we're in an island when there is an ocean of games being played in the "open-market" FACEIT platform -Exposing more of the variables that are hidden "behind the scenes" so that we can deeply customize our HUB experience. And if we're lucky: -Additional incentive to play on our HUB -Rewards for those who start a successful queue (to incentivize being the first player to start a successful match) -Real ELO rewards/connectivity I will say that we've had a good number of games going lately, and that I think the biggest/most frustrating issue (games getting cancelled for no reason) is, seemingly, close to being resolved.
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    [WIP] de_biome

    Thanks for the feedback! And also big thanks to everyone organizing this contest, it was fantastic. I agree that the cave rocks should be improved. I'll probably make some rock inset models, similar to the ones from hr dust2. Now I might as well use this post to share some progress. Haven't got much done since I had finals last month but there's still something. Upgrades to the swat van to make it fit Africa better: Replaced the last of placeholder brush/displacement dome parts with models, should give a small fps boost and it looks much cleaner. Added some construction guide stencil decals to spice up the plaster walls:
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Some more feedback: - @fabE More like platform related feedback rather than Mapcore Hub related - still applies: The current map pool should be displayed under Match Settings in the Rule Tab. Preferably done automatically through a Steam Workshop Collection from which the Hub automatically grabs the maps/maplist. I reckon this will be needed as a long term solution for Hubs which make use of custom maps.
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    El Moroes

    Open positions in Arkane Lyon

    Arkane Studios (Lyon - Fr.) is looking for a level artist. A detailed description of the post:
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    de_icarus (former de_corp)

    Final release Is nice finally be done (although Im sure there's plenty of mistakes I have to catch). I might make another map at some point with everything I've learned from this process. I plan to make a small release later of some of the custom props and textures to share with the community. Thanks to everyone who helped! Feel free to comment. Resources TopHATTwaffle for realworld textures and tutorials Rick_D for CS_Agency textures and props Skybex for Stadium/Workout texture references and props Shawn Olson and Orvid King for WallWorm Textures.com Special Thanks Benjamin "Aranha" Thorhauge Roald PvtJelo Horderp Zool JimWood saicho91 duck_ thesammah DeadNiko Mapcore.org Community /r/CSMapMakers Community
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    LATEST UPDATE: Version 1.3.10 on Mar 27th, 2018 LATEST RELEASE OFFICIAL WEBSITE DOCUMENTATION Hey Mapcore! This is an open source vmt editor that aims to improve the tedious experience of editing text files with an easy to use UI and fast workflow. Dima Butemann did most of the heavy lifting involving the programming while I took care of the UI and bothered him about updating it. It has texture previews, can convert jpgs, pngs or tgas to vtfs (and move them to proper directories), verify vmts, features a batch vmt creation and has support for (most of) new parameters introduced in Nuke CS:GO update. Version 1.3.10 with all the required files can be found here: DOWNLOAD Alternatively, if any of you know Qt and C++ and would like to help with the project, you can check out our git repo at https://github.com/Gira-X/VMT-Editor Here is a quick video to demonstrate how fast making vmt files is: And converting textures to vtf: https://streamable.com/zlwed If it doesn't find any games you have to manually add them in the Manage games dialog: And browse to the main game directory: Also a shoutout to the creators of VTFLib (http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/) that provides the texture converting and preview functionality.
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    Wow. You guys made an awesome awesome hero!! It’s like she’s made especially for me. Loving her on the P.T.R. Also, props for having her actually speak Swedish! https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/brigitte (She’s gonna need a Diablo 3 Johanna skin for blizzworld!)
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Such a dick move... it happened a while ago now but wasn't clear how it happened. This shows how these guys are really still kids.
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Nice ideas, agree with all except the ELO part, I don't think this hub have that role and can be counterproductive here (toxic & angry players will appear). People will be happy with incentive for playing or being in the top of the hub. FACEIT is working hard for improving the HUBs, I play in Iberian Pro League since 6 months ago (when they started to encourage) and they have improved a lot. What more needs to improve the platform now is the servers part, they give many problems every month. They need to have more quality and less falls.
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    [WIP] de_biome

    I read FMPONE's feedback, and it's right if you want to make a perfect, flawless map. However, CSGO (source engine) it's not good for a world simulator (as you know, there are way better graphical engines for that), and when the shooting starts, nobody will care if a certain prop it's a little bit low res, or the clouds are moving or not. These details are noticed primarily by other mappers, the majority of the players are interested in gameplay and frames per second. If they like the gameplay that a map delivers, they will play it over and over again even if it looks like CS1.6.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I don't think there is anything wrong with MM. Wingman still seems a bit off balance, people are not at their correct rank quite yet
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    de_icarus (former de_corp)

