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    Boulder is a bomb defusal map based around the Meteora Monasteries in Greece https://www.trekhunt.com/blog/en/meteora-greece-monastery-map-itinerary-images-hotel/ Here is a album with some WIP pictures and a overview: https://imgur.com/a/y7RdFTg And the workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2325218920
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    So I might as well post about my current project here finally, since I've been doing so on the Discord for awhile now. Half-Life: Dark Matter is designed as if there was a fourth and final expansion to the original Half-Life from the perspective of a Black Operator named Kovac. I got the idea when I was replaying Half-Life for the 20th anniversary in 2018, I realised that although the Black Ops had appeared in a couple of mods, they certainly weren't done real justice, so I decided I would be the one to deliver it... Since then it's evolved a fair bit, and I have seven others in a team working with me now, including brand new code! There will lots of new areas and also crossovers with existing areas as well, and the story will not only be in keeping with Half-Life 1, but also Half-Life 2 and even Alyx where appropriate! This is my last ever Goldsource project*, upon completion I will be moving onto a newer and more modern game project, what that will be exactly is not known right now. Most of you guys know I've been working with Half-Life 1 for almost 22 years now, so I've got the experience and knowledge to pull this off, and the others have extensive skills in the field as well! Main page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter An extensive FAQ which answers most questions: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter/features/frequently-asked-questions-20 Twitter: https://twitter.com/HLDarkMatter and we also have a Discord server! https://discord.gg/yX4CfrH Right now as we speak, Dark Matter has been nominated for the ModDB Mod Of The Year awards Top 100, in the Upcoming category! So if you guys want to vote for me, that would be awesome Just follow this link: https://www.moddb.com/groups/2020-mod-of-the-year-awards/top100#vote41984 and select Dark Matter on the bottom! If we win, there will be a new chapter reveal in advance of the media update next year! Anyway, it wouldn't be the WIP thread without some WIPs, so here's a bunch of screenshots, more on the page above obviously! I'll post more enviroments here as I make them! Enjoy. *I might still work on something smaller for fun, if an idea arrises
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    From is his site: COUNTERSTRIKE FOREVER Every year I aim to do at least one project for personal development and this year getting to know my way around Unreal was on the menu. I started out with a nice snowy landscape but it somehow? turned into a reminiscent movie about the good old Counterstrike level-design days. Gogogo! PROJECT DETAILS 100% made by 3D-Mike https://player.vimeo.com/video/496983929
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    New Deathmatch map now available on PTR, set in Hanamura, but in a new area Was super fun to work on this one, the first map we made completely WFH. It is a truly Mapcore special. Level design by @Mazy Downtown architecture by @Minos Town area architecture by HP (can't tag for some reason) Backdrop by @PhilipK With some assets previously created by @Pericolos0 Developer update:
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    de_maar wip

    first of all happy christmas everyone!, So after making pithead which got 9th in the wingman competition, i wanted to have a bigger challenge. so i decided to make a 5v5 with @Ynel we started 4 days ago and we have made some good progress already! de_maar is set in norway close to a maar, where you can see auroras etc, our goal is to have a nice warm/cozy looking village. while having great gameplay some wip shots (some models are still placeholders) I hope you will enjoy them!!!
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    Mapcore Job Census

    I know I am no longer active here, but I just wanted to report in that I have accepted my first full time position with Lost Boys Interactive as a VFX Artist. So even if you're struggling and its been years, know that it can still happen when you least expect it.
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    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    Been working on the foliage for the scene, while also studying SpeedTree. I've also updated the overall look of the scene and tweaked the lighting. Nothing is final of course.
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    Peles Castle (CS:GO)

