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    Messing around with HL2 assets.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Dear God. Dear Gabe
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I want to thank my mom, my dad, and also my parents for all their support. Without them I wouldn't be where I am now. I love you guys!
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    Corwin's house renovation adventure

    Just realized I only have about 2.5 months left to finish it all before going back to work, so gotta give it a last big push to move back in real soon. Finished the straw on the walls in the main bedroom Then did most of the clay plaster on those walls (should be dry in a few days). Then I still have a thin finish layer to put on to hide small cracks that appear when it dries and to make it smoother when rubbing your hand on it (it's quite rough right now). A bit annoying that I got one of the big bags of clay delivered which had already been soaked somehow and so it was tricky to mix it up with water etc. and get the right consistency and so the plaster was too wet and cracks a lot while drying and some parts have slightly contracted or expanded so surfaces that were really straight aren't so much anymore. But oh well! Also added a door frame and door so when I'm done with that room (soon...) I can close it off and continue elsewhere. Bricks + plaster in the wall of the living room to the stairs which finishes drying up We also finished breaking the old plaster in the ceilings of the kitchen and living room so I was able to start polishing the beams before I close up the gaps between them. My family came around to help a bit (although since I don't have enough tools or even cords and such, it's hard to be really productive with more than 2 people). My brother's been a real help so far, when I run out of steam he shows up and goes at breaking stuff like a madman, while I can focus on technical stuff. Here, I was showing my bro and sis how to do the wooden boards around the roof. And my mother and grand mother have helped out in the garden, clearing out some of the trees and setting up a vegetable area. Here's a shot of the garden from the roof. Lots of work there still, I plan on destroying the square structure and renovate the rectangle one, but we'll see when I get around to it.
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    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

    I've tested all kinds of food. So far, negative.
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    Payload map for tf2 . I was working on it 3 years ago I think. Builded 80% of the map in 4 days and left because I didnt like it.
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    Reddit made me disappoint...
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    [CSGO] WIP de_street

    Whoa, it's been 2 months. But I think a2 is ready now. Here is the new mid: And here is a new choke door: New layout: I'm not very sure about a lot of things in this new layout, especially the new sightlines, but I'm gonna get a playtest asap. Here are a few of the assets I've been working on as well, for the snowy European vibe (I'm pretty new to modeling so I was super happy at how they came out): Thanks! I will try to update this more often if I can. EDIT: Here's a link if anyone's interested https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9dn3t13yl3xiwp/de_street_a2.zip?dl=0
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    [CSGO] de_cargo

    Hi guys! English is not my first language so please be gentle. About the me: I'm learning hammer from early 2008 when I started to play Counter Strike 1.6. I was mapping for all of the GoldSRC and Source engine. Never really tested my maps, they were casual to the limit. One sided to the limit and sometimes broken to the limit. Cargo is my attempt to create very smooth (gameplay vise) map for competitive environment. I want to hear your feedback. I want you to be a part of the map making process. I want to learn more than I learned in those 7 years. At the end of the process I want to write down everything I learned and discover with one big .pdf file about this map. I want to include as much data I will be able to gather and make it easy for other peoples to read and understand. About the map: Cargo is a map set in the theme of communist military logistic base that is going to be demolished due to dissolution of the Soviet Union. Overview: Mid area: Bombsite B: Playtesting: The feedback from 7.04 was a little hard for me to understand. First, it was my very first attempt to playtest a map so it was hard time filtering useful info. Someone said that map is to small, other guy said it was too big in some parts. But results are clearly understandable. The A bomb, CT spawn and Mid area were too close to each other allowing Ct's to gain control over whole half of the map in first seconds. As you can see from screens above mid is too long and Ct literally spawn on it. I made few changes to it today and looking forward to test it again. Nobody really complained about bombsite B. So I wont change it too much. PS Doors were screwed by 128 tick server sorry guys This is how de_cargo should look like: This is just a raw presentation of what is in my mind.
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    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 4.0

    Can I get a slot for de_bourg for the 28/04? I have a few changes I need to test, especially the ramp.
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    Cool stuff! Keep it up. One thing I would suggest is on the balconies with larger surface area, you could try different/larger window sizes or even open archways, just to mix it up.
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    True Detective - TV Show

    How can it even be remotely as good as season 1?
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    rotfl... as funny and sarcastic as this is, I seriously hope they fix this. I'm replaying DX:HR right now, and seriously man, the way they manage augmentation power is not ideal, I hope they bring the Bioelectric Cell back from DX1 along with a full battery bar in percentage! I'd also love to see that shitty health regen bar gone and revert back to this: Also, new video is up, talking about the world of DX http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2015/04/10/creating-the-futuristic-world-of-deus-ex-mankind-divided.aspx?utm_content=buffer1a6c4&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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    What's going on with your life?

    build mapcore hq plz
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    What's going on with your life?

