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    Info: Hello everyone! For the last few months me and @Thewhaleman have been working on our contest map called Chlorine. This defusal map is set in a recently closed and abandoned aztec themed waterpark. The map includes areas that support a variety of strategies and play styles to accommodate every type of player. My goal with this map was to create a dynamic gameplay space that allows players to execute a variety of different strategies. Chlorine features two bombsite that are distinct from each other in terms of gameplay style as well as visual direction. Bombsite A is located in the outside area of the waterpark, thus is more open and allows for more complex strategies. Bombsite B features more straight forward approach, being located inside a temple that almost acts as a movie set imitating a night settings with a starry sky. Overview of the map: Screenshots: Workshop link
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    A bomb defusal map set in an undisclosed location in Iceland. Unsettling evidence discovered by researchers will foil the terrorists plan for world domination. Unless they can blow it all up... The level is designed in a way that it is easy to learn but hard to master. It is compact but offers a lot of depth with clever use of effective elevation changes, boost spots, lines of sight and rigorously tested timings -- ultimately allowing players from both teams to look for encounters that suit their playstyle in a balanced and uniquely beautiful environment. By @Yanzl, @'RZL and @Oliver aka The Basalty Boys DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984383383
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

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    Welcome to the outskirts of Louisiana! A bomb defusal map set in a swamp where the wood industry once glowed with enthusiasm and joy but then was forgotten by man. The sound of machines and humans silenced just as quickly as the water rose, the greenery grew and the animals took over. However, passing boats have recently heard the sound of man again and large shipments of goods appear to be coming to the old sawmill. Housing near the swamp has been in contact with the police... what looked like a routine mission became a struggle to survive, they were not equipped and ready for a fight against terrorists and the forces of nature. SUBSCRIBE AND PLAY! Screens under spoiler
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    Anubis was a long and time-consuming project, but time flew as it was a lot of fun to work on with my teammates @jd40 and @jakuza who did an amazing job! I think we can be proud of what we reached so far and looking forward to where we can bring this project. The below screenshots do not do any justice to the actual beautiful footage ingame, so yeah check out the workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774025500 new workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984883124
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    Mapcore is proud to present the Top 10 Finalists of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT! Each Top 10 Finalist Entry now has One Month to continue updating their level. ++ Top 10 Finalists, listed in Alphabetical Order: Anubis by Roald, Jakuza, jd40 ++ Basalt by Yanzl, 'RZL, Oliver ++ Chlorine by Lizard, TheWhaleMan ++ Graveyard by invalid nick ++ Ivory by Quadratic, QuotingMC ++ Jingshen by El Exodus, Freyja, Lefty ++ Mustang by Squad, Grapen ++ Mutiny by TanookiSuit3, JimWood, Huvaligen ++ Mocha by Bevster, tr0nic ++ Swamp by morozov, Bubkez ++ Victoria by synkope Honorable Mentions, in alphabetical order: In the (hopefully very) unlikely event any Top 10 Finalist is disqualified for failure to abide by our Contest Rules, these are the maps that may receive a second look. Bregov Cappadocia Feast Gongji Oasis Rampart Safi Zenith Congratulations to the Top 10 Finalists above! The final round of judging will commence on March 10th, 2020. Read more in our official Rules post.
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    Mutiny has been officially released! Check it out on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734 If you're interested in seeing some in-depth information about the map along with an interactive map, take a look here: http://jimwood.co.uk/mutiny We've also added a trailer, check it out below! Finally, here's a couple of the screenshots shown on the website:
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    Working on a new environment
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    Welcome to Jingshen! Jingshen is a fictional small village in the beautiful landscapes of Asia. It may seem like a quiet and peaceful place - but watch out! There is trouble on the way to bring mischief and destruction. It won't be quiet anymore very shortly. Jingshen is a bomb defusal map which was designed to deliver a unique playstyle while being just familiar enough allowing new players to pick it up quickly. Brought to you by @Freyja (Environment Art), @Lefty (3D Art) and @El_Exodus (Level Design) Download the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984637676 Overview: More Screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/nOCp3ls
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    Early concepts for Chlorine for those who are interested.
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    After a tough crunch time and several screenshots flipped, I can happily present my submission for the contest: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984227885 There are a few areas (specifically custom content) where I would have liked to get some more work in, but since I did a solo run, I had to settle on something manageable. I am happy with the result, and hope you guys like it too I'll leave you with some screenshots. And some more:
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    It's out! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984015802
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    Almost ready, until then some more wips...
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    I am happy to announce Ivory now has a publicly available release candidate which can be downloaded from the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1961184536 We will continue to make final adjustments in the coming days; good luck to everyone submitting an entry to the contest!
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    Due to a critical error, func_buyzone and func_bomb_target do not work on the map. I fixed it and am already compiling the map in its final form. here are some screenshots and radar:
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    Final release: Workshop Version
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    @Quadratic and I are in full-on crunch mode pushing to get Ivory in the best possible state before the deadline and I am very pleased with what has been achieved thus far. Here are a few of the last screenshots before the final release!
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    Art by @Bevster, layout by @tr0nic. The map is inspired by South American colonial era architecture and regional coffee production. Workshop link. Although I didn't have enough time to polish the art and gameplay to my desired level, I'm sure the remaining things won't take too long. Current version still has some minor lighting/shading errors on existing content, there's no 3D Skybox yet and the clipping, optimization passes also a bit rudimentary. Hopefully it's nothing gamebreaking. I'm going to update the entry as soon as possible.
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    de_gongji assets

