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    [Tutorial] CSGO Radar Maker 1.0

    CS:GO Radar Maker 1.0 Intro CS:GO Radar Maker 1.0 is a tool by Refil Entertainment that facilitates the creation minimaps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's maps. While the user is still required to perform the basic tradition steps of the minimap making, CS:GO Radar Maker makes it easy to place the minimap icons (Spawn areas, Hostages and Bombsites) without needing the user to manually edit the text file for the same. Download CSGO Radar Maker 1.0 > http://csgo.gamebanana.com/tools/5940 Usage 1. Launch Steam. Go to Library. Right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Click on Properties > Set Launch Options... In the launch options, type in:- -novid -windowed -w 1024 -h 1024 Click OK, and launch the game. 2. Open the Console ("`" key) and type in:- map sv_cheats 1 bot_kick bind p screenshot cl_drawhud 0 r_drawviewmodel 0 hidepanel all r_skybox 0 fog_enable 0 r_drawstaticprops 0 noclip 3. Now place your player to a position where you can see the whole level from above. 4. Switch to orthographic mode with the console command "cl_leveloverview x", where x is the scale factor. 5. Take a screenshot using "P" key. Also, it the console, you will see the projection data (position and scale) eg "Overview: scale 6.00, pos_x -2651, pos_y 4027". Copy this data, and paste it in a text file. 6. Start up Photoshop and open the .TGA file that you created. It should be located at "%STEAMINSTALL%\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\screenshots". Where "%STEAMINSTALL%" is the directory in which you have steam installed. This is most likely "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam". 7. Make all the necessary editions without nudging the screenshot. Save the image as a .DDS file. (File -> Save As). The file name should be your map name followed by "_radar" ex. (de_dust_radar.dds). The file format should be D3D/DDS. Save the file to"%STEAMINSTALL%\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\overviews" 8. When the DDS dialog box opens click the drop down box at the top left, and change the option from "DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha" to "DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha" As shown in the image below. (If the "Save As..." .DDS file option is not available to you, then you might need to download a photoshop plug-in. You can get it off of the NVIDA website here: NVIDA .DDS Plug-In) 9. Open CSGO Advanced Radar Maker, click on "Load Radar Image" and load the screenshot you took. 10. Click on "Choose an icon" option, select the desired icon from the drop-down list and then click on the minimap to place it at the desired location. Repeat this step to place all the icons you need. 11. Under the export properties, fill all the fields with appropriate information. In the "Map Name" field, fill the name of the bsp file. In the "Material" field, type in the name of the DDS file (that is, mapname with prefix _radar). In the remaining fields, fill up the projection data that we pasted in a text file in step 5. 12. Click "Done". Save the file to "%STEAMINSTALL%\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\overviews" 13. Check the radar in the game. You can also create Multi-layered Minimaps by using "Map Layer Properties" option. Video Tutorial by Alexbosquin https://www.youtube.com/embed/WGXsydwSln4
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    Escape From Tarkov

    I was waiting for someone to make a thread about this since it is pretty much what everyone wanted from a STALKER online scenario, but no one has so here we go... http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/ Basically when this comes out, I will have no life.. no more family, no more friends, no more work.. there is only... TARKOV!!
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    What have you watched recently?

    This has been released today, Keanu training for John Wick 2
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    New Update! Still very WIP. Mostly worked on balancing the map and opening everything up a lot more. I have also simplified a lot of areas that were too complicated before. Have a long list of fixes still to make but here is a start. Some major nodraw errors and missed clipping. Would really like some feedback, workshop link is up to date in OP. Lots of Images and text inside: Still on my to fix list (a lot):
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    [CS:GO][WIP] de_fang

