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    I have not posted here for a good while. I'm putting in the effort to learn UE4, so here's what I've been working on. Crits are welcome if you got any.
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    [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)

    I just published 'Chalice' to the workshop, a small Wingman map inspired by a fortification in northen Italy, and a spin-off to my earlier map Scepter. Assets from 7 different maps came together to make this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362837520
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Some more updates. The map is at a stage where a few weeks represents a lot of progress, so all feedback on what you see is very welcome! Managed to get Skybex on board to deal with the custom art assets, so you won't be seeing any of my nooby art anymore
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    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Hello! Some of you already know but after ~1.5 years in development lots of playtesting and iterations I finally released Ruby on the workshop! The trip to Lisbon I took at the beginning of development to shoot reference and record audio resulted in the map having: ~100 custom models ~60 custom materials ~100 custom sounds All based on the Portuguese city. The size and timings of the map are comparable to maps currently in active duty and the layout with clear land marks and a few unique areas should be easy to learn for every player of every skill level. There's also a small MapCore easteregg and the first person to find it gets a picture of a piece of cake! Once again I want to thank everyone here at MapCore who participated in playtesting or gave feedback during the development. And please let me know what you guys think of the end result! WORKSHOP LINK
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    Jonny Phive


    I decided to spend some time taking classes and mentorships last year based on environment art. I felt if I could better understand environment art, I could hopefully become a better level designer. I embarked on a mentorship with Ryan Benno, a modeling course with Andres Rodriguez, and a foliage course with Jeremy Huxley. The following work is a byproduct of their incredible courses, fantastic teaching, and guidance. I strongly recommend each one. I decided to work some of this new art back into Venom. Excited to share more soon!
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    fewseb - nothing is final, just not got any other ideas at to what can be added to the sites. A better story would be good - just can't think of any! RZL - Thanks for the detailed feedback, much appreciated. I will deal with those issues when I next do a pass on that area. Hopefully can get some replacement textures for the storm drain areas. Regarding sending a map - working on trying to get it playable - at the moment, the map currently has every source mappers favourite issue - max_tex_infos, and max_brushes limit. Should be fixed pretty soon though - will let you know! Got a replacement mesh for the old blockout van. A before and after shot. Other stock vehicles also being replaced with rv's and a VW Van.
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    Classic Offensive

    Classic Offensive is an in-development community-made mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CO aims to bring Counter Strike back to its roots with completely remade classic maps, character models, and weapons that hearken back to their original versions while also keeping many of the improvements that CSGO has made. Classic Offensive was successfully Greenlit by the community and will see a free Steam release in the future. Since its initial ModDB release, the team has expanded, and nearly everything has been rebuilt from the ground up. We recently started posting weekly devlogs every Monday on Twitter and Reddit. fy_iceworld_csco Preview (created by Quoting) de_train_csco Preview (created by Quoting) We are currently looking for more developers. We are in need of skilled mappers and modelers. Feel free to send me a message here on Mapcore if you are interested in assisting in CO's development! We also recently opened a Patreon account as a way of supporting our developers.
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    Classic Offensive

    I thought I'd update this thread with some more of our recent work. We've recently shown off progress on our versions of Inferno and Poolday in our weekly devlogs I post on our Twitter. fy_poolday_csco Preview (created by Quoting) de_inferno_csco Preview (created by poLemin) de_nuke_csco (created by Quoting)
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    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Hey Mapcore. I'm working with @BubkeZ on a new project. goo.gl/zx6Z1h We are making a new competitive bomb/defusal map, that takes place in a charming small town somewhere in the US of A. The map features a lot of traditional american exterior elements and takes inspiration from the 1950s. We are still looking for feedback on the layout. Feel free to test it out and leave feedback on it! --- @BubkeZ is responsible for the layout and gameplay, and also is contributing to the design process. I'm responsible for producing all the art, so props, textures and the map composition. @BubkeZ's vision with this map is to create a fast-paced competitive bomb/defusal map with an open skybox, which creates interesting gameplay with its verticality. When it comes to the visual design, we wanted to capture the feeling of a typical american small town. To keep the theme fresh and interesting, I had the idea to ground the map in the 50s. So the map will have a Diner, an auto service shop, an Ice Cream bar and lots of different types of establishments that you can find in a small town. The map is in its early stages still, but we are making a lot of progress by the day. We will update you here when we have something new to show, so stay tuned! We are going to post more screens and behind-the-scenes stuff on this thread later this week!
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    [Gmod] rp_wildwest

