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    Working on assets for a new CSGO map (Insertion2 basically). So this is just to test the assets, its not the actual map:
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    Gulf is a collaboration project between me and @VIOLATION . Gulf is a defusal map set in a American military base in the desert. More photos including an overview soon!
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    Earlier this year Rebellion released Sniper Elite 4. The game received a lot of praise, especially for its large and well designed levels. These environments have a huge impact on the gameplay. Players are provided with a wide array of options to tackle their objectives and each level needs to accommodate to that freedom. But how do you create these unique experiences? In this article I’ll try to answer that question with the help of Beck Shaw, one of Level Designers who worked on the game. Hello Beck. Congratulations on the successful release! Shall we kick this off with a little introduction? Thank you! I’ve been playing games most of my life and as a kid it was always a dream of mine to create them myself. I’ve now been in the industry for almost six years and landed my first job at Codemasters as a Level Designer on F1 Race Stars creating race tracks. After that I joined the F1 team as a Level Designer working on cameras and tuning AI so your opponents could get around the track as fast as possible. Then, two years ago, I moved on from the racing genre to work at Rebellion on Sniper Elite 4. For those familiar with the game, which levels did you work on and what was your role in the development? When I joined Rebellion I started working on mission 3 ‘Viaduct’. The level tasks the player with bringing down a huge viaduct which has a railway gun parked on top of it that’s causing problems for the Partisan allies. It takes place in the mountains of Italy, in a dense woodland area with a small village and other points of interest dotted around the level. Later on in development I was tasked with finishing off and bug fixing mission 8 ‘Fortress’. It’s the final mission of the campaign which has the player infiltrate a secret underground fortress in order to stop the Nazis launching an advanced missile against the American fleet. When we moved on to the DLC I was given the first mission in the three part campaign called ‘Inception’. Here the player is sent behind enemy lines to a military port in Northern Italy. It’s set in the winter and has the player investigate some unusual activity the Allies have spotted from their recon planes. As the game is a team effort I have also helped out with other levels when required and jumped in where needed to do what I can to reduce the bug count across the entire game. On your portfolio website you stated that you researched and created the Inception DLC level. Could you guide us through that process? Sure thing! The storywriter for Sniper Elite 4 also suggested some ideas for DLC campaigns, including mission locations. Eventually our Senior Management chose which story they liked best and passed this on to the Level Design team. The missions then got divided among the team based on preference, schedule and workload. For my mission I sat down with the writer to discuss what he needed in terms of objectives for the narrative to work. We also discussed other optional objectives which might be cool to add. From this point on I pretty much had free reign over the level. So long as I met the guidelines set by the story I could create the level how I saw fit. With all this information in mind I went and found lots of reference images. I read some history on which the campaign is loosely based and began to get an overall idea in my head of what I thought the level should look like. I then very quickly sketched this on paper. I don’t spend long drawing the layout on paper as I feel working on a whitebox is more important. For the record, a whitebox is a very basic version of a level. We generally use simple geometry such as boxes and low poly modeling to quickly create the level so we can get a sense of scale and how the level will flow. Since the level is so basic we can quickly iterate and begin getting feedback from other departments before the level becomes too complex for any big changes. During development we constantly share our progress with the entire team and we get feedback at least once a week, but usually more often. It ensures the level is progressing in the direction we want it go. Once everyone is happy with the whitebox we move on to full development. Seeing the size of the levels, how do you go about implementing the core gameplay features? How much of a team effort is that? For the most part one Level Designer will work on a single mission. They’ll implement the AI into the level giving them paths, weapons, goals and even use the animations we are provided with. This breaks up their loop and makes them feel more lifelike. We’ll also implement all of the objectives, conversations and lines spoken by Karl Fairburne, the game’s protagonist. We work closely with the Art team to ensure the level is readable from a design perspective and our routes through levels are clearly defined and easy to follow. We’ll suggest areas which need cover and also populate our level with traversal to allow the player and the AI to climb or jump around the level so they aren’t confined to just the obvious paths on the floor. Additionally, each level has lots of collectibles, weapons, ammo and health kits to find. These are all placed by us. We try to be creative with these if we can. For example, in Viaduct, I’d