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    Since its been a year ago we were working on this project I decided to do a playtest and try out some small ideas. Afther the playtest I realised I wasn't really happy with how it played and decided to do some big layout changes. Here is an album: https://imgur.com/a/5GAeTIM Even though I reduced the options for Ts, the map was very much T sided because of their OP position in Apps and the fact CT had a hard time rotating. Based on these main points I have strengthen CT positions on the sides and midle and made the B apps hole more open so Ts are more exposed. New album: https://imgur.com/a/gGFT1nJ
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    What's going on with your life?

    Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year
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    Luxury is close to completion, this the first art pass (no color correction yet) The setting is somewhere to the west of Hollywood Hills
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    Half-Life Alyx

    workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/3758762298552654078
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    I followed latest BlenderGuru's tutorial series to make a chair and I'm pretty happy, the result is very cool ! And thanks to this tutorial I also wanted to make a table with it And ... well why not make a stylish bench too And I made lowpoly versions of these for fun and ported them over Source 2 for HL:A. They don't fit very well with the game's art thought but it works
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    Some screenies of a level I've been working on for HL:Alyx. Assembling this scene would've taken a year in Source 1.
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    Hello, Quickly writting that tutorial from my experiments but a more official tutorial on the wiki should definitely replace this. First, gather the source files. We will consider a material with a standard PBR shader. All the folders are relative path, so find this location on your pc : Half-Life Alyx\content\hlvr_addons\your_addon\ And then place the files over there : The model itself : \models\folder\mesh.fbx The collision if you have one : \models\folder\includes\mesh_physbox.fbx The diffuse (must end with _color) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_color.png The normalmap (must end with _normal) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_normal.png The Roughness (must end with _rough) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_rough.png Note : You can use PNG, but also TGA, JPG or even PSD Note 2 : The normalmap doesn't have its vertical values inverted like it was the case on Source 1. If you import a normalmap from Source 1, don't forget to invert the green channel ! In my case, it's a vehicle that I'll name "vehicle_sherpa", so here are my files : The model : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.fbx The collision : \models\vehicle\includes\vehicle_sherpa_physbox.fbx The diffuse : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_color.png The normalmap : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_normal.png The Roughness : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_rough.png The AO : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_ao.png Then, we'll start by creating the material. On the asset Browser window, find the Material Editor and open it. File → New And then immediately save (File → Save or CTRL + S) to define a location of your vmat. In my case, it will go along with with the textures I just imported : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmat Note : once the files are compiled, you'll get the same hierarchy over the game folder than the content folder. Once the vmat will be compiled, it will become vmat_c (compiled material) and will have vtex_c with it (combined texture). We will keep the Vr Simple shader And you can start importing the textures by clicking on the folder icon next to each field. It will only look for files ending with the right suffix, hence the importance of naming your files to make your work easier afterwards. In my case, I have an AO texture so I'll check "Ambiant Occlusion Texture" on the left but it's optionnal. In the end, it should look like this : Feel free to use more complex shaders and to tweak things better. My model should definitely use a metalness texture but it's fine for this demonstration. Ok now save and you can quit the material editor. Back on the Asset Browser, find the ModelDoc Editor Same thing, start by saving your model. In my case it will go there : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmdl Start by selecting an archetype, for this we will do a simple Static Prop Model. And then, import your mesh by using that cute little star button : Once your mesh added, it will feel like nothing is happening. Try pressing the compile button on the right. That's right, you need to press that compile button to make sure to compile stuff. It wasn't the case for the material editor, everything was being compiled automatically. Your model should be a ref wireframe because it doesn't have any material assigned to it, so let's start with that. On the left pannel, check "Show Empty Categories", it will show you "categories" for which you can configure stuff (i'm vague because ... i don't know most of these stuff for now). Right clic on the category "MaterialGroupList" → Add DefaultMaterialGroup And then, if the item "DefaultMaterialGroup" is selected, in the Node Editor pannel you'll be able to assign a material. I assume you can manage with this category the multiple materials you might need for your model. For my simple example, there's only one material so I will stick with 1 group. Compile your model and it should start to look like something ! You can move like in Hammer (hold RMB/press Z and move with WASD) or you can rotate around the mesh by holding ALT + LMB. Cool ! Now let's add a collision. Right clic on the category PhysicsShapeList and you'll notice multiple options to add collision I assume it's there because you might be able to add shapes (box, capsules and spheres) by hand or you can decide to generate a collision from ModelDoc. By in my case I have a mesh, so I'll pick "Add PhysicsMeshFile" and gives the physbox FBX I imported earlier. It should look like this in your 3D view Compile your model and you can try to place your model in hammer !
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    Slowly making progress..
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    What I'm Working On

    Here's my new Unreal Engine 5 hostage rescue map
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    The random model thread!

