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    Hi all! Here's a preview of DE_SUBZERO. The awesome Tanuki (creator of Seaside and Downtown) helped design the layout, and I created all the art. However, penE from DE_CACHE made the old-school crates as a cameo, I love that guy Shout out to all the wonderful people who provided helpful feedback on the visuals and gameplay so far!
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Posted a few of these in the WIP section, but did a bit more since. Managed to first pass the 3d skybox, a trailer interior, and another path. The map is still flat, and has a lot of "lines", but I will get to those later. The mesh trees are also pretty dark, so I will have to modify those at some point. I also posted another reference of things I will try and add. The hot air balloons will definitely be in since there area lot of air balloon shows in Lake Tahoe, plus they will make some good navigational markers.
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    Hey all. Finally decided to make a topic after weeks of postponing Offtime is a hostage rescue map set in a giant concrete transmission tower. It features a vertical layout, covering a number of the bottom floors. Credits to @Rick_D_D and @Yanzl for some of the props/textures.
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    Revulsion now available on steam early access! This thread shows the production of the game from fairly early on to what we see today. http://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ My Next goal goals for the project is to now begin a polish phase. This means making it so that enemies animate and properly react to being shot. There are a large number of changes in the works for next phase. This will be my last push before I have to get my stuff together and move back to America. Project Stray - Watch me play my games latest Build! 7/25/2017 New titlescreen in place Slight Nerf to the Blaster (1.5 to 1.8) Slight Buff to the Magnum (1.8 to 1.5) Tooltips should appear while over the entire item Icon Magnum accuracy increased (was 6.0 is now 5.0) Lighting gun range increased (Now 500 units, was 200) Bullet holes now travel with moving objects like doors. Mega armor booster removed from minigunner death drop (Mega armor booster is cut from the game as of now) Directional keys automatically cancel inventory menu Travel menu buttons reworked for clarity Reworded all inventory menu categories for clarity Remove armor from all enemy types (For now enemies have larger health pools with no armor) Player cant move view while in any of the menus The Dark Base has had an art pass done to it. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! I regularly do dev streams here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/CastleDoes/live (4:00 PM EST)
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    Hey all, Because my busy life doesn't allow much time for side projects and thus doesn't satisfy the urge of doing something constructive, I wrote a multi-parts article about guiding players through environments (a subject that fascinates me greatly.) Push & Pull - The art of guiding players through an environment 1. Introduction 2. Facilitate mental mapping 3. Influence via composition 4. Lure with affordance 5. Drive with goals & narrative 6. Communicate through a language 7. Direct with restrictions & cameras 8. Show with UI elements & cut-scenes 9. Conclusion I intend to tweak and improve the article if needed so I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts, criticism and feedback! Hope you like it!
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    It's time for an update! (FINALLY) I've been working on detailing A site for a while now. Since most models don't fit the theme I'm going for, I worked on some custom models as well. Oh, and don't mind the obvious seam in the geometry on the first screen ok thanks I'll try to post updates more regularly from now on!
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    The random model thread!

    Follow up post on this one.
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    I've been working on a remake of de_tides for CSGO. (Mostly as practise)
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    [WIP] de_biome

    Update: I haven't changed much after the last playtest, most people seemed to like the layout. One problem I noticed was that nobody wanted to go B. It might have been because of the tunnel making it easy for CTs to flank. Or maybe because there is only one entry making it hard to enter the site. So far I added this door, making it harder for CTs to push the pipe, I also moved the spawns slightly so Ts get to B faster. I also started detailing the exterior. I'll be going for this style:
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    Random Photo Thread

