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    Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate senior level designer to join us in crafting upcoming first person shooters. This role involves working with the Lead Level Designer and Creative Director to pitch, build, polish, and ship levels using Unreal Engine 4. Senior Level Designers are responsible for owning the vision of their levels, and working with a variety of other departments to see that vision come to fruition. It involves close collaborative work with artists, mission designers, writers, coders, and a variety of other disciplines to ensure the level ships on time at a high standard of quality, while also being fun and memorable to players. Responsibilities: Develop single player and cooperative levels based on existing game design documents, direction from project leadership, and collaboration with peers. This involves taking a design all the way from a paper design to a shipping product, iterating over time based on feedback, creative goals, and project deadlines. Prototype, iterate, and polish moment-to-moment gameplay while working with narrative designers, enemy designers, artists, and other disciplines to ensure quality combats and mission experiences for the final customers Mentorship and sharing of expertise with junior level designers and other design staff. Ability to model a positive tone and work ethic to junior members of the team. Ability to provide and receive good feedback when iterating levels. Required Skills and Experience: Proven track record of building and shipping large level environments. Should include videos or screenshots of shipped levels, and any additional documentation showing design and iteration process. Understanding of modern level design practices, including layout, pacing, technical implementation, and above all else creating fun experiences for players. Strong eye towards aesthetics, with an ability to work hand-in-hand with art teams. Previous experience in a art role is a plus. Excellent documentation, communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Ability to maintain focus and self-motivation towards the current project goals. Live near or be able to relocate to Frisco, Texas Have shipped 2 or more AAA action titles, with a preference towards Unreal technology and first person shooters. Desired but not required: Shipped games using Unreal 4 technology Experience with the certification and shipping process on modern consoles Experience working with large inter-disciplinary teams Co-op and/or Online Multiplayer experience. Previous leadership experience Please apply here for consideration: https://gearboxsoftware.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=70
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Thanks for comments guys. VIOLATION - making things diverse is a challenge. Different colours will come in soon and more variety on the trailers, especially in areas that look too samey. Moved onto a new area, and thought I would show the development shots. Some horrid looking stuff in there! Last screen shows the entrances to the site which comes off the swimming pool screenshot.
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    Harry Poster


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    Uncharted 4

    Agreed on the story stuff. It doesn't have the same layering that UC4 did. Maybe that's because Druckmann wasn't on the project, but also I think the choices for the characters are maybe a little strange for a small standalone. We just haven't spent enough time with Chloe or Nadine to really care about them, and the backstories that they tried to develop to get us more involved felt a little bit forced maybe? Those heartfelt moments that UC4 had like Nate and Elena having dinner on the couch just couldn't happen with these characters in such a short experience. In a longer game, they definitely could've fleshed it out more (similar to how they did with Sam in UC4). I think that was a key thing that made UC4 story work, we've lived with Nate, Sully and Elena for so long. Their relationships are complex and layered, just like relationships in real life. Naughty Dog took their time to explore those complexities. Would've been cool to see something with someone more familiar like Sam or Sully even, maybe getting to experience Sully's younger days. However I think the level design and combat encounters were the high points, especially towards the end. I think I was better at the game this time around, and knew how to break line of sight properly to go in and out of stealth. It also feels like they did a better job of designing the arenas around their "guerilla" stealth system better this time around. They basically took concepts from UC4 and pushed them just a little bit further. I loved the open world segment, felt like a great way to explore a Naughty Dog world. Hopefully they continue with that open-ended level design in TLoU part 2, super excited to see what they could come up with.
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    Cool! Hope you like it :D~ Also, some reviews are starting to come in. We got an 8 out of 10 on Gamespot plus Kotaku really seem to dig it!
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    [WIP] de_liccia