    I just released an RP map that I've been working on since late November. Steam workshop link
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Started working on the actual map now! Im posting progress pics on my Twitter (where I also post stuff about my indiegame that im building by myself (plz follow me)) https://twitter.com/Oskmos Cheers!
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    There's plenty of work to be done but here's an update to Kaizen!
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Yanzl made an awesome update to the level!
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    Intro Titanfall 2 was one of the best FPS titles of 2016, featuring a very strong single-player campaign with interesting combat and puzzle gameplay for both players and their Titan. Additionally, each level featured its own special twist: "Effect and Cause", for example, presents players with a memorable time-traveling mechanic. The time-travel mechanics of "Effects and Cause" serve couple of purposes, influencing not only the way players traverse the environment and its associated obstacles, but also how they fight through the level's combat scenarios. Two different time periods are a threat to the player, so the designers decided to allow players to see where the enemies from the past are located. Once you move from past to the present, enemies leave a small blue particle in the place where they had been standing. Although the effect lasts no longer than two seconds, it’s enough to help players plan their next move. This twist on encounters makes them much more interesting and dynamic. For "Effect and Cause", the developers created distinct enemies archetypes with different engagement distances and attacks for each time period. In the present (a destroyed version of the map) the player deals with robots and wildlife. In the past, players face armed guards in the facility. Eliminating the danger in one reality does not make it disappear in the other, forcing players to think constantly about their position versus the enemies in the different time frames. Let’s discuss three selected encounters from "Effects and Cause" in-depth to see how they work in action! Encounter 01 The first encounter where players freely use the time-shift mechanic starts shortly after players exit a lab area. Here, enemies are located only in the past, when the facility is operating and functional. This prevents players from becoming overwhelmed with two types of enemies in two different realities within the first big encounter of the level. Layout Combat space This encounter is set up in two distinct spaces. The first space is a big room with a single entry point in the form of a double door opened by a panel, with combat focused at the far end of the room. The second space is a large corridor with a pocket in the middle and a security room at the end. A panel in the security room must be used in order for the player to progress. Both encounter spaces are divided by a time-shift puzzle, the only way to continue onto the next arena. This time-shift puzzle serves as combat gating and also adds variety to encounters that are otherwise only about shooting. The gating also teaches the player that some spaces cannot be traversed in any time period, and that the only solution to the obstacle is to find alternative routes. Enemies There are eleven enemies in this encounter: four located in the first room, and seven in the second room. Once you eliminate the two enemies in the first room, the remaining two enemies get into position. The second space has a fixed number of soldiers, with no additional waves. All the soldiers are using guns or rifles. The advantage/challenge to the player in this encounter comes from the number of the enemies, not their abilities. Encounter design Once the player enters the first space, they see two soldiers talking to each other. It’s up to player to start the fight and pick their preferred attack method. Once the first two enemies are eliminated, players enter an area with clearly defined architecture and a no-man’s-land inbetween. Players should also see a weapon lying on the desk, a gameplay "carrot" which helps to draw players into the fight. The enemies will hold their positions and try to shoot the player from behind the safety of cover. The second area gives players more options, and also allows them to scan the area earlier (both from the first room through the lasers, and also from a vent). The designers ramp up the difficulty here, introducing more enemies into a tighter space. With the time-switching mechanics at hand, players can prioritize threats in order to set up their own tactics. It’s clearly up to player how to plan and play this encounter. As there is no threat in the past timeline, players can experiment with going back in time without punishment, ‘escaping’ the combat at any given moment in order to reload, reposition and jump back to the action. This encounter is memorable as it is the first time that players fully use their time switching mechanic, functioning as a safe environment to learn. In other words, it's a skill check and a preparation for what lies ahead... Encounter 02 The second encounter worth analysis is much more varied with how it positions enemies throughout the level. It also places enemies in both time periods, serving as a playground for prioritization strategies and other interesting player tactics. This encounter also features more verticality, which helps prevent players from feeling too overwhelmed with enemy forces, while also allowing players to use more of their Titan-piloting skills. Layout Combat space This encounter is located in a fairly large room with ample verticality. Players enter the space on the upper floor through a single entry point and continue their way onto a balcony, letting players familiarize themselves with the space from above. At the far end of the room, players will spot a staircase going down to the lower level where elevators are located. This area has two big areas of standing cover, accessible on both heights, and a variety of crouch-height cover such as railings, desks and potted plants. This space also has a small side-room allowing further tactical options. This whole area is gated with an elevator door which does not open until the combat encounter is over. Enemies This encounter is quite varied in terms of the enemies players face. In the past timeline, players face eleven soldiers: nine regular soldiers and two heavy soldiers with shields. These soldiers come in four groups of two or three each. The solders come with short intervals inbetween each wave, so that the player has time to react and make more intellectual choices. In the present, players face three robots appearing almost at once when they walk along the balcony at the top of the space. Once the player goes down, they have to fight four prowlers which appear one after another with a couple of seconds delay between each new spawn. Encounter design We start the encounter in the present timeline, with the gate blocked in the past timeline. On the way to the staircase, three enemy robots spawn but do not pose a big threat to players. Once players move down, their attention is drawn