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    Some more detailing around the CT spawn area:
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Moscow

    After playing through your map at todays playtest I have a little feedback for you. Good things: The basic layout feels like a solid basis. Especialy the bombspots have the right access, and the main encounterpoints (1,2,3,4) all feel timed right. The scale also feels solid. In most rooms the spacing feels right, while having a good variety of spaces and distances The timings feel right I like the Idea, that the main switch is not instantly populated, and is more usefull in the second half of a round. Things to improve: The middle switch (5) feels wrong. It has no clear timing, since there can be players incomming from 4 sides at different timings (T from 3/4, CT from 2/4), which makes the area feel unpredictable. This area also inserts a 5th encounterpoints. At a 5vs5 that means every encounterpoint needs one player, which is on the one hand difficult to control, and makes the strategic aspect to assume attack angles and reinforce that encounterpoint with an additional person obsolete. The middle bridge (over 3) feels too exposed. As you can get shot from either side, also be attacked from both sides of the roads, and also from the middle switch (5) this is currently very risky and difficult to approach strategicly. Meaning this is a potential deathtrap. Suggestions: Change the middle switch (7) to a connector from middle (3) to the bombspot B (4). Maybe it might be usefull to also have a seperate connector from lower to upper middle, but I would keep that seperate. That would make the intent of the area more clear, remove the weird timing, and propably make for an interesting second attack approach to middle (when someone attacks from the B Apporach) Move the corner (6) after the bridge to A more to the CT-Side. That would on the one hand shorten the distance between the bombspot, and make this currently underutilized area more interesting. Also the dead end (8) has no gameplay impact and serves no special purpose. Remove it, for the sake of simplicity, and the learning curve! Thats my two cents. As I already said the map currently feels on the right track, so keep up the good work.
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    In absence of a topic on Elon's awesomeness or a container of good articles, a little OT. Man crashes his Tesla to save another driver and Musk pledges to pay for the damage http://9gag.com/gag/a9rYmEZ?ref=fbp
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    POTUS 2016

    I feel sorry for you guys but my past 4 weeks have been great. Every night I sit down and enjoy The Daily News with Trevor Noah, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Real time with Bill Maher. Trump is a non stop source of comic relief. Plus, I love his fanbase even more. Completely out of touch with reality, calling every one a butthurt snowflake while they are the ones that are the whining hypocrites.
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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Hi everyone! My name is Moritz and i'm currently the lead designer at Mimimi Productions based in Munich Germany. We founed the company directly after our game design studios, so i really don't have any working experience outside of the bubble that is our small group. That always makes it interessting to read and talk about the different approaches and look at other people's work! The last game i worked on was "Shadow Tactics", which is a real time tactical stealth game (basically its Commandos with ninja ;D). There i've been working on the gamedesign but also many parts of leveldesign from planning levels, blocking them, putting in the art assets (no asset-creation though), enemy setup/puzzle design, scripting and final polish. (we are small studio so everybody does many things). Before that we made a 3rd person action adventure called "The Last Tinker" where i basically did the same thing... The games are in a completely different genre, though, which was pretty interessting and lots of new stuff had to be learned from a GD/LD standpoint. Thats all there is to say about me, i guess I found this community via a link to an article on facebook, browsed through the forum and decided to sign up. Looks like there's a whole bunch of cool and taleneted people here So i wanted to hang out, talk, learn things etc. etc.
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    Game Design YouTube channels/websites

    watch his dark souls video really recommend it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhnYIvIKK_--PiJXCMKxQQ
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    totally random texture thread

    Finally got some more personal work to show off after a bit of a dry spell The Allegorithmic guys invited me to give the new Substance Designer 6 a test drive, so I made a new substance using the new nodes. Mostly the curve node which allows you to precisely control gradients.
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    What movie is this?

