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    I heard that in the swamps people often disappear. I will be excited if you disappear in my swamp. A lot of work and a lot of things I want to do, before the first public playtest.
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    Here's a first look at the layout. For reference: blue-ish = low; green = mid; tan = high.
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    de_napoli WIP

    So small changes have been made to bombsite b and i started detailing the map more
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    Swamp autocombine of props Hi Mapcore! Today, I want to show you, great stuff! I finally figured out the issue of auto-combination of props_static. I have a many props environment, tree, woods construction and others, and all built on a modular system. And I initially wanted that, as a result, they were clustered. But without the final problems and mistake at release.
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    [FC5] Jungle Raid

    Jungle Raid is a bounty hunt map designed for Far Cry 5: Arcade. The objective is to locate and eliminate three rogue military targets within the rice fields of Vietnam. Download: https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/en-gb/pc/map/5d3de82633e0392e78a1f344
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    Based on the recent playtest and feedback by @Momoderator I have add big changes to the map and I feel happy with the layout for the first time, so guess thats a good sign! EDIT: a video of the map with some usefull nades New radar: Tactical nades: More Images:
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    [WIP] Hello Team. Rush B (No name yet xD)

    this is the first prototype of my matchmaking map
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    The Horse Strangler

    [TF2] Precipice

    It's ya boi, once again: Yung Student Loan Debt with another map. This time for Team Fortress 2! I've been cooking this one for a while now and I'm extremely proud of the fact I've somehow managed to revive it and release it. Big thanks to @TanookiSuit3 making that resurrection possible! This is a "event" map, so the vanilla (non halloween themed) version is coming sometime in the future, but for all the details you can check out the pasted description down below. WORKSHOP LINK
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    Some Sunday wips... Drop from CT spawn T spawn Side entrance Hangars top down
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    Hi y'all! Since Dixon is probably gonna end up not being finished (For the contest, I do plan to get it done someday), today I present to you guys Blossom. A map set in a Japanese rock garden. @Interfearance has been a major help with this map (Thanks by the way!). It will be ready for playtesting in a few days. I hope to make some final changes to the layout first Not to mention that the buyzones and B-Site aren't ready yet. And for the first time, this map isn't overdetailed for a greybox this time unlike Dixon
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    [WIP] de_apelsin

    Apelsin is facility specialized in water production, located somewhere in desert.
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    [WIP] de_rampart

    Long time since I posted here, but Ive been busy playing around with materials and props that I know I need no matter any layout changes, as well as trying to refine some of the spaces that feel "safe" without over-committing. Ive had one play test (props to the Source Engine Discord Server!) that was a pretty cool experience with lots of informative and constructive feedback. However I will definitely need another play test soonish with the new changes even if they are relatively subtle: blocked some nasty sight lines on long A and added a small cover made pit at A less deep and lowered heaven position (definitely focused too much in aesthetics there) moved Tspawn back a few inches to give CT more time to get to mid expanded box at B and reduced sight lines expanded wall at B to make it harder for T to get to site. moved the bridge at B closer to make it easier for CT to cover position. lots of small stuff! Changes are not online yet as i only have the old grey box but here's a few teasers until i get it ready with new radar etc.
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    [WIP] Rumble

    Didn't want to quite hit the 2 month mark since last "update" so here's a few pics of me testing the scale of the current graybox ingame. Disclaimer: You might end up seeing maybe 5% of entirety of this in the final version. I will also not post a picture of the layout (not that you can't find it in google maps) as I've posted places only where floor already exists on the map.
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    Layout update: Shrinked the map to a more reasonable size. Moved A split closer to the bombsite entrances. Second B entry is now only connected to mid. Added more cover to both bombsites. Added a back path for CTs to bombsite B. Blocked some sightlines around T spawn. Here's a comparison showing the changes, radars by @Terri's auto radar!
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    [WIP] de_havana

    The Great Goose Bar
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    General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    Some more before and after hotness! It's so much fun to just relax everyday and make levels!
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    I've been using 2.8 professionally since last year now, I think it's phenomenal! If anyone is interested, I updated my easybake script a few months ago. Makes textures baking quick and easy, with a similar setup to xnormal: https://github.com/leukbaars/EasyBake Plan to work on it a bit more soon so if you have any feature idea, lemme know
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    Mapcore Discord Challenges