to a desk with guns. This helps players to immediately position into a location in front of the elevators. Once players shift to the past, enemies start to appear from the elevators. There is not enough cover to fight off all of the attackers, forcing players to prioritize and switch in time to better position themselves for attack. Once players go back into the present, prowler enemies will start to appear, forcing players to continue constant movement. This encounter may feel a bit hectic, but it is a good test of both pilot skills and thoughtful time switching. It's the first encounter which forces players to prioritize which enemies they want to deal with first in different time periods. Due to the designer's smart use of the elevators, vents, and robot storage, enemies are brought into the field in an interesting way. But at the same time, enemies are introduced to the player with clear sound and visual cues, so they remain alert to upcoming surprises. Encounter 03 The third encounter I want to breakdown is by far the most robust yet. It features different height levels, space divided into two areas, and flanking paths which can be accessed only through certain time periods. It serves as the "final skill check" for all of the pilot abilities and time-shifting gathered thus far in "Effect and Cause". Layout Combat space This encounter is spread across two areas of vertical space, connected by multiple paths that create nice loops for players to use to their advantage. There is one clear entry point with a wide view of the whole combat space and one exit located in the second area, but the space inbetween offers a great deal of choice in terms of how players can tackle the encounter. Playing through the encounter, players will learn that there is a geometry difference between the two different time frames that can be overcome with some of the pilot skills at their disposal. A big catwalk goes around the whole room with additional rooms with guns and ammo on the bottom level, for example. The amount of space available is needed, because the combat space is packed with enemies. Enemies In the past, players have to fight twelve soldiers: nine regular soldiers and three heavies with shields, as well as three robots. The enemies are spread out across the whole space of the encounter, but because the areas are connected with each other through multiple paths, the enemies will try to chase and eliminate the player. This means that the encounter feels very dynamic and tense. In the present, players face robots: eight prowlers inside, and even more of them outside fighting with BT (the player's Titan). The enemies in the present are hostile to each other, showing players an example of how the enemy AI can actually fighting eachother: information which players can then use to their advantage. Encounter design Players enter this area in the past, where they witness a single back-facing enemy, instantly inviting them to perform a takedown. From this point, the encounter is very open to experimentation: the player can either continue in the past and fight a big wave of soldiers coming through the main path (a staircase in the middle), or they can switch to the present, where they will find open flanking paths on both sides of the level. Going with the latter option offers a moment to breathe before prowlers are spawned, but it will also disable an ammo dispenser in the first area, adding consequence to player choices. Staying in one place will result in a massive pile-up of enemies in the area, so players are motivated to move around a lot, time shifting when needed. The second area of this encounter is one of the level's biggest in-door combat spaces. If players choose to go into this second area in the past, the encounter will be quite vertical with soldiers located both on the ground and on the upper catwalk. Switching to the present will cause a bigger concentration of enemies on the ground floor. Players are given enough space to fully use pilot’s zip-line ability to create shortcuts across the room, accessing the various loops and ammo dispensers needed to create a fair fight despite overwhelming enemy forces. There are very few conditions placed upon this encounter, so players can leave the area and jump into his Titan to deal with different threats at any time. Overall, this encounter serves as a test of everything learned previously, with players having the option to ‘lower’ the difficulty of the encounter using their titan. Conclusion The above examples are just a slice of Titanfall 2 gameplay contained within the excellent level "Effects and Cause", but in my opinion clearly shows how this great game was enhanced by its time shifting mechanic. The idea is fairly simple: time-shifting is nothing more than teleportation between two different levels, one layered on top of another, but the strong execution makes for a memorable experience that really stands out in comparison with other shooters. I highly recommend playing "Effects and Cause" as it is both challenging and fun, a level where Titanfall 2's time-shift mechanics comes into focus, providing additional depth to the whole game. Thanks for reading!
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    For all the Hammer users who have been praying for an update, Wall Worm is happy to announce a new Advanced VMF Editor. Just some of the key features: Classy black and white theme to increase readability in High Contrast Monitors. Familiar Hammer menus (some of which work as expected) Context-sensitive right-clicking to open assets directly in your Hex Editor of choice. Currently supports MDL and VTF. Tons more! Finding the cause of a bad brush never got easier. Here is a screenshot of this new, exciting product:
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    A level in ue4 i'm working on . it all started with making a few palm trees and then it went from there. The ocean water is a community project water from ue4 forums.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Here a bit of feedback: 1. The trees look a bit too repetitive and do not look very good from the angle you're looking (from below). 2. You seem to use the fence model a lot and it looks pretty wrong in front of the wall. I would get rid of that stuff there. 3. I would change the texture for the storm drain area to something that looks more like concrete, this one gives me too much of an italy vibe, especially since it looks similar to your map de_coast. Same goes to the floor trims. 4. The double double door entrance looks really wrong. I would definitely remove one of them (and replace them with a window you might be to jump through?). If it is two entrances to different parts of the interior (with a wall between) then I would replace the doors with single doors instead so you have some space between the entrances. Also the balloons are too repetitive and too uniformly clustered. I would spread them out a bit more in some parts and move them closer in others to break things up. Gameplay wise the whole map is an absolute mess and no fun at all to run around in. Prove me otherwise by giving me access to actually be able to play it
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    Jonny Phive


