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    [Portal 2] Refraction

    This is a fairly easy map (depending on your experience) by myself and my friend Demon Arisen. He did the puzzle; I did the Hammer work. The puzzle primarily revolves around laser redirection and funnels. Cave Johnson here. We've fitted the panels in this test chamber with something the science boys are calling hyper-refractive micro-glass coating, so as you prance around in there you may encounter some unusual visual distortions. For example, the chamber may look dirty and dilapidated, but it's actually pristine and shiny - that's just the glass messing with your noggin. The test might look like it's been assembled by a monkey with a monkey wrench but again, that's just the glass. Falling debris? Just the glass! Collapsing structures? Just the glass! Ravenous Mantis Men? Just the glass! It's all just the glass, nothing to worry about. So, keep your wits about you. Anything you see may or may not or may maybe be real. Cave out. Oh wait, one more thing. You may also see a bottomless pit stretching into the infinite void below the test - that's not the glass deceiving your brain, that's real. Please do remember that, we can't have your corpse falling down there and clogging up the turbines. Wait a second... Greg, no! You tripped over the microphone wire! It's specifically labelled "Do not trip over, ESPECIALLY GREG!" Ugh. Cleaning Team Seven, we're gonna need you on standby for turbine unclogging. Cave Johnson, we're done here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1154580338 If you find any bugs be sure to let me know! Feedback is always appreciated.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld

    Detailing update 2 I've done a bit more detailing. The area still needs a bit of work but this is what it is so far. Detailing update 1 and 2 are now available on the workshop too (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104149332). The new areas still need some optimization so your fps might not be as good as it should be.
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    New update time. The first art pass is well underway with just over half the map textured and lightly to moderately detailed. Mid's major focal pieces are now in place and the main bulk of texturing is complete. All that remains is to break up the bland floor slab and finish adding detail props. Upper and Lower B Site are texture wise mostly complete, detail work and a fairly hefty lighting pass are the only big ticket items left for this area. T Main Entry to B site is the most complete of all the art passed areas. All that's left here is the placement of a few custom props and a final lighting pass. T Tunnels to B site have had their first lighting and texture pass but detail props are still lacking. That's a wrap for now, next update I plan to have the map at the stage to push a workshop update out with a completed first pass. Feedback and criticism welcome.
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    This is out today! Incredible art direction.
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    oh man, need to find some time to check this out!
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    Rebellion - Multiple roles available!

    Hi all, We're looking for people to fill a number of roles here at Rebellion. We're based in the UK and it's a pretty awesome place to work. If you're interested in any of these roles or potentially something not shown, give me a shout and I can give you a hand Any questions feel free to ask!
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    [TF2] Gravestone

    This is another Halloween map that i have been working on for this year. Goal for BLU team is to sink a custom payload cart, that carries a big bottle of booze and a chemistry set into the enemys ghastly cauldron, causing an explosion. RED team should preent that from happening. But there is a catch - round doesnt end to either teams victory no matter how hard they try but they always end up the underworld. There, they have to have a bumper car race to their death or teans victory. Couldn't have done this without some help, and the people i worked with were awesome in helping me for making models and effects. Here's few screenshots belowand as always, it's in the Steam Workshop here! I usually don't say this but competition is hard, so vote it out at the workshop, either way is fine, like it or not. Thanks.
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    Blue Planet II

    God yes
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    Hello everyone, I've started a few classes on computer graphics and animation, from a scientific point of view. Since most people are either hobbyists or artists on this forum, I figured some of you might be interested in learning a few things (or rediscovering some things as I'm learning them as well. I can't post most of my learning materials since I'd get expelled otherwise, but I'll do my best anyway. One class will be about photorealistic rendering and the other one about physically based animations and effects. On the first one we'll program various effects starting from basic illumination to subsurface scattering, going through reflections and procedural generation of effects, geometry etc. Animation will go over rigid body then soft body simulation, with overviews of hair simulation and maybe machine learning techniques to have fast soft body simulation. If those subjects interests anyone, welcome here, I'll update this thread with new posts when I'll learn new things during my courses.
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    Blue Planet II

    Too early to say, but my plan was to always go on a crazy adventure before I hit 35, shit starts getting real then. Lets just say if I do it, I'll be finding ways to potentially further my hobby, but making games is fun.
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    Blue Planet II

