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    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    Hi all! I started this one way back in 2018 and have been working on it on the side to keep me cool from all the desert maps I've been making lately . The map is set in snowed in castle connecting two sides of a river. Layout: More screenshots: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2257823084 Credits: Additional LD - @Quotingmc Additional props - @Quadratic
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    "Get to the choppa!" A man is being held hostage in his mansion located in the Swedish skerries. Secure him and bring him to one of the TWO rescue zones to call in the chopper. Keep the landing zone clear and extract the hostage! Made for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest TEAM Fnugz | Gameplay MadsenFK | Art Andi | Models SHOUTOUTS Yanzl | Mapping hotline ZooL | Grand vscript wizard Terri | The People of Mapcore. Additional Credits Yanzl | Making and sharing the majority of the assets used Skybex | A few assets WORKSHOP LINK MOOD BOARD
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    [Wingman] Paro

    Got this done just in the nick of time. I guess this is the rough draft, since the map contains basically no detail as it is. But it was a fun project and worth the crunch. Pics below: Thanks @Roald for making such a cool graybox. And good luck to everyone in the contest!
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    cs_italy CT spawn
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    Yanzl's Source Emporium

    I have another guide for you, this time it's for custom cubemaps. You need: Cubemaps.zip !Edit the bat files to reflect your csgo path if it's not in program files! Photoshop Cmft Studio https://github.com/dariomanesku/cmftStudio Step 1 - Get the cubemap If you have an HDR panorama ready that you want to use you can skip to part 2. You can also create one with Substance Designer and the various nodes it has for making HDRIs (https://docs.substance3d.com/sddoc/hdri-tools-186974230.html). The other option that I'll show here is to take an existing cubemap from a map and edit/blur it. You can make a map specifically for the cubemap or take one out from an already compiled map. I suggest you change the cubemap size to at least 128 to get better details. 1. To get the cubemap run buildcubemaps then navigate to: csgo/materials/maps/<mapname> and find the right cubemap. 2. Copy the cubemap to a working directory (desktop is easiest for cmft studio), also unzip the contents of the cubemaps.zip here 3. Drag the cubemap on top of decompile.bat. You should get 6 new files. 4. Open the file ending in bk in Photoshop. Go to Image > Canvas size... Width should be current width * 4 and Height should becurrent height * 3 (eg. 512 x 384 for 128^2 and 1024 x 768 for 256^2). Set the anchor to middle left square. 5. Drag in the rest of the faces and align the according to the cubemap_template_cmft.png. There should be no seams and it should look something like this: 6. Save the file as .hdr. Step 2 - Filter in cmft You can use either a panorama (2:1 ratio) or a cubemap (from the previous step) (4:3 ratio). 1. Open cmft studio. 2. In the Environment tab, click on Edit, then Browse... and find the panorama/cubemap and then click Load 3. Under Radiance, click on Filter skybox with cmft. Set the result size to 128 (64 is also fine since blurrier cubemaps don't need a lot of resolution). Set the Num mipmap to filter to 1. Then depending on how blurry you want your cubemap to be, set the Gloss scale. Lower values mean more blur, higher less. I found values around 6 - 9 work best. Use OpenCL crashes on my computer so uncheck that if it also happens for you. Click on Process and wait for results. 4. Save the Radiance map as .hdr, HCross. Also mind the directory you save it in. Step 3 - Export to CS:GO 1. Open the .hdr file you got from cmft in Photoshop. 2. Go to Filter > Other > Offset and use a Horizontal offset of twice the face size (+128 if 64 or +256 if 128) 3. Go to Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Vertical. The image should look like cubemap_template_export.png. 4. Save the image as PFM with the following name template: <cubemap name>_hdr.pfm Make sure you save as .pfm and not .pbm and that it ends with _hdr.pfm. 5. Copy the saved .pfm file and vtex_params.txt from the included zip to csgo/materialsrc/cubemaps 6. Rename the .txt file to the same name as the cubemap (ex. cube01_hdr.pfm and cube01_hdr.txt) 7. Drag the .txt file on top of vtex.bat. Your new compiled cubemap should be in csgo/materials/cubemaps. Copy it to wherever you want. (You can delete the .pwl.vtf file) 8. Your cubemap is now ready to use in your materials. Just use ex. $envmap "cubemaps/cube01_hdr" instead of $envmap env_cubemap
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    Calavera It's Dia de Muertos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - but a group of terrorist rebels are having none of it. Can two lone counter-terrorist agents stop them? Made for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Mapping competition. Layout and Design - T-R3x3r Art and Design - Squinky Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242472711 Radar: Screenshots:
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    de_pithead WIP