    Hey, most of you probably already know but for those who don't we have been running Mapcore Discord Challenges for the past two months with the next challenge for the third month just starting. Come join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/SHZHCYf) and visit the channels #challenge-chat and #challenge-submissions for details. Here is the August 2019 challenge: Challenge name: Retro Ride Description: Demake one of the three given iconic cars from the movie screen as a low poly model Restrictions: Must be a 3D model, Max 500 triangles, Max 128x128 texture limit Deadline: 2019-08-31 23:59 (GMT)
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    Here is a link to the workshop and some screenshots. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 bombsite A bombsite B middle t spawn ct spawn Let me know, if you got any kind of feedback.
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    I know, I know ... job, guys, a job takes a loot of my time now. But I have a small update, I recently tried Blender and it's awesome but I'm a bit slow right now because you know how it works) about what I have now Platform Wall grass for dressing Pillar and clouds, I grab a cloud from the shooter scene and change them a bit. the light blue color just to create a contrast with clouds on the skysphere. Slowly but steady, thanks!
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    [WIP] Rumble

    Here's one of the props made using the many references Karthoum has compiled from his trip.
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    [CS:GO] Super Leet Maker - Mapping Pack

    WARNING: There's an issue due to memory, this was present in the first version of the pack as well and before it... The map will crash after around 20-90 minutes depending on the amount of entities... further development is halted until the issue is resolved. The message the game outputs is: "Engine Error - CUtlRBTree Overflow!". This is due to stringpools getting bigger and bigger due to a vscript bug where it adds the pointer + entity class as a new string every round. Introduction: After working on my latest map "Plumbing" a Super Mario Bros. inspired Wingman map. I thought it'd be a good idea to release a full pack containing all the scripts and blocks I've made for it so anybody can make Super Leet Bros maps. I've simplified their use and made sure that they're reliable, flexible and easy to use. Models, Materials, Sounds, Scripts, Instances and an example map are included. What it contains: Base Instance for config and spawning base.vmf Question Block question.vmf Hidden and Invisible Block hiddenblock.vmf and invisblock.vmf Brick Block brick.vmf Coin Brick Block brick_coin.vmf Coin coin.vmf Solid Block prop_static Pipes (32, 64, 128, top, angle, manhole) prop_statics Pipe Entrance + Pipe Entrance Sided pipe_entrance.vmf, pipe_entrance_sided.vmf Pipe Exit pipe_exit.vmf Jump Approximation Fixer jump_approximation_fixer.vmf Floor, ground and underground materials Lava for the castle materials Falling triggers trigger_bomb_reset Instances Usage: PIPES: use instances/superleetmaker/pipe_entrance.vmf if your entrance is going down, instances/superleetmaker/pipe_entrance_sided.vmf if it's sided. Fix Up Name The name of the pipe, used to find the exit. $color The color of the pipe $dir The direction of the pipe using this format: [ENTRANCE MOVE DIRECTION] _ [EXIT MOVE DIRECTION][EXIT ANGLE FACING DIRECTION] Example: d_uf - Pipes are currently only one way. ITEM BLOCKS: Those include: question.vmf, hiddenblock.vmf, invisblock.vmf, brick_coin.vmf $item 0. Coin 1. Coin x10 2. Mushroom 3. Wingman 1UP hiddenblock.vmf is a translucent question block which is hardly visible depending on the environment, invisblock.vmf is identical but a lot less visible / almost impossible to see. brick_coin.vmf is a block always containing 10 Coin. JUMP APPROXIMATION FIXER: Simply place this bellow anything. It'll slightly move any player risking to hit the edge of the trigger. This is already used on every block in instances. Media: Configuration: You'll find all your needs inside scripts\vscripts\zool\superleetmaker\config.nut Here's what it includes: Playermodels Enabling/Disabling Replacements for each teams Refresh Delays Replacing KV playermodels with custom ones. DO NOT USE A STANDALONE PLAYERMODEL REPLACER! Features Enabling/Disabling Stomp Enabling/Disabling Block Fragging Enabling/Disabling Movement Enhancements Enabling/Disabling Coin sharing with teammates/brothers Enabling/Disabling Automatic Autokick disabling (you get kicked for suiciding too many times) Objects Coin Value Coin Healing Mushroom HP Mushroom Disappearing Time Maximum Player Health The default empty block model Themes Setting the theme height ranges: ground, underground, underwater, castle. Replacing prop_physics and prop_dynamic related objects to be affected by theme changes. Next Version: Castle Fire Bars 2D textures of the blocks such as the brick block, solid block (real underwater ground left) Fixing scripts along the way when big issues are reported. Download: I'll be keeping the pack on Google Drive for an easier access and updates. Be sure to give proper credit and to link to this page. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ISFuPadn_yhcjnQkjEeEke0rpmYLpN9j ENJOY!
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    This map is available to download here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833955880 Been having some issues with textures etc, but hopefully it should work now, ironically I forgot to change the visibility to friends only which drew a larger crowd than I wanted (I usually upload my wip's and keep it as hidden/friends only for a few days so its buried in the noise) ...thankfully the steamworkshop bots saw that the submission was trending and downvoted it, crazy to see how fast they are!! haha Where did you get that model cuz damn that thing slaps. You might want to break something else big like the bridge or its radars, cuz it looks a little too pristine. @JackT There is a playable version available now, still very wip, but it's at least something... @Interfearance The model originates from another unreleased/unfinished project, I hope that the completed version will look a little bit less pristine, @Ynel Thanks, you can try it out now if you want @JorisCeoen Ah yeah, you are right, never played that game so had to google it @Vanx Thanks, will see how much the carrier affects the performance, I don't think it will be any problems, its rather few polys and very simple geometry (all static)
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    [WIP] Machine