often place trip mines where I knew there were choke points the player could lead AI through hoping the player would use this. There are also traps and environment set pieces like hanging crates which we place strategically in the level for the player to use against the AI. Underneath all of this there is the stuff players never see. Level Design also looks after and maintains the collision mesh for each mission in Sniper Elite 4. A massive task given the size of the levels, but it is very important for how the player gets around the level and ensures the AI can find its way to the player at any given location. Could you clarify the collision mesh remark? Because I know about meshes but I’m not really sure what you mean. Generally, in game development, you will hear talk of different meshes. At Rebellion we have a number of technical meshes along with the render and collision meshes. A render mesh is something the player can see and, in Sniper Elite 4, this is generally the terrain and water. Buildings, trees and other props are usually made up of objects which are made separately and placed using our tools. All of this is looked after by the Art team. The collision mesh is an invisible mesh which the player will actually stand on. It’s what the ragdolls collide with and prevents you from running through walls. This is looked after by Level Design and has to be accurate to prevent the player from floating above the terrain or grenades being blocked by invisible collision. We also flag polygons on the collision mesh which various systems in the engine will read. For example, we can tell the engine where we want the AI to be able to walk by marking certain polygons on the collision mesh to be a walkable surface for the AI. The engine would see these flags and then generate the AI’s waypoints from the collision mesh which has been flagged. Thank you for clarifying. Please continue about how much of a team effort implementing the core gameplay features is. Whilst most of the work is done by an individual, we definitely do work as a team here at Rebellion. We’ll often jump on each other’s levels to help with collision whilst someone else does gameplay setup and another one works on the missions traversal. We can and do have multiple people working on a single mission, especially near the end of development when we’re trying to polish as much as we can. We’re also playing each other’s levels and giving each other ideas or feedback. We all want to make the best game we can and feedback is a huge part of the design process. I saw the Sniper demo at E3 2016. I understand you worked on that. What’s different about creating a demo experience? Which factors do you have to bear in mind? Yeah, Viaduct was the first level journalists and the public could play at E3 2016. It was really exciting that people’s first taste of Sniper Elite 4 was going to be on my level, but at the same time really scary as there were going to be so many eyes on it. So the great thing about demos is the whole team comes together to try and get that level as close to a release state as possible. It becomes a vertical slice - section of the game which is pretty much release ready. We had multiple artists working on the level at the same time to put the finishing touches on. Multiple coders and designers were working on finishing off any features we needed for the demo. VFX and animators were taking requests for new environmental set pieces and the audio guys were adding some great background ambience. Everyone got involved. In terms of Level Design we had to ensure the entire level was playable. In Sniper Elite 4 you can approach objectives from any direction and tackle them any way you want. We wanted that to come across in the demo too so the whole level was open and playable for the demo. We moved the start position so players were closer to the main objective to give them a chance to complete the level within the demo’s time limit. We also shuffled some of the AI around so players could interact with the different types in a smaller area as these are normally spread out to various squads across the level. We wanted players to have the ability to try multiple weapons and gadgets so we made sure a lot of equipment was at or near the start area. We added some extra patrols for players to set traps for and ensured the players had a great vantage point to snipe from. So the opening vista for the demo had the viaduct in full view and it was covered in guys with some extra explosives to show off the new explosive killcams which Sniper Elite is famous for. I appreciate you sharing details about your day-to-day job with us. I’m confident it will give aspiring Level Designers a better understanding of it. Before we close, anything you like to add? I assume that you have worked on the last DLC as well? Yeah I did and the final Deathstorm story DLC recently launched. We’ve received a great response from the fans overall which is always amazing to hear, it’s one of the best parts of my job. It’s been an intense journey working on Sniper Elite 4. We have a lot to do here at Level Design - the levels are huge and we work together with every department. We get to see, help shape and often implement many aspects throughout the game. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s also great fun!
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    W.I.P unreal scenes. First one using tf2s assets. The other ones are megascans.
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    I did it. I fucking, did it. Just been offered a job as an assistant level designer with Splash Damage. Naturally, I'll bloody take that offer.
