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  1. Apeyou


    Sunrise is a defuse map set in Japan. The greybox is as good as done so I'd like some general feedback. The visuals will be partially based on a Tumblr by Jan Vranovsky (for those interested, link here: http://janvranovsky.tumblr.com/). Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101450097 Overview Screenshots
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  2. Radu

    [DOI] El Guettar

    17th of February, 2018 Update: Alpha version available on workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304752352 Old post: Well, here we are. After months of fiddling around I finally have a playable greybox version of my Day of Infamy level, El Guettar. So far, this is proving to be the most elaborate level that I've worked on. It's pushed me to organize better, learn basic modelling and really improve as a level designer. The following months will probably be just as challenging, but I'm thrilled to see the end result! Workshop link: http://steam
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  3. Noodle King

    Aerospace (Alpha)

    Me and Gz are working on a new project, Aerospace. This is my second entry into the Mapcore Csgo Mapping contest, and Gz's first. Aerospace takes place entirely on a resort luxury airliner as it flies through the sky. It is still very early in development, and our ideas are ambitious. However, we have managed to put together a solid design for the alpha. It's going to need tons of work, but it functions. Since Aerospace is still in very early development, we'll be taking all the feedback and suggestions we can get. Note that Aerospace is very far from a finished product. Placeholder
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  4. Skacky

    Map Jam 9 for Quake

    Hey MapCore! Map Jam 9 for Quake was released a couple of days ago. It was a month-long mapping event held by grumpy old farts on func_msgboard as a tribute to Contract Revoked for its 15th anniversary, which is a classic and game-changing episode by Kell released back in 2002. This jam features a whopping 15 maps; some small, some absolutely enormous, some made by beginners, some made by veterans, all using to some degree the incredible texture set Kell made for his unique, Lovecraft-heavy vision of Quake, and all made for the excellent mod Quoth that was co-authored by Kell as well (wit
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  5. Lefty


    Finally got my radar underway. It's not final but will be a place holder until the final product. I have layout issues where on the radar it overlaps so the final radar will be layer. Not a huge issue bu might be confusing to new people too the map. Also throwing in a little tease of the revamped office space (you can see the older on from the post above) cheers!
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  6. And again Still a bit early, only applying textures at this stage
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  7. sassy_turtle

    [WIP] de_fiasco

    Currently rebuilding about 40% of the layout from scratch after I got a lot of feedback during a playtest. Not sure how much time this will cost and if I'll be able to finish the project in time but since the map will also loose some pathways and will be reduced in size, I'll maybe have less work with detailing... But I'm still trying to keep the deadline in mind!
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  8. Well, that escalated quickly
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  9. Tisky

    What movie is this?

    Gremlins 2, close tho! You pick
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  10. Animal1ty

    [Released] Fiorina

    New pic. Still in progress.
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  11. Little side project of mine I started 2 days ago. de_lookout
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  12. W.I.P subway tunnel
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  13. Working on assets for a new CSGO map (Insertion2 basically). So this is just to test the assets, its not the actual map:
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