    Hey all, since we didn't get top 10 in the contest, probably gonna call it quits for this map for now. So we're gonna release all the assets. I've included a txt file with this stuff, however in short: 1. Use these assets at your own risk (some are bad and were made early on when I/we were still learning) 2. When using, give credit to the de_gongji team 3. Please don't use this stuff for commercial purposes. If you would like to, then contact me directly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ZxgaeVz2Jd0SQ7GxyI9p-LpT3JObze9/view?usp=sharing I hope you guys can make some cool stuff!
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

    We have a hidden workshop entry, so we're just waiting on the rc1 to finish compiling now.
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    Added a few more screens and updated op with new download link The A-site, exterior The B-site, interior
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

    Thank you everyone who has been giving us feedback so far We're currently acting on it. In the meantime I'm expanding on- and polishing the art.
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    WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1881843696 I present to you: de_daigo (beta-release) by @JorisCeoen (level design, artwork) and @shawnolson (technical assistance and Wall Worm Model Tools) Daigo is a competitive 5v5 defusal map, set in Japan featuring a large castle. It is geared towards all kinds of playstyles (short and longrange) and features some verticality on A-Site. The map is in dire need of multiple new passes, such as overall optimization, clipping, lighting and material-model management, and improved artwork. I'm aware that there will be numerous nodraw gaps throughout the map (and dev-textures), and that there's currently no 3D skybox to give more depth to the map. The development and design of the layout and artwork is entirely made by me. All technical assistance with the creation of custom content and level design tools was managed and coached by Shawn Olson, creator of the Wall Worm Model Tools. This mean that the entire map was designed from scratch in 3DS Max. Hammer was never, ever used to create anything related to the art- or brushwork. It's all still a heavy-WIP, but the map will be improved over time, with more custom content (that will be better managed versus the mb's in filesize). Hope you enjoy the project for how it currently stands. Without Shawn, this project would never have come to its current status, which is least to say fully functional and playable. We will update this post in the future as more progress is being made
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    UPDATE NOTE Corner trim's bad lighting issue fixed. Some balloons animation frame jumps issue fixed. Map's color correction rebuilded. All map clipped( If you found any need clipping points please feedback to me) Some prop textures rebuilded Some props lighting fixed(Ty Zool) Some expensive props polycount reduced. Some props visual quality boosted. Some areas optimized. Props fade out rebuild Added new props Radar updated.
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    Today we're releasing Gongji. Check it out and let me know if you find any bugs! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1930485028
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    Made an update with slightly brighter textures, fog tweak and cheaper skybox water to avoid reflection bugs. Since I have water in multiple levels that seemed to be an issue. Workshop Version Still a ton of stuff i would have liked to improve throughout, but this is what i could manage solo almost only in weekends. Good luck to everyone in the competition!
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    I have resumed working on this. No new art has went in yet, just been fixing and improving things. for now I have only got the essential stuff in since the eventual 3d sky will be doing a lot of the work, so it might get a bit messy in here. The 3d sky will be closer to the main map - more like rocks and trees as seen in Life Is Strange. I used untors de_waterfall 3d sky that he released a while back, and scaled it up. Is not precisely what we want, but is a good example of the kind of thing we will be going for. Could not fit all the stuff in one post - exceeded the limit. Tried to add more images. For those who played the map before, this is what has been updated. General Reduced the footprint of the map overall, which previously made the map feel "too big". The sites were flipped on the radar. They are now represented correctly. A full clipping pass has been added to improve player movement, and stop any exploits. Trimmed a lot of the roof detail. =================================================================================== Navigation The playable area has been better defined. Previously, new players felt overwhealmed by not knowing what parts of the map were accessible. This is now better communicated by the addition of solid fences to make this clearer. All interiors are now visually simpler. This has been achieved by blocking off eye candy windows with glass, and closing any doors that were previously ajar. All interiors have had a layout rework to improve movement. A redundant path has been removed (the yellow double trailers with two windows overlooking the site). Illuminated lamps on the outside of trailers have been removed - some players thought they suggested that doors could be entered. =================================================================================== Middle Area The gate entrance to the compound has been closed to better "section" the map, and to make the middle area a more attractive option for both teams. The CT entrance to mid has been reworked. The porches on the trailers have been simplified in main combat area for better player readability/pathing - they are now solid "walls". The warehouse has been extended for better player navigation, and cleaner angles. Walls have been added around the water tower to make sightlines cleaner. Better cover for the approach to the B site. =================================================================================== A Site Fully opened the blue door near the vent to make access to the site easier. Widened and simplified the path in the blue trailer to the site. Altered sitelines from the vent to the site (can no longer cover the site from the vent) Closed the small room at the back of the site - it was deemed too powerful a post-plant spot. Blocked-off the underside of the trailer leading to heaven, and removed the ladder. Blocked-off the small hut on the pink trailer. Raised the roof on "heaven" so that players no longer bang their heads on the ceiling when jumping off the platform. Reduced site radius to make defusing the bomb more likely. Reworked cover. =================================================================================== B site Cover is cleaner, and there is now a safe plant spot. Site radius reduced and made simpler. Both T entrances from mid to the site have been reworked. =================================================================================== Long Replaced windmill with a trailer. Adjusted the placement of the RV near the swimming pool for better cover. Removed wooden roofover near pool, and replaced it with two trailers. Reworked the path into the vent and breakable window area. General visual improvements. Added a van for improved cover. =================================================================================== Vent It is now easier to jump from the bin, into the vent. Lengthened the room before the vent. Made vent "tunnel" narrower, so it is quicker to enter and exit. Reworked the interior of the trailer path to the vent. =================================================================================== Storm drain/sewers Changed textures, and basic clean up. Widened entrance from T spawn to make the path feel more like a "main" route. Made the eit to the site a banana shape for better timing. =================================================================================== Terrorist Spawn Added geometry behind and to the side of the spawn points to improve the visuals and readability. Replaced the compound walls with wooden fences. Made the immediate entrance to "middle" wider, and visually more appropriate. =================================================================================== Beach Improved rock placement in eye candy area. =================================================================================== Cliff Edge Reworked the entrance to the sewer so that it is more of a "banana" shape =================================================================================== Window Area Clean up of geometry so it is less busy generally. =================================================================================== Warehouse platform Added trailers behind plyer for improved visibility and cleaner detail. =================================================================================== Deathmatch Fixed broken spawns. New spawns added to areas devoid of them. =================================================================================== Misc Removed a lot of the drains on the floor Fixed lots of shadow bugs. Improvements in the eye candy interiors. Lighting improvements.
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    Well, I'm not overly proud to enter the map in this rather rough state but I'm doing it anyway. It was fun working on Anchor so far and I'll be happy to bring it more to life in future updates. Workshop Link (may need a little time for steam approval): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 Congrats to all that made it to the finish line. I'm excited to try out all of your awesome maps.
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    Hanga Roa 🗿

