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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I was working on some litle nighttime scene and then just made the scene to be a bombsite. It's a old industrial kind of city with one bombsite below a railway and the other bombsite will be in some more indoor kind of area like a big hangar or fabric, still didn't decide. I will just go on with the flow and see where it takes me. It's not my original workflow, but it's fun so far
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    Doing some quick prototypes for @prodeusgame enemy attacks. I'll keep posting them as they come down the pipeline. This attack is for an alternate version of the skull fish thing we've got.
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Now that I officially all the papers to be able to work in Canada I'm glad to say that I will be part of the Ubisoft team at Montréal in a few weeks.
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    Almost there - possibly the last update before the final release Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this WIP thread; it's been a long road but I loved every minute of it. Major update today as the 3rd and final part of the campaign/map is almost done. I'm now fine tuning the finale (location/scripting/NPCs) as well as one of the side quests. Once everything falls in place, I'll be shifting towards the final detailing/art pass, finalizing the foliage system, nav mesh manual tuning, final lighting tweaks, and gameplay misc optimization (invisible player/NPC barriers, etc...) Stay tuned And finally, a taste of things to come in the finale (without spoilers )
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Well, it's okay that it's been removed. It has been in the game for 20 months. There are only 2 community maps which have been in CS:GO for longer: agency and cache... To be honest, it's ridiculous how long austria has been in CS:GO. It's really not that good after all. It doesn't look as good as the other maps, most of the assets are really bad. I made many of them with Propper back then (which is just LOL), because I could not handle Blender yet. There are also a couple of problems with the gameplay. And optimization is a problem because I did it wrong. I used way too many small props. Nearly all other maps run faster (only subzero and biome are also a bit slow), but that's because the "autocombine" feature doesn't work (or I'm just too dumb to make it work?). E.g. de_nuke would lag like shit if it didn't use static prop combine. The bad performance is probably one of the biggest reasons why the map dropped out in the end. So it's sad that I could not finish my update earlier, which made it run ~20% faster, and there was still some space to squeeze a little bit more out of it. And, as already said, I also replaced a majority of the ugly props with better ones. So, why didn't I update the map earlier? In early 2017 Valve killed the compiler for me. There was a bug which made static props look way too bright when lit by a light_spot. In most other maps this wasn't a big issue, but still noticeable. But it made de_austria look really bad because there are many static light sources and white textures (snow), so I could not update my workshop submission anymore. So I wrote to my contact guys at Valve something like 4 times, but never got an answer. So I decided, to leave the map like it was. There were no game breaking bugs, and it was added to an Operation already, so it wasn't really necessary to improve the map anymore. So I decided to make a new map. But after nearly 2 years of working on it I realized that it was just not good enough. So I took a break from it and came back to de_austria, when it was promoted to competitive matchmaking again. I wrote to Valve again asking for a compiler bugfix, and it was finally fixed in December 2018. But ultimately too late for me and de_austria. What about communication with Valve? I have two guys from Valve in my Steam contact list and an email address. If you want an answer you should probably use the email, lol. Usually they tell you what they want and what you have to do. Sometimes they send you a list of bugs in your map. Once (October 2018) I got some balancing stats of de_austria (T vs CT win percentage in different skill rankings, pistol round vs later in the match), which helped a lot, but it was too late to actually use this information. But I never knew how many players were actually playing the map (compared to other maps). Nothing about which game modes were played or how rounds are won (bomb vs kill them all etc.). And of course I did not know that the map would be removed. Maybe this was all my fault. Maybe I should have asked explicitly for information. But I always felt like "they are busy, don't bother them and just do your thing". But that's probably what's wrong with me. Would be interesting to hear what the other Operation guys think about communication with Valve... All in all de_austria has been a huge success for me. The Operation money I got, plus the payment for 10/2018 - 01/2019, (all in all ~1,5 Operations) gave me the chance to work on another map for two years. Unfortunately I failed. So time to get back to serious business, I guess. Unfortunately there are no Operations anymore and the current payment is just not enough. So even if you get added for 3-4 months like subzero, it's still a financial fail. So we probably won't see as many high quality maps anymore in the future. Well, optimization is an issue in de_austria, but it's not that bad, I think. My system is >2 years old and de_austria still runs >>200fps at any time with a high screen resolution and max detail. I have another old pc (most components >10 (!) years) and it's still playable. In 5v5 you should always spawn at the front row. But things like that should be reported earlier. Why not write a comment on the workshop page of the map (or in this thread)? I mean, I could have changed anything in the map, but nearly never got any useful suggestions (except what's in this thread here and a few bug reports).
