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    Goals for 2017?

    At xmas this year I really wanted to leave my job at Creative Assembly and go back to freelancing so I could move closer to family and friends. I was probably the most fed up I've ever been in my life to be honest, and couldn't give a shit about the game I was working on (Halo Wars 2). However, I can happily say that I've been back with Unknown Worlds freelancing for 2 months or so now and I'm having a great time, and I'm moving house this Saturday. Finally moving back to the West Midlands where the rent is half what it is down here near Brighton, and I can finally start the life I've wanted for ages but felt I couldn't have because there were no jobs in the area I wanted to move to. Really content right now.
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    surf_summer By Hardex and Tioga060 Sponsored by Fnatic, and with additional work from Juxtapo, Guadalupe, Mark C. and not_a_zombie. Surf_summer is a map published under the newly formed level design team, JSurf Studios, which is led by Hardex and Tioga060 Welcome to the sun-soaked bliss that is surf_summer. In this map you’ll get to experience everything you’d want out of the perfect summer. From a trip to the beach, to a skatepark, to a waterpark, and even deep sea diving, we’ve got it all. At tier 2 difficulty, surf_summer is a map designed for beginner surfers, but we also had experienced surfers in mind! They will have a fun time discovering all of the shortcuts and optimizing their route to perfect a speed run through the map. When Fnatic contacted us to create this project, we knew we had to come up with exciting ways to promote their new summer product line, so the map comes with an in-game reward system that will let you unlock different player models for progressing through the map. The map also has lots of easter eggs to discover, so look closely as you surf! The map includes awesome artwork from Ferry Gouw, a graphic designer most widely known for his work with Major Lazer. OWSLA has agreed to let us use their music in the project, so check out the groovy soundtrack throughout the map! Credits: Hardex - Head developer, Design execution Stage 5-10 surf design, texture creation, model creation, detailing, lighting, optimization, graphic design, animation, sound Tioga060 - Project lead, Design direction Stage 8,10-11 surf design, texture creation, model creation, detailing, lighting, optimization, sound, entity work, programming, project compilation Juxtapo - Surf direction, Video Production Stage 1-5 surf design, map-wide surf design oversight, video creation Guadalupe - Thematic and visual consulting, Engine expertise Texture creation, model creation Mark C. - Surf creation, feedback Stage 6 surf design not_a_zombie - Surf creation, Engine expertise Stage 5 surf design, engine solution consultation Masog - Model creation Created the fidget spinner Testing, feedback, and special thanks: Beginner testers - Jon, Areman Expert testers - Beetle179, Nowlech, Troflecopter, PresidentSloth, Morning, Therapist Test server hosting - Bro of Surf Heaven Event server hosting - unt0uch4ble and Nowlech of KSFclan Benoit Pagotto - Head of Marketing at Fnatic who organized the project and stayed up late to meet with us whenever we needed him Ferry Gouw - Art for the Fnatic summer collection OWSLA - Map soundtrack SurfCinema - Video Production DVTK - Web design TopHattWaffle - Excellent tips on asset creation Zaoman - Dev texture pack Valve/Hidden Path - Numerous assets and creating CS:GO Links: Gamebanana: http://gamebanana.com/maps/196035 Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=964884598 Fnatic Press Release + server info: https://fnatic.com/articles/surfs-up-fnatic-style Screenshots: Youtube:
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    Goals for 2017?

    We're already sick of you.
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    El Moroes

    Simon Stålenhag

    Hi guys, I don't know if you know this artist : Simon Stålenhag (but I'm sure you know him). He just released his third kickstarter : As I already said, I'm a big fan of what he's doing, that's why I share that with you ! You'll find a lot of good inspiration there in his work I hope I'll see a game based on his universe one day ! Some examples of what he's doing: PS : I posted it here in the "2D" topic and not in the "off topic". Move it if it's necessary
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    Goals for 2017?