    The map is now finished ive learned alot while making this map and it will help in future projects link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2239575326
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    Throwing together some new ideas for a 5v5 map i was working on last year
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    Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)

    [WORKSHOP LINK] Sawmill 1.0 is now avaible on the workshop, its been a long journey and now I have finally got something to show for it. I couldnt have gotten this far without mapcores playtest service which helped make the map grow stronger. I will continue to update the map after the contest is over with everything I didnt manage to get done before the deadline. Radar Overview Select Screenshots Description and credits
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    Episode 17. Kleiner lab with HL:A materials assets. More on artstation profile. ARTSTATION PROFILE I really want to get criticism or approval from you
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    I love me some Quake!

    Quake in 2020, WAT!
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    Frostbite - Danger Zone

    Frostbite Update 3 We could finally update frostbite today with an update that has been long in the works, but was delayed due to the wingman contest. It is now finally out and it’s a big one! We addressed a lot of the feedback from the start that everything looks a bit too similar, therefore we redesigned parts of the map with new buildings and structures that better fit into the environment. Additionally, we fixed tons a small issues and improved gameplay with more cover in open areas and finally fixed the drones on the workshop version of the map! I would say the map is now in a state, we had originally intended it to be in. There are some issues on the current version we are aware of, but please feel free to share everything you find here. Patch notes: [General] - Made rock and cliff collision models more accurate - Tweaked map boundary rock formations and clipping - Added rocks and fences to some areas to break up open spaces with no cover - Reworked several buildings around the ski slope to be more unique based on feedback - Fixed strange z-fighting issue with some of the cabin buildings on nonstandard resolutions - Adjusted weapon crate spawn locations in some areas of the map and added more to others - Improved visual look and feel of various areas [Cove] - Slightly rotated turret hut [Tunnels] - Adjusted func_tablet_blocker under ladder entrances [Village] - Adjusted fence to allow entrance from the ski slope - Made the snow on the roofs fluffy and smooth to walk on [Shack] - Added ladder to reach balcony [Radar] - Added stairs for better movement [Misc] - Drones now work in the Workshop version of the map - Player controlled drones are now stopped at the map boundaries - Raised some fences that were buried in snow - Added some trees all across the map - Adjusted prop fade distance on some props - Various minor fixes to misaligned props - Connected more of the map to the power grid Pictures of some of the new buildings:
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    Some progress images from my upcoming danger zone level.
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    Guard [Wingman]

    Well, I haven't updated this thread at all - Guess I'll just have to present the finished thing to you! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2240874700&tscn=1601206209 Screenies:
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    Work from Home Discussion

    It's about time we have a dedicated thread for this, since it's a reality for most of us How's your experience with WFH been so far? What are some the ways you found to adapt? I'm also curious to know some stats or anecdotes on the impact of WFH in productivity for game studios... For me personally I actually became much more productive and skilled in the past months. Because I'm able to manage my time better, I have time to do research, experiment, and learn new skills. This is something that was very challenging when I had to be in the office 8 hours a day, even in the days where my productivity was shit. I remember I tried to pick up Substance Designer at work, but it was simply impossible. Too many distractions, and an office is not an environment very conductive to learning. Working at home, I just asked my producer to take 2 weeks and really narrow down on the software and see how we can use it in our pipeline, and it was an amazing investment. I don't use it all the time, but some things that normally would take me a few hours, I can do in minutes in SD (for example, windows, garage doors, etc...). I've also been learning Polish for over a year now, my classes used to be on Saturday (kind of a bummer, since Saturdays are for fun), and now I can have then on Friday mornings. Much better. When we all started work from home back in march my productivity was shit. I was reading too many news, had a strange schedule and like everyone else was anxious with the situation. But with time, I learned to adapt my routine to be as efficient, working as "little" as I can. I don't mean doing as little as I can, but doing as most as I can, during my most productive hours (the afternoon), and avoid overworking. (everytime I overwork I need a few days to recharge after). One thing that I found that really helps my productivity and well being is to go on walks during the day. I try to work in bursts of 2 to 3 hours, then go for a walk. Walking under the sun heats up my body and makes me feel more energetic. It also removes the brain fog I usually get when looking at a screen for too long. Anyways, these are just some of the things that I learned! How about you?
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    Work from Home Discussion