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Not sure where we can post stuff like this, but I've been messing about with making my own little retro shooter game for a while now. Everything is very WIP, I'm mainly just using it to learn how to code with blueprints in UE4. You can see more updates on my Twitter feed. https://twitter.com/LiamTart Here's the latest vid showing off hitscan weapon firing and basic 2d weapon animation. So much fun to figure out all these little problems. I see making a game as a huge mountain of problems that you have to slowly solve to ascend.. lol. And another vid that shows off the first implementation of the lit weapon sprite, and the door blueprint in action:
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    I made a traditional pre-war German house for Reich (de_reich). All of the brush/displacement textures are fully custom! I might add some chimneys though. And I'll be sure to add more at the entrances.
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I'm testing different 4way blend materials. I am never pleased but i keep searching for that special ones
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    Some serious necroposting here. It's pretty dated since it was first released, especially compared to recent maps that keep pushing the bar higher. So the map is getting a visual update, as well as gameplay adjustments/improvements where possible/needed. Already wrote down a list for this, but I'm open for any feedback and suggestions.
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    [CSGO] Victoria

    I've spent some time making assets and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. It's far from finished, but a lot of the major assets for the galleria are now made and in place, so here are a few update screenshots. Please let me know what you think
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    2018: Mapcore's Year in Review

    Keeping with tradition, I'd say it's about time we took a look at what our community has achieved throughout the year. If last time I was saying how 2017 was a year of immense growth, then 2018 was surely one of significant change. And it hasn't been without its troubles and anxious moments. No change ever is, but I believe it to be for the best. We've seen some of our friends become parents, change work fields or get their first job in the industry. We've even seen a few pursue their dream projects. And for that, we have to applaud them. It takes courage to keep moving forward and to realise when it's time for something new. In the meantime, I hope this article inspires you and I wish everyone good luck! 2018: Mapcore's Year in Review SteamVR - Gulping Goat Space Farm by @Steve, @marnamai, @The Horse Strangler, @Sersch and others at Scraggy Rascal Studios produced in collaboration with Valve "Scraggy Rascal has been working with Valve to create all new SteamVR content, we've been given a lot of liberty to create these locations. Our goal was to create interesting and fun locations for the player to explore. These projects, over the last couple months, have been a crash course in Source 2,VR, project management, delivering within deadlines, working together as a team and personal growth. It has been an invaluable experience and great opportunity ... and we're just getting started!" - marnamai Darksiders III - Art by @The Horse Strangler and others at Gunfire Games "Probably one of the biggest challenges the artists and designers faced on Darksiders 3 was working with both a platforming and fully connected streamed world. This meant that everything exists all the time. While we streamed levels in and out, areas couldn't intersect and we couldn't do the classic "Small exterior, big interior" swap. This was especially challenging because of how much verticality our design must support. We had a few "vistas", but for the most part every aspect of the level was accessible. If you can see it, you will likely be able to get there, jump on it, fight around it, etc. Fury, the main playable character can double jump, swing, float, glide and even rocket jump over 10 meters high. Personally for me it completely changed how I looked at art filling up a space. Every single mesh we placed impacted design. Art was design, and design was art." - The Horse Strangler Europa by @[HP] "Europa is a relaxing narrative experience. The goal with this game is to offer just enough challenge that its rewarding to get from one area to the other for more than just the visuals by using environmental hazards, platforming sequences and light puzzles that you can beat by exploring.The game is split into linear sections and wider areas, that's at the core of the game and as you play, you keep improving your characters moving ability, which will further exploration and give you the ability to solve newer light puzzles. There's none of the typical character upgrading systems, rather, the levels will offer the incremental challenges and the sense of progression. Europa's main focus lies in environmental storytelling and immersing the player in it's universe with passive storytelling, evoking awe and bliss with colorful watercolor-like art and music." - Helder Pinto Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Turnpike by @Squad "For a while the "Highway Restaurant" theme has been sitting in my little