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    Little side project of mine I started 2 days ago. de_lookout
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    Hey guys, been a long time i didn't post anything i have been working on : Here is my recent work : Yorkshire Dales vista, All rendered in UE4 dynamically (foliage is using volume light sample to receive GI, but still not perfect in dark area,caused by the way the foliage tool work... ) More Screenshots on my artstation ! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0VAd4
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    Global changes : -Changed name from Kasbah to Tangerine -Theme is now taking place in Marrakesh Reasons: -Lack of information -Hotels doesnt fit to the layout Some new screenshots
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    Studio is back again with our every-other week update. The last two weeks, myself and the team have begun finalising B Site and detailing CT Spawn. We're all very happy with the work so far as we are using almost 100% custom assets with minimal use of Valve assets. Images of most recent work: Finally, feedback is welcome and we love to hear what you all think!
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    Studio is back again with our every-other week update. The last two weeks we have finalised CT Spawn, CT Corridor to Middle and close to finishing CT Route to B site. Keep in mind some of the textures are WIP in CT Route to B as our main artist @Hollandje has gone on vacation for the next few weeks. Images of most recent work: CT Route To B: (WIP Textures and Models) CT Route To Middle: Finally, feedback is welcome and we love to hear what you all think of our progress!
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    -First detailed part. ('Drop zone')
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    Well, here we are. After months of fiddling around I finally have a playable greybox version of my Day of Infamy level, El Guettar. So far, this is proving to be the most elaborate level that I've worked on. It's pushed me to organize better, learn basic modelling and really improve as a level designer. The following months will probably be just as challenging, but I'm thrilled to see the end result! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100005574
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    no-one wanted another update so here's another update! New CT spawn: 3D skybox!! (view from T spawn): A wip wip wip storage place:
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    In the heart of an old oak forest lies a tempel, you and your friends just discovered this temple, now you and your friends will die in this temple! Naa...just kidding, you will survive Some images: dev thread (and download) here: https://tf2maps.net/threads/heart-of-the-oak.31432/ on steam workshp here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=962571666
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    I need to write a book called "Shit my daughter says". Yesterday was again hilarious. She's like a mini-me. I took her to the supermarket. She wanted to go in a ride (you know the little cars that move), but I told her I don't have change. Then she wanted a treat from the machine, but again I said I have no change. She made a lot of drama but eventually gave up. When we got home I sat down behind my computer and she was really busy looking for something. I asked her what, but got no reply. A couple of minutes later she drops a lot of change on my desk and said 'Now you have change, let's go'.
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    Update: Skipped mapcore playtest on the last layout instead we'll be testing this one: The only changes are on B. I decided to remove the round "heaven" entry into B, as cool as it looked it just wasn't fun. Apart from that I also added some more holding angles and afterplant options for Ts. Also started with some detailing:
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    Hey, I have been working on and off on a portfolio for the past weeks. Now I think I got something to show off and maybe gather some feedback on what I can improve. http://konstantinloeffler.de/ Thanks!
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    Defusal map set in a base hidden in a forest. I decided to enter with this map instead of de_Sentinel (formerly de_Copenhagen) D o W n L o A d
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    Haven't posted in here for quite a while. Just lurking, but I feel I have something to share. I came back from vacation this monday and starting a new work routine. Now I work 50% (9.00 AM-14.00 PM) at The Game Assembly, still as level design teacher and 50% (14.15-18.00 PM) at my own studio. Over the course of 3,5 years I haven't worked on a daily basis on my own studio and I'm finally there, can't believe it. Earlier there was always another mail to read/write, a tweet to post/answer, spontaneous 2-4 hour meetings in the middle of the week et cetera, another hole in the budget for me to solve singlehandedly within 3-4 weeks with impending doom of being forced to fire our two fulltime programmers - but now that's over. Finally I can focus, well rested and DAY TIME. Always had the plan of dropping down to 50% with my teaching job but I didn't intend on it happening so soon. The trigger for this change was actually some kind of a breakdown, some six weeks ago, a sunday night, I just couldn't fall asleep due to massive stress, head was spinning, couldn't stand up because of the diziness. I guess my body finally gave me a serious response. I didn't go to work the following week and when I came back I had a serious talk with my boss. We concluded that my work situation didn't work out and I got to drop down. It was a weird experience to me, I think I remember myself being a lot more stressed out than that evening/night because of much more urgent and important matters but I guess it was about the longitude. It's not only that I want to vent this. I really just want to once again mention the pains of overtime and why you REALLY should listen to yourself. If it wasn't for the fact that I could escape my life for the full length of swedish summer vacation (4 weeks) I'm not sure what would've happend. I'm not sure I was close to 'burning out', but not being able to stand up because of the pressing thoughts in your head aren't good signs. Anyway, now I feel good and well rested after the vacation and I decided it was time I separate my home from work. I have uninstalled slack from my home pc, disconnected my workmail et cetera (I think you should too.) Still haven't figured what I'm gonna do with all this free mental space, but that's not really a problem. And that feels so fucking good to say.