    Final version is here A lot of detailing Balance changes make b more Tsided and a less Tsided, playtested 10v10 the balance seems like real good, am i weird for enjoying my own map? A bit more detailing Removed sum stupid spots Detailed a tiny bit more Saw sum other mapmakers made pins for their maps, had to make one as well minuscule detailing Changed the lore of the map from "evil terrorists" to "Brave Easter Island natives fighting for their independence" maybe a bit too political a tiny tiny bit of detailing The final version is on workshop, hope everything goes well. If I somehow happen to get into top 10 I will use the bonus month to polish everything, finish the goddamn 3d skybox and replace as much as possible with custom props. Special thanks to all of my friends who helped me playtest and to a finnish man im not allowed to mention. Goodluck everyone!
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    Hi all! This is my entry, a map set in a town on the coast of Italy. I made the layout in June last year, then I shelved it for months. I picked it back up in November, and finally decided on the theme mid-December after stumbling upon some pictures from Vernazza and Atrani. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1977692107 Overview: Screenshot:
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    Some last screenshots before we release what we were able to finish. Here's an almost finished A site:
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    I'm in! de_norte made with love. Norte means north wind. Steam Workshop Link: de_norte Important gameplay infos: - This map has three Bomsites! // Oooh really? - Yeah! But why? To make the game more diverse, dynamic and interesting. It keeps the game fresh! - I picked the two best visible playermodels. For T's pheonix and ct's jumpsuit. Yes, jumpsuit. Valve please create competitive ready playermodels. Thanks! - A few rocks and floors -at important places- are clipped with grenade clips to provide better grenade bounces. This may look unrealistic in a few cases, but hey in csgo is it possible to let molotovs bounce of walls and they do it like they would be perfectly round objects. So, I just made something that fits very well into the world of csgo. The only sound I added to the map is the birdsound. Because in competitive matches you don't want to be annoyed or distracked by any sounds. All you want to hear are other players. Edit { And those constant sounds you hear too often inside csgo are not apropriated. They may not annoy everyone by its sound directly but indirectly. They produce some kind of stress you may not recognize or it seems you get used to it. But over time this can lower your performance and make you more likely to get frustrated. The game itself is demanding on several levels (physically and mentally) and can make you frustrated alot. Thats why a map should try to keep the frustration potential and the stress it produces as low as possible. And you can achieve that by not using constant sounds. Off course there are a lot more thing you should consider like avoiding placing stuff on the ground you can get stuck by or pop up while walking on them. = By providing a smooth movement flow. Or providing a positive athmosphere with a good mood by using sufficiently lights and bright and "friendly" pleasant colours. And much more. } (Almost) Every prop was thoughtfully placed. It may don't look like it but it was hard sometimes to place the rocks correctly. I started developing this map at the 9th of January 2020. I made it within 23 days! I worked on 20 of those days. Spend hours: between 220 - 277.2222 (I guess I worked in average something between ~ 11 and 13.86111 hours a day) I could make it that fast because I was focused. My experience with Hammer was also crucial, I develop csgo maps since 2013 and I developed an own development process. Oh, and the days were crunchy. Except sundays, because I don't work at sundays. The whole project was kind of crazy. I knew I had 23 days to make the whole map. I never believed someone could make such a great map within such a short time. I finished cs_wetland three days before this project and I made it within 11 crunchy days. It was really hard, I almost gave up after halftime. All I did was mapping. I did not know how the map would look like the whole time. I developed it one by one. With de_norte it was similar. Except I never wanted to give up. I focused on what I knew. As soon as I thought about the whole project and what to do I was overwhelmed. This happened only one time. Because I knew if I keep