Concepts.txt file. When the Wingman Contest was announced, it felt like the perfect opportunity to turn this idea into a map, as its relatively small size would be fitting for the Wingman gamemode. The casual nature of Wingman made me add some elements that I would not normally add to, let's say, a Defusal map, like the TF2-esque team color coding (albeit subtle), the moving vehicles and the silly bomb target. Additionally, since the playable space is (almost) completely indoors, making it nighttime felt right, as it both emphasizes the interiors and makes for an atmospheric blorange background." - Squad Dying Light - A New Hope by @will2k "A full-fledged custom single player campaign that ties in to the original story of the main game. It will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane,leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. This campaign is a one man show as I’m doing everything myself: level design, environment art/detailing, story creation, scripting/quest creation, custom dialog, custom audio, custom materials/textures, custom foliage systems, custom brushes for terrain painting/sculpting, lighting, manual nav mesh tuning, scripted NPCs…" - will2k Prodeus by @General Vivi and Michael Voeller "Prodeus is the first person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques. Oh, and tons of blood, gore, and secrets. Creating Prodeus has meant a lot to us over the last year. It feels great to finally be doing something for ourselves. It can be pretty ambitious at times since there are just two of us, but I’m confident we can pull it off. Keep an eye out for the end of February for a big announcement." - General Vivi Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Ruby by @catfood "When I was on vacation in Portugal years ago I was so impressed by the city Lisbon that I really wanted to build a map that has the same vibe. At the time I was already working on different projects so I decided whenever I got enough time to work on a map this size I would go back. So early 2017 the moment was finally there, I went back to Lisbon to shoot (~2000) reference photos then made a list of things that are iconic for Lisbon and started working on Ruby. Adding a lot of height differation, warm colors, tile patterns and ofcourse trams was essentiental to get the Lisbon vibe." - catfood Subnautica by @dux, @PogoP and others at Unknown Worlds Entertainment "A mix of Survival, story, mystery, resource gathering, base building with some accidental horror and plenty of deep, deep water. We had not long finished up with Natural Selection 2 and were hungry to develop a different kind of game. During development we were (and still are) a small team but the game kept getting bigger and grew into something far larger in scope than originally planned. So we soon realised that what we had could be turned into something really unique if we put our heads down and just cranked on it." - dux Unreal Tournament 4 - Chamber by @Ubuska "I used Halo and Warframe artstyle as a reference. The goal of this project was to make fun and cool looking map with 100% custom art that is 100 mb in file size. To achieve that I used several advanced techniques such as custom vertex normals, deferred mesh decals, no bake, tiling base materials and masks. There are basically 5 or so texture maps used in the entire map, most of the filesize space was taken by lightmaps. I learned a lot doing this project in terms of composition, art direction and optimization. Hope you enjoy this map as much as I do!" - Ubuska Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Pitstop by @Quotingmc and Quadratic "It is not often that CS: GO receives a new game-mode, especially one as competitively focused as Wingman. I was understandably pleased at the announcement of the 2018 CSMapMakers contest for the mode. Pitstop was my entry where I set out to create a thematically bold centre piece for my portfolio. With the help of my teammate Quadratic and support from multiple Mapcore members, I learnt a lot about taking a level from a simple blockout to completion; I can say for certain I’m thrilled with the end result!" - Quoting Black Mesa - Xen by @JeanPaul, Adam Engels and others at Crowbar Collective "While building Xen we had to design, iterate, and iterate (then iterate some more). We took what we thought we knew, and put it to the test. We learned how design and scope work together, and how to build momentum as a team. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished over the year(s)! Despite the long and occasionally frustrating timeline, it has been a real testament to the commitment that this team and this community have for Half-Life." - Adam Engels Unreal Engine 4 scene by @Vorontsov "So I decided I would step out of my comfort zone and create a small environment in an engine I've never used before, UE4. Although I think I did a fairly decent job at the time there were ultimately many nuances I could have done better, but that is the artist dilemma. This project taught me the value of properly blocking out your environment, gathering as many references as you can and to have patience and not rush through assets, when breaking any of these rules I was punished for it. Stay tuned for my next project which will be a giant mech, coming soon Valve time TM." - Vorontsov Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Opal