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    Basically, the collision mesh is cheaper for the engine to do it's calculations on. The terrain in SE4 has a high number of polygons and if the engine was doing physics and animation IK calculations on it it'd use up a lot of our resources. We're already pushing the strength of some systems with the size of the levels, number of AI and objects. So the collision mesh is much simpler than the render mesh and it helps us get back some of that horsepower which we can use elsewhere. The BSP and displacement terrain you make in Source is really quite cheap. Generally you don't have thousands of polygons for a bit of terrain mesh. Our collision mesh probably has about half the polygons, maybe a little less, than the cave displacement below from the Source engine. Whereas the render mesh might have double or more polygons. The collision mesh also helps us keep the players movement smooth. For example you might have a jagged section of wall which is made of rocks. If the collision was worked out from those rocks the player would keep getting snagged and possibly stuck. We can keep it smooth and ensure players movement isn't interrupted and players don't get stuck in little nooks and crannies. Our objects do have collision we can turn on. We can either use bounding box collision or sometimes the artists will make a simple collision which matches the object. But collision mesh is still cheaper than these collisions in the Asura engine so we try to build as much of the collision ourselves as possible. Hope that answers some questions for you @ics!
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    Sunrise is a defuse map set in Japan. The greybox is as good as done so I'd like some general feedback. The visuals will be partially based on a Tumblr by Jan Vranovsky (for those interested, link here: http://janvranovsky.tumblr.com/). Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1101450097 Overview Screenshots
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    I continue setting up my scenes, starting with the larger assets.
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    Finally starting to detail this map but now one question comes up, do I have too many themes? maybe. I've basically got 3 themes. Dome installations & industrial Jungle Desert I think it may work. The map's theme is combining desert and jungle so gotta have those two. But maybe bombsite B being purely modern -dome theme is unnecessary. I could poke some holes in the ceiling and add leaves / dirt on the floor, or even go for full on abandoned bunker look. Any thoughts?
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    Haro! Long time, no posting. Been crazy hard at work on this thing, but we finally have a release date for Echo (September 19th!), along with a new trailer and article on Eurogamer.net. Hope you like it~~ http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-07-27-echo-is-a-mind-boggling-sci-fi-game-where-youre-set-against-yourself
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    Had a fun clutch today. Bonus: My chicken and I clearing a bomb site.