    Meet Liccia, a small town located in the countryside of Italy. Terrorists are using this old town to hide their weapons and illegal shipments in general. However, after a long investigation, the Italian special forces managed to uncover the illegal schemes of this terrorist group. The terrorists are aware that the specials forces are coming to Liccia and are preparing bombs to blow up the entire town, in order to get rid of any traces that can lead to their leaders. The mission of the special forces is to secure the town, in order to stop the terrorists from destroying it, as well as take as prisoners the remaining survivors. This is my very first map, and even though i've posted it like it's completed, i would guess it's far from it. I'm open to receive any feedback, please tell me if you think anything needs to be changed. Workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1125173558 Map overview CT Spawn TR Spawn Bombsite A Bombsite B TR Spawn to B TR Spawn to A Mid
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    Hello guyz ! I did few screens of my work on the new Dishonored stand alone that I wanted to share with you If you want to know anything about these screens, as simple as it can be, feel free to ask, it would be a pleasure to answer Compared to art station, the following screens are in a much higher resolution (1920*3416 instead of 1920 * 1080) and I apologyze by advance if you get any trouble dowloading them. On the following screens, I only did the Buildings (Models and textures). The lighting, the composition and the smaller asset are made by my great colleagues I'll certainly update this topic with new pics when they'll be ready. Enjoy -_-_-_-_ Curator -_-_-_-_- Architecture design by Valentin "3dnj" Levilain -_-_-_- Ghost town -_-_-__-_- Architecture design by Christophe Lefaure
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    So I have some spare games...

    Yeah, it's the new one. I'll send you a key when I get home tonight.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @blackdog come on, man! when are we going to see a map from you? I'll draw you a layout just to get you going
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    Doom (4)

    It was announced a couple of days ago but here's now some video footage. Wolfenstein 2 is also coming to Switch. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/watch-8-minutes-of-doom-on-switch/1100-6453489/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b
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    That's a shame, but understandable! Maybe Source 2 will rekindle the flame down the road? Would you want the custom assets to be only used in this map, or would you consider for them to be used by the community for any map?
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    Post your favourite movie scenes ever!

    Rewatching Lynch stuff, forgive me
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    That's really cool to hear, I remember being awed by Brainbread back in the day and loved the whole vibe. Some more updates to my de_prodigy reboot. B site has had a makeover including opening up windows on the upper level. Now players can smoke/flash from outside the site and the increased brightness makes the whole site feel less confined. I also added non traversable window on the t entrance to upper site, now cts can be more effective against a rush.
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    Cheers buddy, on that compile the ambient strength was 190 . On the latest update its 400 and has brightened up areas. Thanks for the feedback , some things definitely need other people's input. I run the game on 1.6 gamma on a 144 hz screen with the colors less saturated than some. but a map should cater for all setups to work as a playable level. The sewer does become challenging TBH , too much light it becomes unrealistic and too dark its not CS friendly. UPDATED https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124986957&searchtext=
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    [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Very cool and original theme! liking it a lot. Judging from the screens I would nitpick a couple things: looks like some props could be better integrated, the tire tracks seem to stand out and the little pile of dirt in the first screen (not sure if that's prop or displace). Also the tarps would maybe benefit in integration if you could give some shadow, I would think of using a decal maybe, or dirty the edges of the tarp skin. Like I said just nitpicking and maybe only noticeable from screens and fine in-game... I need to run around it
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    Any maps that have vmt's with conflictig prameters have been broken, yep. As long as your vmt's are problem free, your map should be future proof.
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    After two and half years the game is finally out on Steam! Super proud of what we've managed to create. It's 10% off for the first week, and there's a new launch trailer as well. Hope you guys give it a shot http://store.steampowered.com/app/551770/ECHO/
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Looks great. Really love how you've managed to make a generally simplistic and seemingly un-diverse (on the surface) theme into a really artistically beautiful map. The light pastel colors are really visually pleasing as well. Can't wait to see it in game.
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    Max Payne thread

    I liked to shoot f**kas in bullet time. ... ... In all seriousness it really inspired me too. I remember getting MaxED and after about 20 minutes concluded this industry is not for me. Thankfully I then discovered the joys of Day of Defeat and HL engine mapping and so began countless teenage hours of building technically sound and pretty maps that were a pile of hell to play. In the end I decided to just go for a design job because then it just needed to look nice.
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    Max Payne thread