    Map for the exotic competition. Going with a wholly unorthodox approach, but with the intent of fun classic 5v5 gameplay. Theme and structure revolves around the cold war era machines known as crawler transporters used (and still used) to carry rockets and very heavy cargo from the assembly building to the launch sites. They are slow metal beasts; a setting in which I believe can support interesting game play. Map available for play and download on steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1818630603 Here are a few reference photos from the big Google: Work completed includes a map in a playable state, but subject to heavy change. All criticism and playtesting is much appreciated. (And yes, the machine moves)
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    Played wow for 4 weeks straight, so I had to dust the SDK tools off and get back at it. big new update out now
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    [WIP] Paradise

    Come to Paradise Island, We have the best Crates in the Caribean! - Mayor of Padarise Island Background Story After first struggling with finding bolth a theme and a good idea for a layout. I've now managed to get started with making a graybox version of my level. The Theme for my map is a Island named "Paradise Island" that is located in the caribbean and is well known for two things: Legal Drugs, and special Radioactive stones that can be found in Mines under the island, Terrorists are trying to stop the research team that was send to two of the places said Stones can be found at (almost) ground level, meanwhile CTs are trying to stop the terrorists from interfering with the plans of the research team. What is coming next? A lot of Playtesting Trying to find another person to collaborate with Adding Detail WIP Screenshots
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    General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    Fun Before and Afters
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    [WIP] Bombspot Bitcoin

    A first glance ...
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    My contest map will be set on a hill with a cable car station. Bombsite A will take place inside the station, while B will be under a huge tent housing an ancient ruins exhibition. The layout is very much a WIP and not ready for playtests yet, but hopefully it will be soon. Some screenshots below:
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    Complex Complex is a defusal map based on the Temple of Philae, an Egyptian temple complex located on an island in the Nile. Links Complex Alpha Workshop Other info While I'm tempted to start a map from scratch, I will use this competition to finish up my current project, since it fits the theme quite well. Will make some adjustments to the layout, scale things down a bit and start working on detailing the map.
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    sir goober


    Alright fellas, it's been too long. W a a a y too long without a new update. The map looks completely unrecognizable (for the better). The lighting has been fixed, now emitting a cool cyan/purple glow throughout the map, instead of the blinding pink (no idea what I was thinking when I made that). 1 last thing before showing you all the screenshots, I usually test on the fast compile, meaning lights aren't as powerful. So when I compiled with HDR, the lights may be a lot brighter than I intended... But shouldn't really affect things! So here ya go. So a bunch has changed, hopefully these lovely screenshots will encourage you to test this map out =-] oh, and how could I forget? Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714
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    I haven't opened up Hammer for a long time since the playtest, but finally managed to make some big changes in the layout, which is mostly smallen the map size and decrease the timings alooooot. New radar: Tighten up midle canal, oh and weapons/bomb now 'float': New B bombsite and CT spawn: New T spawn, moved forward on the road:
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    [WIP] de_havana

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    I have had several playtests, the last one was very long ago, but still had the paperlist with feedback laying on my desk and feld like working on it, so here an update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836479638
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    [WIP] Bombspot Bitcoin

    The reference image - and what i have made from it. Tweaked a long time to make the pool look as natural as possible. It has reflections (map, sun and 3d skybox) but you can also see through the water (caustics on the tiles:-). Most water shaders dont allow you to see the ground in the distance, thats ok for an ocean or a river. But a pool has to be crystal clear and that was tricky.
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    The random model thread!

