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    Here is a deathmatch map i made for cs:s and just revived for cs:go. "custom textures" and fully functioning minesweeper game window with functioning player height blocks, reset button, timer clock, mine counter, and the sunglasses smiley win scenario! its pretty fun and chaotic... here is the workshop link ... oh and it has a working minimap now!
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    de_royal (previously de_street)

    album: http://imgur.com/a/ykbiR Workshop link: de_royal Thanks and good luck!
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    [WIP] de_meat [Looking for gameplay feedback]

    Hey everyone! After lurking for 4 years it's time to post my first CSGO map on mapcore! Me and Codename 22 present you: de_meat. A bomb defuse map placed in an American slaughterhouse. The Anarchists want to destroy the slaughterhouse and cripple the production of meat. The T's can either blow up the shipping trucks where the meat is sent off, or they can blow up a freezer in the cellar to collapse the entire building. The CT's of course try everything to prevent this. The screenshots below are VERY OLD INDEED! For updated screenshots, check the last posts in this thread or the workshop link above! Screenshots: T Spawn A Site B Site Mid Connector CT Spawn Overview Overview with callouts Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=481597483 We've made this map in 2 months, specifically because of the contest, and it was our first big collaboration on a map! We both developed the design and worked on the set dressing. This was a very good experience which we both learned a lot from. In the future we might make a video of all the iterations which the map went through (a lot!) so you guys can get an insight into the process we went through. It has been playtested with a variety of skills, from silver 3 to global elite, and everything in between! The balance seems to be about 45% CT 55% T. If you are planning on playing the map, or have played it, we would love to hear from you and get a demo to view! Enjoy! Full Credits: Storm (Robin-Yann Storm) - Leveldesign + Setdressing Codename 22 (Arie Gijsenbergh) - Leveldesign + Setdressing Miss Stabby (Rachel van der Meer) - Skinningmachine model + texture Ian van der Mijn - Meathookrailing model Senzo van Gastel - Hozers model + Meatcart model + Toiletdividers model Emily Cheung - Model Texture for Hozer + Meatcart + Toiletdividers + Meathookrailing
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    Copper is about a mining facility in africa. Terrorists try to destroy crucial machinery to sabotage the operation. I've been working on it for some time now and this contest is a great opportunity to finally get it finished. The initial name of the map was de_twinstar. I changed it because of the feedback I've got on the original thread. Workshop - WIP COPPER ON THE WORKSHOP GLHF to all contestants!
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    As promised, here are my thoughts: To begin with, the most important thing to fix in my opinion is the bomb plant on the truck at B, it give a major disadvantage for retakes which would be game breaking in my opinion. I guess this should have already been discussed, so I think it is intentional on your part, and I don't like it! Second thing that bugged me is the fact that mid felt to me as a bit messy visually, but I could get used to it! To make a transition, A is a bit complex, the CT part has some paths that need to be simplified. I'm thinking of the tight corridor connecting CT spawn to the upper CT mid area, it could easily be removed to allow more space on the site surroundings. However, some might say that it isn't good, because too complex, I'd say that I like it, there are a few interesting ways to play it, and that's what the game is all about. I like the fact that areas have different styles, which help orientation, to perfect this, I'd rework the only redundancy which is the looks of A long and the connector to upper B. The easiest way would be to retexture the part of the connector which isn't very large and shouldn't require a lot of work. Finally, this map offers some kind of variety of playstyles, which is great. Good work! PS: toilet texture is weird Edit: I forgot to mention it, but for some reason bots were talking about hostages at the beginning of each round, which is odd for a defuse map!
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    [CS:GO] de_strada

    That's too bad Looking forward to the updates. Good luck!
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    Isan Arditama

    [CS:GO] de_strada

    Yes, please share some screenshots, i wanna see update from this map
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    Environment Art: John Emerson