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my latest work here! I wanted to journey to Romania for this map, but I have never been so I decided to make a map based on the Peles Castle in Romania. The design, beauty, and epic scale of the map challenged me to really try for the moon here. I want to make a map that is really fun to play and offers something nice to look at. I hope that I can play this with my friends in the future! But in the meantime this map is being worked on, hopefully going to get a render of it before the year is out! -razorblade421 Feel free to check out some of my other fun maps I made for CS:GO! https://steamcommunity.com/id/razorblade421/myworkshopfiles/ Don't hesitate to reach out for any inquiries. I used a lot of assets and textures from HL:EP2 and L4D2. Shout out to TopHattWaffle for his texture packs available on his website! https://www.tophattwaffle.com/
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    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

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    Andre Valera


    Hello, haven't posted in a while so here's a quick review of the latest update for Kaizen. Along with some layout and visual adjustments I worked on prototyping a small mod to the Wingman mode in Kaizen. It's currently set as the default Wingman mode (not custom) when playing the map from the workshop. Players begin the match attacking and defending A, the following round each team attacks and defends B and this loops until one duo is victorious. Here's an overview of where each team spawns and how much of the original map is utilized. Additionally here are the patch notes and a screenshot album. Kaizen RC1 Oct 31st 2020 Screenshots With Kaizen getting some playtime on the hub and players finding and reporting bugs there's another update looming, but before you go, and thanks for reading by the way. What do you think of this Wingman mod?
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    You can check out an early version of Furnace on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 Any feedback is well appreciated! We'll be doing some playtesting in the next days and weeks as well. Here are some WIPs: The central canal divides the map's residential and industrial parts. CTs spawn below bombsite A - an electric arc furnace. The Terrorist's plan B is to bomb the nearby gas silos located by the canal. For now we went with a layered radar. We're propably going to try an overlayed version in the future. Top level radar Bottom level radar
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    As I mentioned above, I thought it would be fun to post some early blockout shots, and then post some final shots and talk about some of the design choices behind them. If people enjoy this, I can post a few more. Bomb A Changes After multiple playtests I identified a few problems with how bombsite A was playing, and how players perceived the spaces they were flowing through. In the old version, players would come down around this bend here, and be presented with option of ducking into this building to take a more protected, but tightly choked route, or they could try and work their way through the street choke and into the bombsite. The street opening here didn't have large cover, so this required a smoke or you would be destroyed by snipers. The less obvious thing that was occurring here was that players felt they were not aware they were transitioning into a bombsite/contested zone. Because you were walking down streets to get here without any changes in spaces, players did not perceive the immediate threat that was waiting around this corner. After some thought, I realized I could create a better choke point , add better cover from snipers, and create a clear delineation of spaces by adding a tunnel with vehicle cover. This also fit well with the aesthetic of Edinburgh. This would however end up impacting the secondary route that players always took into the bombsite. More on that below. As I mentioned above, players would go through the structure's interior, and be spit out at the back of the bomb site. This had its pros and cons. However, the one thing it did allow was for Terrorists to rush this point at a much faster rate than the CT's had time to deal with. In an effort to allow CT's better timing to both bomb sites, some work went in to slowing down the terrorist by just a second or 2. This also allowed me to build a courtyard that would be a bit more memorable than just an interior hallway. This also made the approach into A more interesting, especially when I did an overhaul on the bombsite in later iterations. When I started this level, I had a few core ideas I wanted to execute on. One of these ideas was how I wanted to go about differentiating the bomb sites. I knew I wanted one bomb site to be an interior or more close quarters fight, and the other to be a bit more open and long range. Possibly open enough that it might even be a bit uncomfortable for Counter Strike. Originally Bomb A was down in this recessed patio space. While I thought it may be interesting to fight down into this space, or hunker down to cover this area, it only took a few playtests to show me I was wrong. First, this spot became a grenade pit. You could almost guarantee that you were going to get 1 or more nades thrown at you here. Second, the recess made a lot of the fights kinda gross. You were trying to fire over the railings, and the players who were on the street above, you could only see their heads. The space really wasn't playing out the way I wanted. I had the idea to raise it up instead of the recess, and this turned out to be a much better choice. This got rid of the strange angles, cleaned up the fire fights, and made the space a bit easier to navigate through.
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    Hi all, Level editors for Quake era games such as Worldcraft and QERadiant originally got me interested in game development and even to this day, as a programmer I find Blender and others a little less fun to use than those original tools were. ProBuilder and UE4 brushes got close but I don't find it generic enough to be able to use the same tool for a number of different game engines I typically use for many of my projects. So I decided to dive in and start considerably hacking at the GtkRadiant level editor source code. As just one example, rather than read Quake 3 data files, instead it reads from a standard filesystem (as you would expect a normal 3D modeller to do). I have also added a "standard" .obj (wavefront) exporter making it easy to read directly into other modelling tools as part of your build pipeline. That format is fairly minimal but widely supported. Finally I have replaced the older Q3 lightmap baking stuff (the q3map2 compiler) with my own called "Raptor Bakery" (Or you can use Blender's, Maya's, etc anyway because they can all import .obj). I have optionally extended the .obj format to provide lightmap coordinates. A bit hacky; my next step is to just provide an fbx exporter Familiarizing myself with the original GtkRadiant codebase has been difficult but I really enjoy using the tool. Being able to knock up test scenes in a matter of minutes is really great. Perhaps this tool could help you migrate any cool levels you created for Quake or Half-Life (perhaps back in the day or even now!) to other engines. I have been a long time lurker on these forums and have seen some great stuff. Yes, some of it is probably a bit too much for this tool to handle but nonetheless So if you are interested, please check it out. It is free and I thought others might enjoy it. http://thamessoftware.co.uk/openradiant/ Karsten
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    Corona Virus