by @MikeGon "My goal with this project was to make a fun and compact defuse map, with a simple level flow, ample verticality, and an overlapped layout! I wanted to have interior and exterior, and break the grid a lot, to avoid having that "90 degrees grid" feel in the layout. I needed to have a vista on one side of the map to help with orientation, so I decided to make it a coastal town, inspired by those found on the island of Skopelos, Greece. Expect more updates in the near future, as I'm not yet satisfied with it. Since this is my only CSGO map, I want to put all my time and effort into it, and focus on quality instead of quantity. Thank you everybody for your support and feedback! <3" - MikeGon Insurgency: Sandstorm - Precinct by @Xanthi, @Squad, @Jonny Phive, @LATTEH, @Steppenwolf and others at New World Interactive "Precinct, was a fun and challenging map to work on. We decided early on to melt District and Contact two of our very nostalgic maps together into a single large-scale urban environment. The goal was to preserve the nostalgic feeling and at the same time create something unique and fresh not just a 1:1 copy. In the block-out stage we started playing with different terrain heights, which eventually was the key to accomplish our goal. Terrain height was a bit of a trial and error process; I remember driving up a hill and not having enough torque, oops!!" -Xanthi Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Killhouse by @FMPONE "Killhouse showcases brutal duels, player reaction times, and close-quarters combat. A highly vertical layout ensures the sort of unpredictability and replayability ideal for CS:GO’s 2vs.2 "Wingman" game-mode." - FMPONE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Station by @Roald and @untor "All experiences contribute to where I am at this point. I am just a hobbiest but I think I learned alot about level design just by doing it and enjoying it. Overal my goal is to improve myself on level design, but also enviorment art. I think I archieved a goal on level design and it's now time to continue on enviorment art. This is where untor morozov comes in. I have met untor a while ago. He made this map 'Waterfall' which was pretty populair. I liked his designs and added him as a friend. When I had this wingman map going on with positive feedback I just contacted him again to work on it with me and since this moment we have had a incredible teamwork. I am gameplay orientated and he is art orientated so we were a great couple. We just enjoyed work on this project and respected eachother and had alot of fun." - Roald The Gap by @Yanzl and Sara Lukanc "The Gap is a sci-fi thriller first person narrative exploration video game. You play as Joshua Hayes, a neuroscientist trying to figure out what happened, barely remembering anything about his past. It started as a project for our BA thesis and has now grown into a standalone game. It's also my first "real" indie game project, helping me learn a lot about Unreal Engine 4 and game development in general." - Yanzl Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Alexandra remake by @Serialmapper "My first successful map was born 10 years ago for CS1.6. It was done in just 4 days. Since then it has been ported/improved several times on CS:S then finally on CS:GO. It always had a "dust" theme. Initially i wanted to remake it with an "inferno" style but when the new dust2 came i switched the plan to use the new assets. The map was and is frequently played on public servers especially in Eastern Europe so i had plenty of feedback to improve it. For some it's just another "dust" map, but for me it's my dust2." - Serialmapper Far Cry 5 - Wetland Turmoil by @grapen "I wanted to try working with location design in an (imaginary) open world game for the first time, so I made this backwater cabin neighborhood. At the time I also wanted to see what the limits were in Farcry Arcade and how far I could push it. The level has fixed spawns (a limitation of the editor), but I toyed with the idea of making it work regardless from which direction the player would have approached it. The pathing and player guidance is more or less shaped like the number eight, with the church acting as an outlook. Your task is to eliminate all the bad guys. In the end I wanted to do so much more, but couldn't due to technical limitations. All in all it was a fun experience to make it." - grapen Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Trailerpark by @OrnateBaboon and @Skybex "We wanted to make a map for CSGO, using a theme that had not been seen in any previous version of Counter-Strike.The map had to incorporate everyday plausibility, provide for enough variety so that things remained visually interesting, but also be flexible enough to allow for the use of low geometry for easy grenade strategies. Being able to immediately recognize a theme in a map is always important, so with all this criteria in mind, A trailer park fitted the bill perfectly. There is still some way to go before a full release, but 2018 was a great year for progress on this project." - OrnateBaboon Unreal Engine 4 scene by @Corvus "I was inspired by games like stalker and the last of us. The goal was to make something photoreal with a lot of foliage. It took a couple of iterations but I think I achieved the goal in the end. While making this