    I have been trying to chip away in any free time to get some work in on Venom. With that said, I reworked the layout and the art to feel a little more consistent overall. Hoping to share more of the art soon-- for now I wanted to share the newest version of the layout and finally get it into the workshop. I should have the workshop link shortly
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    Here's another update to Kaizen, would definitely like to do a flash/smoke video once the map is solid
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Not-a-mid turned into a mid...
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    3D Printing

    Hello, I received my first personnal 3D printer 2 days ago, and I noticed that we do not have anywhere to speak about that. I'm pretty sure most of you might be interested in this topic since it's basically 3D modeling, but for real-life applications I'll just start this topic with something I made today ! I'm currently preparing a move and I need to fix few stuff before I leave my appartment. The shower palm holder in my bathroom got broken recently, because it's made out of crappy plastic. I don't have the tools needed to make holes in a tiling wall, so I have to stick with the existing ones and I'm pretty sure I will not be able to find the same part with the same sizes. So I decided to take the brocken plastic part and make a simple 3D model of it : And then, I basically printed it with my brand new Creality CR-10S : (Original broken part on the left - 3D printed part on the right) Then, from the first try it just worked, I attached it to the wall with the original screws : And I added the original plastic cover that clips onto the 3D printed part and hides the system : And it just worked perfectly fine This is really boring and simple so if you have anything to show, maybe share it here for everyone to see it ! I'll try to make something better looking for the next one
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I'm finally back working on my de_losttemple remake. Got more references and better ideas for the visuals now. Here's a quick WIP with placeholder textures and bad lighting
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    3D Printing