    A monster calls?
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    Lucas Silwer

    Legend of Grimrock 2 Student mod

    Hello i just relesed my grimrock 2 campaign mod Shrine of Dreams Gone By on Steam-Workshop and Nexusmods
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    [CS:GO] de_drill

    Haha yeah! I was looking for gravel, but the stones should be desert brown, so this is a placeholder for now.
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    [CS:GO] de_drill

    Looks good! I would suggest putting a gravel texture under the tracks instead of mud. Unless the trains are carrying helium they're going to need a bit of support.
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    [CS:GO] de_drill

    Heyy Forget about the smokes and overview, call outs and etc. I thought it become time for me to start learning to do the art work and become less lazy then I am right now. So I decided to remove everything except the paths and use for once reference to get ideas from. I gotta say, it helped me alot on my motivation since I know exactly what is going to be where so I can focus on one part untill that's 'complete' before I go to another part. Right now I started detailing bombsite B, it's not done yet but a good start I guess
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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Not in TFT, only RoC. In regards of TFT I was a mere enthusiast of competitive players.
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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Warcraft 3 player to rap monster to game-/level designer. What a story. Nice to have you here! Shadow Tactics is looking neat, gotta give it a try!
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Moscow

    Inspiration Overview image [Alpha 6, most recent] Map [Alpha 5] Download the most recent version of the map [Alpha 5]: From Steam Workshop
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    Quantum Break - Remedy's next game!

    Interesting behind the scenes
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    de_Russka Remake

    Honestly, I would avoid remakes. I've went down this road many time. Making your own map is the best way to improve your design skills and tbh isn't as tenuous as you might think. Iteration is key and quite frankly, remakes really hold this back. Blockout -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Finalize -> Ship The more you do these steps the more efficient and better you become. If you like certain aspects of russka, why not implement iterations into your own designs? On a side note, who's to say Brute isn't working on Russka? The only issues he's had about remakes are with FMPONE, still worth a shot to try and contact him.
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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Heard many good things about Shadow Tactics. Welcome!
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    totally random texture thread

    Awesome Jenn0! The new curve editor is super nice. Will be super useful for ornamental things and things like trim textures. Some crap i was working on last night. Need to polish them turds a bit more before i make marmoset beauty shits shots.
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    The random model thread!

    Made this low-poly Unity scene just to try out some hand painted workflow with the Unity setup. Fun stuffs! Edit: Used my lantern at home for ref. Edit 2: Made a gif this morning before work with a point light animation. I know, the gif doesnt loop.
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    General Vivi

    PAYDAY 2

    Hey guys, we just release another pack of Heists. This time we did a collaboration with John Wick 2 in celebration of the new movie. The map I worked on takes place on a yacht and revolves around stealth gameplay. Cool Fact : @Pericolos0 made the original assets and rough layout for the map a long time ago! Even though we reworked most of the level, you can still see his original design. Worktime : 2+ months from start to finish. Steam Page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/591710/ Also, if you want a key, I have a few. send me a PM.
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    What's going on with your life?

    No my boss didn't talk to me. Spoke to the line manager and finally, after she contacted him, he replied to my original email and explained he can't do the increment until I have my PDR... what a dick, why didn't you say so the 4th Jan?! While regarding my promotion he says he's been holding off because Head Office is launching a "trainee" scheme for these roles as well. Sounds really weird, I've contacted Hospitality Managers from other centres to see if they heard anything. Even if it is, sounds like the kind of bs they do to save money. I'm far from expert, but after 2 years managing 12 people you can't put me on a trainee scheme because you didn't bother to train me before! (I've only done a management course sept-dec 2016). I bet I will have to negotiate a higher pay, they will refuse, and I will leave. Big kudos for your backpacking! So jealous, I've been wanting that for a while. I discussed with my girlfriend to take a 1 month holiday this year (eventually timing it with me leaving the job) and go to a hiking holiday in Canada. For now she's taken three weeks (can't take more)... hope nothing comes in the way and this worry is the only reason I'm not at ease regarding that.
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    [CS:GO] de_Transit

    As we are getting closer and closer to the playtest here are some new fresh screens. This is a set up area for T's leading to B bombsite. Best Regards !
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    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