project I've had to learn a lot about Speedtree to make all the foliage, it was a really cool experience. Right now I'm in the army so unfortunately I can't make any more scenes right now, but after I'll come back I'll try to make more scenes like that." - Corvus Overwatch - Busan by @Minos, @[HP], @PhilipK, @IxenonI, Phil Wang, Lucas Annunziata and others at Blizzard Entertainment "Busan was a challenging map to make. Due to the game having 12 different heroes on screen we have a somewhat limited memory budget for maps, that includes all models, textures, effects, collision data, lighting information, etc... Fitting three radically different areas (Downtown, Sanctuary and MEKA Base) into one single map budget required us to find new ways to optimize our work. In the end, we were even squeezing kilobytes out of collision data to make it all fit, no kidding! But the result speaks for itself, the map was fun to work on and we are very proud of what we accomplished!" - Minos Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Highlands by @ElectroSheep, @El Moroes and @'RZL "We wanted to make a map in Scotland because, thanks to dishonored 2, we were browsing a lot of references froms this area and we really loved it. I also went myself here in holliday after that. We asked one of our close friends to make some special props, like the police van, the taxi, the phonebox and some others. Unfortunatly the hard development of Dishonored 2 put us in a difficult state where we weren't able to work on the map. So we lost motivation. Then RZL contacted us because he didn't want the project to die so we gave him the keys. And RZL became busy too ^^. Life sometime say NO I guess, hehe. Now Highlands Is my only advanced project I still didn't finished and I'm ready to give it a try, I hope." - ElectroSheep "Highlands...is this map is a joke? Certainly no but we can say that the development is quite longer than what we expected. Perhaps we learn well how the famous "Valve time" works? :p No seriously I think we can explain that with the motivation. Of course we were motivated to create something cool with this map but with the time and, I think, with what we live in our life we never took the time to do it correctly...I mean we never had a constant rythm on the map. This (and other personal things) led to the current statut of the map; a still "work in progress" map started in 2014. But ElectroSheep came back and his goal is to finish it, and because he's right, I'll come back too to help him. Just, be patient (again) ;)" - El Moroes Battlefield V - Fjell by @Puddy, @Pampers and others at DICE "Fjell was an explosive experiment which paired a new Battlefield dynamic, planes and infantry only, with an epic gosh darn mountain top. Tackling this design combination was like dealing with a bear after you've kicked it in the balls. It was a fun challenge and even though its extreme gameplay is quite polarizing when compared to more middle-of-the-road maps, I am happy that we went there!" - Puddy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Iris by @BubkeZ and @Oliver "Iris was born out of a shared interest in the TV-show "Seinfeld", funnily enough. One day BubkeZ noticed I had changed my Steam profile picture to a photo of "George Costanza" and just like that the wheels were in motion! In the beginning, BubkeZ had the vision of an old city environment with lots of dirty alleyways and brick architecture. We didn't want to fall in the trap of making the map look too bleak, so we came up with the idea of making a mid-century town set in autumn. While the map certainly have visual elements from the 50's, I would say the overall theme of Iris is american auto-industry. Making the old cars was definitely my favorite part of making this map!" - Oliver Unreal Engine 4 scene by @Brightness "I have always been a fan of retro and vintage, so this was like a dream to me. After watching the first season of True Detective, I immediately fell in love with the office set and the way the series was shot. I have definitely learned a lot from this project, mostly lighting techniques that can fill your scene with a story. The goal was to recreate their environment in my own style, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I definitely wasn't expecting this much of positive feedback and I'm really thankful for this community. I want to do something with the environments, not just as a portfolio piece, but make a short film or make a small adventure game out of them." - Brightness Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Insertion 2 by @Oskmos "Being the follow up to the first Insertion it will have the same overall concept with the spawning and open-world like layout. However this time it will be a more urban setting and overall higher quality art assets. I always love to make environments that feels real. And that are familiar. Its all made up. But the details and various elements in Insertion 2 is from my childhood basically. Friends that grew up in the same place I have recognizes it aswell." - Oskmos _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Door Challenge Submission thread Articles Designing Highly Replayable Stealth Levels for Payday 2 Level Design in Max Payne: Roscoe Street Station Effect and Cause - Titanfall 2 Level Breakdown 2017: Mapcore's Year in Review Hurg smiles upon you all!