    It is not possible to achieve herd immunity without vaccination. It certainly has never been done. The vaccine has now been given to millions of people (one of my friends in Germany got his 1st shot of the Pfizer vaccine today). The number of severe adverse reactions can be counted on one (max 2 hands) I believe. That is definitely in line with other vaccines and other medications available on the market. Honestly, the side effects of covid are already known and are much much worse. As for long-term side effects. I read a very interesting article about this by a virologist (I can't find it as I am posting this)... but the way it was explained (and I am badly paraphrasing) was basically that based on how this type of vaccine works, the ingredients in the vaccine dissipate in your body very early on so it's not even possible for the vaccine to cause problems years down the line. The jab's main job is to trigger an antibody/immune response and provide instructions on how to fight the virus if it enters the body. When that is achieved, the actual vaccine itself basically dissolves in your body. Again, I am really badly paraphrasing what the original quote was, but that is essentially how it works. Also, I repeat again that the vaccine was not "rushed" out the door as some are claiming. The safety trials were completed satisfactorily. The reason it feels like it was rushed is because in normal vaccine development the stages take much longer to pass as they aren't being pumped full of money by literally every country on the planet. I will be taking the shot as soon as I can. For those of you who choose not to, that's certainly your choice. Just know you are contributing to the global community not achieving herd immunity. I also imagine you will be restricted from getting certain services, or entering certain public places, and rightly so.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Thanks guys, Dark Matter came SECOND in the Upcoming Mods vote! https://www.moddb.com/groups/2020-mod-of-the-year-awards/features/players-choice-best-upcoming-mod-2020 https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter/images/mod-of-the-year-2020-second-place Big thanks to everyone here who voted! Here's a couple of WIPs from the Xen chapter called Hostile Takeover (it was a working title for DM, now a homage to the cancelled expansion by 2015). Check the moddb links below for a synopsis! https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter/images/chapter-hostile-takeover https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter/images/chapter-hostile-takeover1
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    ... de_predator, de_recon, ... Whenever he'd release a new CS map that got me crazy excited. And then there was this one too
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    There is a new playtest version of Furnace on the workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326921664 We've mostly been working in feedback from our last test match. Thanks to everybody involved! Also thanks to @Roald for taking the time and giving some indepth advice. Here are some screens from the current map version: The Tspawn has slightly been altered - the garage on the right provides a faster and simpler path to the canal area. This shifts timings towards Bombsite A somewhat. The canal itself has been detailed a little more and got some cover in the process. The "Long B" has been fleshed out a little more - it now revolves around a derelict shack that should provide better cover for Ts. Bombsite B got some touches of color and the aforementioned half-open silo (not accessible). A sloped wall has been added beneath the heaven to hopefully limit weird vertical sightlines. CTspawn / Bombsite A has gotten the same sloped wall treatment. Also the lower part of the furnace has been detailed a little more. Top-Level Radar Bottom-Level Radar Radar comparison old / new
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    Acres (Wingman) Gonna try and learn some more about custom assets and materials with this project
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    imagine if Sony had like a certification program that all potential games releasing on their platform had to go through before releasing, to prevent situations like this
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    Nice I always wanted to see a nice remake of this map (or doing it myself when I was still motivated by creating levels ^^). This was one of my favorite in old good time of cs1.6 (and remember this map had just ONE crate, a real challenge aha ^^ ). He made cool and original levels and was one of my best inspiration at this time (cs_bikini, cs_greenhouse, de_deadlock, de_747,...). Aaaah memories
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    I'm still workin' on porting HLA content to Source 1. It's not much, but it's coming along! It's not really challenging, it's just time consuming to do since it's quite a long process for even just 1 model. Though textures can be rather quick. Car models have proven to be most challenging since they have different textures for both the inside and outside. And they aren't separate like the car models in CS:GOs Dust 2. So I have to manually select every polygon that makes up the interior, and temporarily make the interior it's own model to add the texture. Then I can combine the two together again. It can take hours to do this, but I'd say it's worth it. Foliage hasn't proven challenging. The only thing I have to do is try to re-create how the S2 wind effects look with the S1 $treesway technology. Having a high scrumble setting usually recreates the look well. Dynamic props are the only thing I'm not sure I'll be up for. I have no idea how to port over the animations for the model. But if by some miracle I figure it out, I'll be one happy fella! I'll update y'all soon! I hope your new year has been great so far!
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    [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