    Latest additions..
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Chaouen

    In between the chaos of my uni work I decided to take another stab at making a defuse layout while also juggling some wingman ideas and a few other miscellaneous levels and stumbled upon the beautiful little city of Chefchaouen as a setting. I've already gone through a few iterations of a greybox but I'm not really satisfied with the layout much (never was my strong suit) and instead of scrapping it entirely like I generally do I decided to turn to getting it tested. As always any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Overview WIP (just simple for now): And I couldn't help but prototype a few textures/art ideas in one section as well to get a feel for what the detailing might look like Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343312702
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    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    MEGA BUMP !!! I'm not giving up on finishing this project I want to really polish thi one to the most but I know this won't be played a lot as ctf is not popular and this map is a bit complicated.
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    [TF2] Ctf_frosty

    Snow everywhere... Snooooooooow !!!!
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    Far Cry 5

    I made a little fan video this afternoon!
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Finally I finished the stats of the maps/Hub! I know I'm not professional but I tried my best, I hope this data could be helpful for the mapmakers to improve. Sadly few matchs were played and the sample isn't very large, so the info is not 100% reliable. I wait for feedback (more or other data, better design, etc), gg wp
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    Haunted Mines (Unity)

    My first level, I was trying to make something haunted in the cave
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    Simon Stålenhag

    Looks like the golden boys of Marvel, the Russo brothers (Captain America Civil War, Winter Soldier, Infinity War) have picked up the rights to the Stalenhag novel!
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    Harry Poster

    [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    I'm still making progress.
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    Mapcore Subreddit

    We now, rather unexpectedly, have control over r/Mapcore (thanks to @Utopia for this.) Let the fun begin!
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    "Little House on the Prairie" View from the kitchen Bonus pic
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    Jonny Phive


    UPDATE April 15 2018: Here is the workshop link In the works for three and a half years, with the help of Rabbid Monkey (Spencer Rose), looking to release this passion project of mine very soon ™ ! Hidden deep within the jungle, a once-abandoned military base originally intent on destroying the world has been resurrected... Check out these snapshots into the new world of VENOM. Still WIP/Aplha & looking for feedback. Thanks to my brother for helping me make a badge/logo for the map
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    Anyone wanna go camping this weekend? Campaign is progressing very smoothly now that I'm really comfortable with the dev tools. 2nd part of the campaign is almost done; scripted NPCs, boss fights and fight sequences in general, as well as exploration areas are mostly set. 2 side quests are also under planning to be soon implemented Random fact: At the time I initially posted this WIP thread on January 26, 2018, I had around 150 hrs on the dev tools; now it's 475 hrs
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    Sluis (pronounced sluice in English) is a bomb defusal map at a coastal town in the Netherlands. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297078841 It is inspired by inland waterways, the beach and cute Dutch towns. To get a feeling what I'm going for here is a moodboard (got a lot more images, but gives a nice impression): As this is my first map, it's all very early in development and I'm doing it in baby steps (as you can see in the changelog on the steam workshop and the gif below). I have shown some friends the map and tried some stuff, but I'm still unsure if the whole layout is going to work. At the moment I'm trying to make it ready for a playtest, but as it is my first map and my friends are no mappers I thought to share my work for some feedback before I submit it. So here are some more pictures: I'm currently trying to make the balcony area in mid better and doing some clipping.
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    Harry Poster

    [CS:GO]Endless Hours

    The latest version of Day/Night cycle
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    What movie is this?

    I think that movie does not quite fall into the girl's movie category
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    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Hello Mapcore It's been a while, I've been very busy working on ruby the past couple of months so I thought it was time to re-release a preview of the map to the workshop and give you guys a heads up of whats going on. First screenshots: A site terrorist entry Mid / B-short Terrorist spawn Back of Mid In the screenshot above you can see I've added a extra option / angle where the terrorists can fight over each bombsite I also gave them a extra path to rotate more easily through mid whilst trying to keep the map from becoming over complicated. Playing as CT you can still defend and watch all angles if you play two A one mid and two B. The reason I made these changes came from the many playtests that were held. A lot of times it seemed that the terrorists got stuck quite easily if the CT's would just smoke the entry paths to the bombsites. I found this became boring real fast and wanted to give the Terrorists a bit more space to work with but that of course won't make them overpowered. So I added a few options where the terrorists can work together over small areas near the bombsite where they can win a extra angle or option to fight over the bombsite and not just adding another entry point to the bombsite itself because this would make it unfair and to hard for the CT's to defend. There's already been quite a few playtests where I saw the terrorist team working together in theses areas and even if they finally got to the bombsite or not it was great to see how the fights worked out and I'm quite satisfied how the map plays overall right now. The only thing I'm still concerned about right now is the new route near mid this seemed sometimes a bit too much because you also have the upper route you can take from mid. I'm gonna stop right here because I don't want this to become a too long didn't read kinda thing. I hope you guys like where the map is heading and might you have any questions or feedback please let me know! Link to workshop
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    totally random texture thread