    I was thinking the same thing. If you want to mention something about your experience in the title, maybe Junior would be good? You can also opt to leave the experience prefix entirely and just say you're a Producer. I don't think anyone will look down on that as long as you're honest in your CV. Either way that's not what's gonna keep them on your page, it's the content.
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    It's been a pretty busy weekend and I'm happy to present my entry: DE_COPPER WORKSHOP This contest was a great motivation to release the map after such a long time. The first scetches were made back in 2013. There is still room for improvements but for the time being I'm glad I made it this far. Good luck again to all contestants! ------- edit: What's the greatest gift of all? It's time. I've just been gifted some extra hours to iron out some flaws because untill an hour ago I was 100% sure that the deadline was over. Can't we all live in one timezone ? So hopefully I'll be back with a small update later today.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Couple of edinburgh
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    Andre Valera

    WIP - DE Scrapyard - Download it

    Surprised that truck didn't get pulled over for suspicious activity on the way to the site
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    [WIP] UE4 - Dexter Morgan's apartment

    working on the ktichen... changed it to sunrise now...
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    Mad Max

    Cool to get toys to play with for work
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    I liked the previous version, but I remember several vantage points which could lead to weird rounds with real players, but again I was playing with bots and they are so dumb ! Have you playtested it? Based on the older version, I'd say that visually it lacks guidance hints which could be offered by a bit of colors since the level is a bit bland. That could make it more attractive, even if it overall looks good. As for the previous comments, it is fair game, since it is basically an updated version of one of your previous map, like a salvage_v2, just like for coast or stgellert, you're just reworking one of your map, so don't worry about that
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    WIP - DE Scrapyard - Download it

    I think a better way of putting it is you're not allowed to remake an established map. No one cares if you're remaking a map you made before that 12 people saw
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    WIP - DE Scrapyard - Download it

    Ah, I understand. It's hard to define what a remake is though. I'd say that remaking an older project what was released at an earlier date is a remake. But, if it's only remakes of maps prior to CS GO then I guess this is fair game
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    WIP - DE Scrapyard - Download it

    You missed the point whre it says "Older projects are fair game: now’s the perfect time to polish up that map you’ve been working on but never got around to finishing." So as long as it has been for CSGO, it's fine unless it's a remake from older game map such as CS Source or CS 1.6. For example if i would enter this map of mine, it would break the rules also, since it is based on CS Source map layout of mine. This submissin is allowed as is Bastion2, like austinweiss mentioned.
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    WIP - DE Scrapyard - Download it

    Just a heads up that the rules for the cometition states that: "Remakes of older maps are NOT allowed." I dont know exactly what you mean by iteration in this case, but you should look into this as it might not be accepted inte the competition, if it is in fact based of off an older map. EDIT: From what the others told me this no longer relevant
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    [WIP] de_coast

    The community is clamouring for a "night map" and that could be a real bonus for you, especially being an original layout rather than a bastardised version of a stock map, and yours is possibly bright enough to make it work... But on the other hand, the day scene just looks so right and would probably be preferred competitively. It's not just about being able to see the enemy, it's also about weapons on the floor, how much harder it is to see people against blood splatters, reference points for throwing nades. I would personally go for the competitive side of things, but then that's just me and my personal battle against this throwaway mentality the csgo community have for the new maps, partially fostered by the operations.
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    [WIP] de_coast

    As cool as the night theme looks, I just can get past how bright and sunny and happy the day theme is. Whilst they both look terrific, I'm gunna buck the trend and say that the day theme is the way to go.
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    [WIP] de_coast

    The night one looks sweet, but just make sure that there is enough light in every playable area and that you have good visibility and readability.
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    Games W.I.P Thread

    Have not forgotten the core. Still getting setup in my new home. It will be more difficult to talk about Warframe related stuff vs my own personal projects but its not impossible. I'll do what I can to keep in touch.
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    Games W.I.P Thread

    Came up with this thing because I thought it would be simple. Well it really wasn't because of the limitations with Havoc physics and moving collision meshes. Took way much longer to get the board at least working. But you need only one quick movement and the ball goes straight through the board
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    The random model thread!

    Another prop i made recently Low poly (with 478 tris) And at the end you get : I still need to work on the texture though (which is only a 512² btw, diffuse + spec, no normalmap)
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    [WIP] de_tempo

    Love that you took the time to watermark that beautiful piece of art.