    Starting to detail the interiors of the scene
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    The random model thread!

    Reading this feels odd to me since it's the exact same reaction I had going from blender to 3ds max :D. Imo blender is the most intuitive software to use as far as navigating the viewport goes, especially if you use the (Shift + F) mode to fly around the 3d space. It may just be because I've used it for much longer than any other 3d software. Anyways, it's a matter of personal preference. I find myself switching from one software to another if I don't like how they do a certain thing. Here's the first fully textured car I've made (at least one that's good enough for me to remember)
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cooper and Norman's always ready to pounce.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    I feel sorry for the devs. They've been crunching for god knows how long. Probably screaming at management saying the game isn't ready for release and then they go ahead and release it anyway causing a bit of a shit storm with tons of bad press and angry fans. No doubt they'll be asked to crunch/work over the Christmas period to get hotfixes and patches out when upper management knew what state the game was in. I know it's a big game with tons of stuff going on and bugs are inevitable in a game of this scale. But they must have known how bad it was on the current generation of consoles and still decided to release it anyway. I'm sure they'll fix most of the issues eventually and I am still looking forward to playing it myself but I just feel bad for the devs.
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    de_recon, a map ahead of its time (no goddamn crates)
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    We've had a first playtest and got some valuable feedback from that. With that in mind we are fleshing out the individual areas some more. Hopefully we'll have a map update soon.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Hey all. Sorry I've not been around very much recently! Had a lot going on IRL and with work. Hope you are all doing well! Been working on this scene for a while now but finally finished it up. You can check it out on Artstation. This has been a really fun project and I've learned a lot about UE4 and environment art in general. Really wanted to push myself to learn some new software. Speedtree is amazing! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/bK8EPn
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    [GSGO] de_samba [WIP]