    Something new for the space fans: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rQnDm
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    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I think this is your strongest work yet. The sparkling ocean effect (sprite?) is really fun. In the past you’ve maybe not had the most realistic style, but you truly made it work here without losing any of your charm. Interested to play it soon!
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    Jonny Phive


    Thanks, guys! For anyone interested, here is the workshop link that just went up. https://tinyurl.com/yd8o43b4 Looking forward to hearing your feedback! It is a simple layout, but I have had a ton of fun making it.
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    Major patch for Revulsion has been released!This is a full list of changes to Revulsion since the last patch. This is the largest patch to Revulsion ever! As of this patch, if you claim to love old school style single player shooters and Revulsion is not at least on your radar then you don't actually like old school shooters."But, but muh voxel graphic make me think its minecraft" - Seriously, just examine the actual gameplay. The game is still very much a work in progress but at this point, after playing what is there for even just a couple hours you will realize you are dealing with a beast of an FPS that is only going to continue to grow in size and scope.I will likely begin browbeating people who claim this is "just another voxel shooter" without having even played the game moving forward. You have been warned and your love of old school shooters credentials are officially on the line. Like I said, if this game isn't at least on your radar then it **** well should be. PS: I have not been this cocky until this patch! (I am just now beginning to feel increasingly confident.) The World 14 New levels! - Massive amount of new game play content added to the game! 8 Of these levels are completely new while 4 of them are revised variations of previous levels. A huge number of new challenges!Note : As of this patch many of the levels are in graybox form. My plan is to do a full art pass on all maps to bring them all up to visual fidelity asap. Mission functionality. - A completely revised structure to the flow of the game! Instead of traversing large semi open ended levels you are now faced with a much larger number of smaller levels that are strung together using a new system called Patchwork. The goal with this system is to retain all of the elements that make hand crafted level design while still having a semi randomized feel to the world to maximize replay-ability. I want you to grind a bit. I want people to play missions multiple times. But randomly generated worlds tend to make for poor level design experiences. This is a new solution that I do not believe has ever been done before in this genre. Completion Bonuses for completing Missions. You will now gain special rewards for completing each mission. This also includes one time special bonuses for crafting blueprints and increased credits for first completion. The Patchwork level design system - Hand crafted levels with random elements to increase replayability. The Patchwork system is a method that takes a pool of hand crafted levels and makes it so that each time you play the level you will start and exit the level differently.The direction that you exit one level will determine the direction you enter the next level. You will often find yourself playing a level you have already played but experiencing things differently.Note : There is additional functionality under the hood that prevents you from seeing the same levels multiple times in the span of two missions. Find key open door gameplay is back in a new way. - Much lower dependency on "lock in" style arena battles. In the previous version of the game power node style lockin battles made up probably a majority of your overall combat experience. After this patch the VAST MAJORITY of your game play will be pure no holds bard brutal exploration and discovery. Pretty much identical to playing the original Doom in many respects. Instead of the Red Key, the Blue Key and the Yellow Key you will be searching for special power crystals. Once all of them have been collected one of 4 possible exit doors will open allowing you to progress to the next level. Keep in mind that ambushes are very common when you disturb these artifacts!Note : Power node battles still exist but they are much more rare. They exist usually as the ultimate goal of completing a mission. Lots of secrets in the levels! All of the levels have been fitted with special secrets that allow you to stock up on loot and other goodies to help you along the way. Searching for secrets is a big part of the game. In the current version these secrets are easy to see in most cases. Enjoy it while it lasts because after the next art pass these blocks will look a lot more like the surrounding world.Note : If you don't have an explosive weapon capable of breaking these blocks then maybe you should carry around a trusty pickaxe. "Perhaps I should add an axe and a shovel too." Note : Some secrets or locations can only be reached by having access to jump mods. New Game Plus has been updated! - The Iron Man Challenge If you can complete the iron man challenge you will be able to begin the game in new game plus mode. This means that the level cap will be raised as well as the levels of all missions and monsters and loot in the world. New game plus will allow you to gain access to weapons, special abilities and blueprints not available in the first run through. You will even begin to see special magical weapons appear like daggers, magical wands and super rare hell weapons if you can complete new game plus multiple times. Dual hell auto pistols and Dual hell blasters You can obtain the super rare dual auto pistols and dual hell blaster blueprints as well as one mastery token only by completing new game plus. These weapons are insanely good and are probably best in slot for your pistol weapon choices outside of maybe a couple even more rare possibilities. Limited lives? New functionality has been added to make it so you cannot die more than X number of times during a mission. Revulsion does not cut you slack. Not only will you lose almost all of your loot