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    This is how I view this entire clusterfuck of a shame. http://penny-arcade.com/report/article/swimming-in-a-sea-of-shit-the-internets-war-against-creatives
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    Turn fucking twitter off, hire a publicist. Problem solved
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    I think if I ever got any such critique directed at me (the death threats etc.), I'd laugh it off. I was lolling pretty hard looking at that website, there's no way I could take it seriously. I could see myself taking it one step further and just riling up those people.
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    Another prima donna dev getting mad at people on twitter. It would almost be funny if it wasnt so common. When will prominent people learn not to throw tantrums on publicly visible pages?
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    i really don't know how to feel about this. random ass thoughts: on one hand as an indie developer i am glad that there is less competition now also he made a bunch of money and is now capable of cashing out good for him i wished i was in that position i learned not to fan the flames of internet rage a long time ago that an adult male can live in this world and not have learned this just feels embarrassing to me also i cant shake the feeling that he thinks very highly of his own work and that canceling fez 2 is kind of the biggest weapon in his arsenal "I WILL RETALIATE BY DEPRIVING THE WORLD OF FEZ2" ... the whole thing smells a bit arrogant. when ever i saw/heard him speak he definitely came over as a douche-bag but does his personality even matter ? he delivered a top notch game game so i am cutting him slack you dont have to interact with him at all in order to buy/play/enjoy it (people say james cameron is an asshole but i think the quality and success of his work speaks for itself .... massive slack cutting going on there too) i really cant form a cohesive opinion about the whole situation its a cluster fuck.
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    New web filter to block forums

    If the system DC is proposing goes ahead it will be run by Hauwei (who also run the TalkTalk system) so will likely be very similar. Although they deny it tooth and nail its also widely believed that Hauwei are in charge of China's blockade. Sorry if that was in the article ...read millions of them already.
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    I'm more amazed by that link from Al Anselmo than the whole Phil thing. Seriously what's wrong with people, it's a fucking game.. I would just go to the police if this would happen to me, just to make a statement.
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    Why give up? Just fuck it but the line between developers and gamers never been so thin, it's a bit scary what gamers can do because of the frustration. It's gamers' problem but what will be next?
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    Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down. I quite liked Fez, but Fish seems pretty emotionally unstable, I actually think taking a proper break is a good move for him, try and get back revitalised. And I've heard Marcus Beer make some actual intelligent comments once in a while, but for most of the time he's just an ass in an entirely unfunny way. Haven't followed the story in great detail, but him calling them out on that GT thing for not wanting to comment on the story about Xbox self publishing might seem a bit snobbish, but why the hell should they if they don't want to. Beer sounds like he feels the gaming press/he's somehow entitled to their time and attention, which is a pretty odd thing IMO.
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    Again, Fish was also very good at handing out his own abuse. That Penny-Arcade Report article doesn't even mention him as a controversial figure, like all he did to get negative attention was be a genius, and I don't think Fez 2 being cancelled was due to this escapade but rather a contributing factor to twitter meltdown - but, hey, it's Penny-Arcade Report. For the record, here are some other indie stances on this: There is no Internet War on Creatives We don’t need more “Phil Fish”s
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    Get the hand lotion Dux, this is a motion comic leading up towards the new film. I will not be held responsible for blisters and such.
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    New web filter to block forums

    I hope this is not going anywhere, as I already stated in the Ridiculous News Topic i guess: Net Neutrality is sacred. That said, I don't think the Women appreciation could be made inaccessible, it doesn't falls into the categories they would be filtering. I dunno how they would filter stuff, sounds like China filtering searches + some content check + blacklisting (of course). They wanted to activate filters in Italy too, a couple years back, that was driven by the pirate traffic. Result is, filtering is more expansive to providers, than having traffic because of p2p. They way they wanted to enforce the filtering was to filter at provider level the packets that are being moved around, but that's just bonkers: why a provider would want to protect other people's contents at their expense? They do indeed filter anyway, but what they do is called "traffic regulation" or something like that, so that when there's a lot of traffic, they give less bandwidth to those who are sucking it. If you are using some p2p software they also easily detect the traffic and let you download, but makes it almost impossible to browse the web, discouraging you to do so.
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    Q1 - In the Shadows

    This project is still alive but progress is very slow, hence no real updates in the last couple of months. Lots of work has been done in the background with the Quake code to include new monsters and more game design features like movable liquids and better particles effects. The main problem with the previous version of the mod is that the player had very little feedback on what was happening with stealth mode. The next version hopes to solve this problem with a new player weapon model, unique skins and various sound and particle effects. This should allow the player to visually understand what state the stealth system is in and why the monsters can/cannot see them. New player weapon model, The Shadow Axe ... with 5 sets of animations, 5 different skins to show amulet status, new swipe/amulet sounds and various blade particle effects. A quick teaser of things to come, a small brushwork interlude on the way to the crypt ...
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    New web filter to block forums

    My issue isn't that filtering exists, if you want to opt in for filtering, great. My issue comes with it being an opt-out service where many people will either just agree to it as they don't want to admit they watch porn or not care about it either way and will automatically get filtering enabled. I live with my gf's mum right now and the internet/phone is in her name. I'd have to get her permission to have porn enabled basically. One huge step forward for censorship though, I really hope they u-turn on it because it's going to have some horrible consequences to the future of the internet.
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    Him saying japanese games are shit, acting like he is the saint of indie games, and general negative attitude didn't exactly help his popularity, which is what probably made him quit. "Den som är med i leken, får leken tåla"
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Looks good! Amazing texture work PenE!
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Love it The texture work is just brilliant! Stalin/Elvis mash-up made me giggle Seriously though good colors in the final level and the atmosphere is quite authentic( which makes me kinda anti-homesick (which is a good thing ) )
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    Let's get back to making games and let the drama live its own life! Whoop whoop!!
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    'Tweets to Call of Duty developer' Call of Duty
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    The thing is, when you see a singer, an actor; any creator using their own image associated with their creation, they usually don't have to deal themselves directly with the public, only journalists instead. They have a professional communication team to do the rest. Probably because it must be totally unhealthy to do so yourself. Imagine doing your regular job, as a cashier for example, going back home checking your mails, facebook, twitter : "what a dick he didn't smiled"; "i don't like how he carried my stuff, he should kill himself"; "he didn't say hello to me, i wish he burns in hell"; "not a very good cashier"; "i don't like his face fire him"
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    I think he's a little fucking child and I have no idea how he made such a good game as Fez. Seems to me like he's just being melodramatic and throwing his dummy out of the pram.
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    What have you watched recently?

    I saw Pacific Rim. It's the first time I've cried, because I was laughing, because of how awesome the things I was seeing on screen were. I love Guillermo del Toro and when I heard this movie was in the works I knew I'd probably enjoy it. I had no idea the Yaeger vs Kaiju fights were going to be so incredibly well done though. This is how you do robots fighting Michael Bay! This is how you do giant monsters in the city Godzilla 2000. Without a doubt this is my favorite summer blockbuster of the year so far.
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    The Swamp

    Very very cool stuff mate! I never saw your work, and then i went to read your articles, man you are a beast ! Your enthusiasm is so very inspiring, thanks for what you are doing
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    The Swamp

    Love it ! Yep, again LOL