    So, yesterday I had my first playday for this map and this was the feedback I got: Tight!!! I heard this word several times during the playtest. It seems that a lot of players found several corridors to narrow. As the map was supposed to feel tight and claustrophobic, I guess I could have expected this. Though there is a difference in “feeling” tight and actually being tight, where it is not comfortable to play. In the feedback round afterwards, I got some more feedback around this topic, as the sharp corners and the possibility to maneuver enforces the tight feeling. So in the end, I suppose the map has indeed too much narrow corridors. One point to work on, widen the corridors, but keep the feeling of it being tight. Give a player the possibility to dodge incoming bullets. Play around smokes/Molotov’s. CT mid equals death Whenever CT’s rush mid in the beginning of the round, they ended up dead. The positions where they end up is too easy to be blocked by sniping terrorists from the opposing side of mid. Suggestions were, adding cover, changing the entrance and removing the extra path (right side on overview). Additionally, the position on T side in pit seems very overpowered as it only shows the enemy’s head. T-junction alert Terrorists attacking B were suffering from indecision as if they had to turn left or right. When they push a CT could be on either side and in worse case on both. This makes it hard to successfully push through this chokepoint. In order to make this more balanced the T junction has to be changed. Opening up opportunities for nades, maybe change the cover when checking left/right etc. Next to these points there were a lot of other things/flaws/ideas pointed out, that I’ll briefly write down here: Path from Mid to A site (upstream) could be removed There are awkward head angles from upstream into Short A There is a ledge in Upstream that providers very strange angles when someone gets up there The plank between pillars on A site should not show feet beneath it Diversify the bomb sites. Maybe open up A site Add more height variation on the bomb sites/entrances itself (not only over the complete map) On CT spawn, when walking to B, CT’s have to turn around first Try to add different encounter distances (not only far and close) Less 90-degree corners (river and alleys) Open up for utility Simplify I'll add the overview here again for reference. Thanks everyone for being in the playtest and providing feedback. Time to get to the drawing board.
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    Hitman 3

    Anyone counting down? By listening to a couple other videos, I finally understood the deal with the old missions: if you own the previous games, those missions are playable in the third.
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    Sure, it's been less than a week since I've released aim_six_arenas, but that doesn't mean I can't start working on the spinoff map. The conceit of this spinoff map is still the same as the original: each round starts as a series of 1v1 matches before allowing all the surviving players to fight each other. The difference here is that, instead fighting it out in movie sets and hallways, the players now fight in separate arenas, with the surviving players teleporting to a seventh arena. From a gameplay perspective, this means no more searching up and down a corridor looking for enemies, something players generally dislike. From the design perspective, this means I can add a lot more details to the arenas, which can be seen below: Aztec/Ancient arena (original arena for comparison) Subzero/Monastery arena (original arena for comparison) Swamp/Sugar Mill arena (original arena for comparison) You'll notice that the skies in the screenshots are different, thanks to my use of skydomes. I wrote a tutorial on how I made these skydomes here.
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    de_maar wip

    Our current layout, still heavily wip, but don't wanna be super quite about it here
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    Goals for 2021?

    Don't plan 2021.
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    @That50'sGuy this is from the area just inland of Venice Sardinia, caused by mining and refining that being said, at least you can see it. Much worse, in a way, when the problem is invisible... ever seen Erin Brockovich? There's also Dark Waters that came out last year on the subject.
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    this is not science fiction, this is real life
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    Corona Virus

    Why should others have to pay the (sometimes ultimate) price for people who choose to ignore the advice of every health agency on the planet? Fuck yes, I would want to be kept separate from people who pose a risk to me and my family. The two main vaccines currently have an efficacy of 90+ %, there will be others rolling out shortly where this protection is only in the realm of 70% I think many of these things will largely depend on whether it can be determined that the vaccines prevent transmission, which as of right now I think we still need more data to say for sure. If the vaccines don't stop transmission, then herd immunity through vaccine becomes far-fetched and at that point it really doesn't make a difference to me if you get vaccinated or not. However, the unvaccinated portion of the population would still be an unjust burden on the medical system by continuing to fill up ICUs and hospitals. Here in Ontario they are now pausing cancer surgeries because our ICUs are packed full of covid patients. I'm sorry but if you don't vaccinate because you just don't want to but then need to be hospitalized and meanwhile my mom gets her cancer surgery delayed and risks death because of your choice...you see why I would have a problem with this? If you actually had a legit reason not to get vaccinated, like a medical condition, that's a totally different thing and anyone would understand. But if you don't get vaccinated because of some unfounded rumour about vaccine safety, something that is not based on legitimate data or scientific fact, then yes, it should be you who pays the price for that choice and not my mom, or somebody else's mom. The vaccine has now been given to millions of people across the world and there have been, to my knowledge, reports of less than 10 severe reactions, most of which were treated within an hour and the patient released home. There is no scientific evidence the vaccine poses a risk in the long-term and no reason to think that it would.
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    What have you watched recently?

