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    Hey guys! We had a lot of fun testing your maps and providing feedback on the stream last night. Thanks so much for coming out, we'll upload the video to our official YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/insurgencygame/featured Unfortunately we weren't able to test all of your maps since there were so many (twelve!), so we've decided to host another playtest and stream on Wednesday November 9th at 5 PM EST, 11 PM CET. We will aim to play all the maps we haven't yet played. Please notify us in this thread if you make updates to your map already on the playlist, or if you have a map not yet on the playlist that you want included. The deadline to submit a new map and map updates is November 8th at 12:00 am midnight EST. Please do not make any changes after this deadline. This is a bit of a short deadline, but we want to cover as many maps as soon as possible to give everyone enough time to make adjustments before the contest is over. We intend to only play the maps that we didn't cover in our stream yet. However, there might be a chance that players will stick around and try some of the updated levels after the stream. So we suggest you still try to update your levels in time. To make sure your map is properly updated and submitted for this test, please take note of the following: 1. For those who already have your map on the playlist: If you want to update your maps, please do so, but make sure they have the _same file name_ as when you originally uploaded it. 2. If you do not have a map on the playlist: Please upload it to the Steam Workshop and include a link here in this thread so we can add it to the playlist. If you posted your link in the other thread, please post it again here for redundancy. We appreciate all the hard work and creativity you guys put into your maps so far and hope to see you again in our upcoming event!
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    Metz [Offensive]

    Thanks for the feedback. Currently the open field at the start is very unbalanced unfortunately. Axis can wipe a lot of players by a cleverly placed artillery strike. The approach to A is way too hard, but i am already working on it! The streets and open areas are something that I haven't touched yet since I focused on creating the side routes through the buildings. Therefore a lot of cover is missing of course. Absolutely. I was in quite a rush towards the deadline of the playtest submission. Therefore I just put the necessary things there and aimed for feedback for Objective A and B first. This issue will be addressed in the future. Thanks for pointing out!
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    [CSGO] de_waterway (WIP)

    Steam Workshop Link Been working on this map on and off since the contest a year an a half ago. Just resumed work on it this week after a long break. I've made huge changes, and to me its starting to really feel like a solid counter strike map. Wondering if any one would mind checking it out and offer some feedback. I am still in the stages of refining the best layout. The some of the rotations might be too quick, and I may have left too many options for rotation. Obviously a lot of the brush work is rough. Once I am sure people enjoy the layout and it is fairly balanced, I will move on to aesthetics. I am open to suggestions though, and any ideas to make the map fun to play. The goal is that I can get done with this development phase by the end of the year. Thank you for you time, - mith
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Almost done
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    Source Engine Optimization roadmap