    This whole situation reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: "Everything in moderation... including moderation." More than half year into WFH, and the thought of going back to the office isn't exactly a pleasant one for me. Time is life's greatest currency, my time is more valuable to me than anything else in life, including money. Office life comes with a lot of negative things too, commute, spending money on lunch and coffee, a lot of distractions, a lot of meetings, office politics, etc. I just don't think a creative industry lends itself very well to the 9 to 5 formula. After a while it just starts to feel like a regular job and all the trappings of that formula starts to creep into your day to day life. I'm loving WFH, before this I would only see my own son for a couple of hours or less per day! I mean, just the thought of going back to that makes me sad, I'd see my family a little bit before leaving in the morning, then return home around 7pm, have dinner and play with him a little bit and by 8:30pm he needs to be in bed. At home, I can control my own hours, which requires a lot of discipline and work ethic, eating nutritious meals, going outside, exercise daily, taking breaks is just as important as working hard. It's been a rocky ride for me, I think June/July was the worst part for me, I wasn't delivery much in terms of productivity at work which made me feel guilty and really affected my well being, maybe I let the pendulum swing too much the other way and I lost momentum. Whatever happened, I found that 3/4 hours of pure focused work is often all you need before getting diminished returns, specially in long term. So going back to that quote, I think as life slowly returns back to normal, I think we can find a middle ground because I have to admit I really miss my colleagues, I miss brainstorming ideas in organic and natural ways. Maybe we as an industry can learn to balance home / work life a little bit better. Maybe the team meets on monday morning for a weekly sync then go back to our home offices to do work. Maybe we do Friday afternoon playtests back at the office. Maybe we end the week with a beer while discussing the outcome of the playtest. Maybe departments can schedule a get together at a park or esplanade and discuss their progress. Maybe... just fucking maybe work life doesn't need to be fucking boring anymore.
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    [CS:GO] de_fallow

