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    The thing with this: We actually had a playable version and playtested it but that was back in march i think. Here are some screenshots of that alpha build version since we never posted them: You can see it's 60-70% done, but there's still a lot of stuff to do. As tom said i'll push this project until it's done even if it's the last thing i do .The thing is there's an upcoming final exam so i can get into the Uni i want and i'm not fucking with that.Also the mapcore contest kinda took all the artist who work with csgo, so that's currently a problem.I'll postpone havana until the contest is over and i might even enter the contest with a different theme(hopefully i'll finish that map for the deadline )
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    you are a freaking angel.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    use $mostlyopaque in your qc, I too had no idea this even existed.
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    Throwing my hat into the ring once again. After recently travelling to Japan I wanted to try to capture a location that I enjoyed whilst also diversifying the current environments within Counter Strike. The level will take its theme and insipiration from 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' in Kyoto. Shrine is a 5v5 Competitive Bomb Defusal Map with its theme and inspiration taken from 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' in Kyoto. This is the initial release for timings and layout. I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Layout + Screenshots Main References Changelog 12/06/2017 Changelog 26/06/2017 Changelog 13/07/2017 Please post any feedback below or message me on discord. Will try to get a play-test soon. Workshop here Keep is totally not dead.... Thanks, Guni
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    totally random texture thread

    Not bad Will2K, but remove all you lighting information from your diffuse ! It suggest a lighting setup that do not necessary matchs the one you have in your level. Let your normal map create the blend between your texture and the scene for that. About Substance, be careful. It looks Easy, since people are showing tones of classic stuff (Floor tile, wood planks, bricks...) made and already remade (And easy to do.. so very popular in student places ! )... Pattern texture are certainly the easier to achieve, but when you're looking for something more organic and natural ( Plaster wall with spatula marks), things are getting seriously harder and will add challenges that you wouldn't had with a classic Zbrush / photoshop workflow.... Btw, Zbrush / Substance designer is certainly the best way to do absolutly everything you want... but do not only count on Designer to make absolutely everything
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    CDPR does not negotiate with terrorists
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    It's not allowed to die!
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    PAYDAY 2

    If you don't own the game. you can get it for free on steam now and keep it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/
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    Strange Brigade

    No, I'm not working on this but have played it and given feedback. I see a lot of the levels as I walk around the office and some of them give me a real Goonies vibe.
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    Working on British style terraced housing, might end up as a contest entry? Who knows!
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    *points at @Lajron* it's his fault here's a statue with tits as an apology.
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    [WIP] de_splash

    Andu and I are working on a defusal map called splash (for now). Its still in its early stages and is desperate for some playtesting and feedback! Basic idea of the map is mid as central distribution hub from which the whole map is pretty much accessible. There are two things to spice things up a little: Terrorists have no direct access to mid, which makes it harder for them to get into at first glance - but they can rotate between sites unseen - if the CTs dont pay enough attention. The map is set in a waterpark. Overview Some early screens Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924027103
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    Hey Mapcore, We decided to team up with the three of us for this contest. This level takes place on the top of a snowy mountain for tourist to ski, snowboard and have dinner. It's a modern luxurious complex based on the Ice-Q building designed by Sölden. One bombsite will be a terrace and the other one will be the skylift area. Avalanche a Bomb Defusal map Our team: Practical Problems: 3D design (modeling) Re4l 'Sml: 2D design (substance creator) and Level Enviorment Artist Roald: Level Design (Creating a blockout/greybox and taking care of gameplay) Workshop:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940620502 *Note that the map is heavily in progress, the layout is not fully blocked out in Hammer yet.
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    Hello, it's me ... I updated the workshop link today with the newest version. I felt like the old layout that I had was not interesting and I decided to remake it. Here are some new screenshots. Layout itself: T's route to A bombsite: Mid (view from CT side): T's setup area outside of B bombsite: B bombsite: A bombsite: Also I started to stream from time to time while working on Abbey. If you guys want to talk about level design while looking at my dog through Doggo Cam™, make sure you follow me on twitter and twitch. Regards !
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    [WIP] de_splash

    lol I was looking at the Splash map from COD for reference as I was thinking of a theme park as well
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    What have you watched recently?

    Hacksaw Ridge A damn fine movie
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    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    We were gonna get the 150$ version, until we realize that the two extra copies that come with the package is just the bare bones version with no heroes, not the delux. that's rather disappointing. Whoever came up with all those 4 versions of the game didn't fully think about this it feels like, nor do they do a good enough job explaining what they are.
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    [CS:GO] Paster

    1: 37 If you want to test the map on the website 3kliksphilip.com it will be hosted with the other nine maps of the video during all this week, so have fun! I hope to get as much feedback as possible and post a huge update later on.
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    I absolutely love Kyoto, re-imagining such a beautiful place is a tall order If i were to make a Kyoto inspired map I would be sure to make use of the diverse environments of the city, from the paved streets, to the river, to the mountains and bamboo forest. Even if they're jsut located in the peripherals of the map. Good luck!
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    CDPR is reacting so gangsta they should make GTA medieval as a sequel to the Witcher! For those who work there, I thank you and your studio for making cyber crimes basically being pointless and not encouraging people to continue doing it!
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    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Shit looks dope, everyone's really excited for it here at work too! We all just pre-ordered. Can't wait. Congrats @2d-chris @dux seems like they don't have a boxed version, so it's most likely self published? Tencent owns 48% of the company, so they sure have the infrastructure to handle that.
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    [CS:GO] Underbridge

    Hello Mapcore community! I would be more than happy if you would check out my first cs map. It took around 80 hours to get it to a level that is somewhat finished. Underbridge is a bomb defuse map played in a smalltown called "Underbridge". Let me include pictures: I would be happy if you would click on the workshop link (or even subscribe to it) so I can get bigger number at "Unique Visitors", Thank you. A short Factory T spawn to mid B site Apartments A site and ct spawn Minimap Thank you for reading Jatiiw
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    it's rather dead unfortunately and there's not enough motivation to get things going, the fact that I stopped caring about csgo and source doesn't help oh, how naive I was here's at least a somewhat interesting picture, rip I do believe @Lajron will push things further and possibly team up with another artist to finish things up.
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    totally random texture thread

    Well I must say you are already achieving great results @will2k! Guess it would just get better if you do switch
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    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Wow who is publishing this EA?
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    Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Launch trailer and release date announced (25th July) Looks like fun but damn that's a long list of pre-order bonuses! https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/pre-order
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    Teddy Graham

    [CS:GO] de_Saint

    De_Saint is a defuse map set in an urban town in Mexico surrounding a church. The map is still a work in progress so any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Workshop link. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937775259 Radar. B site. A site. T spawn.
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    Wall Worm A-Z (Basics)

    Added a new video today along with a significant revision of Hammered to the Max that details some of the recent additions in WW and updates several chapters. Also adds a couple new chapters in today's update.
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    The random model thread!

    Cool stuff, is that for a Source map or what? I have no idea what Junction is Carrying on with that random space shiz I was doing a few months back. Wanted to get back into hard surface in preparation for getting back to making lots more art soon. Made a Spacex inspired manned capsule/lander thing. Just a quick Marmoset render, I want to make a proper environment for this thing to set in. Need to do another pass on the decals too, they're a bit all over the place.
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    The Last Guardian

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    Do you already regret?!
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    small update, there's not much worth showing.. I just desperately wanted to update the thread. check back in 2018, we will have another building maybe
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