    There are downsides to every job, it's just unfortunate that in this case it happens to be a Welsh guy.
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    [2D Concept Artist] Available for Project

    Hello Everybody, My name is Heru and currently available for your project as concept artist or 2d artist. You can view my portfolio at: https://www.behance.net/herupurwanda For more information about rates and any question, please send me an email to: heru.purwanda[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you very much for your time and have a good day Some samples: Looking forward to hear from you.
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    SURF GALAXY Surf galaxy aims to innovate the overall genre a little bit by trying out multiple layers in between the base ones, including some dynamic elements which is almost never seen in other maps, and giving it some thematic material that could fit in the surf world. If you have any suggestions, tips... let me know, all are very welcome! A HUGE thanks to Shawn Olson, for the Wall Worm Model Tools! In the mean time, ENJOY! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=951672581 GameBanana link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/195847 A trailer for those interested to a have a quick look at the map in-game!
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    [Unreal Tournament] DM-North Tower [WIP]

    Update July 7, 2017 Greybox is pretty much done! I'm really happy with the layout of the map. It flows well and caters for a number of different play styles. I guess the next step from here is working with an artist to dress up this giant sci-fi palace and then do some final lighting tweaks and spawn point/ pickup adjustments.
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    Wow, thank you for your kind words... it means a lot to me Well, wherever I could I tried to use brushes, since they are less taxing than static props when people are standing on them. Any specific geometry you're referring to?
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    Got Dead Cell, love it
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    I added a trailer for those interested to take a quick look into the map in-game:
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    I haven't bought anything on Steam for over a year now (skipped summer sale 2016 and winter sale 2016), opting for "trying" to play and finish my steam backlog of games; so far it's working This sale I decided to get only 2 DLCs Substance Designer will have to wait, maybe for further drop in price
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    Okay this is a new project i've started up with Tom.Havana is currently postponed but i'll definitly get back on it when i'm done with this. Hospital was tested today and i'm not really satisfied with the playtest because of the teams and timings.I definitly should move T spawn a little closer but the main problem was one team was playing aggresivly while other just didn't know what to do (i might have failed here as a mapper because the defending spots weren't obvious enough :\ ) + the teams weren't balanced in numbers. The visuals will change drastically i just placed some stuff so it doesn't look totally blocky for the playtest and the only reason i'm making this topic is so i can get the layout feedback. I'm trying to make the layout minimalistic as possible but playable and fresh.
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    What's going on with your life?

    30. Looking at houses trying to act like an adult. I feel like I'm creating this big illusion to the world.
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    The Last Night

    I can't take this amount of retardation. I still don't even fully know what Gamergate is it made my eyes roll so hard they fell out of my fucking skull.
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    Hey, i'm not passing by there that much nowadays, nothing to share but still lurking from time to time. But this post is a good pretext to show off my paintings I re-started painting minis after I found my old 40k orks from my parent house earlier this year. I bought a lot of paints, a lot of minis and an airbrush compressor... Kinda went crazy on the expenses Here are some of my work (I'm only painting, I don't even have rule books ah ah) : http://simon-aublet.com/devblog/warhammer-40k-hobby/warhammer-40-hobby-space-marines-chaos.html Hope I'm not hijacking the thread
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Got promoted to Senior Level Designer at Rebellion earlier in the week.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Unreal Engine 4 makes anything look pretty.
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    What's going on with your life?

    Really feels like I'm lifting a mountain with Sub-Zero, now that it's (kind of) wrapping up, the scale of it is very daunting. It's been quite a ride...
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    What's going on with your life?

    As everything has been validated => I'll start working at Ubisoft Annecy next week as a level designer. I'm struggling to find a place to live in this city so I might not be around here much in the next two or three weeks. But be sure I'll represent Mapcore well in this studio! First day with the Mapcore t-shirt for sure
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    The Last Night

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    [CS:GO] DE_Stream (WIP)

    Cheers! I uploaded the first timelapse on YouTube if you wanna see how it started out.
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    Black Mesa Source

    Dont forget about our pretty massive dynamic lighting update Whole post
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    I believe what Geoff means is a designer who is mostly concerned with laying down the geometrical groundwork for the level (layout, flow, timing etc.) as opposed to e.g. an Environment Artist who is concerned with making the level visually appealing.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    G E L F U M P