    Holy Shit! The nostalgia. Used to watch the original episodes back in the early 90s, and each episode was a half hour of tear-inducing laughs for the whole gathered family. Good times I used to have the VHS set; I think I'll get the DVD set and watch it again soon. I hope you are also fan of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, charlie Chaplin, and...Tom & Jerry
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 back in development

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    Steam Workshop Link Derrick Find the map in the "other" section of Garry's Mod Please play with HDR ON in your video settings Derrick was just a test that I started in Feburary, then after leaving it to rot for 10 months I came back to it and started working on it starting about 2 months ago. Derrick is largely a learning project and does not play well. It is more a demonstration of some features of the Source™ engine that Garry's Mod map makers do not utilize in their maps. It is shorter than I would like but found that making a code heavy map like this is time consuming. The map was not designed with the use of the spawn menu in mind which defeats the purpose of Garry's Mod which is weird now that I think about it. Credits sobecblobec - Main Creator | Environment artist ✪ bow - Bug Test Special thanks to: CSGO - Assets RP_UnionCity - Misc Please support me and consider rating/favoriting Derrick Sponsored by BuffDuckStore
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    ROOF [How to build?]

    Its all in the pitch of the roof. This is how I might do a 2/1 pitch with 16u walls and a 8u ceiling (if doing interior and exterior). Generally the math works out that you can line up your verts provided that the quotient of the thickness of the wall and the run of the slope is a whole number. So a 1/1 pitch, a 2/1 pitch, 4/1, and a 2/3 pitch will all work on a 4u or thicker wall. I recommend you stick with slopes whose run is a multiple of 2 as most geometry in hammer is built on a base 2 system, but you could do a 3/1 or a 3/2 pitch on a 6u or 12u wall... I do 3/2 sometimes as its a common stair pitch. Also note this is for the case where you need to do the interior and exterior of a building. If it's only the exterior you need to build then you can mostly forget the math.
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    What are you playing now?

    I got Deep Cock Galagtic on steam sale as I finally have someone to play games with! Cheers Christmas covid lockdown. REALLY Good game.
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    One does not simply ask @Mazy to design a map and then not release it... That looks fantastic. I still log into Overwatch for some free-for-all occasionally. Cant wait to try it on Live!
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    Music of Half Life

    Oh yeah, is anyone going to post some hl sfx videos? Ok
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    Super Nintendo World

    Lmao, so good. Awesome that they have plans to open one in California too. Dat lighting
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    Random Photo Thread

    Nice cloud formation just before the storm (took it last week)
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    https://www.iamag.co/the-art-of-cyberpunk-2077/ Cool concept art drop.
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    ar_Dome Soon to be released
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    Well it's been a little over a year, but I am happy to announce that de_distillery has been completed. I originally made this thread to document the progress of the level as I built it, but I ended up getting lazy and just worked on the level without forum updates. If you are interested, the level can be downloaded from the workshop at this link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1843682152 Below are some shots of the level fully arted. I'm going to try and do a write up later tonight of where changes were made from the beginning to the finished version, and what I learned in the process. Props and Materials: @Jonny Phive Graffiti/Logo "The Unlikely Duo": Jason McCord (MonsterClip) Ambulance Model and Materials: BMS Brian
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