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    Been on holiday this week so I'm working full time to get this finished now. Pretty much done, just need to sort out the spawns, objectives, 3d sky, and finish a few custom props including a Ju52 bomber if I have time. Not 100% happy with the lighting/fog etc either, but hopefully I can get it on the workshop in a few days to get some feedback before the deadline. The airfield was originally going to be an objective area, but it's just a spawn area now, and the location for the radio at the end. It also means it should now be able to support all the gamemodes, since the timing between objectives is pretty much dead on in a 3-point setup.
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    Hey everyone, We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the Day of Infamy mapping contest from November 24th to December 22nd. Your final map will now be due on December 22nd. We noticed that some map makers were requesting more time. These nearly four extra weeks will hopefully give all our contestants more time to polish and finalize their maps. We are already excited by everything we’ve seen so far in our community playtests, and can’t wait to see how the maps turn out. Also of note, we are going to start having regular playtests with developers and DoI players every Sunday at 2:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm GMT+1. Some of these playtests will be streamed as we have done previously, but not every week. Please understand that we are not necessarily able to provide equal time for every person’s map in these tests, or in any livestreams of these tests. Map makers are encouraged to join us to see their maps in action with players playing on them. If you want to have your map included in these tests, direct message me here on Mapcore and our team can add your map to the playtest list here to be tested: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=793269906 If you already have a map on the playlist, feel free to update it as you see fit. We will restart and reupload any updated maps to our servers before each test. Please remember to not change your map’s name. Be sure to join our Day of Infamy Steam community group so you get event updates whenever we test: http://steamcommunity.com/games/447820 Thanks and good luck on all your continued work!
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    I agree with @Terri I deliberately cut down on features to meet the deadline. Now I'd have to scrap quite a chunk of Level Art to adapt and improve the Level Design at this state. I find this (massive) extension unfair to people with proper time management. Anyways, thanks for the heads-up and especially for the regular playtests that will happen from now on. This will be of great help to everyone who participates.
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    Would have been nice to have seen this announced more than 10 days before the deadline
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    POTUS 2016

    You're absolutely right Vorontsov, but "BARELY behind" definitely can't be considered a landslide victory. The fact is a landslide is hugely unlikely for anybody because America and most Western countries are currently hugely divided on many issues. In my opinion, these divisions have left an opening for opportunists like Trump, Farage, Le Pen etc. to exploit. They're all politicians who sadly choose to point their fingers at largely defenseless minority groups and say "YOU'RE THE ENEMY, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM", and then the victims of massive political failures such as austerity and capitalism (as we know it) say "OH YEAH! IT MUST BE THEIR FAULT THAT I CAN'T FEED MY FAMILY! ... AND ... HEEEEEEEEEEEY WAIT A MINUTE, THEY LOOK A BIT LIKE THAT SUICIDE BOMBER WITH THE BEARD AND THE FUNNY COMPLEXION WHO KILLED THOSE POOR PEOPLE WHO LOOK MORE LIKE ME! ... KICK THEM OUT! BUILD A WALL!"
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    Dishonored II

    I kind of agree with this - but it's only really especially noticeable at the start of the game. The first mission in Dunwall has you navigating the city without powers and it was frustrating in terms of it being quite trial and error based as to whether enemies spot you. You could sneak around a corner and a guard would be looking through a window, or try to cross a gap between cover sections (with no other route options available) and again have someone spot you from the street. I found the same thing on the third mission (The Good Doctor) - immediately after getting off the boat you have one main entry point with an opening either side of it, and trying to get inside that without getting spotted was a bit of a nightmare, as guards are on either side of the entrances, not very visible in amongst the scenery inside and you have no minimap to tell you which way they might be facing or where they are. I read up on this mission after I'd done it and read that you can possess a fish in the fountain to get inside, but I didn't have this power at that point. Anyway, later on this does become less of a problem, mostly because I now have some of those powers. I found the later levels to be well designed in terms of having multiple route options and I'm really enjoying collecting the bonecharms and runes as they're quite well hidden. The Clockwork Mansion mission was a highlight in that respect, particularly with the level sections that could be moved and rotated. I'm playing this on PS4 by the way and found that graphically it's nice overall with a few concessions, such as the low detail level backdrops - it seems it might have been tough to fit it onto consoles and maybe they could do with some engine upgrades. Interiors look generally nice, although there are some anti-aliasing and lighting issues, and some pop in. Framerate can be an issue but only at certain points and it's occasionally a bit buggy too - the first main character I had to kill fell into a wall and I had to loot his foot for the mission item as it was the only part of him I could still see. Either way none of these things make it a less than enjoyable experience - gameplay wise it's pretty great and I look forward to playing more.
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    Dishonored II