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    progress update on bg map, now in action
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    [CSGO] Bloodline (Deathmatch)

    Hello everyone! I just finished my new map for CSGO. It is a fun map, with a lot of interactions and a unique theme. I invite you and your friends to play a game of Bloodline! Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2112785597 DESCRIPTION Fight in the Parkists Arena in this battle of Bloodline! The most violent and controversial sport of all! When you hear the crowd remember to fight for the field, avoid the lava, press the explosive buttons and make the best score of the match! They will shout your name for sure competitor! MAP SIZE: Large RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 12 - 16 AVAILABLE GAMEMODES: Deathmatch (most recommended); Arms Race; Demolition; Flying Scoutsman; Custom Casual/Competitive (1 bombsite only). Bloodline was developed for an old Half Life 2 MOD (KumaWar2). Because of that I preferred to reutilize some of its assets, slightly improving the look of them! More updates may come in the future! Have fun!
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    de_loreley [wingman]

    hey people, screenshots see below or at the imgur link https://imgur.com/gallery/20n8GQu. I took the cs mapmakers wingman competition as an occasion to make a new map. I figured two against two was a small enough scale to slot this one in. Little did I know that within one week I would already have developed two entirely different concepts and greyboxes, and be toying with a third. de_Loreley is the most polished, so you get to see this one first. For this map I was inspired by a train journey I did along the Rhine basin recently. One stop along that journey is the famous Loreley cliff. I thought it was neat and based this layout on what I saw. Check after the screenshots for some of my reference material. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111658014 The layout is a very simple threelane design. There are three distinct pathes, separated by elevation and theme. The uppermost path is a slightly bent train tunnel, connected by an emergency door to the main street along the center of the map. The CT end of the street is flush with the tunnel's elevation thus allowing CTs immediate control of the tunnel. The main objective is on the street. Locals are entirely fed up with the rampant tourism in their home and have decided to symbolically target an open-topped tourist bus. Right next to the street where these actions are meant to take place, the third and lowest level is the riverside of the Rhine. Taking control of the Rhine's beach allows Ts a great insight into common defense positions further behind the site. Final touches are added by some accessible rooms (one staircase and one basement workshop) in the local houses that divide the street and beach. I hope you can find the time to boot this up and have some fun on the map. Enjoy your stay at the Rhine! Screenshots:
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    El Moroes

    Half-Life Alyx

    Impressive ! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/2229791404478061089
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    05/06/2020 Major layout changes: Based off of the amazing feedback I've received from everyone and combined with thorough play-testing with friends, I have made changes to the overall layout to Akashi. I removed a lot of the narrow corridors and cut down on the number of connecting pathways. Bombsite B was... terrible to play -^^- Because of this I redid the entire of Bombsite B. Mid was very boring to play so I also redid Mid... CT spawn was moved next to Bombsite B similar to Overpass CT spawn. Although this might seem unbalanced, it will help with timings and give CT's an option to play aggressively or passively. Bombsite A was also changed slightly from feedback gathered through play-testing. I also moved it closer to CT spawn. In the layout sketch I also included some of my basic sketches of things that might be included in the map (rocks, Torii, walls and monorail). Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback so far, please keep give your opinions / feedback below ~^^~ 02/06/2020 Finished a very very basic layout so I can play-test. Changed a few things from the initial sketches, however, the layout is extremely close. Any feedback is welcomed ~^^~ thank you everyone who has already left amazing feedback below 31/05/2020 This is the second top-down layout sketch for Akashi. A few minor changes to mid and CT. Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback ~^^~ 30/05/2020 Hiii ~^^~ This is the start of Akashi's development and attached is the initial sketch of the layout. This is still early development so any feedback would be appreciated
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    Hello! After a few years of development, Coachi (https://www.mapcore.org/profile/37221-coachi/) and I have finally released our map, Firenze. We hope you enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105680462 "Terrorists have driven into the previously busy streets of Firenze, with the goal of causing as much mayhem in the city as possible. They have set their eyes on select cultural centers and local tourist attractions. They plan on detonating either the the statue outside of the De Vitis shoe store or the local street market. However, Counter-Terrorists have been quickly dispatched in the city to disrupt the actions of the Terrorists. Who will win?" Full Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/HEixUjk
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    Interesting thematic ideas and shapes. However, the design may be too complex to be enjoyable. Several of the paths drawn are redundant and easily removable, making the map easier to understand. Here is an example of such a revision: If you keep your paths to the bare minimum, you will see what additional paths are needed as you playtest the map (if any).
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    Dishonored II