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    congrats on your success with this map/. with the 2 year project - you should post on here or on the discord with the issues you are facing. it might be savable.
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    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    𝓓 𝓸 𝓸 𝓻 𝓼
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I really liked the splashes of red brick, as if the ancient architecture has been unsympathetically repaired. Careful to be sparing with it though, as I think it's overused in the interior shot (3 up from bottom). What would really help is if you sculpt the rocks with a bit more detail. Right now they look like you just called it a day after subdividing them, which makes them all look a bit bubbly.
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    Residence Rescue

    Hostage rescue mission 17 hours, before the Waterfall Residence incident. Subscribe now!
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    cs_tori (鳥)

    Release of tiny tori [Wingman] Steam Workshop: Tiny Tori Made out of the second part of cs_tori. It needed some adjustment to be fun to play. I hope you like it.
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    great looking map, a bit of clip still poking out along this wall making you stuck running one way along it, possibly drag up the clip up to that gray trim? Jumping from the flowerpot in this room you can randomly stand floating mid-air and along that arch and halfway floating on random parts. There is part of the clip sticking out near this location making you collide if trying to jump along the door side of it retract it a couple of units so clip is flush with the geometry of the wall: in this same location just to the right of that poking out clip there is a window you pretty much become invisible if you crouch inside consider a clip covering the hole for the window: This one is similar to the previous and adds an unfair hiding advantage so definitely just a tiny clip in the corner so players cannot hide around rather than engaging in a fight on the map:
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    Hello guys, We are looking for a lot of people design and art here in Ubisoft Annecy, France. Probably the Ubisoft studio with the most amazing view on the mountains you can have from your desk! There is a lot to be and everything happening here atm is super exciting. Design Technical Game designer: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999680981094&amp;is-redirect=true Economic Game Designer: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999680819719&amp;is-redirect=true Technical Level Designer : https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999677313149&amp;is-redirect=true Level Designer: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999676721672&amp;is-redirect=true Art Artistic Director: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999681040267&amp;is-redirect=true Technical Artist: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999681026838&amp;is-redirect=true Level Artist: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999680337392&amp;is-redirect=true 3D Environment / Nature Artist : https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999677191956&amp;is-redirect=true Senior Level Artist: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999676721483&amp;is-redirect=true Lead 3D Environment Artist: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/careers/search.aspx#sr-post-id=743999676720681&amp;is-redirect=true Don't hesitate to ping me if you find something interesting and I'll see if I can help.