    Would that be a hiatus/sabbatical or thinking of a career change as well. I mean I know you do great photography and taking the jump for something like this could open the door of a completely new career in that. PS: when you do drop me a message, maybe I can come and help you carry your camera equipment
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    Blue Planet II

    I'm intending to drop it all and travel, but I'm planning for it 2 years in advance so I actually make the most of my time and money. It's a serious effort, at least for what I'm planning. That being said, who knows what I'll do in 2 years lol.
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    [WIP] de_bali

    Keep up the good work
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    Blade Runner 2049

    There's a new short, anime this time
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    So i've been playing on lowest gfx settings so i could have 60 fps all the time. Changed to high and ultra, and man, the game is gorgeus. I had around 50-57 fps, almost playable, i did not not want to turn the settings down.
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    Oh shit I didn't know it had coop, that's awesome! Looks super cool but pretty (very!?) difficult from what I've seen. Definitely getting this
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    General Vivi


    Just finished it a few hours ago. Really slick and tight experience. You guys really know how to make a damn game. Story was great, Voice actors were great, mechanics were great, UI was amazing. Please continue to make more games, I will always purchase them on day 1. - love vivi
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    [WIP] de_bali

    Made some changes since last week: 1) Added bridge/underpass at Top Middle, and moved CT Spawn closer to A CT's were getting to B too fast -- they were able to push all the way into the Terrorist lobby area, making it super unfair to unsuspecting T's. 2) Raised height of B-heaven Previously, T's were able to take B site and walk into "heaven" at the same time -- this made the spot pretty useless as CT's, as it did not prevent T's from simply pushing through it (imagine heaven on B-site Cache being at ground-level... it's usefulness would be severed). Now, terrorists will have to clear the spot with a smoke/molly to plant safely. It is possible to get into heaven from the site itself, but it requires a well-timed skilljump from whitebox, meaning whoever performs it would be fully exposed for a good couple of seconds. 3) Prettied up the B Lobby area The path from T-spawn to B has been slightly detailed, so the terrorists will now pass through a hotel lobby before reaching the site. The windows and walls have been adjusted as well, allowing grenades to be thrown from the building onto site (for terrorists), and from site into the building (for counter-terrorists). 4) And lastly, most importantly, the make-or-break point of the map Added a crate in connector for some cover on the right side of the wall. (super important) Playtest coming up soon hopefully! Detailing will be able to begin soon afterwards.
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    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    So, this is the only place to get it on PC? https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/buy-now/battle-royale I'm not really into having another launcher on my PC to update and manage some of my games. EDIT: Ha, it's not even letting me to change the path for install. Maybe some friend has this on console so I can try this. Otherwise, was fun being hyped.
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    Realtime rendering for artists

    Really impressed with this article, first time I see all this info compiled to just one simple page, worth reading specially if you're starting out. https://jesshiderue4.wordpress.com/real-time-rendering-an-overview-for-artists/
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    Battlefront 2

    Sample of the cinematic quality in the campaign.
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    [WIP] De_Glace

    I made a lot of changes to outside, mainly the CT side and the routes to the bombsites: - The route to B now goes along that catwalk above the entrance to the CT Garage. - Also I've added another path to A that goes underneath bombsite B, which is relatively new and is still very much W.I.P. - The CT Garage has an upper balcony area which is easily accessed from CT spawn. It provides CTs with a vent passage to Vent room which is right next to the B site and is also the second T entrance to the site through catwalk. CTs also have the choice to drop down into the lower area of the CT Garage, which is a one way drop and they can only get back with a boost. - Both bombsites now have 2 entrances for Terrorists but Counter Terrorists can feel safe rotating between the sites unless they give up outside and allow Terrorists to boost into the upper part of CT Garage. - CT Garage allows for quick rotations in between the sites, almost as quick as rotating through CT spawn, so CTs now will have a second route for retaking each of the bombsites without loosing too much time. - You can also boost up the Elevator shaft now and you can drop on a small platform and safely get down without 'abusing the source engine surf physics' and risking taking damage. I'm starting to set the theme for some indoor areas:
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    Source 2!