doing the small things I know I will finish this in time. It felt like I was guided the whole time. And I was. I let myself guided by the love I have. Every time before I finished the small parts I knew I had new ideas for other parts. Often what I knew was very litte. As I started I only knew I wanted to make a map with rocks and water and it should have three bombsites. The house at bomsite A with the round towers. All I knew was I wanted to create a house with those rounded windows. So I searched for the window, placed it into the sky and started to create the house. So, don't look at what you don't know, focus on what you know. Let yourself guide through the unknown, trust in love and believe. Then you make it! And now, I need a week of sleep. I hope I will never crunch a whole month again. Oh, and in addition I also had nothing to eat for 2 days and very litte for a whole week. The whole project was everything else than good for my body. But I'm proud for the first time in my live of something I made. ^^ I went all in with de_norte. There were no reference images used and I was not inspired by something, but it looks like a place I would like to visit. Yes thats right, I made de_norte out of nothing with pure imagination and love! I hope you like it that I bring fresh wind into csgo. I hope I can continue to do so and you enjoy playing my maps! You got it? ..no? -> fresh wind <- ..no? Open the Spoiler and you get it!
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    I think it's silly to sort things out. You can spend a bunch of hours and more discussing the top 11. What I think - I have always been taught - it is important to be able to present yourself and your creativity. And no matter what brilliant thing I would create, nothing matters if it is not done accurately and presentably. At the university, I was deprived of a scholarship, from just one small spot, on white paper. It was a shame, but I save it for me, and think it was important to do accurately and on time. I think this quality is not enough for many artists. Regarding the layouts and their similarity. If we start to beat everyone who uses the basic layout of clover and their similar ones, most likely we will have to make maps for RTS or Open space games like PUBG. And even then, we run into the idea of clover. Why is that? We will analyze any map into parts. And we will understand that it is ideal for each point to have a triangular shape. And adding up the mechanics of 2 key points, we get the shape of a clover. The reader can give a comment, you are wrong, you can come up with a 5-sided shape and so on. But in truth, no. Having made 5 exits to the key point, 2 of them will always be empty or will refer to the remaining 3. And since they are superfluous and will not be used, why are they? Let's look at DotA 2. Game 5 vs 5, 3 lines used, same clover? - Yes. Is it convenient to play? - Yes. How did valve diversify the map? They changed the candy wrapper, but did not change the candy, not because they could not, but because the balance can disturbed. Now back to the discussion, the gameplay is important and how important the visualization is. Part of the gaming experience is the environment. And it is the environment that shapes the situation. even, for example, top 11. We see how much the environment affects the feeling, already on the familiar composition of the maps. And now, those who disagree with me, try to come up with a chair. New, unique chair. Believe my experience - this is a real challenge. With one way or another, you will come across a generally accepted basic composition, because it is the only correct one, and the only thing you can do is change the visual form. (in Russian it song is cool, not sure about understandable in English) I Glad too see great maps in top 11. Congratz!
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    After a thorough review of the Data, we've got one correction to make: Mocha has been added top the Top 10. Thanks to Puddy for double checking. I take full responsibility for this one, it's my mistake. As for scores, each judge has the full greenlight to release their own scores after the Contest. We feel that is a good balance between transparency and people bickering about the results.
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    Bascially every thread tynnyri is in in a nutshell (this is a joke, i do not encourage rude behavior and i have nothing against anyone. yes i do have that much free time to make memes that only 5 people will get )
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    Half-Life Alyx

