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    Still working on the Kremlin Clock Tower. Some before and after shots: Before After
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    What's going on with your life?

    So, I'm now nearing the end of the year and have been focusing on a few things like I stated last time, I now live in a lovely house with my wife & daughter, I still have the day job as a bin man but again it pays the bills. Most importantly though is having a nice space to work in, I'm not huddled in a corner anymore, I'm in an attic which I converted into my office/game room so I can just go nuts up here, this year has taught me a lot about prioritizing and what I need to do to achieve greater things, so I've enrolled in a few UDemy courses to expand my skillset a bit, most importantly is the ability to create 3D models, something I've always needed when creating my own work and will help me create content down the road. Being diagnosed with Crohns disease wasn't helpful near the start of the year but I'm now at a point where I just live with it and I'm happier for it, I'm in pain a lot but meh f**k it, I'm still standing and enjoying my life so letting it get to me won't help matters. So here I am, ready to tackle 2016 and hopefully be a bit more active here again, this is an amazing community and could never forget about this place ^^
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Still messing with this editor
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    I'm just goofing around with it to learn it
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    Does anyone have some beta keys for me and some friends?
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    Random Photo Thread

    Quick shot of my Christmas tree to set your mood for the holidays Long exposure time (15 sec) and positive exposure bias (+1 eV) Merry Christmas everyone
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    looks cool! can't wait to see it textured
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    Star Wars

    Lacked the Star Wars feel, falls on it's face in many places, mostly disappointing with a few good bits.
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    Star Wars

    Just a quick reminder, if you want to discuss specifics of the plot, please dont forget and use the spoiler tags. Anyway, we ended up watching it tonight, imax 3D was definitely a great choice, 3D is flawless and so is the sound. Personally, I fucking loved the movie, i think i mentioned before but I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but this one might just convert me, it made me want to rewatch the other ones, I might pick up the bluray compilation. I definitely was not expecting to enjoy the movie nearly as much as I did, it hits all the right marks in terms of pacing, storytelling and i appreciated the fan service bits a lot. I remember the last 3 star wars movies that came out in the 90s to be very slow paced and all over the place in terms of how they developed the characters and the lore, none of that nonesense on this one, it's more akin to the formula of the originals and I think that's the main reason it's getting so well reviewed too. I walked out of the movies with a grin on my face, a solid 5/7.
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    El Moroes

    Star Wars

    !! Oh !!
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    Star Wars

    The movie can be described as a fan-service to re-ignite the flame. There was nothing in that movie that made me go "fuck yeah that's awesome" or "wow I didn't see that coming" but there was also nothing that made me cringe. It's an entertaining movie and I'll have to see it at least one more time to catch all the details. I'm hoping that they will add more fresh elements to the next movies though.
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    [WIP] de_monaco

    Playtest seemingly went pretty well, and while I was absent for it I have gathered a lot from the chat/feedback about various aspects of the map and how to improve it. From that time a lot of visual improvements have also occurred with layout out a lot more of the basic architecture. this is the new A site, where I have entirely blocked off the dark back of A and detailed some surrounding buildings. I have removed the bollards from the sidewalks almost everwhere throughout the map as they caused players to get annoyingly snagged at inconvenient times throughout the game. I have also moved this first fence out of the street in a sort of test. I absolutely hate blocking vision with crates and fences but I do not have an alternative as of now. With reports of the B bombsite feeling a bit too cramped, I removed some of the cover props in an attempt to open it up a bit, along with raising the fences on the stairs so players can not jump over them. If the site is still reportedly too cramped I may attempt to open some of the space more. Finally some work was done on the Mid - A connector and its adjacent building, turning it into a sort of elevated cafe. If anyone tested the map on their own, or heldback and type of feedback during the playtest, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could share it here. The map is still heavy WIP and I'm open to essentially any advice or changes.
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    Rainbow Six: Siege

    We'll have to play more! And use teamspeak cause we're fucking civilised!
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    Rainbow Six: Siege

    Having played it for quite a while with guys on Skype (we usually have 3 of us), I gotta say that the game does feel very tactical when you coordinate properly. Nothing more satisfying than breaching from 3 different directions with shock and awe tactics! I do agree that some of the Operators are a little pointless though.
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    Kojima Productions rebooted

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    Star Wars

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    Use 8x16 or 8x12 stairs. Looks best in CS:GO imo.
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    Star Wars