    Fallow This was a map I worked on in late 2014 and abandoned back late mid 2015. I figured I would dig up the resources off my old computer and finish it! It also is available in 1.6, which is where the map had originally started. Also supports Wingman now! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2251254510 GameBanana link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/212553 Counter-Strike 1.6 Version: https://gamebanana.com/maps/186796 Imgur Screenshot album: https://imgur.com/a/G01thkn
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    Hello! I've started an interview show themed around CS:GO customs. You can check out the first episode with poLemin (author of Guard, Feast, Manor) at the link below. https://youtu.be/kcUJ7G44NBE And the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyliQyde0qNmIyBnaO2JA27l3FQc2jKfH As a bit of background, I initially planned on limiting my coverage of CS:GO customs to map analysis videos. However, I think the larger community of CS:GO would benefit from having more public-facing content regarding customs, and I also hope to tease out insights from developers of custom maps that will in turn help up-and-coming mappers to better conceptualize map design. While I personally have not made maps in CS:GO, I have been making content for Starcraft: Brood War for over 15 years now, and thinking about level design in that context has helped to shape my understanding of level design in CS:GO. While I can't claim to be an expert in 3D level design by any stretch, I know and understand more than your average layman, and I believe that will help to shape my interview questions for the future. I'm interested in any criticism you may have about the content, as I'm still quite new to interviewing, and hadn't fully mapped an outline of how conversations like this would go. If you have any ideas as to how I could make this content more insightful for mappers and enthusiasts, let me know.
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    The map lacks structure. Competitive CS is all about control and information. Both teams are trying to either defend or attack one or both bomb sites at all stages of the game. Knowing where the enemy is, what options they have to reach their objective and how you can stop them is key to the cs experience. It allows all players to make meaningful decisions about where to push or where to hold. It removes unpredictable kills and allows each players decision making and aiming skill to decide the match. On the level design side, maps should be built to enable and emphasize this. The official map pool has a number of different takes on how a cs layout can look, but they all share some common design ideas, because they are simply necessary to allow for players to take control over their match. such as: choke points Pretty much all maps have roughly 4 choke points that seperate the T and CT side of the map. Controlling these choke points means controlling which team has access to what area of the map, so they are key in giving matches structure and players control. setup and rotation areas Bomb sites are a given on any defuse layout, but these always need to be connected to a network of setup and rotation areas, that allow teams to prepare their attacks and move to other objectives and choke points on the map. Level designers need to make sure that the amount of options in these areas are fine tuned. Teams only have 5 players each, so for example, if each bomb site would give terrorists 3 options to attack from, the CT team will simply not have enough players to watch all of them even before any CTs have died. At that point, it becomes more about the luck to choose the right entry to defend rather than the skill to set up a proper defense. number and type of angles Say you need to defend any given area. The number and type of spots you can position yourself in and the number and type of positions you can be attacked from need to be fine tuned. There is only so much that can fit on your field of view, so too many positions already remove control from the player, as there is simply no way to tell angle to hold. Verticality can add to this problem. Having to move your crosshair large, vertical distances is difficult. Having to do so gives the attacker pretty good advantage. plant zones Plant zones need to be set up so that Ts get a good chance of planting when attacking the site and CTs get a good chance of defusing. Otherwise the game can end up very stale, where almost no bombs are planted or almost all bombs explode as they cannot be secured and diffused in time. In regards to your map: The ability to walk on almost all walls and roofs removes all that. Choke points become meaningless and rotations become unpredictable as players can move very freely across the map. At the same time, players moving on the walls are exposed to unmanageable amounts of angles from all directions. This is very high risk, high reward without much influence over the outcome. Neither team can really control when or where they will be attacked from. Skill, prediction and planning and overshadowed by trying to rush your enemy from behind with a p90 or jumping on their head with a shotgun. This also means angles all across the map are just unpredictable. You cannot properly defend any area, as you can never be sure where you can even be attacked from. Smokes and molotoves lose meaning, as there are no clear choke points you can block off. At the same time, flashes become overbearing as just throwing them towards the center of the map will flash 3/4 of the server. The plant zones dont encourage skill either. Having plant zones on multiple heights on both bomb sites makes it very easy for Ts to sneak in a bomb plant, as CTs simply cannot watch all possible points of attack at once. It also makes defusing hard and frustrating, as you first have to figure out where the bomb is even planted. Wasting 10-15 seconds just on finding the plant spot will doom most retakes, as there just isnt enough time to clear the site and diffuse the bomb anymore.
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    It took a while to figure out how to do it, but I actually managed to port a few of the models from Half Life: Alyx to CS:GO! (including it's skin variants) My new lockdown project as of a week ago is to attempt to port as many of these beautiful high quality models/textures to Source 1 for other mappers to use. It's surprisingly fun to do, though each model presents a different challenge of what needs to be fixed to get it to work. Plus trying to recreate the Source 2 shaders in Source 1 is quite difficult. But I'll keep on working at it! I like a challenge, and this is fun!
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    [Wingman] Paro

    Sure thing. I still have some cleanup to do but once that's done I'll package them all and post them here or in a separate thread.
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    The Last of Us Part 2

    It's Jakey time
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    [CS:GO] Offshore

    Just released the official trailer for Offshore. Check it out!
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    [CS:GO] Offshore