    I need episode 3. I need an SDK. I need an index. I need a girlfriend. Come on valve, pull your finger out and fix my life.
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    Artdump of selected assets from the level: High polys (used to bake meshmaps for substance painter) Lowpolys Substance Designer textures
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    DE_ONE has been officially released! Layout: Check it out on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1979106036 A trailer was made as well, check it out below! Everyone else should just stop because you know you haven't a chance for this map
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Played around a bit more with the proportions. Does it feel better now ?
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    Map is nice! Found some issues. The "window" on the bridge is unintuitive in that when you approach from under here, you have no idea it is there. Easy for new players to get shot in the back. This set of stairs effects movement when trying to rush middle. Maybe they can be moved back a bit so that players are entering on flat ground. There is a door to the left - but you can't really see it until you are right up next to it. This bench makes holding and peeking from here difficult. Edit - another thing I found is that with the sites, there are no safe plant spots - unless I missed them. Very easy to get caught planting in the open, even with bots.
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    We just released an update for Mutiny, mainly focusing on frame rates and clipping improvements, but there are lots of other minor changes too. Check them out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734
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    [CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

    Hello again, I've made some more progress on the map. There is a new connector to the doors at the top of middle coming out of T spawn. The second door leading to outside B tunnels has been closed. I've also closed one of the windows on A for balancing purposes. Here's an overview of the map so far. Old routes are marked in red, new routes are marked in cyan: AllocBlock is 51/64, so I'd say it's about 80% completed. I want to pack in as much detail as possible before I finish optimizing visiblility. Here are some pics:
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    Half-Life Alyx

    It's a good time to be alive.
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    Updated the layout, the overview image does not show traversable covers
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    Hi everyone, This contest is very competitive and Cappadocia has gotten "Honorable Mentions". With all my best wishes good luck all finalists. I would like to express my endless thanks to everyone who gave me feedbacks and reported their supports. During judging i prepare new update and fixed lots of problem about playing, visual and optimization. And now i releasing new update for Cappadocia. Hayrat(TR): Schools, fountains, hospitals etc. made for the benefit of the public, structure OPTIMIZATION -Rebuilded all Hint-Skip optimization. -Added more optimization options. LIGHTING -Some props shader build changed. -Bathroom color correction rebuilded. - Some darknest corners lighten up. -Playable side's some lens flare sprites removed, moved position or changed with simple variations - Some props light build rebuild GENERAL -Added more weapon clip -Fixed some clipped side -Added new props -Added new details. -All door bells and recepcion bell build rebuilded (You can press all door bells, also shooting reception bells [but not work properly]) -Added new soundFXs -Some brick textures changes to new unique textures -Added new artworks -Fixed minor bugs -Radar's wrong T spawn position fixed. -Deathmatch spawn factor changed.
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    Bomb defusal map set in a coastal town in Bulgaria made by me and @KlixX. Reference: Layout history: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1721338314
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    10 days have passed, we had feedback, thank you all. What will be in the next update? - Many fixes for overlaps, gapes, and more. - Update timing for CT Side, and changes spawn position. - Add some new details for navigation voice tag. - Replace old displacement waterplant blending to prop overlay - New boat for T side and A bombsite (yes, re-model from canals boat)
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    I think it's a good idea to build something new (slow movement in water) on something proven ("3 lane"/"4 square" whatever layout). So players feel immediately "at home" in the map and are willing to learn the new things. If you add do too many new things at once players might be frustrated. I think you did a good job here.
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    Half-Life Alyx

    Never too old to pursue what makes you happy
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