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    Hello! first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I also want to share with you the progress I've been making on the map the past couple of weeks. Most of the time I worked on the cosmetic part of the map but I've also been busy fixing minor layout issues that were found during playtests. Here's the result in screenshot form: Bomb site A Terrorist spawn Counter-Terrorist spawn Connector Mid Bomb site B I hope you guys like the theme and direction the map is heading Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=824953314&searchtext= Ps. the map location is not San Francisco but Lisbon!
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    Posted a few of these in the WIP section, but did a bit more since. Managed to first pass the 3d skybox, a trailer interior, and another path. The map is still flat, and has a lot of "lines", but I will get to those later. The mesh trees are also pretty dark, so I will have to modify those at some point. I also posted another reference of things I will try and add. The hot air balloons will definitely be in since there area lot of air balloon shows in Lake Tahoe, plus they will make some good navigational markers.
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    Just 2 random shots from yesterday. The content that is already in the game allows you to build so many interesting things
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    Last prop I posted was kind of underwhelming to showcase, so here we go again. As always here is the artstation link which has a live marmoset view & way more images.
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    It's for a proper map. Well ... kind of ... There's a guy who contacted me for modifying an existing map in order to create a gamemode for CSGO (with zombies and survival stuff in an open map). The original map is from a russian girl who basically tries to recreate S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe in csgo, i believe. Here is the original map : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630942745 And the guy made a topic for his request : The original creator is aware of this and aprove this project. I found in it a way of having fun to create small post-apo stuff, without the constaint of making a huge complicated map. So first of all, i re-worked the original map settings to fit better to the theme requested (with fog being used for optimisation by the way) : http://i.imgur.com/Vost2gb.jpg http://i.imgur.com/fthWYlo.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kpTOjwR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/u5HQxTL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/G7g7yD9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JQ7g72Z.jpg http://i.imgur.com/U1sfTr4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ToLwB1R.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xGZLuyt.jpg And then i made few stuff : The base 1 is shown in few screenshots on the topic. The base 2 is almost the same stuff but the integration is different : And recently i worked on the Spawn + market place, which is a weird underground area : It's a weird project, i might be wasting my time on something that could never see the light of the day ... meh ... i'm just trying to get back to making maps and enjoying it.
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    Started to post some of my environment work, today is ilios Remember that our maps are made mostly by Mapcorians and they are a team effort! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/25bng
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    Last week I took photo during my lunchtime, not sure if it's good (not in my habits this kind of subject) but I like it Under the bridges.
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    Map Finished! Bure is done and ready to go! We finished all remaining areas within the map and got rid of most of bugs (aside from the displacement lighting bug that seems to be a problem regarding VRAD). We'll continue to update the map after the contest and will get of any remaining bugs. Best of luck to the rest of the contestants In the unlikely case that we somehow screwed up and the content did not pack, I'm providing you, @Xanthi a link to download all the content in a private message here on MapCore. This is in case the judging process involves running around in singleplayer, so that our entry doesn't lose points for a technical issue. Info: Steam Workshop submission: Click here GameBanana submission: Click Here Gamemodes: Offensive (main), Liberation, Frontline.
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    Final Workshop done. Game banana incoming
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    Unfortunately I can't go into details but you would be surprised how obvious everything is, and judging from your questions you already know the answers One thing I can say is that we don't have any "esoteric" tech that other engines don't have. As for the corners, it's not much different than this http://polycount.com/discussion/175191/technique-showcase-unreal-4-13-mesh-normal-map-decals Alright, part 2, Lijiang Tower https://www.artstation.com/artwork/overwatch-lijiang-tower
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    Another map, this time Eichenwalde https://www.artstation.com/artwork/overwatch-eichenwalde
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    After being absent for nearly 4 years, I am going to rejoin the industry in April. Can't effin wait. I needed this break but I am ready to go back in now. Working a different and completely unrelated job for these last years has given me a new appreciation for how nice it is to work in games, surrounded by talented people passionate about the same thing. So yay! I am back and hopefully this means I will be back on Mapcore more often too. Also, the amount of Hurgs in future videogames should therefore increase drastically. I have missed you all!
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    The last of my Overwatch environment spam for now, Nepal! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Wz9JE
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    Finished and uploaded: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803177826 Gamebanana: http://gamebanana.com/maps/193401 Currently supports the 3 main game modes, but is optimised for Offensive. Credits: Neil 'Jed' Jedrzejewski Everyone at Ham and Jam Mapcore CGTextures
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    Hello Mapcore folk, First I want to say that everything about the layout is still quite rough, work in progress and open for suggestion. The reason I'm releasing this heavy wip concept is so that I can hopefully catch a glimps of other players and mappers thoughts on the layout early on. The current overview of the layout: Bombsite A: Mid CT side: Mid T side: B site: Although this build felt pretty stable after quite a few playtests I would still like more playtesting hours / feedback before making any drastic decisions on where to take the layout next. Here's the workshop link might you want to check it out ingame : LINK So if you already have some thoughts, angry feelings or whatever that come up when looking/playing the map Please don't hold back and just let it all out. Because the sooner this little unarmed infant baby map learns it's flaws the better right? no mercy. Thanks in advance!
