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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Very cool video about de_train's history from 3kliksphilip:
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    Mr E

    DM-Skydrill A small UT 4 player DM map

    Just updated the map Download it here -added a few props -added some more dirt decals -changed the fogs color to gray
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    I don't support this decision at all. I find this very unfair and annoying since we all have planned and worked out our levles with the time given in mind. Now suddenly we have a lot more time and will basically have to do fundamental changes to the core structure of the map. Not good.
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    I supported the extension because it will lead to better maps. If you're hard at work on your map, finding out that you have more time will be good news. This is how it is for me when I'm working on stuff as well, the goal is to ship the best thing you can and time is a big factor in that. The best advice I can give you is focus on the player. Ask yourself if players would support devs getting some more time to work on stuff, if you do, the answer will be yes because players know that results in higher quality.
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    Look, the sole purpose of this contest is to generate content for a very early in development game. From a developer's point of view, it would be more beneficial and cost effective to have a larger pool of maps to pick from at the end of the contest. Hence for the deadline extension. Nobody wants to work for free, unless they're really passionate about it. If they kept to the original deadline, a good number of people wouldn't finish their entries and probably wouldn't bother to do so in the absence of a cash motivator. To everyone who managed to stay on track by making cuts and sacrificing good ideas, it will seem unfair - which is partially true. Now, the other contestants, who hadn't cut back or can still afford to add in ideas without much trouble, will gain a possible advantage. Though, I assume that isn't of concern to the contest organizers. Personally, this deadline extension is of great help. I did not expect it, nor did I ask for it. However, what really bothers me is the negative attitude some people express. I get their point. They had the advantage and now they've lost it. What's even worse, it wasn't by their own fault. This is exactly what it's like to work for a client in any domain. At the end of the day, he has the say. It might no be fair. It might not be the right call. All we can do is adapt or walk away. Nevertheless, I wish everyone good luck and I honestly hope that by the end we'll all be proud of our levels regardless of the mud we've had to go through.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I might be wrong but if Gerrilla plays their cards right and try to make an honest to goodness original open world game and not just a copy of ubisoft games, this might just be one of those games of a generation. If they treat those giant dinos you can climb as just like towers in Far Cry only with legs then i dunno, prolly not. Lol
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    UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share a project that I am currently working on, inspired by some destiny concept art, let me know what you guys think.
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    Wow, a lot of negativity here. I as well planned my entry in such a way it would be feasible to finish it in 2 months time. So getting an extra month in such short notice before the expected end of the contest may seem unfair for those who kept up to a tight schedule until now, and maybe it is a bit indeed. That being said, I'm going to take full advantage of the extra month and gonna have a look at putting in some extras that I cut beforehand or didn't even plan yet. And improve on what I already have. I'm also glad about the organisation of weekly playtests. Don't take this the wrong way, but if that's your attitude ... why even bother? I don't think you understood what FMPONE was trying to say.
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    Day of Infamy Mapping Contest Discussion

    Make sure you have placed at least one cubemap in your level. Load up your map, open the console in-game and type: "mat_specular 0", then "buildcubemaps" and finally "mat_specular 1"
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    UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station

    @Freaky_Banana Thanks man! tweaked my lighting and added some atmospherics
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    POTUS 2016

    This guy point is basically the concept that lead in Italy to the incredible rise of an alternative, "indie" if you like, party (they call themselves movement) that has a third of the parliament seats and a mayor in the capital… in something like 8 years, when they started by simply meeting up in local groups to discuss change and politics, organising via Meetup. This might be a call to change and get people active
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    POTUS 2016