    At the moment I'm interested in photogrammetry. It's a technique where you take photos from multiple angles and turn it into a 3d model with magic... I mean with software. I made around 550 photos of the lab I work in, but more on that later. Anyway, for me to get the lab into source2 I needed to get a model in source2. Getting a model in source has always been a pain, even in goldsrc (in my opinion!). Unity for example is way more easy, it can even import blender files for example. And I like to use blender, not that it is the best but it is free and it has really great add-ons, and the development of it is really great. Some of you might have used the "Source Engine Export" plugin for blender before. Well long trial and error story short, you don't need that anymore. You can export to fbx, which is a pretty common format. And then with the tools from valve turn it into a model. Also setting up textures is a lot easier. And I believe it supports .tga now but I need to test that proper. I did have a problem with textures, and I really miss a console in the application telling me what is wrong. Anyway now the reason of this post. Once you have your model the workflow is great. If I make a change in blender and export to fbx again I'm done! It instants updates in the hammer editor. And even better, it EVEN UPDATES IN THE GAME WITHOUT THE NEED OF A RECOMPILE OF THE MAP OR THE MODEL! More later!
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    Blue Planet II

    I love this kind of TV. As soon as you hear David Attenboroughs voice you know you're going to learn some cool shit.
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    Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017

    EXTENDED! One additional month added to create something you're proud of!
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    What movie is this?

    Pretty sure this is from one of the later Pirates of the Caribbean? Maybe the 4th one but I can't remember it's name.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld

    Hello from me to! I want to show you a small part of our done textured props atm. not all textures are 100% done can anyone be changed (Feedback its always welcome) Cheers!
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    Functional Lighting - Magnar Jenssen
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    This video but you might have seen it already :x
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    hey guys look at my new csgo map- oh wait never mind it's still portal 2
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    Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate senior level designer to join us in crafting upcoming first person shooters. This role involves working with the Lead Level Designer and Creative Director to pitch, build, polish, and ship levels using Unreal Engine 4. Senior Level Designers are responsible for owning the vision of their levels, and working with a variety of other departments to see that vision come to fruition. It involves close collaborative work with artists, mission designers, writers, coders, and a variety of other disciplines to ensure the level ships on time at a high standard of quality, while also being fun and memorable to players. Responsibilities: Develop single player and cooperative levels based on existing game design documents, direction from project leadership, and collaboration with peers. This involves taking a design all the way from a paper design to a shipping product, iterating over time based on feedback, creative goals, and project deadlines. Prototype, iterate, and polish moment-to-moment gameplay while working with narrative designers, enemy designers, artists, and other disciplines to ensure quality combats and mission experiences for the final customers Mentorship and sharing of expertise with junior level designers and other design staff. Ability to model a positive tone and work ethic to junior members of the team. Ability to provide and receive good feedback when iterating levels. Required Skills and Experience: Proven track record of building and shipping large level environments. Should include videos or screenshots of shipped levels, and any additional documentation showing design and iteration process. Understanding of modern level design practices, including layout, pacing, technical implementation, and above all else creating fun experiences for players. Strong eye towards aesthetics, with an ability to work hand-in-hand with art teams. Previous experience in a art role is a plus. Excellent documentation, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Ability to maintain focus and self-motivation towards the current project goals. Live near or be able to relocate to Frisco, Texas Have shipped 2 or more AAA action titles, with a preference towards Unreal technology and first person shooters. Desired but not required: Shipped games using Unreal 4 technology Experience with the certification and shipping process on modern consoles Experience working with large inter-disciplinary teams Co-op and/or Online Multiplayer experience. Previous leadership experience Please apply here for consideration: https://gearboxsoftware.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=70
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    Cool! Hope you like it :D~ Also, some reviews are starting to come in. We got an 8 out of 10 on Gamespot plus Kotaku really seem to dig it!
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    Brittany [Day Of Infamy]

    Team: @Terri - Assets, Environment Art and Level design @Vaya Level Design and scripting @Lizard - Environment art and Level Design This map started life as part of the Day of Infamy MapCore/GameBanana 2016 Contest. We took the original design, looked at NWI's feedback and tried our best to act accordingly. What resulted was a much expanded layout that added multiple new routes for both teams- opening up new options and turning 'deadzones' around the map into critical gameplay areas. The docks was expanded and visually improved to a point it changes the feel of the whole map, hopefully for the better. As DOI is still being developed we took advantage of all the cool changes as they came - world GGX shaders, Parallax textures...it all seemed to come at the perfect time to be implemented into the new build. Thanks to everyone that helped get this map shipped, you're all awesome people Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=956527533
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    [CS:GO] Thrill Assets

    Here's the stuff I made for Thrill. Includes a zoo map. Free to use for non-commercial work, as long as you give me credit. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2tJpMUFJ_2aa3NHVjVSR1BrVVk
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