    For the past few days I've been working on starting up a remake of the cs beta map Fang. For those who remember it, it wasn't around too long, was set at night, and had a quite confusing and frustrating layout. Keeping all this in mind, I'm setting out to attempt to use the basic elements of Fang's original layout to create a new and hopefully competitively viable version of Fang in a modern, crisp setting. Setting Fang is set around a large Animal/Medicinal Genetics Research Facility somewhere in the United States. The playable space features exterior areas enclosed by towering modern architecture and interior areas featuring a modern lab/research facility look amid many animal crates and testing rooms. To achieve these visuals I am making use of the new extensive set of Nuke models, as well as initially borrowing some models and textures from Agency. Screens (V 0.1) Obviously this is all pretty WIP, and I plan on finalizing the layout more and signing up for a playtest before doing any true detail work. Anything detailed currently is merely to get a feel for the general theme of the map and how it's supposed to look. As always any feedback/criticism is greatly appreciated. Hopefully there will be a radar pic up shortly as well. I'm also continuing to work on Monaco at the same time as this. I usually find it helpful to spend time working on different projects here and there. Cheers.
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    Some great examples about how broke then play of the game is and it is also really funny hahaha. Winston train!
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    Random Photo Thread

    Dramatic sunset after a rainy day Took it today at sunset, several hours ago.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    lmao https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/48y2ly/this_sign_at_the_iem_katowice_2016_was_actually/
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    This level design article is about the past and the present of the hostage rescue mode in Counter-Strike. Showcasing the inherent issues that accompanied the scenario allowing the bomb/defuse mode to gain traction and popularity. This article will also present what can be done, level design wise, to remedy some of the shortfalls and allow the scenario to be viable. A historical background Counter-Strike officially started life in June 1999 with the release of beta 1, and it shipped with four maps, that’s right, four whole maps. They were all hostage rescue maps and the prefix used for these maps was cs_ as opposed to the standard deathmatch maps starting with dm_. This prefix was an abbreviation of the game’s name (Counter-Strike) which hints to this hostage-rescue scenario being the only one in the minds of Gooseman and Cliffe, the creators of CS, at the time of launch. Fast forward a couple of months, beta 4 rolled out in November 1999 bringing to the table a new scenario, bomb defuse. The new maps carried the prefix de_ and while one would think that the hostage rescue maps would be switched to hr_ prefix, they kept the same prefix which started to be referred to as the “Classic Scenario”. Counter-Strike was built on hostage rescue scenario. I started playing CS in beta 2 in August 1999 (I totally missed beta 1, screw me) and maps like Assault and Siege were all the rage at LAN parties. The nearest LAN/internet café was a 5-minute drive from my place, and LAN parties with friends used to be a blast full of shouting, cursing, bluffing, noob-trashing; the standard menu for a CS session. Good times. Siege, the oldest CS map (beta 1), and Assault (beta 1.1) were the epitome of the game. You had to dive in as a CT deep into the T stronghold to rescue the hostages and bring them back to safety. These maps were the most played on LANs and embodied the style of early CS gameplay. At the LAN place where I used to wage my virtual battles, Assault equaled CS, literally. A fun fact is that when Dust came out, I started a LAN session with this map and everyone in the room shouted at me: "What the hell is this? We wanna play CS!" For my friends, Assault was CS. However, those rosy days for hostage rescue began to turn into grim grey when folks started playing bomb defuse scenario and realized how…fun it was. A map like Dust almost single-handedly pushed the scenario into higher ground with its bright environment/textures, clear/wide paths and its ease of use and noob-friendliness. A year later, around Summer 2000, Counter-Strike was now equivalent to Dust for my friends. How did this happen? What went wrong? Inherent flaws of hostage rescue Hostage rescue is a very delicate and tough scenario for law enforcement operators in the real world. It puts the assailing team at a great disadvantage against heavily-armed barricaded hostage-takers who are probably using civilian hostages as human shields and as a bargaining chip for a later escape. As you can deduce, transferring this scenario as realistically as possible into the game will not fare well, and this disadvantage will carry on for the CT team. The problem is only exacerbated when you add the more or less “flawed” game mechanics to the scenario. This is exactly what went wrong with hostage rescue scenario in case you are still wondering about the rhetoric questions at the end of the historical background introduction. The popularity of cs_ scenario started dwindling and the rise of the bomb/defuse scenario only made things worse. Almost all the early cs_ maps featured a relatively tiny hostage zone/room having one entryway usually sealed with closed doors that the CT must open to get access inside. This room was typically located behind T spawn which made the area a camping ground and made camping that zone an obvious and rewarding tactic for Ts. The doors having to be manually opened with a loudening sound made things worse and negated any surprise or sneaky rush towards the