    What is this? This is a simple roadmap of my optimization papers/articles for any newcomers to Source optimization or for folks who would like to further strengthen their knowledge about the subject. The goal eventually is to produce solid, well optimized maps. I keep seeing some simple questions being asked such as “what’s a hint brush and what does it do? Where do I place an areaportal? I also see many confusion and misconceptions about Source optimization on topics such as visleaves and PVS. Many folks contact me saying “hey, I read your paper/article X but I missed/wasn’t aware of your paper Y, Z, U, V…which is an additional reason of having this roadmap in one place for people to use for navigation through the different hoops of Source optimization. The roadmap Think of this roadmap as a course syllabus depicting the various topics and logical progression of the course, in this case, Source optimization. 1- Man vs Engine This is a comprehensive paper covering the process of optimization in the Source engine and providing a systematic approach to be used for winning your optimization battles. This paper should be the first step in your optimization course and it shouldn’t take you more than an hour on a slow evening to finish the read. It is a good idea to keep the Valve developer community wiki open if you need to look up the definitions of any terms that you come across in the paper (to be on the safe side, read the entry related to visibility optimization which contains all the keywords definition like hints, areaportals, etc…). 2- Optimization Testing in Source Engine It’s a technical paper tackling the issue of methodically testing the frame rate and optimization system in the Source engine. This should be the second read after Man Vs Engine to get a solid grasp of map performance testing. Practical work: test the average fps using the timedemo technique on a map of yours (or a stock map if you do not have a finished map yet). Practice all the testing console commands that I gave in the paper to become familiar with them. 3- Demystifying Source Engine Visleaves This is an article in which I explain Source visleaves in layman's terms to allow beginners and veterans alike to understand the cornerstone of source optimization. After the first 2 papers being more hands-on and practical, this 3rd read in the roadmap is more on the theoretical side to allow one to fully understand the inner workings on Source’s BSP and visleaves systems. 4- Source Engine PVS - A Closer Look This is an in-depth technical article where I delve into more details about the PVS creation and visibility calculation and their implication on optimization in the Source engine. This 4th read is a natural follow up to the previous article and will cement your intimate knowledge of Source engine. 5- Common Misconceptions in Source Engine Optimization It’s an article in which I identify common misconceptions in Source engine optimization process to help demystify some optimization “myths” and bust them once and for all, thus allowing designers to avoid the costly pitfalls that could hinder their maps’ optimization setup. This 5th step in the roadmap should come as an easy read once you understood the previous 2 steps (visleaves and PVS) 6- Hints about Hints - Practical guide on hint brushes placement This is a technical article in which I showcase how I think about and approach hints placement in Source engine and how I systematically proceed with hint brushes with practical examples. With the theoretical side taken care of in the 3 previous steps, it’s now time to dive into the technicalities of using hint brushes properly and efficiently, and this article will amply show that. Practical work: make a small test map where you can test the different hinting techniques that I showcased in the article. Make a version with hints and one without and test in-game using mat_leafvis and mat_wireframe console commands to see hints live in action. 7- Practical guide on areaportals placement It’s a technical article that deals with the systematic placement of areaportals in the Source optimization process. This is the 2nd article in the "practical placement guide" series. As with the previous step, this one dives deeply into proper areaportal placement with solid examples. Practical work: make a small test map where you can test the different areaportals techniques/locations that I showcased in the article. Make a version with areaportals and one without and test in-game using r_drawportals, mat_leafvis, and mat_wireframe console commands to see areaportals live in action. 8- Practical guide on occluders placement It’s a technical article that tackles the systematic placement of occluders in the Source optimization process. This is the 3rd and final article in the "practical placement guide" series. Occluders have always been a grey area and a big question mark for a lot of designers, and this article will clearly showcase how to practically proceed with them in your map, if needed. Practical work: make a small test map where you can test the different occluders techniques/locations that I showcased in the article. Make a version with occluders and one without and test in-game using r_visocclusion, r_occlusion, and mat_wireframe console commands to see occluders live in action. 9- Comparative fps study in Source Engine Optimization System This is an in-depth article where I showcase the clear difference between having a solid optimization system and not having one in a Source engine map. The article will have plenty of numbers, for a complete comparative study that shows the frame rate variation with and without the optimization system in place. If you have read and followed this roadmap closely, then you are now ready to witness and understand the importance of a good optimization system and the consequences of not having an effective one on the overall frame rate. Practical work: In one of your maps, uncheck the visgroups of hints/areaportals/occluders in Hammer and save it under a different name. Compile it on final settings then compare the fps with the original version that had all the visgroups enabled to see the difference. 10- Source FPS Cost of Cheap and Expensive Assets It’s a short technical article that compares the frame rate cost of cheap vs. expensive assets in Source engine optimization. In the same spirit of the previous step, this one shines the spotlight on the cost of expensive assets so one doesn’t go wild while using them in their map, at the risk of considerably affecting frame rate. 11- Displacement Vs. Func_detail - A comparative fps study It’s a short technical article that aims at comparing the frame rate of func_detail vs. displacement in the context of the Source engine and the repercussion on their usage in maps. 12- Optimizing An Open Map in Source Engine This is a technical article that showcases how to tackle optimizing open maps in Source engine. Conclusion The roadmap presented above should cover “optimization 101” through “501” courses and cater for a broad range of Source engine users. There are no more reasons for one to feel confused and “not sure where to start/look” when it comes to Source optimization. If after reading and experimenting with all the above you still have some questions about optimization, then feel free to post here and I’ll try my best to help. Once you finish all the reading with all practical work, please pass by my office so I can schedule your final exams. Happy reading
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    For just quick clarification. https://steamcommunity.com/app/222880/discussions/3/624076851045207521/ " but make sure they have the _same file name_ as when you originally uploaded it. " I'm going to continue to upload newer versions of the map up until November 8th at 12:00 am midnight EST. Let's say I upload bure_alpha_r2_v10, and I post a link to the workshop link. As long as you update your server files things should be fine. I guess if you don't want to update your server I could just delete the current workshop file, reupload the new bure_alpha_r2_v10.bsp and post a link to that? Seems redundant right!? @Xanthi Please clarify which process would be the easiest, Thank you
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    Metz [Offensive]