    You are talking out of your ass, and are wrong. Voting nation-wide requires registration, which requires identification and a stable address under your name or family. This system does not let non-citizens register, while throwing out vast swaths of babies with the bathwater by preventing anybody transient, homeless, without proper papers, or without their name on a lease, mortgage, or utility. In the vast majority of states (iirc only two are exceptions), the system also blocks anybody currently in prison, and in many anybody who's ever been in prison is prevented from voting for the rest of their lives. America prevents millions of its citizens from voting under the specter of people who live here without documentation daring to get a voice in how their adoptive communities are run, and prevents tens of millions more from voting by making it very, very difficult to do if you're poor. Thousands of people lost their jobs last Tuesday because they were denied time off during the 8 AM to 9 PM window on a single day once every four years we're given to vote, and went anyway. When you actually look at the numbers, barely 25% of eligible voters, or 18% of all American adults, actually voted for Donald Trump. The rest voted against him, or couldn't participate in our stupid fucked up antidemocratic system. Also Donald Trump barely got any more votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Instead, about six million fewer ballots were cast for Clinton than Obama, a consequence of the weakened VRA (which allows local Republican parties to change rules to prevent black people from being able to vote without any oversight or veto process), and the abandonment of poor people in this country by the Democratic Party, who's so out of touch they said shit like "America is Already Great" and "A vote for a third party is a vote for Trump", assuming mandatory support from the poor. Also in the last week over 2000 more people joined the already largest Socialist organization in the US, the Democratic Socialists of America (which is not a party, but an independent organization that pushes specific candidates, regardless of party, in primaries and local elections), so I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic. over 50% of young Americans even say they'd be willing to vote for a Communist.
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    Ghost In The Shell Movie

    Yeah this is starting to look pretty good. Really hard to imagine that they will be able to capture the subtleties of the original movie, but I really like the direction they are going.
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    I also feel that due to a whole month being added, especially since it will now lead up right into Christmas holidays, it only seems in order for the prize pool to be extended too, by at least a third.
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    Would have been nice to have seen this announced more than 10 days before the deadline
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Hi, some screenshots from DM-Dome, a map I was doing for the Epic+Mapcore contest. I finally had some time to finish it.
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    UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station

    Latest WIPS let me know what yall think
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    Battlefield 1

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    Mr E

    DM-Skydrill A small UT 4 player DM map

    Thanks! I just made a new bake of the map (download here updated 28-10-2016) gonna post a few updated pics and a new gameplay video in a moment.
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    [CS:GO] de_Amalia

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    Been detailing one building at a time for the last few days, should have the central 3/4 done fairly soon and then I need to work on the two ends of the map, which are both really wide open spaces.
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    Day of Infamy - Donner

    Spent the last 2 days or so working on a "dawn" ("dawner"... heh.) version instead of the night version I did for the mod. Much more playable than the night version, feels like a nice compromise. The liberation game mode is all set up and seems to work as intended. I'll spend the rest of the day polishing some small visual details and fixing some game mode bugs and try to have it up on the workshop tomorrow. Sorry for spamming the thread so soon! Screens: New allies cap point (below Allied Spawn (below) It's also worth noting that this isn't for the contest, as it is just a re-detailed port. This is just a fun side project of mine. I'd like to (try) to get something together for the contest once I get this on the workshop.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Dear god... so bad that it's good
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    de_class [WIP]

    Hello everyone! Recently I have been creating my first fully fedged out defuse map, while also documenting this project on my YouTube channel (Inspired by 3kliksphilip). The layout I believe is close to completion with a few playtests with friends but I would like opinions of people who actually understand mapping. Workshop Link Imgur Album Known Issues - strange displacement to get up to mid snipers Theme: Secret warehouse (B side) inside a jungle (A side) Screenshots: Thanks
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    Hey there good folks of the Mapcore ! Pretty excited to announce that the studio is growing. We're currently looking for 3 talented, nice and enthusiastic devs to join our studio in Montreal to contribute to We Happy Few Senior Level Designer : https://goo.gl/J8WX45 Senior Ai Programmer : https://goo.gl/KyKNrf Gameplay Programmer : https://goo.gl/0pZ93X
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    Some lunch Time tweaks as well as asset placement As always let me know what yall think
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    HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS!!! I did a bit of work on my scene last night, added a trim material and a material for the ceiling of the structure, I may add a mask to show damaged paneling for the ceiling idk, what do you guys think?
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    Yeah for sure man here it is:
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