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    Half-Life Alyx

    Finished this yesterday, decided to give it at least a day before talking about it on here. I played it on the Oculus Rift S, which is a really amazing piece of hardware. I've had some very limited VR experiences in friends houses, but it was the very first time I've had the time to really sit down and appreciate it.... or rather stand up. The room VR is really awesome, I love that the Rift S didn't make me install those annoying sensors on my walls, putting even more cables in the room. Never, not even once during this 14 hour long campaign had problems with controllers or headset tracking, so the sensors on this thing work really well. Also relatively impressed with the built in speakers on the headset, while not too loud or bassy, the surround sound really feels great, and it's actually useful for gameplay too. The screen is ok, 80hz refresh rate is sorta noticable but you quickly forget about it. What I didn't like is that the resolution and screendoor effect still needs to be at least twice the quality of what we have here to really start to be impressive. I sometimes would take the headset off and glimpse at my monitor and it looks so much better there, color depth, sharpness, etc. But, the exchange of picture quality for full immersion was really worth it here I think... I mean, it's one of the most immersive experiences I've ever had with a video game, it sometimes really feels like you've been transported into another simulation, and not a very uplifting one either, the combine really fucked earth up. Lmao. Btw, I did experience some nausea on my first day, it lingered for a few hours too, which sucked. But now, it's completely fine, I don't even feel that eerie feeling when taking off the headset and returning to reality anymore. Anyway, the game... it took me a full hour, or probably more just to get to Russell's apartment, I was tossing bottles at the walls, throwing pots at cats, sketching penises on a glass window with a marker, reading newspapers, and just grabbing shit... I legit felt like a kid that just received the most amazing toy on Christmas morning, lol. It's a really polished game, the level design is really well done, and it works really well for VR. Sometimes it falls on the claustrophobic side, and lacking any meaningful exploration paths. When the levels do (rarely) open up a little bit, it feels great to just move around and take it all in. But I'm also well aware of the technical limitations of the platform. Overall, I'm glad I updated my PC and got a VR headset for this. Don't regret it one bit, amazing experience. And now... we have source 2 to play around with, lets go baby.
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    [CSGO] Rally [WIP WINGMAN]

    I'm making a wingman map based around a rally cup garage. Posting here super early in the design faze so I have to stay accountable. Hopefully I can get some sick looking rally car models in to really sell the map. I'm pretty bad at hardsurface modeling though...
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Two birds, in black & white As usual, you can see more on my website here : http://marcbidoul-nature.fr/
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    Mafia Trilogy

    Will get this for sure, Mafia 1 is one of my all time favs
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    Half-Life Alyx

    Nah see you guys again in 13 years
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    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Fuck this, can't upload more
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    I think it's with levels like it's with most other arts and crafts - yes breaking from the traditional rules and making more diverse maps is good and should be encouraged, however imo you can only do that meaningfully if you understand why the traditional rules exist in the first place, which usually means sticking to them until you've got some experience.
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    Half-Life Alyx

    we've come a long way.
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    Half-Life Alyx