    germans definitely need more exits from their last spawn outside C. too easy for americans to get into C and just camp their one exit
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    Christian H

    Metz [Offensive]

    Played this yesterday and had a lot of fun - it's obviously still in the early stages but I have a good feeling about the layout. The field that the allies approach from has a very epic feel to it, as does the whole map in general. Only thing that feels is a little off is that some of the areas just feel a little too big and far apart, but I think that's something that will be solved as you add more detail and cover to the streets.
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    Erdbeere (working title)

    i like the name. even official names of operations during the war would be silly today (operation goodwood lol)
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    Erdbeere (working title)

    I see! Wasn't aware of that. Unfortunately "Erdbeere" sounds really odd for this setting. BUT that is not necessarily bad. German speaking people are definitely not the majority of players in DoI and for those who are, a name like that might be memorable I won't suggest you to change the name, I just wanted to check up wether you know what "Erdbeere" means. People can come across a lot of weird translations on the internet
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    Day of Infamy Mapping Contest Discussion

    Wrong thread again
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    Thaks Oh crap I forgot to post the link and game mode info here. Closing the barn door after the horse is out, here goes; http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793007315 Offensive mode only for now. Maybe there will be a refresh of the server maps and I can get in. My own fault. Damn.
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    POTUS 2016

    The second email investigation concluded, FBI said their conclusion has not changed on the subject since last time.
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    Erdbeere (working title)

    interesting map. I'd recommend giving the lighting another pass and brightening up the gameplay area- work to improve flow and ensure players have a smooth path to objectives.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Looks like true - http://steamcharts.com/app/292730
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    CONTEST - Create a 'Bounce Parkour' map.

    I came to ask inconvenient questions and argue with you about Reddit and prizes, but now I see you already have that covered. Foiled again.
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    Probably because you didn't sign up in this thread:
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    Some little things I found: http://imgur.com/a/Uk8Ez
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Who would buy it from the windows store when you can get it in steam? It's still daft as hell mind.
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    Titanfall 2

    I don't see anyone complaining about Battlefield 1 being on Origin. They just buy it and enjoy it. Now if this was on that Ubi Soft DRM platform thing, sure there's reason to moan there. Origin is fine, buck up and buy it cowboy if you want to play it.
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    Guadalcanal (Offensive)

    Fellows, Just to let you know, I won't be able to participate on this contest anymore, due to not having the time I was hoping for on October. I think I'll use some of the assets I've already set-up for this project onto another one, but sadly I can't finish this map in time. The maps being done are really good ! Good luck for all entrants and keep up the awesome work !
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    Because of the fog end distance, not everything will be visible. Most "details" are pine trees, but maybe I will add some overflying bombers. Im not sure how to do this with a flyover sound. Would be nice to parent a ambient generic with the bombermodel along the path track entity, but I believe that is not possible in Source. Map is uploaded to the workshop for testing. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791132858