hostages. A classic example is the hostage area and T spawn in cs_assault. I dare not think of how many Ts are camping behind those doors Another equally important camp fest occurred in the hostage rescue zone. Early designs made the rescue zone relatively small with one or two access paths that can be defended from one location. If the CT team manages to reach the hostages and rescue them, the Ts could easily fall back to the rescue zone to camp and patiently wait for the CTs to show up. The hostage rescue zone in cs_italy is a nice example to showcase how one T could camp in the southernmost spot in the zone allowing him to monitor both entryways, from market and from wine cellar, within the same field of view. CT slaughter was almost a guaranteed thing to happen. A CT will show up any second now; imminent slaughter commencing in ...3, 2, 1 A third flaw was the hostages themselves. They were difficult to escort and protect and were easily stuck or left behind in various parts of the maps between their initial hostage zone and the final rescue zone. I lost count of how many times I rescued the hostages and ran as fast as I could to the rescue zone, reaching it with a big grin on my face only to turn around and find out that only one or two of the four hostages actually followed me; the others were randomly stuck on a ladder, door frame, window ledge, vent, chair, table…I could go on but my blood is starting to boil just thinking of this. To add insult to injury, hostages could also be killed or “stolen” for ultimate trolling. When Ts were stacked on money, they could easily kill all the hostages, basically turning the round to a frustrating terrorist hunt for CTs. In early CS versions, a CT teammate could press the “use” key on a hostage that you were already escorting to steal it. This would leave you helplessly wondering where the hell did the 4th hostage go in case you did not catch the teammate performing the action. Lastly, maps themselves contributed to the issues that were piling up against hostage rescue scenario. If you are a CS veteran and you were around the early betas in 1999, you would most certainly remember how quickly hostage rescue maps were pruned from one beta to another; some maps even had a life span of 1 week before being discarded out of the official roster. Most of these early cs maps featured dark, nightly environments that were unfriendly to both newcomers and established players. Other maps had a confusing-as-hell labyrinthine layout that confused even the most great-sense-of-direction players, and made remembering paths nigh impossible. Some of these maps had narrow twisted paths and choke points, vents, and ladders that not only frustrated players (especially CTs) but also made rescuing and escorting the hostages more of wishful thinking. The icing on the cake was the different gimmicks introduced in some maps that made a frustrating gameplay/layout even more annoying: some maps had a machine gun nest in T spawn allowing Ts to master and perfect the art of CT slaughtering while other maps had flammable drums that could be shot and blasted for the ultimate carnage right next to the hostage zone. Good example maps include cs_prison, cs_bunker, cs_iraq, cs_hideout, cs_facility, cs_desert, among many others. Meanwhile, bomb/defuse scenario was gaining grounds at an increased rate and before too long, hostage rescue was relegated to a distant second place in terms of popularity among players and level designers alike. As a small experiment, I tallied the number of custom hostage and defuse maps submitted on Gamebanana for Counter-Strike Source and Global Offensive. For CS:GO, there are 761 de_ maps against 157 hostage maps while for CS:S, the figures are 4060 de_ for 1244 cs_ maps. The disparity is rather meaningful as the ratio in CS:GO is 4.85:1 while for CS:S the number is 3.26:1. This means that for each hostage map in CS:GO there are almost five maps of bomb/defuse whereas this number drops slightly to almost three maps for CS:S. With CS:GO putting extra focus on competitive gameplay, this ratio is bound to further grow widening the rift between bomb/defuse and hostage rescue maps. That’s it? Is it done for cs_ maps? Shall we prepare the obituary or is there a magical solution to breathe some fire and life in them? Solutions for viability There is a magical solution that involves you transferring a large sum of cash to my bank account, then my “guys” will contact your “guys” to deliver the “solution”. The drop point will be at the…apparently, there has been a mix-up, this is for another “deal” …nervous chuckle. Seriously though, while there is no magical solution that will lift hostage rescue onto the rainbow, there are a couple of things that level designers can do to start injecting some momentum to the scenario. Luckily for us, Valve has already paved the way (so these “Volvo pls fix pls” do work after all?). In March 2013, Valve introduced a major CS:GO update that completely overhauled the hostage rescue scenario mechanics and introduced cs_militia as well. The update was a game changer and a much needed tweak towards a better hostage rescue gamemode. We now have two hostages instead of four, and the CTs only need to rescue one of them to win the round. Moreover, the hostage does not stupidly follow the CT but instead is carried on the CT’s shoulders. Obviously the movement speed of the CT carrying the hostage is decreased but this “inconvenience” is countered with added bonus round time and the fact that the CT doesn’t have to glance over his shoulders every five seconds to make sure the hostages are still following him (this kind of distraction can prove fatal to the CT escorting the hostages). The hostages’ spawn location is randomized and can be controlled by the level designer. A nice change is that hostages don’t die anymore thus cutting any chance of Ts trolling (you still lose money when you shoot a hostage – shooting a hostage is pretty pointless now akin to shooting yourself in the foot). This is all good news if you ask me; hostage rescue is on the right path to become popular and viable again. With Valve doing the first half of the change, level designers have the duty to continue with the second half. Hostage defuse? As a first suggested solution, let us start treating hostage rescue as bomb defuse. Let’s be honest, bomb defuse works really well, so why not transfer this “experience” into hostage rescue. What we can do is to have a hostage rescue map’s layout mimic one of bomb defuse – that is have two hostage zones that are similarly placed as two bomb sites. We need to start treating a hostage zone like a bomb site with all accompanying techniques of rushing, pushing, faking, peeking, holding, smoking, flashing, etc. The good thing about this is that whatever knowledge, skill, and layout awareness that players have acquired from defuse scenarios will transfer effortlessly to the hostage rescue scenario; you do not need to learn new tactics and strategies. The roles will be inversed: instead of Ts rushing bomb sites and CTs defending, CTs will push hostage zones and Ts will defend and rotate. Sounds logical, right? Some people might argue that having 2 separate hostage zones is not “realistic” and my answer is Counter-Strike was never about realism (carrying and running around with a 7 kg (15.5 lb), 1.2 m (47.2 inch) AWP sniper rifle with 25x telescopic sight, quickscoping and headshotting opponents is the epitome of “realism”). If you want a realistic hostage rescue scenario, then you are better off playing the original Rainbow Six Rogue Spear and SWAT 3 from 1999, or the more recent ARMA and Insurgency for a realistic military setting. I practice what I preach and I already implemented this technique in my last map “cs_calm”. The map was a remake of my CS 1.5 map from 2003 and obviously I made the “mistake” at that time to follow the trend set by official maps of having one hostage zone right behind T spawn. A playtest on Reddit CS:GO servers back in March 2015 confirmed that this setup won’t work well as Ts will inevitably abuse the hostage zone. I made some radical layout changes towards T spawn and hostage zone and created two new hostage zones on the upper and lower levels of the map that are connected by a back hallway to allow quick rotations (in addition to the one through T spawn). Obviously, there is no direct line of sight between hostage zones to prevent 1-zone camping. Ts have absolutely no incentive to camp one zone as CTs can reach the other one, rescue the hostage and head back to the rescue zone without being spotted from the other zone. CTs actually have a chance of winning the round by rescuing the hostages. I like to believe the new layout worked well. Only time and more hostage rescue maps will tell. Layout of the map "cs_calm" Rescue zone anti-camping We have remedied the hostage zone camping but we still need to tend to the rescue zone camping issue. A solution to this is to have two rescue zones in a similar setup to what is nicely done in cs_office. While Ts can still camp one zone, they risk a big chance of having CTs reach the other rescue zone. Again, CTs will have a viable option to save the hostages without being shredded by camping Ts. If the layout does not allow or facilitate having two rescue zones, then one big rescue zone with multiple entrances (three is a good number) should work fine. The trick here is to have the entrances not easily covered within the same field of view to prevent camping. Into the zone Just as we established that we should treat hostage zones like bomb sites, it goes without saying that each hostage zone should have at least 2 to 3 entry points. It’s pretty pointless to have only one entrance as this totally defeats the purpose of spreading hostages into two zones. The different entryways should also not be covered within the same field of view of one T; if a T decides to camp the zone, then he should be able to cover two entrances from one point leaving the third one more or less at a dead angle and viable for a CT rush or stealth/sneak surprise. Showcase of Hostage Zone A on the map "cs_calm" The above screenshot showcases “Hostage Zone A” in cs_calm. A terrorist will typically camp near the hostage covering the two encircled entrances. The third entrance from upper level denoted by the arrow is not in the direct FOV, and is prone to a surprise attack by CTs that could catch the camping T off guard. If possible, try to spread the entrances on different vertical levels to spice things up and keep Ts on their toes. Lastly, it is a good idea to have a connector between hostage zones to allow fast rotations but without having a direct line of sight between hostage zones. We want to make the scenario fairer to CTs but not at the expense of Ts, inadvertently making it unfair for them. Conclusion Hostage rescue is a fun scenario if you ask me. It had many inherited and added flaws that contributed to its waning but it’s nothing that can’t be reversed. We, as level designers, need to push some changes to put the scenario back on track. What I just showcased in this article might not be the only viable solutions but they certainly are a step in the right direction. Level designers are intimidated by players who shun away from cs_ maps, and this turns into a vicious circle where players avoid hostage rescue maps and mappers in return avoid designing them. We need to break this cycle and designers need to bravely embrace the solutions I presented here or come up with their own solutions. The more cs_ maps that come out and get tested, the more we could validate these solutions as viable. In either case, we need to get proactive towards hostage rescue scenario; after all, this is the cornerstone that Counter-Strike was built upon.
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    [CS:GO] de_Cuba