but you will be teleported back to the hub level and the mission will have failed.You WILL be punished for your mistakes. Your decisions are a huge factor on your success of the game. This functionality exists for those rare cases where someone simply bites off more than they can chew so the game will have mercy on them by ending the mission.Note : If this functionality does not exist then its possible for someone to be perpetually trapped in a unwinnable situation. I give you the ability to make this kind of mistake. If it happens its because you are in over your head. The difficulty... The first run through on normal difficulty will be more than enough to completely brutalize even the most hardened old school FPS shooter fan. But it only gets harder after that. The new mission system now allows you to gain access to harder difficulties without having to utilize the new game plus functionality. As of now you are able to play the first 4 missions in the following difficulties, Normal, Hard, Insane and Revulsion. Each difficulty has its own level requirements as well as increased monster placement in the world. And if that's not enough then you can infinitely replay the game on new game plus by completing the Iron Man challenge. New armor pickups! Body armor and armor helmets now exist in the world. These items fill up your armor value provided by the gear you have equipped. Enemies Enemy projectile speeds have been slowed This allows you more leeway to dodge attacks from enemies that use ballistic weapons. Enforcer enemy type no longer has armor. Grenadier enemy type no longer has armor but has a tiny bit more health. Enemies with armor now have greater weakness to lightning damage. Ambiance and musicSpecial functionality has been added to allow music and ambiance to follow the mood of the players current situation. For example the music may change when the player activates a particularly large ambush event. Weapons Elemental damage and status effects have been improved. Fire damage applies a burn status to targets for damage over time. Poison damage applies a poison status to targets for damage over time. Ice damage slows enemy movement and applies a frostburn effect for damage over time. Lightning damage potency has been greatly increased and now has a much greater effect on destroying enemies that have armor. Crossbows now have a unique ammo type. The ability to dismantle all weapons has been re-implemented. Pay close attention to the items you can obtain from dismantling. The flame throwers range has been increased. The howitzer weapon now has increased base damage. Many new weapon blueprint types have been created for you to be able to craft. Special abilities and boosters Aegis Recovery now increases both movement speed and defense while recovering your health Many new booster and special ability blueprints have been created for you to be able to craft. Dark seed should no longer cause your player character to become lagged out under specific circumstances. Transmutation booster now consumes less armor, provides over healing and a higher potency heal. Loot Loot now follows a leveled list. I have implemented a new leveled list functionality for items to make it so you will continue to see new cool items as you gain more and more levels. This also means that many items will not appear until you have completed new game plus multiple times. All loot tables have been greatly revised to fit the new flow of the game. Vending Machines The amount you can sell items at a vending machine has been greatly reduced. Vending machines no longer try to sell you blueprints you already have. There are far more vending machines in the world now. Heads Up Display The players hud has been revised with a completely new layout. Clicking the travel button should no longer cause the loading screen to pop up even though nothing is being loaded. Jump mods! It is now possible to access and craft jump mod blueprints. You can obtain Double jump blueprint after completing the second mission for example. Dismantling boots is the only way to obtain jump mod crafting materials. Crafting Repairing weapons should no longer cause weapons to vanish. Raw Animus. This is a vital ingredient needed for crafting most items in the game. These can only be obtained by completing missions. Like blueprints, these ingredients are not lost on death. Mastery Tokens. This is a vital ingredient needed for crafting the absolute most rare and powerful items in the game. These can only be obtained by completing high tier end game content. Like blueprints, these ingredients are not lost on death. Quality system has been completely redesigned. In addition to the color text used for the name of the item you will now also be able to see a bar that indicates how good the item is within that tier. The more full this bar is the better the items overall stats will be. Before this patch it was possible to "upgrade quality" on any item you wanted. But now in the current version the only way to craft higher quality items is to obtain the blueprint for the item you want then upgrade that blueprint before actually crafting the item at that quality level. Note : Keep in mind that upgrading blueprints to green and above quality ranges is not a good idea until you are at the level cap. The reason is that when you level up that legendary blueprint will drop down to superior quality. The stats of that item you can craft with that blueprint will remain identical! But it simply wont be as impressive to your now one level higher player. So when you expend a lot of resources into upgrading blueprints try to do it when you are at the level cap. Automap improvementsMultiple improvements have been done to the auto-map functionality to make it so its easier to see and understand the auto-map. The higher the floor the more bright the material will be. Auto-map now also slowly floats up and down to help provide a better feeling of depth perception. The auto-map is extremely important especially now that so many new levels have been added to the game. Revulsion is my indie game project that is currently available on steam early access.http://store.steampowered.com/app/719180/Revulsion/Official Discord - all are welcome!https://discord.gg/8rFTkmjSteemit Updates:https://steemit.com/created/revulsion
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    A Way Out