    I've got a raging clue. Found this on twitters LOOK AT THAT LIGHTING
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    Complexity does not equal innovation. You can innovate a level layout without mindlessly adding more and more routes. There is a variety of tools you can work with that are not "paths". One of the reasons why relatively "simple" geometry works well in Counter-Strike is predictability. In Counter-Strike you die very very quickly. If you get caught of guard, you are basically done for since you, as a player, don't have many tools to escape a sticky situation. Being killed from behind is NOT fun. That has nothing to do with "learning the ways of the map". If the map geometry becomes too complex, it decreases predictability, since players cannot rely on their back being safe. Furthermore, and that seems to be the point you are critizing it does make players having a harder time to learn the map. You got to keep in mind, that people will most likely spend their time doing something else, than trying to disect your complex layout just to master it. People don't do that. To give some feedback on the acutal piece: I think that's a pretty good starting point. I agree with @Interfearance that it could use some simplification in some parts. Parts of the map also feel a little cramped, like the CT area on mid. Furthermore there are a bunch of very long, straight and fairly bland routes, especially leading East and West from CT spawn. Routing for CTs that wanna go mid, feels a little weird since you have to run a "U-Shape" followed by a "S-Shape". Might be a little tedious to navigate. Retaking A side for CTs seems tough, since they have hardly any cover at close to the site. Keep it going! Hope to see the layout ingame soon Good job so far
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    Some stills from my first serious map, de_viejo Still very much a WIP https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2092589679
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    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Introducing my latest map set in Cusco, Peru. While my first map de_neighbors was born out of a desire to turn a real location into a playable map, I knew I wanted to take a different approach for my next project, specifically one that was born out of good gameplay--the one thing that truly matters. Now that I've experienced a full development cycle (with the exception of making custom assets) and have honed my process, I decided I wanted to do this right and start with an idea. I had a few ideas: A curved mid A connector that converges with a main entrance to a bombsite site A bombsite that Ts have a vice grip on, but if CTs were to gain control of it, they would put serious flanking pressure on the Ts. A bombsite that CTs could choose to hold proper or push out towards the main routes early to gain more map control before the first encounter. So I began with some simple pathway flows for the map. I finally landed on a flow that incorporated a number of these ideas. Throughout this process I wasn't concerned with figuring out the exact shape of the routes or specific angles. It was more about establishing the general relationship between the routes. Once that got ironed out, I built a general layout in hammer. I then took the simple routes I had and bent and twist them in thoughtful ways to create interesting angles and to adjust timings. I tested the map very frequently, so frequently that I would say I designed the map through playing. I ran around thinking through scenarios, where I wanted to move, where I wanted cover, etc.. I imagined attacks on bombsites, the approaches and how I would want to move throughout the bombsite if I were defending and trying to stay alive as long as possible. I crafted the map angle by angle with the guiding principle of creating as much complexity as I could with the fewest elements possible. CSGO players are really good at breaking new maps, which is why I try to break my map as I'm designing it. The best way I've found is to test it as much as possible. The slightest change could have a cascading effect across the entire map. A silly double boost could break your whole map if you don't catch it early. And you don't want to have to comprise your art later on. After dozens of iterations, my notebook doodle eventually turned into this: The map was built on gameplay, but I kept my theme in mind throughout. To convey Cusco properly, I knew the map had to have a lot of outdoor areas, some streets, and iconic architecture like the city's stunning cathedrals. This was all very loose in my mind as I was building the layout, but it help keep design decisions in check. Since i wanted to have streets, I knew certain routes had to be a certain size at minimum to be believable. I made sure any indoor areas could believably be shaped into a house or commercial building. Again, all very loose and vague. I didn't want the layout to be too compromised by theme so early. I was more willing to retrofit the architecture to the idea. I must admit it was scary at first, but as I continued and I started pulling some art references, I found things started to just fall in place. The deeper I searched, the more architecture I found that suited the geometry I had built. Over time the map began to separate into distinct areas. Mood Board It behooves you as a map designer to get as immersed in your theme as you can. I spent hours just traveling around google maps looking for inspiration. And each time I did, I would return to my greybox with new ideas, new angles and new architecture for what areas could be. It's still evolving. I particularly loved the variety of doors around Cusco. The greybox will be ready for playtesting very soon (with screenshots to come). Let me know your thoughts so far!
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    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Made some adjustments to the pathing at A Main. Before: After: I replaced the cubby on the right with a more deepened space so Ts could push out and be rewarded with a position closer to the site. I also added some grassy elevation and replaced the cubby on the left with boost-able cover. Now if Ts get smoked out, they can boost up from the top of the hill and work parts of the site. ------ On the B site, I added some angled doors to the Crypt entrances to make positions in and around it more playable. I also extended the plant zone to the back wall so Ts have a safer plant position. ------ Inside the Cathedral, I closed up the mezzanine here with some boarded up archways. I initially had it opened up for quicker rotations, but decided to close it up to give Ts some more safety and reduce some of the unnecessary open space on the map. Updated Radar Feeling like this will be ready for a playtest really soon. Probably one more update or two. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153
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    Source 2 Hammer Bugs

