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    I'm working on an arms race map for CS:GO, set at a sunny beach-side skate park. I'm relatively happy with the layout, but I'm still not sure about how it looks, so any feedback you have is appreciated. There are a couple more pictures here.
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    Corwin's house renovation adventure

    So it was a bit trickier than expected because I had to raise the kitchen counters so the washing machine would fit underneath higher than the original kitchen setup allowed, but we finally started using the kitchen today. About time too, because tomorrow we're starting the destruction and rebuilding of the roof. It's far from perfect, a few things aren't straight, a few things are already damaged because we bought the furniture used and cheap, and I had to do what I could to adjust it to fit. I still have to finish the doorways, the shelves under the stairs (left of the doorway on the first shot), and put the planks at the feet of the furniture to hide the supports and pipes below. My wife likes it though so mission accomplished! The two extra appliances we had to buy (fridge and dishwasher) we chose to go for extra energy saving stuff (A+++) because electricity is expensive in Germany (biggest of our bills so far). About the roof, I had a bad surprise last week after removing the layer of concrete from the floor of the attic, that all of the beams going across the house and forming the ceilings and hold the walls together (except the main center one that holds all of those) are completely wasted. Basically, anything that was oak survived the years, anything that was pine was eaten by insects or rotted away under the concrete/plaster. So on top of redoing the roof itself, we now have to redo the floor underneath it to replace all of those transversal beams, and so that means we are also breaking all of the ceilings in the 1st floor rooms. Luckily that only affects the main house, not the extension that was built on top of it (got its own roof) so we can keep on living there while the rest of the house is carved open and rebuilt. The house is now surrounded by scaffoldings, my brother arrives this afternoon and we're starting the work tomorrow with the carpenter and his apprentice. Was supposed to last 2 weeks but with those additional beams, it'll probably be more around 3. Was supposed to cost around 20000 euros and will probably be more like 25000. Here's the attic before and after removing the concrete: (You can see the spot where I had to remove the chimney to pass the electrical cables down to the living room in the first shot there).
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    cs_seed WIP

    You might have seen this in the WIP thread but I figured since I'm gaining some ground I could make a thread of its own. It's a hostage rescue map inspired by the Svalbard Seed Bank in norway, but with plenty of changes to ensure some sort of gameplay. Here's the areas that I've created so far: I'm not totally satisfied with the colouring of the map as a whole but it has come a long way. Displacements are also being frustrating. I'd love to hear what you think!
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    Here's some pics for my WiP for Prophet, an Insurgency map. I could definitely use some tips on aesthetics (mainly the textures. I'm still planning on doing the art pass for the details) so please feel free to give some feedback! (excuse some of the poor lighting on the assets): Some more pics: http://imgur.com/a/3aHWh#7
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    Needs func_vehicle with skateboards!
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    My entry right now for a 20 brush challenge on Facepunch. Lighting errors and AA tearing ahoy!
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    A few more pics from the interior and the outside aquarium.
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    de_manor (WIP name)

    Good day! Here's a topic to discuss my map. Above the map worked for about six months, in slow mode. I do not know what to call the card. Working title map "prodigy". However, the design and idea, you will see the mansion. Here are a couple of new screenshots. I hope for adequate feedback!
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    CS: Canals

    Hi everyone I guess i am kind of new to this forum. I am hoping I can get some some feed back and critique on my latest work in CSGO SDK. The map has been mostly inspired by "Roat Kanals" chapter in the half life 2 game, and takes some concepts that are remade into CS: Canals. Workshop page : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=312896034
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    This map looks Amazing ... nice work !
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    boost outs - http://imgur.com/a/E9jz4 other boosts like the overhanging roof on HRG aquarium near CT spawn and probably the monkey's tree house look possible too.
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    I liked the B site a bit more, so I think it's nice even without any change
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    Thanks for the playtest! Map is really nice, but taking A as T was really hard. I would love, if you can make this awp spot impossible that I'm aiming at. Whole balcony could be blocked by raising that middle wooden wall. That's the only gameplay thing I'm worried at
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    Black Mesa Source

    So whats going on with this? From moddb it seems they are working on the unreleased part of "on a rail" and "surface tension" and on their forums there is a guy redoing some props? Just wondering what the status on Xen and multiplayer is
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    Hellraid (www.hellraid.com)

    looks really cool, combat looks fun - any game with skeletons gets my attention
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    [Insurgency] Kandagal

    Looking great!
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    Wasteland 2

    Fo1/2 was just really coherent in the art department, great art direction overall. For some reason wastelands 2 has normalmaps slapped on everything for no reason and good visuals are not about that
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    nice! I've not often been to skateparks where the ramps are so close together tho. and definitely no skateparks with grates between the obstacles. maybe move some ramps to make a bit more space and to make the grates more believable? or change the grates to reinforced glass? or cover the grates with a layer of reinforced glass..?
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    LOL! Sorry man, there were some good reference maps in that thread. Wow, such a long time ago!
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    That has a ton of potential and seems very well executed. Keep it up! Let's see some graffiti/decorations on those walls
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    CorVex 1.62 released. There are several new settings and functions. The following video demonstrates some using some texture assets from Insurgency:
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    Photography and traveling

    That's me That was my first map. I've done more stuff for HL1 since then.
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    Games W.I.P Thread