    Hi Mapcore, I'm ready to share some progress on my map de_icarus (former de_corp here). Its been through some iterations and playtest and I've settled on the current layout. It still needs some polish and detailing in places, and skybox needs some love + callouts. Workshop Link Its been quite the ride so far on this map as its my first for csgo and hammer and im learning each step as they come. Its been absolutely great to have such a rich amount of tutorials and resources as well as community feedback, and general helpfulness! Full credit: Resources: - Rick_D for CS_Agency textures and props - TopHATTwaffle for realworld textures and tutorials - Skybex for Stadium/Workout texture references and props - Shawn Olson and Orvid King for WallWorm - Textures.com - VTFEdit - VIDE Playtesting and feedback: - Benjamin "Aranha" Thorhauge - Roald - PvtJelo - Horderp - Mapcore.org Community - /r/CSMapMakers Community Feel free to post any comments and questions!
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    What I'm Working On

    Released a trailer with release date (3/3/2018)
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    Dirty Bomb

    Finally have some content out since I left CIG, working off another designers initial work I remade the first objective of one of the old maps to fix one of the worst full holds in the game. https://www.dirtybomb.com/chapters/the-hunter-update/
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    Thanks a lot for the feedback, FMPONE, really appreciate it! The interiors being hard to navigate is the #1 feedback without a doubt. I'm not entirely sure if it's because how it's laid out or because of a lack of visual clues/signage. Could be a combination of both.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I think instead of a font it should have a logo piece (texture or mesh, preferably Mesh). Looks awesome tho +
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    I think a lot of our judges really liked this map because it seemed to put gameplay first and graphics second. The emphasis was really on creating a pure competitive experience, and so many judges seemed to gravitate towards that. My main criticism is just that the amount of color variety here seems a little low, there is a good amount of dated assets used throughout the level, and the amount of custom assets feels a bit low. Some good next steps might be to look for natural opportunities to use colors like green on walls that might be closer to vegetation, introduce some color variety and displacement blending with interesting blendmodulate textures on the brick walls, and overall look for opportunities to re-incorporate your theme into the level using custom assets. That's one area where I feel our judges picked up on some missing opportunities, visual flare. Teaming up with an artist or investing more time in custom stuff might be a good move to take this one to new heights.
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    [RELEASED] - Studio

    This map feels very unique when you play it, it has a lot of interesting angle and elevation changes. The number 1 critique I've heard from people is that the FPS seems low. I haven't noticed that myself, but I think it's very important to listen to the consensus on maps. In terms of art critique, the truck-trailer by T spawn really seems like a dated asset, and some of the art assets on the indoor site also seem very non-distinguishable and low-resolution. I'd say the indoor site needs a visual overhaul, in general. Gameplay-wise, this is one of my favorites from the contest despite its large size.
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    What are you playing now?