    Alright, I just put a few hours in, just got to Karnaca and I'm really enjoying it. Trying to beat it on hard, i did say yes to powers and I'm fairly sure that will bite you later eventually since the game acknowledged it in the journals and your diary so the story might have some ramifications there. I'm playing with Corvo and so far I'm enjoying the diferent dialogs and I can actually imagine a second playthrough as his daughter to be pretty fun as well if anything to see the diferent interactions and story progression, shame they didn't do a parallel story development a-la Resident Evil 2 Leon/Claire scenario and instead So far though, the gameplay is pretty good and it has a real sense of progression instead of spending the whole game in a big hub like Deus Ex Mankind divided, so I'm already enjoying Dishonored 2 a lot more. Performance is a bit all over the place, i get 60 FPS @ 1080p in interiors and smaller areas but the game drops to 30/35 in big outdoor or denser areas. That said, my PC is already bellow the recomend specs for this game so I'll cut them some slack there. My god, the environment art is astonishing so far, i can't wait to see what lies ahead in terms of variety too, so far in terms of scenery it looks similar to the first game, only way better looking, which is fine by me but i hope they surprise me there too and show me unexpected environments. This new engine is really amazing too. I really like their textures and materials, their metals have a very unique look, which really helps the stylized look pop out. Even though i get a lot of aliasing and moire effect in this game, which is actually very distracting, I'm wondering what it looks like on console but it's probably a combination of fxaa being shit and materials being too shiny sometimes. So far I'm actually happy I got it for PC, although I'm playing with a controller i don't have many problems to report on my end after playing the initial 4 or 5 hours, so far so good.
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    Been detailing one building at a time for the last few days, should have the central 3/4 done fairly soon and then I need to work on the two ends of the map, which are both really wide open spaces.
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    Dishonored II

    If you want real time feedback on this, here's a tip if you wanna do that, under Enhancements, unlock Reflexes, and then Snap Reaction. (they'll set you back 4 runes, but it's worth it for stealth play) What it does is the game will slow down for 2 seconds when you're spotted (a-la Metal Gear Solid V), so you always know when you're spotted with this. This mission was fucking amazing, I love how you can go quite literally anywhere in this island, from the basement, to the bed rocks all the way to the rooftops. I kind of brute forced my way in the main entrance but later realized there's quite a few hidden entrances around the edge of the map like you can just go around the back of the island, you can get in through a window in the kitchen, etc.
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    Yes it really should stick to how it was detailed, but if changes like this are made it makes sense to up prizes for more work. // Also, can this now be split into two phases? What I mean is to have a submission deadline on the 24th, and then just those maps that are submitted are allowed for final entry on the 22nd of December. Just like how the UT4 mapping contest was held. I really want to know fully what I'm up against before spending another month's work on this.
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    POTUS 2016

    I really don't think you can call it a landslide when the majority of Americans voted for somebody other than Trump.
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    El Moroes

    Dishonored II

    In the menu you have the access to the stats where you can see if you've been spotted or not (you can do that during your playthrough).
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    Day of Infamy Mapping Contest WIP Thread

    Middle point got redone a tad; still need to quickly block out the interiors
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    Some more Unreal stuff, still need to add some more cobwebs+fix up the lamp models
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    Hi! I would like to introduce you to this project I've been working on for the last two years. It's a CSG level editor plugin for Unity that performs CSG in real-time! But instead of just telling you about it, let me just show you a couple of things you can do with it .. Interested? You can find more information on the project page! Here's a youtube with the plugin in action! Thanks for your time!
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    POTUS 2016

    You are talking out of your ass, and are wrong. Voting nation-wide requires registration, which requires identification and a stable address under your name or family. This system does not let non-citizens register, while throwing out vast swaths of babies with the bathwater by preventing anybody transient, homeless, without proper papers, or without their name on a lease, mortgage, or utility. In the vast majority of states (iirc only two are exceptions), the system also blocks anybody currently in prison, and in many anybody who's ever been in prison is prevented from voting for the rest of their lives. America prevents millions of its citizens from voting under the specter of people who live here without documentation daring to get a voice in how their adoptive communities are run, and prevents tens of millions more from voting by making it very, very difficult to do if you're poor. Thousands of people lost their jobs last Tuesday because they were denied time off during the 8 AM to 9 PM window on a single day once every four years we're given to vote, and went anyway. When you actually look at the numbers, barely 25% of eligible voters, or 18% of all American adults, actually voted for Donald Trump. The rest voted against him, or couldn't participate in our stupid fucked up antidemocratic system. Also Donald Trump barely got any more votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Instead, about six million fewer ballots were cast for Clinton than Obama, a consequence of the weakened VRA (which allows local Republican parties to change rules to prevent black people from being able to vote without any oversight or veto process), and the abandonment of poor people in this country by the Democratic Party, who's so out of touch they said shit like "America is Already Great" and "A vote for a third party is a vote for Trump", assuming mandatory support from the poor. Also in the last week over 2000 more people joined the already largest Socialist organization in the US, the Democratic Socialists of America (which is not a party, but an independent organization that pushes specific candidates, regardless of party, in primaries and local elections), so I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic. over 50% of young Americans even say they'd be willing to vote for a Communist.
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    POTUS 2016