    It's really good, makers of Brothers. Full local co-op goodness, been waiting for a game like this for years, and it actually delivers. Strangely cheap too $30.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    @SerialmapperMy first map in general I watched all TopHattWaffle's bootcamp video's. Made a plan (above) in Photoshop, collected images along the way for visualisation, blocked it out (alongside TopHatt's vids), found out that off grids sucks, blocked it out again and iterated from there. I'm a bit of a dreamer with a background in industrial design, so this was right up my street. While designing/dreaming/building, I lurked a lot in the source engine discord that was also helpfull. I've also been playing counter strike on and off for a while now... guess that also helps
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    [CS:GO][WIP] de_yard

    Sup. Layout update, available on workshop
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    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Click here to see the map on the workshop! St. Malo (de_stmalo) is a classic 5v5 Bomb Defusal map for CS:GO. It's intended for casual and semi-competitive play. I came up with the idea for this map about a week ago and put together this greybox version in three days, and I've detailed the process below. Hope you enjoy! Reference Images For this map I knew I wanted to do a beach theme so I looked around Google Maps for an interesting area on the coast. I found the town of St. Malo in France which is where the map name comes from. Here are some of the images I used to get an idea of what the layout architecture should look like. Layout I wanted this map to also be different from the standard clover-style layouts, while still providing fun gameplay. The T and CT teams spawn diagonally from each other, and the bombsites are relatively close but require rotating players to either travel through the dangerous tunnels at the center of the map or traverse the long spawn areas. Both bombsites are "battle areas", meaning Ts enter the site areas rather easily but must pick off defending CTs in order to get the bomb planted. Here's my initial drawing of Bombsite A and CT Spawn: ...and here's the current layout: Screenshot Gallery Hopefully I can get the kinks of the layout ironed out soon and move on to detailing. Thanks for viewing!
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    Max Payne... 16 Years Later

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    [CS:GO] - De_Seed - Final release

    Final release! -Bug fixes -Feedback work -Visual improvements -Small gameplay changes -New minimap ----------------------------------- If there is an error or a bug, I would be glad to hear about it! _____________________ Click here for my Steam Workshop page. More screenshots Known issues: It does not support multicore-rendering! Turn that off in the graphic setting or you might end up in disappointment. (It might work for some folks out there but my experience is that it crashes the map randomply in the first minutes of gameplay. I don't know who to blame for that...) Special thanks to: - Str0nk - Squinky™ from the steam workshop.