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    New overview for new version. Should be out Soon™
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    Alright guys, wrapping things up. Last set of Screenshots before the submission:
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    1.2 update! https://github.com/Gira-X/VMT-Editor/releases/tag/v1.2.0 Added new Tree sway and Decal groups, available under VertexLitGeneric Improved Water creation with toolbar buttons and sliders. Added icons to menu actions Added game detection for Black Mesa, Insurgency and Day of Infamy Fixed vmt subgroups parsing on files with more than one subgroup Fixed water parsing bugs
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    The problem is the knock on effect of allowing players into vertical positions you did not intend, now they could potentially jump to even more unintended locations and then they lead to even more, until your outside the map. Open world games usually get away without them because of obvious reasons. It is a part of the job to minimize invisible walls, but personally I don't care unless they are not consistent with the rest of the games rules, It can be very expensive (time consuming) to fix every edge case, what matters more is establishing a ruleset, but like all rules some can be broken or ignored for the sake of getting a game done. ME2's assumption the player can't jump had lots of bugs because they didn't clip off areas you should not be able to reach, same with ME1, but I didn't lose sleep about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkm9R0tkyTU
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    Merry Christmas motherfuckers. I love you all. Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.
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    Damn son(s), I'm proud of y'all Looks very polished and detailed, love it. One minor nitpick is the slightly "clean" look of the cobblestone floor in the dock area (1st pic); one would expect it to be a tad dirtier in a busy docks area. This is just an observation based on the screenshots only and this could be different in-game. If that's the case, disregard this nitpicking Really solid contender here, best of luck
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    Got a copy today as a gift from my parents! Can't wait to start playing.
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    You think I'll ruin it with my bad attitude?
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    Merry Christmas people! Lets hope 2017 goes better than 16 ....crap
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    Please spam away! Last two are my favourite. With all the professional work that has been displayed on Mapcore recently, it makes me think that there should be a "professional pimpage thread" or something similar. For those that don't play Overwatch, it might be easy to miss work like this, especially after a few pages of new comments.
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    So fun and interesting to listen to!
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    Merry christmas ya'll ! mapcore logo has no christmas decorations, very disappointed tbh.
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    Check Will2k's optimisation roadmap . It is found here. Cheers!
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    They have some sort of it already, when you pull up to shoot it normally aims at an enemy, but sometimes goes in weird places like an explosive barrel next to you instead on the enemy over there, same as well in close-up. Bottom line is they have done a poor job to make you feel a badass
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    I think you underestimate how many people have no self respect
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    Merry Christmas to you too. From the screenshots, this looks like a solid contender; best of luck
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    Yes Alien 5 is going ahead, Blomkamp tweets/Instagram regularly pictures. The one I put a few post up is from him, had a definite Aliens vibe.
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    So, this is basically Prometheus 2, also being direced by Ridley Scott. Is bloomcamp still directing Alien 5?
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    Oh gosh @Sprony, we --or at least I-- was getting confused with the films... Covenant is Prometheus 2. I got tricked by the fact that Blomkamp was posting pictures the days before the trailer :/
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    Urban areas look so realistic. Gj mate
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    Happy to take a look at how to make a custom layout for a portfolio page if the idea goes forward @Sprony.
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    Great looking game, played the first act and started the second. I feel the pacing is a little off, as: there's a lot of reading to be done to find all the details about the story that keep you from playing. As well when I was "ready" for the TV episode, it didn't come. And I'm not completely happy with the gameplay: time powers look insane, are great in concept... but I'm not finding as rewarding or easy to use. I dunno if it's because on PC the gamepad doesn't feel flawless (I'll try adjusting aim speeds but just doesn't feel as accurate as other games) but I'm finding shooting less satisfying than Alan Wake. So much so I even went back to basic pistol after trying to use the more powerful because the latter has an insane kick that is uncontrollable, and doesn't do 1-shot-1-kill either. But maybe the most annoying part is the cover system: you cannot crouch manually and the character sticks to walls automatically, where it wants. There are several doorways where you'd want to stick to pop shots from cover, where you just can't - and because the camera is closer than your average shooter, you can't properly see without exposing yourself. The other biggest disappointment is probably that you can't melee! You rush someone with the "blink" power* and you find yourself shooting in each others mouth. Guess at this point that it will be a makes-no-sense unlockable "skill", which it makes it even more silly, since they made sure the character has a background for his weapons training (picked it up in Cambodia or something!!111) but can't punch a douche standing in front of him, despite the character has an history of trouble making. *To be noted that I haven't been able to confuse the AI using the blink power, and that the implementation could have been much better implemented. First it has a fixed distance, that means that unless you are going pillar to pillar, very often you don't blink into another cover. You cannot blink over obstacles, or down the stairs, so you get discovered if you were trying to stealth around or start a surprise attack. At least though, seems to run fine at Ultra settings on my 970m, I only disabled the anti-aliasing that notably causes artifacts like weird halos around objects (was pointed out in a Digital Foundry review).