    Oh bravo! I want to do that but I end up playing CS…
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Good feedback Yeah I think a weekly calendar might work. Not so much info that it’s overwhelming but at least enough to plan by.
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    I won't post everything I did since my last post but I'm now playing with my new toy (a Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM) and I like that ! You'll find more here (portfolio) and here (FB page)
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    Looking for: A level designer with experience in creating small to medium sized multiplayer map. Designer requirement: *Must* have a portfolio & one released map (Any FPS). Needs to be passionate about level design & have played Modern Warfare 2 + Black Ops 2 extensively will be incredibly helpful (Understanding the characteristics of the map if that makes sense). 3D modelling/whiteboxing experience in any 3D program (Maya, Max, Blender, etc). Engine: We’re building a custom game (FPS) in Unreal Engine 4, it does help to know the engine but we are open to work with someone who can create levels in 3D (We’ll implement the level into engine ourselves if this is the case). Main requirement: To create a whitebox level design for our FPS that preserves some of the characteristics we’ve experienced in the past in Mw2 & Bo2. To further document & visually express how the map will work, spawn points, line of sights, etc. for game modes such as FFA, TDM, S&D. Map’s goal is to feel good to play for both casual gameplay as well as competitive gaming (eSports, live-casting, etc). Map must be a maximum of 2 storeys high, nothing too complicated (layout) & further details of this can be discussed privately. Competitive play/gaming: We want to build this map in alignment with eSports/Competitive gaming where viewers will find this map fun to watch. This could be achieved by having choke points, areas to allow players to hide & suddenly meet during intense moments, etc. We would need your expertise as you would have a more well-rounded idea. Sniping: Sniping/quickscoping is a crucial element in creating this map, the layout must have clear areas to sniper other players from a respectable distance & not incredibly across the other map unless the player is also risking his position to be seen by others. E.g. Players sniping in the middle of the map would be exposed to attacks from multiple angles, however, if the player is skilful- he will be able to scope & shoot multiple players from the opposite team/FFA very quickly. Trickshotting: The level must consist of areas to trickshot, these are generally higher areas in the map where people can jump off a platform, window or even something a little lower such as a truck/stack of crates. They are for those who like to spin in the air & leave their bullet to chance in hitting another player across the map/through a wall/over a fair distance for a “kill-cam.” Contact: Contact me through Discord: JP#5508 or email ([email protected]) with your portfolio. Prices will be discussed privately via call at an agreed time. Misc/Extra: If you have worked on a map privately which you would like to use as a base for the task/would like to outright sell, we are open to a further discussion on the matter.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    That is some really weird nominees
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    Hey there. The holidays have been very busy for me and I also managed somehow to catch both sinisitus and bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time for that, so I kept going and prepared one last update for the duration of this contest: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216945465 Before screenshots, I figure I'll just type down the story behind the map, for anyone interested. Initially I didn't think I'd even participate in the contest since I needed to wrap up my previous project. Yet when we were two months in, during the last days of July, I did a quick sketch for a layout on a piece of paper and got to grayboxing. Two hours later I had this thing: Much of it is still there today with some variation. With so little time remaining (3 months at this point, before the extension was announced) I needed to make the map as small as I possibly could, within reasonable expectations of 5v5 gameplay. The theme had to be something I was comfortable with, and where I could borrow a lot of stock content. My goal was to rush it and not have any dev stuff by the first deadline, I figured I had to in order to even have a chance at top 10. Admittedly I was a bit surprised at making it. As for the layout itself, I wanted to take some inspiration from Mill and Overpass for some familiarity. liked the idea of having a slightly faster route to one site, much like Overpass, although making it scary to rush. I also wanted to give CT's the option of playing more dynamically with different positions and crossfires like Mill. During the old era of CS, Mill was my favourite map and I still think the A site of that map is the most exciting site in the history of CS. Despite Berth being so compact and simple, I feel good about the options currently available to both teams. I consulted with an old friend and teammate alike, did some iterations and carried on. I really wanted to go for an overcast environment and ended up bashing my head trying to make it work. Spoilers: it didn't. There were just too many issues that I couldn't ignore, not to mention everyone hated it (hehe). After a LOT of palette iterations, I settled for mostly green and yellow, ironically inspired by the Mako reactor of FF7 after doing a re-run of that. I had some closed testing along the way and felt I was on the right track, though after the faceit playtests I got some good feedback that pushed me to change some things up. Thanks everyone who played and provided feedback, also a special shoutout to @Terri for taking the time to go so far as making a video and heatmaps. In the past few weeks I've cleaned up angles, removed some overly cheeky boosts and provided more art. Now for the update: I think most notably, the map should feel a little less spacious. I removed accessibility to the giant metal stairs for both teams to prevent cheap boosts and awkward angles. B-site has received a makeover for a memorable look. It's now possible to reasonably hold "catwalk" while also removing a nasty headpeek. Underpass is now more fair for T's. Where does that leave the state of the map? Well, I'm not done, I want to continue workin on the art, but that will have to wait until after the contest. Thanks everyone who took the time to check out my map, also thanks Mapcore and Faceit for this opportunity. Already looking forward to the next contest, whatever it may be.
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    I am just amazed by this piece of art since yesterday evening. This is incredible, a perfect balance, so much love have been put into it. Everyone should just play on it alone (no bots, no player) just to walk through it all. it's just great ! These were nice too
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    THE MAP IS NOW RELEASED http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1258599704 We will be running it on the Mapcore Server tonight, feel free to join and celebrate! CS:GO Server IP: Central EuropeSlots: 20 players
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    So... Today it is! Goddamn finally amirite?!
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Hey guys, the map pretty much almost done, so here's one last update before release. Also to those that have played on the map, don't forget to submit your signatures (send a picture of your signature written with a thicker pen or with a tablet)
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    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I think it makes sense. I just want to inspire others with that the world is full of possibilities and if you fight and work hard for something, you can make dreams come true. I know that I am in a superior position when it comes to welfare and student loans and stuff by just living in Sweden, but keep fighting everyone. If I can make it, I believe that you can too. I just signed the agreement of an internship position as a level designer at DICE here in Sweden Starting in January 2018
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