    Played on my phone on my lunch-break. Won agains this guy and i even tho i don't fully understand his saltyness it was kind of funny. i won a 3rd report. yay, where do i collect?
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    Here's a quick explanation for some of the parameters: Shader select: Here you select the shader, depending on the use of your material. Most of the time this would be either LightmappedGeneric for brush textures and decals, WorldVertexTransition for displacement blend materials or VertexLitGeneric for model materials. This is the toolbar that contains shortcuts for the most used parameter groups, I use only these in 95% of cases. Other groups can be found under Add... menu item, or you can add any missing parameters under the Additional parameters tab. Top-to-bottom these groups are: Transparency, Detail, Color, Other, Reflection, Self Illumination, Specular and Misc. Transparency group: Opacity controls the overall opacity of material, transparent and alpha test use diffuse alpha channel. Transparency is smooth but has sorting issues that alpha test solves, but has hard edges - used for foliage and such. You can control the cutoff point with threshold. Additive doesn't need an alpha channel, black is see through and white is solid (like Photoshop). Check Decal if you plan to use the material as decal or overlay. Detail group: Should be pretty self explanatory, adds a detail texture over the whole material, scales higher than 1 mean smaller than diffuse and lower than 1 mean larger than diffuse. Note that non-uniform scale is not implemented yet. Default detail blend mode is similar to overlay, meaning neutral gray has no effect. Color group: Tints the whole material. Color is for LightmappedGeneric and color 2 for VertexLitGeneric. Blend tint by base alpha uses diffuse alpha channel as color tint mask (works only on models in CS:GO). Other group: Here you can add a lightwarp texture, control reflectivity of the material or use seamless scale for displacements. Seamless scale doesn't work with normal maps, only ssbump. Reflection group: This if for cubemap reflections, you can use auto generated cubemaps with the Use cubemap checkbox or specify your own custom cubemap in the Reflection: line. For the reflection mask you can also specify separate texture in the mask line (only works with no bump map) or use either diffuse (base) or normal map alpha channel. Tint controls the intensity of the reflection with the slider or its color with the pick color dialog. For saturation 1 is default and 0 is black and white, for contrast 0 is default and 1 is most contrast. Fresnel controls the visibility of reflection depending on the angle; 1 means default behavior, 0 is no reflection when looking perpendicular and full when looking horizontal. Light influence and Anisotropy are new parameters introduced in Nuke update, explained here: http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#anisotropic Self-Illumination group: For glowing textures, uses diffuse alpha channel by default. You can control the power with the tint slider. Specular group: Phong reflections on materials. This one is different depending on selected shader. This is for LightmappedGeneric, only works in CS:GO. http://blog.counter-strike.net/workshop/maps.php#phong With amount you can control the color as well as power of the specular reflection. Since it doesn't take the color of the light environment into account, it looks best if you use the color of the sun. Last value should generally be left alone as it brightens and darkens the whole material. Glossiness controls the size of the highlight, smaller values mean bigger highlight. Brush specular also uses diffuse luminosity for mask as default, you can control the contrast and brightness with the next set of sliders. You can switch the mask to base alpha or normal alpha mask (uses same parameter as reflection, you can only use one). VertexLitGeneric specular group: Fresnel controls the visibility of the highlight at certain angles. X is looking 90° at the material Y means 45° and Z is 0°. Better explained here https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Phong_materials#Phong_Fresnel_ranges I find a good value to start with is 0.5 0.8 1. Tint works the same as in Reflection group, you can also use diffuse color to tint the whole phong highlight. Unlike brush specular, it takes into account the light color, so it's best to leave it white/grey unless you want a special effect like colored metal. Glossiness controls the size of the highlight the same way as in brush specular with the exception that you can provide your own glossiness texture. You can make the highlight brighter with the boost slider. By default, specular uses the normal map alpha channel as mask, but you can also use diffuse (base) alpha or its luminosity as masks. Misc. group: Contains tool texture and keywords lines, as well as other parameters that you may find useful in certain circumstances. Model checkbox only needs to be use on materials other than VertexLitGeneric. Vertex alpha and Vertex color make the surface derive its alpha and color values from per-vertex data provided by the engine. No decals means no impact, blood or other such decals can show up on the surface of this material, useful for chain link fences. Ignore Z ignores the engine object sorting and displays material in front of everything. No fullbright and No lod are used in UI textures (such as L4D posters). No fog means the material is not affected by the environment fog. ------------------------------------------------- There's no set values for any of these parameters so it's best to test yourself and see how it looks in game. Use the mat_reloadallmaterials command to quickly see changes after you save. Hopefully that covers the basics, if you have any questions feel free to post them here.