    Spellsworn - Devblog Post #3 is live! The amount of blogposts we have now are almost longer than we can count (4). These last two weeks have been extremely eventful, we have sorted up our directions and improved our management. Since we made a post about some of our endeavours last week this post will be a little bit shorter than usual. Now to the fun part! We have released our fourth Steam Concept Video! Orbital Art! In terms of visuals the biggest change of Spellsworn is undoubtedly our newly added spell: Meteor Strike! In addition to the spells we also implemented decals for spellcasting. We have also added some rocky boundaries to the map! Except for that the artists have worked continously on GUI-elements, post-processing, improvements in the Magma-shader et cetera. What’s more? In terms of management and future plans this week have pretty much flipped all of it upside down, but in a good fashion! Like we mentioned in our last post we had a meeting with David Polfeldt who told us a great deal of things, we learned a lot! Polfeldt really thought we should look into finding and investor and connected us with a couple of really useful contacts. That said we decided to postpone our plans with Kickstarter and not launch it this year, what happens 2015 may be a different story. We have also made a roadmap for the project and we have decided that the 31st of October is the day when we are to have our so called MVP (Minimum-Viable-Product), a verticle slice of the game where all primary functions and features are implemented, including animations, sounds and music. A lot of changes are going on but hey, that’s what game development is all about! Iteration, no matter if it’s plans or games! What’s next? In the next video, October 3rd, there will hopefully be a full implementation of the GUI. We know we promised sounds and music but that will have to wait until next video too. As mentioned before we will start the external testing soon, care to join? Send a mail to [email protected] or post here!
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    Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is hiring!

    I've applied, wish my luck!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Please tell me this is an ipad you're holding.
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    I like the rocks idea, but I'm not sure about the right rock on the stairs looks strange to me (not because of the texture/shape but because they're on the stairs). Does it feel right ingame? is it cover or a path? What exactly looks strange about it? Could maybe be the angle of the shot. Here's what it looks like from the other side:
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Definitely made good progress with this. I'm thinking this could become a good cs_ map if I could get a layout out of it.
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    [CS:GO] de_fuel

    got a server going 24/7 on it
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    I've got this map on the workshop now. it's a map i first released for cs:s 7 or 8 years ago on a server i ran, and played for years after until everybody i know stopped playing source and went missing on steam. While the layout has remained essentially unchanged, the textures and props have been updated-significantly with every significant-update to the engine. this is the go version. i appreciate your visit
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    I guess this could also go in the „Do you enjoy your job in the games industry?“ thread or “MapCore Job Census” but I haven’t shared in this thread yet, so here’s what’s up: I quit my job on Friday. To give some perspective to those who might not know: I’ve been working for an investor and assisted the gaming start-ups (online, social & mobile) in their portfolio for the past 2 years. My title was “Business Intelligence Analyst” but my assignments went beyond the scope of data analysis. Big companies have different roles/people for these tasks: BIs, Product Managers, Monetization Designers, Online Marketing Specialists, Business Developers, … I switched between these roles depending on the problem at hand. I supervised a Data Scientist who helped me with the number crunching, optimized marketing campaigns, studied the theory and best practices of Casual & F2P game design - basically supported the developers in any way I could. On the positive side I’ve had a lot of freedom on what to work on, there were no hierarchies and corporate BS. But it also meant little guidance and no advice from somebody who had successfully built a free-to-play gaming company yet. I learnt a lot about game design, data analysis, online marketing, entrepreneurship and investment deals. But some of you I’ve talked to individually recently already know that I wasn’t very happy anymore and have toyed with the idea to go back to level design for the past 6-9 months or so. Why? There is something extremely satisfying about coming up with a vision in your head, sitting down to craft it (often for hours without a break) and at the end of the day see what you’ve accomplished. Somebody posted a link to a TED talk about the secret of happiness being “flow” and while I don’t think it’s the only answer I can resonate with the idea. If you constantly jump from one construction site to the next (in my case: even disconnected from the actual teams, because you’re in an advisory role, often in a different location) you go home wondering what you’ve actually accomplished that day. Secondly it takes a certain mindset if your primary responsibility is to make the company more money. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, mind you, but it’s a different perspective that e.g. a designer has, who needs to ensure that the experience is fun. It takes both voices to create a successful product in my opinion, but right now I don’t think I can be a good spokesperson for the monetary-side when I don’t feel passionate about it. My biggest passion still is to build worlds and create fun experiences. This is why I decided against pursuing a Product Manager role, which would probably fit me best if you take a glance at my resume and which would probably also be better paid than an LD job. Yet, when I did some low-poly modelling in Maya and whiteboxing in UE4 for the hell of it this summer, I remembered, why I got into games in the first place. So when I heard that local Goodgame Studios had licensed UE4 and are building a team to develop games for the Core Gaming market, I applied, passed the design test + interview and got an offer. I’m going to commence working there on December 1st. It also means that I won’t have to move further away from my family and my new girlfriend, which is also very good. I know that the industry is very volatile and this is a challenge that I’ll probably face later down the road, but when I thought it over and over again, about where I want to take my career and what could happen, I realized that it doesn’t make sense to be afraid and work a job that I dislike till the end of my days because it is supposedly more stable and brings in a few hundred more bucks. I've tried a bunch of different things over the past years, peeked behind the curtains of different departments and companies in different segments of the gaming market (talked to a bunch of folks, too). I've pretty much come full circle and feel like the creative side is for me. I just see a lot of people burning out or not being able to keep up. I hope that won't happen to me. I hope I can maintain a healthy balance between a passion for my job, social life and financial income in the future. But right now I’m just stoked to get mapping again
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    Oculus Rift

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b1ycwQIG7c Pretty naise~
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