    Offshore is my entry to the 2020 Source Engine Wingman Mapping Contest. This map takes place on an offshore decontamination facility. Play It Now I began this project with the idea of creating a map that would support multiple games modes in which each game mode would be played on a different floor/area of the map. Eventually I scrapped that layout and decided to take the theme and build out a wingman map instead. Since a few months had already gone by since the contest was announced, my goal for this project was to leverage existing assets to create a fresh experience in an environment that hasn't been explored much. I'll get into some of the gameplay details in my next post. For now, enjoy some screenshots:
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    Quake is one of those games that keeps me coming back for a few months every year or so, and I'm always astonished by the quality content people put out for it. I've been mapping for it since it first released, but with very little to show for it publicly aside from the odd speed-map release here and there. I have a HDD full of scraps and half-finished levels which I want to release as an episode one day if I have time to piece it all together. Here's some pictures of the obligatory first base map. Do you map for it?
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    No, my objections do not come from a lack of comfortability. They come from years of level design experience in cs, playtesting experience, running playtests for another community for about a year and hundreds of hours of match making. I'm wondering where your confidence is coming from. Anyways, it playtested the exact same way as one would imagine. There was little to no structure each round. Chokepoints and meeting points of the teams are not really defined, so setting up a real attack or defense is pretty much impossible. In most areas, you are open to about half the map, so instead of methodically clearing areas, you are just kind of running through, running and gunning. The map feels much more like a general shooting arena, rather than a comp layout. Theres really not much more to it.
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    Hi! First time on the forum, first time making a map! (aside from a test one following a tutorial) Firstly, let me just say, looking at some of these creations is humbling! I'm still a noob, with much to learn, but damn is it inspiring to see what some of you are creating! Especially seeing at which stage most people are in their creation/the form in which they approach the design! Perhaps my technique is a little wrong... but I'm recreating our IRL office and the surrounding environment and building in CS:GO! Don't be too harsh, but feedback is super super super appreciated - I've only got one site fleshed out atm, so it plays better as a wingman map than anything else. You can find it on the workshop as "de_hatt". It's just using default textures and props atm, but once I've fleshed it out a little more, I plan to get into finding some props and custom textures! Aside from the layout, one big issue I'm scared for is integrating this build into a small city setting... I am unsure how to balance detail with optimizing the skybox and stuff... It feels unnatural to just "wall everything off" :s I'll cross that bridge when I do though XD. Should I create a dedicated thread for this? I guess I have lots of questions... thanks -Eri
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    Pretty much in the last stretch now, managed to do some good work on it through the autumn break but still falling just short of what I'd confidently call the RC1. Finally got lighting figured out a bit though, and swapped out all the dynamic models for static ones - so better shadows and no more seams. Got nearly all the textures' colour and brightness normalized, and improved the meshes on all the custom props with much increased polycount as well as adding some more details while I was at it. Most of the map's detailing up till now had been done with - well - at lack of a beter phrase; hammer sensibilities. I should clarify that I have little if any real modelling experience, and rather have mostly just limited myself to working within the source sdk itself. This has caused some quirks in my work, such as that I (with very few exceptions) only create lines at relatively specific angles, as well as that I tend to be pretty conservative with my brushwork - well, conservative compared to someone using modelling software, but pretty liberal by hammer standards. On this map though, I hit the block and waterindice limit right before I intended to upload the first public version on here, so I had to start using propper to get that back down. Since that pretty much completely removed my constraints, I've been able to add much more detail than originally planned, which is kind of a monkey's paw since I'd hoped to be done with it much sooner. What was I getting at again? Oh right - so the point is that even though I'd converted most of the map details into props, they were still designed with ''how do I make this out of as few blocks as possible'' in mind, which means very large and often very elongated polygons. So, yea, I've subdivided them and tried to equalize the polygon size a bit, which has improved the lighting a lot. I've also culled some of what I considered redundant areas - in effect about half of the wing & parallel halls, since they were all just copies of oneanother. Some of the doors in the east hall are open now though, and the stairwell is fully usable now, too. Not very well detailed, mind you, but it's very hard to find references for it, nevermind create some acceptable textures.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Since the wingman contest has ended I've been working on a new greybox of cs_sapper, a hostage map loosely based around the city of Bo, Sierra Leone. This is now the 9th iteration of the map layout since July. I've learned my lessons from the judge's feedback on de_dozen and from previous attempts at brushing out this map, so the focus is on layout and gameplay this time around. I don't expect any of this to remain exactly as it is, but here's where it's at currently: Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH This version is way too rough to consider playtesting at this point, but if you feel like taking a run through, the current build is available here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029
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    Hi everyone! It's a pleasure to finally make this update! AK47 Type 3 is a personal project and at the same time a benchmark that I've set for myself to beat in the following works! Check it out on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ba2ERv
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    As promised, another interview is out, this time with Oliver - co-author of Basalt and Iris, author of Outpost and Garrison. https://youtu.be/CcZCNXdJKYk I've also added a playlist link to the OP, where all future episodes will go. Edit: Another one with catfood! https://youtu.be/dBd4qNLu0ik Edit 2: Another one x2 with Squiski! https://youtu.be/1Q_2_t4zCzc
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