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a classic defusal map. Its working title is de_Cuba as it is going to be situated in a small village in Cuba. (Alternately it could have been a mediterranean village, but that has been overly used in my opinion.) Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650117709 Some fictional background story: The age of mutual animosity between Cuba and the US vanishes and the two states are progressing on ther course of harmonisation. A delegation from the US goverment is visiting Cuba to talk about some future economic help. Their trail will led through the small village of [[Insert map name here]]. Some separatistes that are not very happy about the new political changes in their country try to sabotage the new friendship between the US and their own country by placing some explosives at the designated routes of the US delegation. Fortunately the Police somehow found out about their plans and is trying to stop them... Map description: It will be composed very classic with a deadly mid, which can be seen directly from T-Spawn yet not reached by a short route, as the way will be blocked by some fences. I am not yet sure if it'll be a backyard, alley or a garden but I'd like it to be fast paced so that a clash between Ts and CTs can start there immediately. Of course the clash will be a bit delayed if the teams will head for A or B instead of mid. Right now my biggest Concerns are aout complexity of the map, thats why i tried to simplified A and let B remain a bit more complex. As the Mid in its original state seemed to be highly T-Sided i decided to add a snipers nest at the top of mid, that can only be reached from B where CTs approach first. However the snipers nest can only be reached with a certain delay so the suppoert the CTs can deliver there is having a limited value if there team mates just rush in at mid and die there to quick. The SN is supposed to be not reachable by street level on mid. Some reference pictures: https://imgur.com/a/w5B3Z I'd apprechiate all suggestions and advises before i go to greybox the map. Thank you all alot in advance!
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    Random Photo Thread