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    I'm participating in a lot of interviews for new hires at the moment so I think I can comment on this: in my experience, having extra stuff on a portfolio is never a bad thing, it's more about how you sell yourself as being primarily focused on. For instance, we sometimes get resumes of people who've been like: level designer, VFX Artist, Environment Artist, Game Designer... and then Level Designer only at his/her current position, and it's really hard to judge that sort of resume because you don't really get why the guy jumped around so much between different roles, how he could have managed to develop his actual level design skills by doing so many varied tasks, how much time he worked under each different title, etc. and you have to send extra questions or have a phone/skype interview to dig into those question marks (which takes time and some preparation so sometimes we can end up favoritizing another candidate with a more straightforward career path). But, more often than not, it's just that the person wanted to mention every little thing she's contributed to on each project: he was actually hired for and mainly focusing on level design, but because he had the knowledge and the company was small, he also did the extra vfx art and environment art etc. Which of course is totally fine, it would be stupid to penalize a candidate that's a good LD for having extra skills (commonly LD teams end up having a panel of LDs from different backgrounds/interests, like one is an architect, one is a historian, one is a photograph, one was an artist before, etc. and it's only better for it). It's just that it doesn't really come across like that from glancing at his resume/portfolio and may mean, in cases of many applicants or lazy/busy employees, that you get ignored, forgotten, postponed till after another candidate has had his interview, etc. So my advice would be to always tailor your resume and portfolio to the job you're fishing for. If you want a LD position, make it super clear you are mostly focused on LD and all the cool stuff you built and know etc. and add the extra skills as secondary instead of woving them all together into a mess that's hard to get an impression of. For instance, I'm usually an advocate for 'all on one page' portfolios (although it's not my role to tell you how to present your work etc.) and in that sort of layout I'd put the LD stuff at the top and the art, photography, essays, reviews, whatever related activity at the bottom of the page in what you consider the order of interest to a potential employer. In the particular case of your current portfolio, it would be slight touches such as renaming 3D Artist to something more 'humble' maybe, that shows that you don't necessarily consider yourself a full fledged 3d artist but have dabbed into that field and gain some very valid experience out of it; or increasing the font size of LD page links and decreasing the one for extra activities, or really fleshing out the LD page with lots of content and info so it's clear that this is your primary skillset, etc. In any case, I think you should do a new thread to get feedback on your portfolio in general, as I think there's some simple but efficient things you can do to make it a bit more 'professional-like' (fixing a few things like overlapping text (happens to me on chrome, see picture attached), filling up your process page or getting rid of it so it doesn't seem WIP, and adding a bit more descriptions/detail of your LD projects for instance) Extra note on portfolios though: from my experience, I cared a lot about how I would lay out my portfolio when I was looking for a job, but when I look at a candidate's portfolio, I rarely really pay attention to the layout of it or its aspect and go fishing for the content. I often only have a few minutes to dedicate to an application before I go: yes, let's do an phone interview or no, we have better candidates down the pipe or this one is just not what we're looking for. So portfolios in the end (again, in my experience) are really a case of 'I will only care about the aspect/layout if it really sucks'. I would prefer a Word document with pictures and descriptions in it that really manage to convey the candidate's strong points, experience (pro or not), specific skillset (MP, SP, MMO, Mobile, ...) etc. than a fancy portfolio with only nice pictures and nothing for me to dig my teeth in. Anyway, it's always a bit weird to advertize stuff like that because it can just lead to you being disappointed/or us put in an awkward position, but in any case feel free to apply as an LD at CIG Frankfurt if Star Citizen would interest you, we don't have a junior LD position open at the moment but in general we consider all applicants and try to dig deeper than what's on the resume to find potential diamonds in the rough, so if you're confident about your LD skills but have trouble getting employers to even give you a chance to convince them of your abilities, it MIGHT be different here (no promises of course, I don't make the calls, and I can be fairly ruthless during interviews). And if it only goes as far as a skype interview, that's always good experience to take, might give you the edge on a future interview.
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    Random Photo Thread

    adding to the night time photography, took a shot of a cool dragon at a park here in cary, some chinese festival,
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    Level Design Contract

    IllFonic is looking to hire a talented level designer to work off-site on a project we have in the works codenamed Project Advena. The game is a very atmospheric adventure experience. The artwork in it is fantastic. We really need someone to help us implement the play by play moments. We have not announced too many details about this project, but it is a great opportunity for level designers who love scripting. This is all UE4 work, heavy knowledge of blueprint is required. Because the work is off-site, we request the candidate be able to work during the same time we are working here in the studio. This means people in very different time zones will need to adjust (we're in Denver) Paid position, pay is negotiable and varies by candidates experience/skill level. I will need to look at examples of blueprint knowledge. please email me at [email protected] if you are interested!
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    Favorite map in any game

    I can't really choose just one... so I look like an ass taking up so much space. Cod4 had some great SP moments. The sniper mission is probably my favorite. I remember me and my brothers being super into WW2 games when we first got our pc. The D-day level from Allied Assault was probably the most memorable level from that period for me. Ashenvale from World of Warcraft is so nostalgic it hurts.
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    The random model thread!

    HI there, I spent the last days working on a small project : a "draw me a hoverboard" contest for an IT selling company, went for a 3D cartoon approach, hope I'll win big prize ! Some modeling, some basic materials and a bit of compositing (yeah, lens flare everywhere :D)
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    The random model thread!

    I'm working on a fancy stairs models
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