    If you try to take a high resolution screenshot, the editor crashes.
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    [CS:GO] Cusco

    I moved the CT spawns back a bit to adjust the timings for the A routes. This had the side effect of making the CT timings to mid too fast. Then it occurred to me: why not just completely remove the route from CT spawn to mid? I was already trying to think of ways to avoid the archetypal CT sniper window at mid after all. This allowed me to simplify the CT side of the map, improving rotation speeds and making mid less hectic. Current Layout Now CTs can only reach mid from B site and from the middle connector. Since mid ends in a T-juncture, CTs must coordinate effectively from either side to secure mid control. If Ts gain control, the T-juncture provides adequate safety to function as a staging area for B site, while also enabling fakes/rotations to A site through the connector at the center of the map. At least that's the idea. And with that, here's a first glimpse of Cusco! B site T Spawn A Main T-Side of Mid CT Spawn CT-Side of Mid A Site CT-Side of Mid Alt route to A CT Spawn to B Site Check it out in the workshop and let me know what you think! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2098558153
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    Half-Life Alyx

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    Source 2 Documentation

    Feel free to post great resources, they will be added to this thread. -------------------------------------------------------- Source 2 Introduction by Marnamai https://docs.google.com/document/d/17aFk2Z-C1G2ZYcQRxKx-fEK3m4h0jSw9nqGjC9T1Bx4/edit# -------------------------------------------------------- How to Transition to Source 2 by Shy Studios -------------------------------------------------------- Steam VR Environments Docs https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/Environments --------------------------------------------------------
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    WIP background map for Map Labs competition mod
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    Half-Life Alyx

    Congrats on the announcement, HP!
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    What's going on with your life?

    I was lucky enough to be working on my home office for the previous year. Now I'm actually using it. I must say for my line of work WFH makes more sense. Ideally I'd go into the office once or twice a week for design meetings and my general sanity though. Anywhoo. Epic just did a video on our company. We use the unreal engine.
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    Corona Virus

    Speaking of guns
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    Unreal Engine 5

    Say what? This is confirmed by Tim Sweeney to be real time footage from a playable demo captured straight from the PS5 dev kit. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/a-first-look-at-unreal-engine-5
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    [CS:GO] Erect (wingman hostage)

    Not sure whether to move this thread to EOT Nice rocks though. I think you’re overdoing the poly counts on the cliffs a bit. I know UE5 is powerful, but just because you *can* doesn’t mean you *should*
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    [CS:GO] Erect (wingman hostage)

    off topic joke alert! I've added a barn in the new version. Scarecrows are a must!
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    Alan Wake

    As I wait for my Oculus Rift S to arrive in the mail (Finally!!) I decided to boot Alan Wake American Nightmare. This expansion came out in 2012, the year I moved to California, so I never got around to play it. With the exception of the DLC they just release for Control, it was the only piece of content that Remedy every released that I haven't experienced. It takes place in a Arizona desert evening, and it's in many ways similar to the main game, the story is really weird but the message behind the writing is actually fairly easy to interpret, not like Control where it's just weird for the sake of being weird. Alan Wake, the writer is basically fighting his archetypal Carl Jung-like "shadow", the version in him that wants to party, take advantage of others, basically go all out epicurean. Something that I'm sure every artist that "makes it" has to fight against, the dark side of success. Interesting premise for sure. It's kinda weird to play a game released in a pre PBR era, it feels like watching 70mm film in a modern TV. There's a certain look that's obviously dated for today's standards, but at the same time there's a magic to it that's becoming quite nostalgic, really interesting feeling. Combat, writing, graphics, sound, voice-over all feel like they come from an era with a certain artistic innocence that I kind of miss in today's video games.
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    Tomorrow, I'll upload a brand new version of the map, with many improvements. I won't go into much detail yet, but here's a current W.I.P. for the Fish Statues (called Sachihoko in Japanese):
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    Source 2 Hammer - Feature Request

    Here you go
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