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    [CS:GO] de_waterfall [wip]

    Almost final version
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    Guyyyyyysss ULTRAFLOW 2 is out on Android! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ULTRATEAM.ULTRAFLOW2 We are so proud of it. Hope you'll like it!
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    Reworked top mid to fit with the new bridge
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    My Friend Pedro

    Just got linked this impressive 2.5D action. Basically it's The Specialists/Max Payne in sidescrolling fashion: GIFs More on the link included above. They also created custom tools to build the rooms in Unity, which seems a very good and fast workflow! Here a complete video overview.
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    WIP Generator_Level

    So I've finally reached a state of completion of this level. First of all I adjusted the floor panels & made some ceiling normal maps for tilable panels. I tried to keep them simple so as not to make it too hard on the eyes: Next up I made some objects to drop in the level, as well as a trim texture to give some normal values to the objects in question. When I pasted everything together it looked something like this; If anyone's got some more pointers for me, they would be more than appreciated. Honestly I would have liked to have worked a little more on it, but for some reason my Unreal Engine keeps crashing on me every 10 minutes, which, as you can guess, is no fun to work with at all. (Does anybody know if it happens to work smoother after an update to Windows 10?)
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    Boooom We are ranked after just 3 days after the release !!
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    Quake 1 SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions

    Arcane Dimensions consists of eleven maps, full of monsters and weapons to play around with till your hearts content. Download Page - https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ad_v1_42final.html Remember to apply the patch - https://www.quaddicted.com/filebase/ad_v1_42patch2.zip The MOD is designed to work with the latest version of QuakeSpasm, Darkplaces and MarkV WinQuake. Please follow the installation instructions inside of the readme document included at the root of the zip file.
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    Untextued model with a temporary lighting rig of two diffuse bounces of a blue dome and yellow key.
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    Tech Support

    obvs I mean if DOESNT boot
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    Star Wars

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    Awesome. Gonna grab this later.
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    Tech Support

    we use HDD caddies at work for this sort of thing. if you have any other laptop HDDs kicking about I would swap it into the vaio and see if it boots. That'll rule out anything else if it does.
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    Tech Support

    @Sprony How old is the laptop? If it's saying no OS and isn't appearing in BIOS it's probably fubar and you might need to talk to a data recovery specialist as I have nfi how to progress from there. I would definitely recommend sticking it in an external drive a) to make sure it's definitely powering up and b) chance of some level of file recovery. If you can access it externally, you may find the files are locked behind some form of windows security as it's not being accessed from the computer the OS recognises as it's own. Another possible option if you can detect the drive, is to take a fresh installation of windows (you wont need a key it'll just be a trial version), install it with as little formatting as possible, and then once inside windows run a program called "Recuva" by Piriform (the same guys who make CCleaner, Speccy and Defraggler) and as the OS usually only occupies the "start" of the HDD. I would hope you would be able to scan and pick up a load of files. These are the steps I would take, but you could also just take it to a repair shop and ask for help.
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    WIP Generator_Level

    Update; ---------- Hi! I've started working on my first Unreal Tournament level and seeing as you guys are probably way more experienced as me, I figured this would be a good place to ask some feedback. At this point I've pretty much only got the rough blockout (Of which I'm probably gonna change a thing or 2 still), but some feedback is already more than welcome ^^ Also, I'm obviously still playing around with the light (Because I'm new at this and still figuring it out :') ) so please try to ignore the dark & overlit places. I'll try to update this asap. :3
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    Usually there are warnings when compiling, do you have any?
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    [Source] Need help with strange leak

    In Hammer: Map > Load Portal File, go to that area and see if there is some crazy blue boxes going on, I don't know what might cause the black skybox, but anything that looks problematic (small / crazy shaped VISleafs) is likely to be it. Try running the map without VIS, just to see if its an optimization problem, if the but is still there without VIS turned on, its not something to do with how the level is optimized, and then I have no clue.
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    [CS:GO] de_waterfall [wip]

    Minor visual changes (More screenshot's on topic). Main B from CT spawn.
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    What have you purchased recently?