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    Ah, nothing to see here folks, its just one dude solo making an entire looter shooter lol https:[email protected]/project-stray-new-build-and-patch-notes-7-17-2017-big-update Project Stray: Trello Board There are a host of new changes and updates to the game. This includes a new Trello board that I have began for Project Stray. The Trello board still needs quite a bit of love but by the end of the week we should have a pretty solid idea of where the game is right now and where its going next. Project Stray: Patch Notes (7/17/2017) Reworked the first battle area significantly from what it was before. This was to help the first fight feel less cramped. Implemented Automap system (New Functionality Added) Title-screen music improperly set to not loop (Fixed) Intro battle is too reliant one weapon type (Pistol) (Fixed) Mouse wheel up / Down borked (Fixed) Slightly increase light machine gun rate of fire (Is now 0.15 shots per second / Was 0.2 shots per second) Enemies wont attack player from long distances. (Fixed) Enemies should stop shooting when player is dead. (Fixed) Note: Zombies will still eat your body Rockets and grenades were not causing barrels to explode. (Fixed) Using a home point to replenish ammo can destroy a players corpse forcing them to lose their stuff. (Fixed) Rework healing to be one item. Reworked entire recovery system. (Large rebalance change implemented) Removed Armor and Ammo kits and key bindings from the game. (No longer needed) Auto Regeneration now only effects armor. (Nerf to health regeneration) Health and armor on the HUD need to have proper icons. (Fixed) Item weight pass, making sure everything weighs the correct value now. (Large rebalance change implemented) Remove auto regeneration of Ammo from the game. (Large rebalance change implemented) Added a generic ammo pickup to help the player replenish ammo for long sequences. (New Functionality Added) Travel spawn should not replenish ammo unless the player dies. Moving between levels should not replenish ammo. Generic ammo pickup needs a proper voxel mesh (Added) All Weapon have been reworked! Pistols - (Higher res meshes created) Pistols - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Shotguns - (Higher res meshes created) Shotguns - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Rifles - (Higher res meshes created) Rifles - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Heavy Weapons - (Higher res meshes created) Heavy Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Advanced Weapons - (Higher res meshes created) Advanced Weapons - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) Grenade Launchers - (Higher res meshes created) Grenade Launchers - (View Models Hooked up with SFX and GFX) More to come next week!
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    Little side project of mine, id like to get feedback on! Not much to say about it right now. GO DOWNLOAD
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    My best friend married yesterday. After all the ceremonies there was a private dinner with his inner circle. I did a speech there, which to my relieve, was very well liked. I talked with his mother for quite some time and it turned out to be a very interesting conversation. I hadn't spoken to her in a while. You know how these things go when everyone starts living on their own so you don't have to visit them at their parents house anymore. She told me that back in the day she was very worried about her son hanging out with me. She knew I lived on my own when I was 15. She saw the wreckage that was my house when she dropped him off and of course she heard the stories about drugs and crime. She seriously considered not allowing this friendship to continue. I never knew that. But then she took the conversation in a direction I wasn't expecting and made me aware of something I never realized. She said that she was glad that she didn't interfere, that she quickly saw how loyal I am and how very well behaved and respectful I can be despite being involved with the 'bad' things. The real kicker came at the end though. She told me she was so proud of me. That despite being left alone at such a young age, with no guidance and basically growing up on the streets, I managed to sort everything out. She complimented me on my beautiful wife and child, my job and just really said that's she truly amazed at how far I've managed to come from nothing. That I really went the distance and won. Now that my friends, melted this frozen heart of mine.
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    Heya, We are opening a studio in Stockholm :)! It is going to be led by Patrick Bach former studio manager at DICE! http://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/ubisoft-announces-new-stockholm-studio-w496590
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    Project Stray is a single player first person shooter that blends classic Doom and Quake with Dark Souls game play. I am the only full time dev on this project. The only things I have not done are the options menu, sound effects, particle effects and Skybox art) I decided to go ahead and make a unique thread as I seem to be spamming the Indie games thread pretty hard. The Download Link for the game Is located here: https:[email protected][email protected]as-a-full-art-pass Project Stray : Trello Board : https://trello.com/b/ijQ8ETFH/project-stray My Next goal goals for the project is to now begin a polish phase. This means making it so that enemies animate and properly react to being shot. There are a large number of changes in the works for next phase. This will be my last push before I have to get my stuff together and move back to America. Project Stray - Watch me play my games latest Build! 7/25/2017 New titlescreen in place Slight Nerf to the Blaster (1.5 to 1.8) Slight Buff to the Magnum (1.8 to 1.5) Tooltips should appear while over the entire item Icon Magnum accuracy increased (was 6.0 is now 5.0) Lighting gun range increased (Now 500 units, was 200) Bullet holes now travel with moving objects like doors. Mega armor booster removed from minigunner death drop (Mega armor booster is cut from the game as of now) Directional keys automatically cancel inventory menu Travel menu buttons reworked for clarity Reworded all inventory menu categories for clarity Remove armor from all enemy types (For now enemies have larger health pools with no armor) Player cant move view while in any of the menus The Dark Base has had an art pass done to it. You can support this project by simply following me and upvoting me on Steemit! I regularly do dev streams here: https://gaming.youtube.com/c/CastleDoes/live (4:00 PM EST)
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    A couple of years back, I discovered that alternative movie posters are quite popular. Since then I've been collecting some myself. I thought I would share this, since we have a lot of people who like movies here. Please feel free to share your own and keep this going. Here are some of my favorites:
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    Studio has just had another update today with the focus now on B SITE detailing and lighting. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810842743 Images of most recent work:
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    The overall mood and gameplay for this area has been nailed down. What you see is CT spawn, and the tracks cut through the entire map on a highrise platform. In the second art phase I'll revisit this part to work on finer details and final lighting. For now I'm moving on to work on the area to the right of this shot.