    This is the game that made me want to be an environment artist. I don't think any other game at that time had been so immersive as Max Payne!
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    [CS:GO] de_dawn

    Hi =) I've been working on this greybox for a few weeks and it's now in a playable state. I've tried to convey some of the visuals I'm aiming for and already done some refining on timings and cover. The layout however is rather unusual and though I tried to make it fun and balanced it is really hard to judge that without the feedback of others. If any of you are interested in the map I'd love to hear and discuss your opinions on it. I am currently hosting the map here: (host in europe). Add me on steam if you'd like to play it with me. Workshop Imgur Hope you enjoy.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    More images of same areas, though I have done a lot more on other parts as well, and will hopefully post screens of those soon. Winnebago is first pass, and other areas have a better shape now I think. The 3d sky will have a tree line between the mountains to try and look like a forest, and fill in the empty spaces. The older one was a bit too close to the main map. When I work on it again, I will move it back a lot more so that it looks better under scrutiny. Lot of hard edges in the interiors atm, but I will fix those when I get round to the polish stage.
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    Guys...bad news here. Well how will I explain that I think this project show me that I've enough with mapping ? Mmmh during the last couple of days (and after two busy summer months) I tried to find someone who could help me to art this level. I honestly though that this map will be something that I'm proud and perhaps the last level for me...but these last days I was also thinking a lot about myself and my priorities and unfortunately, making levels is not on my top priorities. Of course I still like that but now, and since few years, it's my job and I honestly don't want to spend time on that when I'm at home. I think I should stop lying on myself and make what I really want to do. Of course I'll continue to follow what you're doing guys (because you're making great levels!) but, yeah, about me I'm done with that. Perhaps some of you would like to continue this level ? If it's the case, you'll find all the needed files here : DOWNLOAD ARIZONA FILES Well, I think it's clear and I'm sorry if I disappoint some of you but I think I take the right decision for me.
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    Made some grass for my Day of Infamy map to try and take advantage of their new foliage system.
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    LOL time for bed. Thats at least 12 hrs trying to upload the modems green light turning red after getting 15 mins into Upload was soul destroying. Bomb site A MID CT I have more but cos I'm feeling shit I will post up the sewer .
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    Not sure when i can get the BSP into the workshop . always seems to fail the upload My internet is not great for much i get 6megs from the 20 but my graph resembles a saw like ^^^^^^^ so i guess the valleys drop me out . Anyway I am close to where I want to be with the map . a few screenshots . I have got to squeeze some more FPS out for it to be above 160 FPS against bots.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    WD - when more junk, and a bit of grunge on the textures is added, that look will hopefully go away. Some more progress - change of colour on the lighting - I think maybe something between the two light environments might be best. I have set up the area in the last two shots, and I will be working on this section to bring the standard up. I added the campfire there, and will probably detail it with a BBQ, some chairs, beer bottles etc. This will be "long" in the callout. In between the pool and the blue trailer, there will be a camper van for cover. At the moment it is a dev block, but I hid that for screens. No 3d sky here since a change in light and fog has messed that all up for now.
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    Free magic lamp 3d model

    If you rub it hurg comes out
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    El Moroes

    Free magic lamp 3d model

    Youhouuuu !!! Mmmh...sorry, I was not able to refrain from it
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    Hey guys No surprises or happy news here too after my post on the Arizona thread. My decision is the same for all the projects I had so this one is following the same fate. As I did with Arizona, @kikette and me are agree to share all the source files of this map too. You'll find everything you want to check the map...or more. Be careful with the fact that we used some models from other maps as internal tests / temp assets (we had the idea to make our own props). Oh and there is no optimisation at all. So, no more words here but the link where you'll find the map : SOURCE FILES DOWNLOAD And again, I'm sorry if we disappoint some of you...
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