    actually I have the Asus zenbook with some stupid 3200 resolution screen, I run games in 1366 x 768 and it looks fine, mind you it's a 13 inch screen My camera slider arrived, it's built so freaking well, feels like something from a race car with all that carbon fiber motion controller (for timelapse and motorized panning) is coming soon, saving up for an entire new photography setup, will use my Canon as a backup ^^ costing me what a pretty decent car would cost, it's all the accessories that you wouldn't really think about, like over 12 batteries + a portable solar powerpack for just 1 of the 3 cameras I'll be taking (can't charge easily in the wilderness) also keeping the size and weight down means investing in some specialist gear. But to be honest it's my passion, so feck it.
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    I agree, it'd be great if you could PM me some reference pictures so I could make it look more authentic! Here's some of the references that I have used
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    Really beautiful map, congrats! No idea how it plays, but is interesting. my comments are about art, think you can work and smooth the edges and make it looking really really great (Operation material if you will – the aqueduct gives the map grandiosity). The problem right now, I think, is that there's a clash of styles, is a bit cluttered… doesn't really transpond the location. Having an aqueduct I take its a Roman town, but I don't see the history in it. There are industrial corners but I also see a mosque dome in the background… I'd look into making it an European town (although I like the blue in the 3rd shot) build some solid historical foundation and then layering some modernity.
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    If it's fake, kudos for originality and creative writing. I have to agree many of the stuff mentioned feels like the logical next step for SP games. Fuck.. the kid in me really wants all that to be true, but glass breaking in different ways according to the environments temperature? sure... lol.
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    Fallout 4

    Was playing Fallout 4 this morning, Fresh run and was preparing to do a heavy weapons/ power armour run, but Sturges nicked my power armour and broke his own limbs as well as my power armour's existence in the game.
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    Hi, my name is Gru and I am the head of Ennoble Studios (2 Steam games, http://www.ennoble-studios.com/). I am currently between projects and looking to complete a core team. Currently there's me (programmer, 3+ years in Unity, 5+ years in IT/software employed, asset store developer) and also an experienced 3D artist (several steam games, art lead and consultation on big projects). We are looking for a game designer that is reliable and willing to help with the project from ground up. The game will go on Desktop platforms and will be published on Steam (I have the publisher ready). If you are free and willing to commit seriously to something (~6 months scale) then I believe this is a great opportunity for any designer to start with a capable team working on the project from the start. We have a few ideas that we're brainstorming currently, but nothing is set in stone. We are looking both for a Designer and Promoter. Game Designer Tasks: - Conceptual game design - Design documentation, creation of GDD and similar documents - Level design - Prototype development - Quality Assurance testing - Collaborative group work - Creation of game mechanics and systems - Developing and balancing game mechanics - Creation of additional gameplay elements, such as achievements, upgrades, perks etc. - Interface conceptual design and testing, both in game and in the menus - Creative/narrative writing - Creation of game characters, backstory, dialogue, plot - Campaign level design with focus on pacing and introduction of gameplay elements Game Designer Skills: - Be imaginative and creative. - Ability to communicate the vision clearly, on paper or verbally. Ability to articulate it both in terms of crucial game mechanics and tasks required to complete the working. Have good written and verbal communication skills. - Be able to work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, in different time zones. - Be able to accept constructive feedback on the work. Be able to adjust the vision and iterate based on circumstances. - Have good basic visual design and drawing skills. - Be fluent in Unity engine. Understand the basics of scripting. - Possess a thorough understanding of game play theory. - Have storytelling and narrative development skills. - Be skilled in information design and user interface design. - Be able to think systematically and strategically. Game Promoter Tasks: - Promoter: talking to the public, presenting the game, answering questions etc. - Making up and posting news, screenshots and stories on the channels, Twitter and Facebook. - Editing gameplay screenshots and videos. Game Promoter Skills: - Be talkative and enthusiastic. Have good people skills. Ability to be polite and patient. - Optional: Have other languages fluent in besides English. - Ability to communicate the cool and unique features to gamers. - Be able to stay current with development of the game and able to present the new features constantly. We are looking for serious people willing to commit at least 20 hrs/week to the game. I'm not often on this forum, let me know if you're interested on pcbastion[at]gmail[dot]com You can find a bit more data about us on my site. Regards, - Gru
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    [CS:GO] de_sirius

    Not really big progress, but i'm trying to sort out, how i'm going to detail the non-playable areas of the map. So here are some dirty and poor displacements surrounding T-Spawn. Still like the screenshot :>
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    Level Designer, I'm 16 and I'm going to be attending college next fall
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