    After working on my cave scene so much, I decided a few months ago to parry away from environment art permanently, and instead have chosen the VFX route. Below are a couple I have worked through. I am on the fast track for learning Houdini as well.
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    Its work for my, only on my content. I was make copy CS:GO folder and rename it to "game" (*//common/game/*) and change source folder for my source .qcs and .fbx files to "content" (*//common/content/*) and full recompile all my props. I think, if you want used original content, you must recompile it. Now i have a 2 copy CS:GO games: 1 - clear for play, 2 - for mapping. Then you need make a "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules.txt" and now you need a stub file in "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules/qc_templates/example.qc" it eazy file and now, need compile a map with Combine settings in VBSP -StaticPropCombine -StaticPropCombine_AutoCombine -StaticPropCombine_SuggestRules -KeepSources (for checking in hammer) -StaticPropCombine_ColorInstances (for checking after compile in game, it add random color for combined props)
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    [WIP] Tube (greybox)

    You should read this and revise your layout after newfound knowledge:
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    Pet Thread

    We need a pet thread that isn't a decade old. This is my ragamuffin cat named Bunny:
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    [TF2] [WIP] Precipice Event

    The map has finally been released! Here is a link to the Steam Workshop page And some screenshots:
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    What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    GG @FMPONE! https://www.esl-one.com/csgo/new-york/cache/ I guess everybody wants to see Shawn and Sal go head to head and headline the two teams
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    [WIP] Touristas

    Couple shots of some of the initial blocking and better lighting! (in fast mode lol)
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    sir goober


    So I'm working on the lighting issue, and I believe I have made some great improvements! but before I go fix the entire map, I worked on one spot to see if it would look good. Gotta say, I'm liking it! So I made one spot with a very clear and nice cyan color, while one part is that a e s t h e t i c deep purple color (combined with some detailing)! Should I continue using this combination? I think it's a lovely fit! =-]
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    Man the lighting still hurts my eyes. Try to get a natural lighting with light_environment going first. And only when that's natural, start adding your neon lights to the map. Right now I wouldn't want to load up the map ingame tbh. Use your references properly and analyze why they look the way they look.
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    Hello! On Mapcore for the first time, so I don’t know if you write something like that here. In general, I recently encountered a problem I had been thinking about for a long time, and the solution was the simplest... 4wayblend textures stumped me and I didn't understand how to work with them. Since I could not find any articles about this issue, I decided to write about them. What if the texture details don't work? In order for 4wayblend textures to use grass, you must write the path to these details in the map parameters. (The path you must follow is shown below) Find a button "Map" on top panel in Hammer World Editor > Further Map Properties > Detail Material file > detail/detailsprites_survival (Put this path inside "Detail Material File") (!) To set the grass, use "Paint Alpha" How blend multiple textures? Go to the settings [displacement] and select there [Sculpt], then find the button [Blend] and there select the desired texture. (Use the left mouse button to paint, and clamping the right one will reduce the radius of the paint area) (!) If the camera mode in 3D view is set to "3D Shaded Textured Polygons", then you will not see the drawn part of the texture. Camera mode should be set to "3D Textured" when drawing
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    [WIP] Touristas

    Have been pushing off posts due to laziness... Still pushing hard over here! Here are some signs thrown together ready to move into photoshop! Hope to get some mapcore playtests soon... just need find a weekend im free.
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    @Serialmapper You don't need SMD files anymore, you can compile a model for Source from a .fbx now ! So you don't need that SMD plugin anymore. You just have to give .fbx files to your .QC, here's an example : Personally I was really used to 2.79 (I mean before 2.8). I tried working on a blend file on 2.80, on the next day I tried to open it with an older version of Blender and it didn't work anymore (makes sense) so I continued working on 2.80 and I'm getting used to it it's great
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    [WIP] Balkan

    A bomb defusal map in early development, workshop link is not available for now. The theme is traditional Bulgarian village/town. I'm willing to collaborate with someone who can make custom props (fences, windows, flowers, trees, etc.), PM if interested. Let me know if you have better idea for the name of the map Progress Table Pictures (01.07.2019)
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