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    Thanks for 1000 views everyone ^_^ I've been kind of busy the past 2 weeks so I didn't find much time to work on the map. I've sorted & renamed most of the relevant textures though, so there's still some progress on that end Don't intend to include this in any public releases, but here's a screenshot of the main hall with real-time reflections from a few weeks ago. It's kind of washed out & I could have gotten it looking better if I didn't layer the reflection over the regular floor, but then I'd've had to make like 10 different materials and idk I was probably tired opaque reflections for reference;
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    [CS:GO] Jinja (Wingman)

    I've released Jinja, my entry to the SE Discord 2020 Wingman Contest. This is my first finished map, and I set out to make it mainly to learn how to make custom assets. That turned out to be even more time consuming than I expected, so the final result doesn't have all the assets I had planned to make, but overall I'm still satisfied with it. Hope you guys like it! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2242524391
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    Work from Home Discussion

    It's a rollercoaster for me... Some days I can wake up super early and work for 8 hours straight without getting distracted and some days its 12 hours of constant struggle to keep my hands on the editor... My brain is kinda hard wired to learn while at home so some days I'm constantly trying to find something interesting to watch/listen while working. Then hour later I realise I paid zero attention to it... It's also tiring to think in this way - "Ok If I wake up at 8am I will be done at 4pm" but then something happens and I need to leave the house for hour or so and my work time expands and I get anxious that even tho I wake up early to do my job I will be done with it late in the evening... Some people work in late hours and have free time in the morning. I tried that but getting messages, meetings and supporting people with information while you should have fun and rest is not really that fun for me. I think the entire HO situation looks a bit different if you work in smaller/ indie company where you don't necessarily need support from leads/ game designers/ producers and you can manage your schedule more freely. Also having a small flat took a big toll on me. Studio apartment - you sleep in front of your pc, you wake up in front of your pc, you eat near your pc, you have fun in front of it ... Some days I would wake up, do my job for 8 hours and then... switch to my PC and work on csgo map for another 8 hours. Everything in a single room in the same place... Really killed my productivity at some point. I love that I don't need to spend an hour a day in traffic and in some cases just leave my apartment and do whatever but it comes with a price. Overall, I still prefer to work from home but it would be cool to get back into office for some time to meet coworkers etc.
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    Fallout 4

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    Sounds like Gabe is pushing to relocate Valve to New Zealand, or at least part of it. By the sound of it, seems like a long-term but temporary solution because of COVID, as “work from home is causing depressed productivity”. Also, in entirely Valve fashion, they might just make a new VR headset “because Index can’t keep up with demand” Gosh, personally I’d jump on the occasion before Gabe could finish the sentence, I’ve always wanted to see NZ and considered moving there as well, but could never find a job I could apply for from outside, and I felt it was too far of country to go and do what I’ve done moving to the UK, starting anew and from the literal bottom.
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    Mafia Trilogy

    Just finished it, good game, had fun! I felt the ending came up a little rough and bumpy compared to how smooth the rest of the story went. But now I need to go finish Mafia 2 again.
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    I love me some Quake!

    You guys should deffo try Arcane Dimensions if you haven't already http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design/sp/ad.htm
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    Metro: Exodus