    It sounds like you're going to be living in one of those random farms in Day-Z
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    What's going on with your life?

    I could also make something like that
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    MapCore CS:GO Team

    It'll something that will get better with time. I've learned a ton playing with you guys across a couple of games and I'm sure others have too I think the best time for further games is after the playtests- everyone is around and more people can get involved as they wish
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    I just realised this was released in 2011. Fuck sake where does the time go. I coulda sworn I played this no longer than 2013. I can't stand getting older.
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    NEW Unreal Tournament!!!

    it's just a metric, you get used to swapping about after so long doing it everyday, I for one actually like using real world units because that's what we used in Cryengine, the key is environment scale, not making a specific wall X units tall, nobody really uses an arbitrary measurement based on a texture size like the old days. You just learn metrics that matter like the height the wall should be so you don't bump your head when jumping, how wide a corridor/door needs to be etc. The best tip for scale is to add some player models into the map for reference, which is particularly important in UT because you don't get many props that give you a sense of scale while working. A door in UT can be tiny all the way up to house sized.
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    NEW Unreal Tournament!!!

    I could help with turbine...I miss making turbine rooms for you I like the open spaces and corridors you have there, looks pretty cool already. Some might need a little more cover I guess because it feels to me like snipers will have a bigger advantage in the level than the rest. @BJA Ha, true I've always gotta add a turbine eh? The snipers get countered pretty hard by the flanking elevator and corridor pretty hard right now, and players kind of float up quite fast so they are hard to hit. I've reached the limit IMO for details with BSP so when I start adding static meshes and doing art I'll give you a poke! @Blackdog, yeah, we are releasing themed tiling sets of assets and deco props over time, right now we have released the Outpost23 set, which is clean industrial, I think that set would work for this level. The artists build the assets, but there's no reason why a level designer can't add the assets into the maps, and light it etc. @FMPONE, yeah could do that, I'm a little worried about players getting stuck on slopes like that, might just give it a try though it would help the visuals for sure - I'm at a limit with BSP and quite frankly it's painful to work with now, until we fix it I'm going to be rebuilding the bottom corridor first as that has some quite major gameplay implications. You should tell them to look at Hammer's .bsp and learn from that. It's way easier to use than UE4's imo. Hammer bsp is so good people are still making maps for it all these years later, that says a lot for me
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    What's going on with your life?

    I'm going to buy my own house, 15km away from my job, a 600 square meters farm that need an huge revamp , real life level design thread incoming.
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    Started this a month or two ago on a whim. Got into a nostalgia slump and decided to recreate one of the maps of my childhood. Anyone who played Nightfire on consoles will remember this one: Skyrail Still a little rough but all of the textures are in and yes, the trolley does work.
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    What have you watched recently?

    Started and finished a show called 'The Knick' following the staff of a New York hospital in the year 1900, just as surgery is starting to become a really viable method of treating patients, and the doctors are all learning incredible new things about the human body. Starring Clive Owen. I'd really recommend watching this, it's absolutely incredible. Really gritty and it's amazing to see how little we actually knew about the human body before the turn of the 20th century.
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    The random model thread!

    It sucks!!
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    The random model thread!

    I think your leaves just need to be a bit thicker dude! @Leplu - that looks awesome man, nice work. @Fuzy - shiiiit man I love that gun model. Really lovely lighting and render too. So err, I made an old school 1970s hoover the past couple of nights... Textured entirely in Substance Designer. I love this software!
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    Never mind a hurg building, where's the hurg terrain or city?!
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    General Vivi

    Corwin's house renovation adventure

    Soooooo gooooood! Thanks for posting bro!
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    (dota 2) curse of river's end

    so, made a little level design time lapse of the development of this map, roughly one hour long (made from ~40 hours of selected footage), nothing fancy, if you are not into level design you will probably find it rather boring, it showcases most parts in creating a level...in the "new" hammer you fid it here:
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    I love this sort of electro/swing/jazz thing going on: Both videos are well worth watching. And these guys, I like them a lot (good ol' <<obscure subgenre prefix>>rock): Seriously, this 2 piece from Brighton are awesome
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    Far Cry 4

    OK the buzzsaw is fucking ridiculous... GG
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