    Just got back from Iceland, what a place, here are a few pics, more to come.
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    I think you should stick with this.
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    The overall mood and gameplay for this area has been nailed down. What you see is CT spawn, and the tracks cut through the entire map on a highrise platform. In the second art phase I'll revisit this part to work on finer details and final lighting. For now I'm moving on to work on the area to the right of this shot.
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    I always enjoyed making weird shit but rarely released anything. Sadly CS:GO never really supported mods properly, hence I abandonned mapping altogether. The Gridlock map from Gears of War, including fully functional control point modes that balanced next spawn locations of the CP and player spawnpoints based on various scores; Same for team fortress maps or other weird shit some ports from Medal of Honor allied assault: I think we may have been to the same spot:
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    [CSGO] de_subject (WIP)

    Sorry for the OT, but let's not forget that Aztec was actually featured in the launch trailer for CSS You guys remember when this was shown after the HL2 tech demo at E3 2004. it was The Shit! CSS actually came out before HL2 and looking back you could say that was technically the first early access game ever sold (?) This and the allure of a Day of Defeat Source that hadn't even been shown totally made me spend the money necessary for the Gold version... I paid 49€ just to get it shipped from the US! PS: gun models (in perspective) and especially reload animations are still nicer from in CSS than CSGO
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    'Secret' Area in Lair. Flyaround at 7:35. I released the map but this area was never finished. Stumbled upon the screenshots again.
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    First maps I ever made. I was about 14.
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    Can add two more to my list of interesting ideas I had but nowhere to go with them Hanoi/dense Asian city: Luxembourg City:
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    The random model thread!

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    The random model thread!

    Cool stuff, is that for a Source map or what? I have no idea what Junction is Carrying on with that random space shiz I was doing a few months back. Wanted to get back into hard surface in preparation for getting back to making lots more art soon. Made a Spacex inspired manned capsule/lander thing. Just a quick Marmoset render, I want to make a proper environment for this thing to set in. Need to do another pass on the decals too, they're a bit all over the place.
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    The Horse Strangler

    The random model thread!

    Some old work from junction, and also some new stuff:
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    Old version of Valley. New version incoming but real life comes first
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    This is the last set of screens from this area you will see for a while. I promise! Some parts, like the ground went backwards - I had to change the displacements. Even though three of the buildings are identical (apart from the colour) - I am calling this first pass, and will move onto another area. CT's now spawn on flat ground - previously it was a slope which felt strange. I also got some reference images for a beach tower and a beach hut which I will add for the next pass.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Thanks for feedback! catfood - with regards to the lighting and colours, for the time being I tried to copy games that have a lot of colour in one area. Example image below. I think if too saturated, things might get a bit crazy! leplubodeslapin - thanks for those images. I played Life Is Strange as well and took images, but was on such low settings, so things looked a bit crap. Will definitely be using them for ideas - got the back of the beach ready to art in last image. I think maybe rocks, trees and foliage instead of whales! The watchtower would also be good to add. Will see what can be done with lighting when the map is more complete. What might look good in one area, might look too saturated in another. Worked more on CT spawn - did a build with trees as well, but they are so dark, I think the only solution to fixing them so they are not almost black is to lighten the texture a lot, and recompile. Turning off shadows etc makes the trees look radioactive.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    World smallest update! Added a beach for the CT spawn, and a hill for some elevation. Also did a first pass of another trailer (the blue one).
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Thank for comments guys! Sewers - yeah they are a bit out of place! Too Italian I think and not grungy enough. Main thing was to get the shape in, and basic idea. Will fix them later on once map has been given a first pass. RA7 - nah not breakable trailers, but I think some will have to look a bit broken so that there is some variety. Otherwise, they will look too similar. Also, thanks for reference image and Lanmaniax pimp (great to see it back!). blackdog - yeah the flatness and the fact that trailers are low has limited what can be done. I did find some raised trailer references, but they looked kind of ridiculous in the map (see below). In the end, I have to go with things like steps - (purple trailer and the swimming pool). In the end, the map has similar heights to maps like de_st_marc and dod_flash for example. Initially I was put off by the lack of height, so blocked out another map - de_hydro or something similar based in a dam, but made sure it had loads of height variation. However, I returned to the trailer map because I prefer the theme.