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    Hey, I'm working alone on one of the biggest projects in my life! I'm trying to make danger zone map. I want to show you some my work! My idea is tropical style, I haven't seen similar style in CS:GO yet. On the map you will be able to explore a lot of regions: beaches, tropical villages, bamboo platform, cliffs, and planning also some caves and more! I realize, that there probably will be a lot of bugs, because It's very hard to make huge danger zone map without bugs, so I'm really looking for testers, if someone is interested in, just invite me on steam. Models and textures some are self-made, and some I Have bought on sites with models Here's some screenshots from some map regions PS: I don't know if Valve support this mode already, but I love making open worlds! and I wanted to try myself.
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    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    Oh damn, another year gone.. Jesus lost my motivation again, and again i've changed the art style to Low Poly - how it was year ago - half year ago Now It's challange of my life guys, i should finish it finally!
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    Got back into hammer after a small break and gave Terrorist spawn on Morocco some eye candy Image Slider
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    In progress
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    General Vivi


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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Completely new mid and changes on sites: MID New entrance to B
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    de_de_dust2 (CS:GO)

    Through all my time playing CS:GO, I have always hated Dust 2. I never understood where my hate for it came from, but now, I finally get it. The root of all Evil, is Dust 2's T Spawn. To put it simply, it is the worst location of all time on any map, and completely ruins flow. How many times have you purposely walked through T Spawn while playing a game on Dust 2. The answer is s1mple, 0 times. For this reason, I have come up with a solution to the Dust 2 problem, just make T Spawn CT Spawn. This too of course leads to some problems, as T's and CT's will instantly kill each other as soon as they spawn. The solution came to me one day as I was sitting on my couch and listening to my favourite song (EZ4ENCE). It suddenly changed tune, and god spoke to me through it. "DMU222 you must make 2 dust 2's on top of each other" So that is what I did. Now yes, the map does have 4 bomb sites, but special teleport areas (marked in orange) have been added to allow for seamless transportation for T's and CT's. I'll be playtesting the map this weekend, what do you guys think?
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    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    Changed the lighting to be closer to noon so it's less washed and has more contrast. Also, updated the screenshots with some better angles. Gonna keep updating this slowly.
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    Before and After for a kitchen in my current project, I made the before about 7 months ago as a placeholder and never got around to finishing it until this week
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    de_princess (WIP)

    It's me, de_prince, let's func_detail our brushes together.
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    I'm having fun with a remake of an older map of mine (de_rose). The prop_statics in the pictures are made by me using 3dsmax and substance painter.
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    So I have been doing two competetive tests and made some changes. Please checkout the workshop and let me know what you think of the new changes: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1645132160 - Added a new path from CT to B bombsite - Closed of B double doors and added a vent into B apps - Added a door_rotation in B apps and made a pathway to cross the windows instead of the drop. Also made the B apps window only peek able, u cant jump trough anymore - Cleaned up A a litle bit. Moved some cover and reduced the big boost spot - Rotated the container at midle to reduce headshot angles - Fixed the headshot peek on B bombsite and got rid of the OP corner I am pretty happy with the changes so far. Will do one more compile to fix some small stuff and then do some more playtests. Perhaps its for the better to have multiple playtests on the current version before I make any new drastic changes since the layout is pretty much there.
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    Guess who - ...
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    General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    Oh, our kickstarter went live.
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    all right! Mass reimagine of the map! New concept art for the background, much simpler and atmospheric idea. Not sure about the planets ... Changes with the lighting because the previous one was not epic enough for my taste) Played with Quixel Mixer awesome program! Who not saw it already - you should) I create a couple of blends for rock surfaces and I should say that the quality is outstanding! also, I made a shader for my rocks with 4 materials mixed through masks Will try to finish all rocks in the near future cheers!
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    Who want's to try some freshly baked German bread? And after that, how about you enjoy some nice refreshing cola?
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    [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]

    de_urbany 5v5 competitive map with integrated Wingman You can also play Deathmatch. Steam Workshop: de_urbany Gamebanana: de_urbany This is a new version of de_focus. One of my old maps. One big and several small gameplay changes have been made. I also upgraded the look. I hope you like it. Minimap: I gave the minimap several colours. The reason why I did this is simple. When I play new maps and I look at the minimap to spot enemys and I see one further away I often don't realize in which area he is. The colours should make it easier for you to know faster which area is which. Let me know wheter the colours help you or not. ty
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    Hey guys, here are some images of the map I've been working on, Chaparral. I'd be curious to see if you guys find the color correction overpowering.
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    Please keep it friendly, guys.
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    totally random texture thread

    watching Yanzl do the things he does with substance designer on his stream was enough to persuade me to buy this software so far I've used it to make a few textures for de_sydney, and some other textures just for learning that's just one image, open the spoiler for a few more
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    I noticed this map is set in Nevada USA, but the doormat has the UK spelling of 'Neighbor'
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    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    And here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1686302847 Updates should be underway. There should only be visual things to resolve, hopefully.
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    [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]

    I already worked on the "make it real" update. I didn't liked the wall on the top left screen. In early versions there was a tunel leading to a street. I removed them because I had too many func_details inside the map. Now that I made a whole bunch of them into displacements I opened it again. I also changed the building a bit. It feels much better that way. At the bottom left screen I removed the small house and the right buidling. I also adapted the one building to the twin towers. The windows on the top left screen were odd I removed and replaced them only to erase it completely. I removed the one building on the bottom left screen and thus made the other building bigger. Thats it. Need to wait until I got more ideas. Really good feedback @Roald ty again.