    Nothing, you answered your own question. He presents change to the status quo no matter how it was been presented. If you noticed on the map how the votes came in it was red everywhere in rural america. They are always ignored and he offered them something. The silent majority came out in force while everyone laughed off the fact they would have no impact.
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    POTUS 2016

    Pretty much in all of that country ID isn't required though. Their system is pretty bad when you think about it since it doesn't take into account abstention at all, and given the numbers I've heard, it was huge, like 45% in some states (I'd have to search numbers though). That and people are fed up with elites (which for the most part isn't the real elite of this world)
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    POTUS 2016

    Has any election been based on the popular vote? People talk about popular vote but he is BARELY behind, she got most of her votes from sanctuary cities. Pretty much all of the states she won, requires no identification when voting. (I may be talking out of my ass, correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Hi all, we are looking for an additional Level Designer for our team in Frankfurt, Germany. Preferably someone with enough experience for a Senior position. We are working on space stations, satellites, planetary outposts, cities and other exciting locations in the persistent universe of Star Citizen. Have a read through the job posting and post questions below or send me a PM. Send a mail to friedrich.bode at cloudimperiumgames.com if you decide to apply and I will forward the documents to the right people. https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/266-Senior-Level-Designer
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    The Walking Dead

    Oh yes, today's episode was quite good. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the best thing that could have happened to this series. They should have introduced Negan a long time ago. Instead, they just had to milk the show for three seasons where nothing interesting happened.
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    Released an major update: +reduced the amount of trees +added more fog and snow effects +tired some optimization (visible range,...) +added more walkways and added some crossing markers +redid spawns, blockzones and some capturepoints (they should now focus on only one objectiv and be near it, all players spawn near each other now) +added some more details and blocked some areas off +added atmospheric sound +tried to smooth some areas only thing i had problems was the radiocontrolpoint in back german territory. i could not get it working with an own spawnzone. Screenshots will follow.. Gz Modtools
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    POTUS 2016

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    POTUS 2016

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    Dishonored II

    Im sorry you guys are having performance issues. I am enjoying the game at 60fps on my 980. Im not trying to say the problem does not exist, nor that its excusable by Bethesda for this to happen etc, but on a gameplay point of view, I do enjoy the game...
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    You got the UT4 ascetic down, great work. Pretty happy with how this is coming along. Have some camera occlusion issues when you look at certain angles, with the water shader. I still have to do some parallax for it as well, but none the less, UE4 is great.
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    Doing more work in and around the school building. I extended it with a playground at the back for flanking options.
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    Unreal Engine 4

    Just watching/scrubbing through the latest Epic stream, just because I noticed they were talking about the Dev Grants, and is nice to find out that some community mappers with very good maps got grants offered Kudos to Epic
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Hi, some screenshots from DM-Dome, a map I was doing for the Epic+Mapcore contest. I finally had some time to finish it.
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    Environment Art: John Emerson

    Hey everyone, So after some deep soul searching, I have decided to begin the process of re-teaching myself 3D basic concepts to work towards becoming an Environment Artist. I have changed my portfolio site to be at https://johnemerson.artstation.com/. I am currently beginning work on brand new portfolio pieces to completely replace the ones currently on there - but would love some feedback regarding what to get rid of ASAP. Thankfully, my wife is on board with me deciding to work towards this (although I will keep working in the meantime at my day job). Also, I am currently looking for a potential tutor for 1 on 1 sessions to help me improve. I would be willing to pay a fee for this service, but serious tutors only who can structure a path and guide me. Please PM if you're potentially interested in helping me out.
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    POTUS 2016

    This is a friendly reminder to stay civil. I think we're willing to give this thread another chance if you keep in mind that we're a small community of really smart and intelligent people posting their views and opinions, but no matter how polarized others opinions might be we need to stay respectful.
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    What's going on with your life?

    Hi guys, I've been away some time and thought I'd share some stuff. I married the love of my life Became a house owner (mortgages, woo yay!) Started a new job Got a new cat called him Luther. Misty is the grumpy bag on the right. Got internet in said house 6 months later (ISPs, woo yay!) Got my dream car This year has also not been without its upsets, namely we lost a dear old Cockatiel of ours to illness at 16 years old, and his mate not long after to what we suspect was a ferret (long story ) who was sadly only 3. I hope no one takes this post the wrong way. I know I'm very fortunate to be where I am, and I would just like to share that happiness with friends and peers. The new job runs a slightly tighter ship than my last so mapcore time has tanked, but I'll hopefully be getting a bit more into the swing of things from now on. See you around guys
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    it's a really nice technical layout you should focus the areas on around the bombsite if you're going to keep working on this, the objectives are at the edges of the map regardless of which routes you take onto the sites and the bombsites are going to be sided(overly safe) if you don't give and take on a per segment basis its like it gets worse if you start missing and there's no way back into a round besides getting a kill on the other side of the map because. appreciate how many mistakes a terrorist gets to make compared to a counter terrorist, its a huge disparity that can't always be solved with cover and utility usage.
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    More Shadertoy goodness https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ltdXRr (screen above) https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ltVGWV https://www.shadertoy.com/view/Mt3Szr
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