    So... a few years late to the party, but I finally got around to play the first two Metro games, before playing Exodus. I don't know why I didn't play them back then, it's right up my alley in almost every single way. I think it could be the oppressing rundown metro tunnels theme, I remember thinking a game can't stay fresh throughout on this one claustrophobic theme, and never ended up picking it up. Now, with the Xbox Game Pass, both Metro 2033 and Last light Redux versions are there, I thought why not take them for a spin and I'm completely hooked. Finished 2033 in a few days, and I'm now nearly done with Last Light. 2033 is a serious macho survival shooter, I loved every second of it, even the clunky mechanics add to the charm of this game. For Last Light they really upped the ante in so many ways, the art is way less busy, the lighting actually looks good and volumetric and for such an old game it still managed to impress me. The gameplay is a lot more action oriented than 2033, they lost most of that survival element in exchange for more combat, and there's waaay more ammo, health packs and filters than the original (Played both on hardcore difficulty, with a xbox controller, that's right motherfuckers) but I have to admit it's a more smoother experience for sure. I'm savoring my time with Last Light now, dope ass game complete with a lap dance section. I can't wait to try Exodus. So, if you're reading this and you never played 2033/Last Light, deffo give the Redux versions a try, it might still surprise you as it did surprise me.
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

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    de_pithead WIP

    this is indeed my first project that is 100% finished
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    [CSGO] Engage

    I'm a big fan of this map and hope to see it officially added soon. I've got a few concerns about utility options for attacking teams and I'm not crazy about the general lack of wallbang-able surfaces, but the layout and clean look are top-tier. I've done a 35 minute analysis vid if you'd like to hear more in-depth feedback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VzGt3e9opk
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    Doom 3: Phobos - Episode 2 released

    Hey all. We released Episode 2 of Doom 3: Phobos Download it here and read more about what's in this Episode https://www.moddb.com/mods/phobos/news/phobos-episode-2-release Thanks!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Hehe don't think I'll make another thread but here's a few pics of what I'm up to with my uncle and brother, on my mom's house. I was crunching for a couple of weeks to get a pitch video done and jumped into the renovations right after so I'm exhausted, but spending time with family is nice and my uncle is only around for a couple of weeks so we're giving it a big push to get all piping/waste/electrical setups done before he leaves while we have his pro tools, truck and expertise -- he used to work as an electrician and has been renovating houses all his life so it's invaluable having him around. We have a 2-floors building + a small extension of 2 floors too to make livable. As you can see in the pics, we're having fun digging up old pipes to connect new toilets and such to, as there's loads of pipes used for rain water that we're running into. We paid masons to carve a new door into a wall, the poor guys had not really calculated the width of the wall, it turned out to be 1.05m wide made of giant stones. Also, I got an offer on my apartment on the 1st visit -- I bought it 88k (which turned into almost 102k with taxes/agency fees) and selling it back at 150k net (taxes/fees for the buyer are added on top of that price) less than 4 years later, so it's not bad.
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    You should honestly reconsider what you want this map to be. Your're hardly pushing boundaries and inspiring others here. Verticality, free movement and jumping puzzles are nothing new to cs so much so that the community has made entire game modes around those things and they have been popular through multiple instances of the game. Many old cs layouts feature large verticality, uncommon layout structures and other novel ideas. None of this is news to us. The idea of a fun, casual map is nothing new either. People have been making them to play with their friends and on LANs since forever. We have playtested maps like this here before. And they can be good fun. However, none of these maps claim or try to be competitive because they simply are not. What you are doing with this map in regards to competitive is pushing boundaries in the same way that playing chess with only kings would be pushing boundaries. It was obvious that this would be the case with your level from the start to a lot of us but when we told you, you acted like you know better than all of us despite barely ever having played the game let alone made maps for it. We still playtested it and everyone at the playtest gave you the same feedback: It was kinda fun, because it was very chaotic and wild. But it also didn't even rate as a competitive layout. The concepts youre trying to add to the game simply don't work on a competitive level on the scale you are trying them. If you want this to be a competitive map, you need to actually understand how competitive is played and build your level towards that. Dismissing this feedback from the entire professional community as "you guys just didnt learn the map well enough and you just dont care enough to figure it out" is silly and arrogant. So, figure out what your goal is here. Wanna make a crazy, fun map that has all the features a competitive layout is generally missing? Go for it. Just dont keep telling us about how it is actually the best competitive map ever and all other maps are stale and generic. Because by your own admission, you know nothing about that. Or try to make a unique, well working competitive layout. There is always room for innovation and new ideas. But if you want to subvert the rules, you must first properly understand them. People here are generally very helpful and give you tons of great advice and feedback. Just stop dismissing everyone and take some of it.
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    I think this applies to a lot of folks here
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