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    Had my first couple days at my new job, and my god. Fucking amazing. Only downside is the trains, left at half six tonight and got hit with delays going home, took me nearly two hours when it usually takes one.
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    The work in progress forum for my map Cypress has been up here for a while, but now I've come out with the full release! I may still make small changes, since you can never stop improving, but Cypress has become a pretty polished product. Comments and feedback are still welcome, and I hope you enjoy! Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1087670866 Title Image and Radar: More Images:
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    A map made by grapen. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972609667 Special thanks to a couple members of this community who's documentation and/or support was of great help: @will2k, @Yanzl, @Squad, @[HP] - and of course an extra special thanks to the staff for running this joint. This map was a first in many ways for me: my first source engine map, my first meshes and my first textures/materials. I've made a ton of mistakes, but I learnt from every single one of them (I'd like to think). It honestly wouldn't have been possible without this great community, so thanks everyone for commenting, liking and PM:ing. Every last bit of motivational boost counts. Until next time.
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    I highly advice you to take another look at your prop placement. It looks like the map consists of elements from every map in the game currently. I see Nuke, Train, Inferno, Overpass, Canals, and even Neutron (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=485441486&searchtext=de_neutron <- this one). It's perfectly fine to take inspiration from other maps, but there's a huge mismatch on the thematic aspect of your map. A lot of the prop placement makes no sense. Here's a list of the things I've found by running about for a few minutes: You are using a ceiling tile holder as a floor texture, and if that isn't enough there's a road surface marking underneath it. Also a pile of papers and a bucket in the corners It looks like you copy-pasted a row of props from de_nuke_zoo and placed them on this wall for some reason. They built this biochemical research facility right on top of a cafe, but couldn't be bothered to remove a boat on the ceiling? Normally before construction takes place its normal practice to completely remove old structures and then start building. Stuff like this is all over the map and it doesn't work. This is a prime example of bad signposting, the arrows point in all directions, and its not leading the player anywhere. There's also so much clutter in the area making the decal hard to spot. Theres so much stuff here, its giving me a headache. --- You have some solid composition in the brushwork, and the layout seems functional so its not all bad. To sum up, here's how you can drastically improve the look of this map: - Clean up the map, remove every prop related to Train, Inferno, Overpass and Canals and stick to one theme! I recommend something similar to Nuke. - When you place props think about how it would make sense in a real environment - Don't place props wherever there's space. - Keep it simple!!
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    Haha I laugh ^^ Good luck man ! Here, since Thursday my daughters left Lyon for a month (holidays with their grandparents) and for my wife and me it's like holidays in advance LET'S PARTYYYY !!!
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    Citroën C5 2001 (first phase) V6 210 hp 115 000 km I'm so happy !!! :)))))) It's not the best looking car, but it can be very comfortable (leather interior, air conditionning, automatic gearbox, speed regulator, the famous hydropneumatic suspensions from Citroën...) or really powerful by just pressing the "SPORT" button (the gearbox reacts differently, the active suspensions becomes stiffer ...) It's an "old" car but it was the high-end in 2001, it's a great car. I changed the timing belt and made an oil drain. I'll just have to do the drain for the automatic gearbox and it's going to be perfect. Plus, it was kinda cheap : 1400€ for the car itself (negociated rate) + 1200€ for maintenance !