    Tested out my camera with the timelapse app, worked really well, the timelapse itself is not great, no moving clouds or subjects, but still worth a share, this is epic's HQ btw. 15gb's of data for 6 seconds timelapse D: but it is taken at native 8k resolution
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    Escape From Tarkov

    Englandó voiceover for the first devlog, not sure if they are making one for the second one aswell.
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    I have made some more changes following some play-testing with friends. Map is generally more open than before with a less cluttered feel. I have some big plans for improvements and visuals which I hope to how soon. Still appreciate some feedback! New Radar: Images:
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    [CS:GO] (W.I.P) de_arpegio

    I totally agree with this, the gargoyles would bring the church to the next level in terms of small detail, however would be pretty time consuming. When I remake the church, again (going to work on it diagonally this time, instead of making the whole thing then rotating it creating horrible brush intersections everywhere), Ill set out with including a giant window on the front, steering towards a more arched design, like this one: Thanks for your ideas! As for time, finishing this map is still quite a way yet
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    [CS:GO] (W.I.P) de_arpegio

    If you like to model, how about creating some of those for your church: https://www.google.de/search?q=wasserspeier&biw=1366&bih=753&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiSnv2G8qvLAhVhSZoKHUY9AOMQ_AUIBigB Another potential great asset that allready amazing church could be one of these great round windows above the front entrance. A very complex one like at notre dame would be overdoing it for a relatively small church, but there are simple ones: http://www.schottlandreise.org/abbeys/stmagnus/stmagnus.html Please hurry finishing the map, I cant await seeing the final resut
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    I've also found that the Shaded Textured view doesn't always show alternate skins on props, either. Very confusing!
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    Escape From Tarkov

    Developer Diaries: Prepare for nerdgasm.. DAT DOOR.. DAT OVEN etc. There's a whole load of stuff on this VK page (Russian social media), it's in all in Russian but you can use Google or just look at the pretty pictures /edit would help if I actually posted the sodding link.. https://vk.com/public71238169
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    A while ago I was asked to remake some maps from Rainbow Six Vegas 2, thought I might as well post them here so you can all see. It's unlikely they'll be updated anymore as they were made/detailed based on already existing levels but I still look back on maps like these and see a number of places I feel I should/could improve (particularly 3d skyboxes, man I hate doing those things), but that can only be a good thing I'm sure Murdertown on the Workshop This one's available as an arms race map and is certainly my preferred of the two, had to make a fair amount of the brushwork into models however due to reaching brush limits D: Import/Export Arms Race || Import/Export Demolition There are areas of this one I like, but the scale of rooms combined with some of the available props was just ridiculous and made things pretty difficult. Let me know what you think, or don't, like I said they probably wont get updated ever again.
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    Some stuff I made to a while back to entertain myself. I created them, and then left them to die since I have no place for them.
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    [CS:GO] de_aftermath (WIP)

    I recommend simplifying the layout and removing unnecessary paths. I would also try to keep the gameplay ideas simple.
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    @pB. Reminds me a little of Velice Varni, you might like it. He makes art like this: (It's painted, not photoshopped).
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    Tip of the Day

    quick and dirty method of drawing blob shapes, with Blur and Levels I use this a lot
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    [CS:GO] (W.I.P) de_arpegio

    Thanks Yeah, I see, I have some stuff planned for it. Here is the reference I have been working from (Its the church in the village of Redu, Belgium which I visited whilst on vacation) ||| I will model these small windows ||| + ||| I am going to make these large liquid stains to fill where there is little to no detail ||| modify the window models to have the corner stones poking out, a bit like the building set (The bottom left windows) from the prior screenshots I posted Also, I will be modifying the textures to match this image, as well as extending the clock tower slightly. I think it lacks height from my map's version where the spire is a bit taller and eight sided.
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    [CSGO] de_richu

    FEEDBACK AND CHANGES AFTER 10v10 MAPCORE PLAYTEST 14/01/2016 TL;DR: new version after the playtest, biggest changes are the reworked paths to the sites for both teams.____________________________________________________________________________________It was extremely exciting to have the first playtest ever on my map after working on it for a few months. And I was really glad over the amount of positive feedback that I got and it motivated me to work even more on the project. After the playtest some people stayed for a while discussing the map and the layout, and I’m really grateful to have someone to discuss the players feedback and how the playtest went. The things that I picked up during the playtest were: After the tweaking I decided it was time for version a8. Change log: a8 (with pictures) Radar for version a8 and coparsion picture with old radar will be added during weekend 23-24/1/2016 I think that while A site Isn’t bad. It isn’t interesting and fun either, except for the skill jump to upper. Don’t know what to do to improve it, please leave suggestions if you have any.
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    CS:GO Stickers

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing? im glad do announce that i've been working with Mapcore community administrator, to produce a series of stickers for CSGO. The idea is that IF the stickers get ingame, we could boost up a little bit the mapcore community, in terms of visibility Please, take a look Mapcore Dev Texture Mapcore Contest Chick Mapcore Supporter Sticker
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    A map i was doing for warsow videogame using Netradiant editor , sadly i never finished it
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