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    Revulsion (Beta 1.0 Released)

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/ https://twitter.com/zZCastleZz/status/1088981339905363969 https://steamcommunity.com/app/719180 Alright guys! So here it is, I have got my indie FPS looter shooter to beta 1.0 with the goal of getting the game out of early access as soon as late next month! This is a indie game created by 1 person The game includes nearly 20 hand crafted levels as well as procedural generated levels as well! It took about a year and changes to produce this game. It has hundreds of unique items and weapon as well as a level cap of 100! Its not a small game at all! I need to seriously get word out as much as possible about this. If anyone here would like a free copy of the game feel free to PM me. Any advice on promotion is very welcome. Revulsion is officially gameplay complete right now! What this means is that all major gameplay aspects are now solidified. You can now play the game from start to finish and enjoy the entire experience as intended. The only things that are left to fix and tweak are polish to visuals and UI. I want people who play the beta right now to treat the game as a complete product and provide feedback based on that assumption moving forward. I intend to take the game out of early access as soon as late next month. I want to sit on the beta and make small tweaks and changes before I finally take the game out of early access. This means bug fixing and any little aspects that I can think of to improve the game. I am considering the idea of raising the price of the game to $19.99 after it leaves early access. This is not set in stone. But when I compare Revulsion to other games within the same genre within the indie space its hard to not see that Revulsion has just as much content as those games yet its selling for much less. If you buy the game now you effectively buy it at a 5 dollar discount. I will make sure to give at least a month warning before this happens. I will be gauging reactions in the community about this. Like I said its not set in stone. In my humble opinion Revulsion is a $19.99 game at this point in time. Changes and updates in Beta 1.0 2 new missions have been added to the game Ogrimgore's Lair Hard (lvl 50) Ogrimgore's Lair Revulsion (lvl 100) These missions contain 4 hand crafted levels. These levels range in size dramatically and contain easily the most challenging content the game has to offer so far. The final boss battle with Ogrimgore is now fully playable again! Infinite Dungeon system The infinite dungeon system allows you to play the game continuously within random generated levels. Every 10 floors you will have a chance to gain access to a special vending machine that has a high chance to sell extremely rare and unique weapons and items that are normally very hard to obtain. You can get items you are not supposed to have until way later in the game through this vending machine. Make sure to load up on credits before you complete the 10nth floor! Boosters and Special abilities costs have all been greatly reduced. Some special abilities are now basically free and can be spammed on cooldown at very little cost. This adjustment has been made to help reduce the overall difficulty of normal mode as the game is still brutally hard right now. I plan to make adjustments to the games difficulty in the next couple of weeks. Revulsion is designed from the ground up to be brutal. Its not meant to be an easy game in any way shape or form. I plan to monitor peoples reactions to the game. Expect more news and updates soon as I will be making videos and promoting the game a lot more in the coming days.
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    That moment when you realize that your work of the last four months was a complete waste of time... Well, I was working on a new map for a while (which turned out to be a huge fail, but this is a different story) but when de_austria came back to competitive matchmaking, I decided to revise a couple of things in de_austria. So I started to rework a bunch of the worst assets, so that everything looks a little better and, more importantly, that the map runs faster (especially on older systems). Because I didn't manage to make the autocombine feature do it's job, I decided to do it manually (also called "annoyingcombine" or "extremely time consuming combine") and grouped a huge amount of the props to reduce draw calls, which made the map run a little faster overall. Also moved 90% of the map to create more space in the center (...), made a new bot nav mesh, new radar image, some minor gameplay tweaks, added support for Wingman game mode and many other small things... Last night I wanted to start the very last final compile before updating my workshop submission. That was exactly the moment when I noticed that there was a new CS:GO update which removed my map from the game. I've been a little bit late, I guess (as always in my life). Anyways. It was still a pretty cool thing to be part of a popular video game for 20 months. Especially for a complete mapping noob, who has absolutely no idea what he is doing and can't even play the game.
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    Although it's hard to do one of the most important things in mapping is being able to realise when an area doesn't feel right and reworking/scrapping it. Our brain inserts value into locations by the time we spent working on them, but in reality some of the most well planned areas will end up flopping and even more painfully be one upped by parts that had half the drawing, modeling, and thought. During my most recent graybox I redid a whole site that took me almost half an hour just to block out and time correctly. I can imagine how it must feel on a larger scale. However, you will feel great when you revise or replace the section and discover that it is far more functional and enjoyable to the players. TLDR: Don't be afraid to scrap as long as you know where you went wrong. You won't be dissapointed.
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    Little update I was working on the background for my map and decide to stick with a winter theme Something like that I think can work) I used "background mountains" from the free pack on UE4 marketplace just to prototype and will create a proper landscape later and add interesting narrative elements ... maybe, who knows)
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Ow my, I have not posted here since a while. Its been already 2.5 years I left Eidos-Montreal and I live in Vancouver now working for Unity as a Solutions Technical Artist
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    [CSGO] aim_temple

    ============== Update 12/3/18 ============== - Removed cover from a couple of the inner corners - Rotated the tree near T spawn to move a branch out of the way - Removed a bush that made it hard to see CTs - Adjusted lighting - Fixed the custom cfg (should now have armor, rounds should work properly, warmup should end immediately) - Added more detail to the interior room - Fixed the rain