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    [TF2] Shoreleave

    Hey all, Just wanted to show off this new map I worked on with a friend. It's been in development for nearly two years with ups and downs but we finally got to a point we're happy to release it! You can check out a neat little trailer we made up or the screenshots below. Thanks for taking a look! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1238849347
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    [HL2:EP2] FusionVille release

    RunThinkShootLive is organizing Half-Life 2: Episode Two Level Design contests throughout the year, and the last contest of 2017 just ended! Lots of people at MapCore are making HL2 maps! Go download FusionVille here: https://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/fusionville/ Raid, by @crowbAr Wake up and run, by @leplubodeslapin A Hero Once More Pt2, by @marnamai The Shadow over Ravensmouth, by @Klems
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    Overkill's The Walking Dead

    As there's more material coming out, makes sense to create a proper topic. Reveal trailer with Kirkman himself explaining this is a multiplayer co-op for teams of four: First character reveal, thanks to @laminutederire that posted it first There's apparently a VR experience in development too Here's a featurette of the team and studio it is possible to see that UE4 is being used to power this game. A long interview is also available: (not sure the contents as I haven't watched it)
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

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    [DOI] El Guettar

    You have no idea, man. I had hoped to release it by now, but there's been a lot of issues to resolve. I'll spare everyone the details and just post some screenshots from a recent test.
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    [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]

    Watefall Beta is open! (Subscribe)
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    What are you playing now?

    So I'm doing the switch thing now. I'm playing Mario Kart and Mario Odessey. My partner is playing Mario Kart and Zelda and woooo she got super addicted. I will go to bed at maybe 10pm and then wake up at 4am wondering where she is. Walk into the living room and it's Zelda time. Looking forward to trying Zelda myself. It looks super different than what I'm used to from that series. First thing I thought was "there's a lot of don't starve mechanics in this game"
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    [Pre-release] Sirius

    Thanks for the feedback @harmy ! @FloppyFins Man that is some excellent feedback! Thank you so much for this! Mid and especially B site will undergo layout changes. Most complaints i heard during the past few days were referring to B site. However, I still have to figure out how exactly I am going to approach these adjustments. I like your suggestion for the balcony, probably will try this one out.
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    [Pre-release] Sirius

    Absolutely love this map! Of all of the maps I've tested so far, this map is by far my favorite! A site felt balanced and had a ton of interesting angles! What I discovered while playing was that heaven gave you a huge advantage over A, and it became more heavily contested than the site itself during a couple of the rounds. What I loved most about that part of the map was the risk involved in overtaking it! Although on the first round the metal detectors felt like a bit of a gimmick, we all quickly realized the importance of the audible cue and why it was such a fantastic addition to the map! CT side was also faced with an additional challenge with one of my favorite angles in the map. This angle allowed for CT to defend A and heaven, but forces the player to fall back in to mid instead of A if they become overwhelmed. This, in my opinion, was a fantastic trade-off! The CT angle along with the metal detectors made the battle around this corridor a lot riskier, with the payoff of having a lot more control over A. The site felt balanced and allowed for a lot of interesting tactics without being overly complicated! I personally felt like the double doors on CT side were unnecessary due to the already challenging rotation a CT player would face if they had to fall back and retake A through the underpass, and the squeaky doors in the site seemed to confuse players due to the fact that there were two white doors with a red frame and two red doors with a white frame. Too many times I'd see newer players get confused and frustrated when being told the enemy was through the squeaky doors, but not knowing which ones to check. The weak point of the map to me was B site. Rotations became a hassle due to the awkward angles and positioning, and once the bomb was down it was rarely defused. From CT spawn the entrance to B was too claustrophobic and made retaking the site extremely challenging. The connector through middle felt awkward as well, as the height put the player at a disadvantage due to the angle you entered on. The entranced gave the attacking team very little room to work with. The player had the option of instantly dropping down or jumping on to the railing, but it would put the player in a position where they had no time to recover their aim or check every corner. The result was the player being confined to the small space between the railing and the wall. Watching this angle from the back of B was easy due to the small size of this entrance. It was also the only connector from mid, which brings me to my last complaint. Mid control played a very minimal role on this map. Rushing through mid to A through CT spawn never made sense, and the only B entrance through mid was the balcony. The shape of mid itself was fine, and the connectors positions were as well. I think it all just comes down to B and its rotations. I would suggest bringing the balcony out past the wall. It would give players a lot more room to push out and check corners while maintaining accuracy, without making the spot too powerful or unfair. This would also make it an excellent spot to watch the planted bomb once its down, so taking mid control would be a lot more important in the map! I would also open the back entrance from CT side up a lot more. Anyway that's just my opinion and I'm excited to see this map finished regardless of which direction you take it in! Sorry for the long post and I apologize if I was too harsh! I actually really loved this map and I'm dying to play it more! It felt like a classic "four square layout", but with connectors and occasional verticality that switched it up and some unique gameplay! It was visually clean and enemies were always easy to spot. It also ran very well! Despite its unfinished state, its already one of my all time favorites!
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    It's been a total surprise. We put the playtesting together because of course we want to do exciting things, but I didn't expect the response. I'm blown away by the hubs and the difference it could make moving forward. So glad it has worked out and glad you guys have enjoyed it.
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    Hi everyone I made a feedback video on some small changes you could make to the map that I would think improve it. Just for some background back when I was playing cs go a lot I was A+ on esea and lvl 8 on faceit so I like to think I at least know what I'm talking about a little. Hope you find the feedback useful! Just as a side note the second to last point I made in the video I'm unsure about whether it should really be changed as with a good flash or bait by another player jiggle peeking the lower angle, the peek from the wall should work as intended without being too overpowered. The video:
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    Goals for 2018?

    My goal every year: release GIBHARD lol More specific for 2018, gonna take a really deep dive into programming. It's really grown on me as a passion over the years, and I want to get a lot better at it. Thinking about writing my own game engine, and level editor.
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    Goals for 2018?

    No specific goals for 2018... I'll just go with the flow and enjoy moments as they come like a leaf... blowing in the wind...
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    Been bored at work lately and decided to play around and get some practice in with sci-fi environments during my downtime Here's a small look at one room:
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    Not really WIP anymore but this is where we all post our shit now so
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    What are you playing now?

    Yes. I don't want to spoil things too much but I can tell you that despite there being multiple endings you won't be repeating the same things over and over again. I already want to go back and replay the game and redo all the 5 endings knowing what I know now. I rarely replay games too. Even though I beat it weeks ago I still think about the story pretty much every day.
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    Hey, It's time my brothers! It's taken a while, but it's finally up on the workshop! Creds to Rick for all the amazing assets and art. Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174668691&searchtext= Screens:
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