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    At Mapcore, we believe in empowering the mapping community. We hold contests in order to reward and encourage mappers on their journey to success, and because we love maps. With an amazing partner in FACEIT, we expected unprecedented participation and enthusiasm from CS:GO mappers, and you all certainly delivered! We want to thank EVERYONE who participated for creating such wonderful levels, especially our Top 10 Finishers! It is now our privilege and honor to declare 4 Grand Finalist Maps. 4th Place Kaizen by Andre Valera, & Jakuza Prizes: Mapcore Spotlight Eternal Bragging Rights Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub Special Valve Prize $500! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216362919 3rd Place Studio by ZelZStorm, TanookiSuit3, & Hollandje Prizes: Mapcore Spotlight Eternal Bragging Rights Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub Special Valve Prize $1,500! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1204635926 2nd Place Abbey by Lizard, & thewhaleman Prizes: Mapcore Spotlight Eternal Bragging Rights Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub Special Valve Prize $3,000! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1215935299 GRAND PRIZE WINNER Biome by jd40 Prizes: Mapcore Spotlight Eternal Bragging Rights Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub Special Valve Prize $5,000! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224923995 ~~~Thanks to: our lovely guest judges, FACEIT for their incredible teamwork, and Valve for contributing to our prize pool. Last but not least, THANK YOU for making this another special 'Core event! "May Hurg guide you..."
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    Greetings I've been away for quite some time (October 2017) and my last post then was about me tinkering with Dying Light Developer Tools. This "tinkering" went from 0 to 100 real quick as I'm now developing a full fledged single player campaign titled " A New Hope". I spent around 5 days watching short tutorials videos (around 20, 3-5 min each) from Developer Techland to cover the tools/sdk basics and get me up and running. I then delved into making small test maps for a trial and error approach since I was a fresh newbie with the tools. The tools are a blast to use and I can't commend Techland enough for the work they did with the game and the tools. Since this is a relatively big campaign, I had to plan and write down the story, map objectives, events, and NPCs on paper as well as lay down the layout and how and where I want the encounters and sequence/fights to happen. The most difficult, yet the most fun and rewarding part was the scripting/programming and quest creation process. The map as it is now is about 25-30% complete but perfectly playable and bug-free with 1 full sequential quest in place (I could upload it to the workshop now but I'm not gonna do it The final map will hopefully be 3-4 times larger than the current area (which is rather large) and will feature approximately 20-25 minutes of gameplay (numbers not final) in addition to 1 hour+ of world exploration, scavenging, and random events/encounters (the current finished part of the map has around 7-8 minutes of quest gameplay and 30+ minutes of exploration depending on playing style and skills). The map features unlockable safehouses with player stash and sleeping/time-forwarding ability as well as day/night cycle adaptation. It also features traders/shops, random events, fights with special infected and humans, ziplines, environmental traps, and plenty of scavenging, looting, and exploration. Story-wise, it will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. I don't have a set date yet for the release but I'm working tirelessly on the campaign while in parallel, still learning new things in the tools (still have a lot to cover and learn but the focus now is on cutscenes, animation, interactive dialog among others) The tools are awesome to work with; I've put in a little north of 150 hrs so far and only started to scratch below the surface. On a side note, Source engine is slowly becoming a distant memory. Now onto the screenshots
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Today was my first day at Splash Damage as an Associate Level Designer. I broke into the industry, yay!
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Been working on this mirror's edge inspired scene for a little bit. Some critique on the lighting part would be appreciated. Updated:
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Started working on a new part of the scene. I took the more of the Catalyst look with this one.
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    Made a little arena combat map for one of the 72 hour RTSL experimental mapping challenges. It ended up pretty fun, try and unlock the secret wave, it gets pretty crazy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p91qgdp6oxdtonj/marnamai_rushhour_1-bn-emc.7z?dl=0
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    Mapcore Job Census

    I got promoted to Team Lead Level Designer @ Ubisoft Toronto Can you update the info!
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    [CS:GO] Dawn

    The map may look familiar to some of you, as I posted and tested it here a few months ago. Since then I've basically remade the entire map, improving both art and gameplay. Inspired by dishonored the map is set in a dystopian, steampunk-ish city split by a large wall, separating the poor and working from the rich and powerful. Fed up with the state of affairs the terrorists try to blow up the power supply and residences of the wealthy. The project is mostly for me to improve at mapping and learn to create assets, but I still want to make it the best I can, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. More pictures here or over on the workshop page.
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    The random model thread!

    Did an original concept to work on my lack of creative skills Artstation
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    It's out now. We're all off for a lie down.
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    de_icarus (former de_corp)

    Final release Is nice finally be done (although Im sure there's plenty of mistakes I have to catch). I might make another map at some point with everything I've learned from this process. I plan to make a small release later of some of the custom props and textures to share with the community. Thanks to everyone who helped! Feel free to comment. Resources TopHATTwaffle for realworld textures and tutorials Rick_D for CS_Agency textures and props Skybex for Stadium/Workout texture references and props Shawn Olson and Orvid King for WallWorm Textures.com Special Thanks Benjamin "Aranha" Thorhauge Roald PvtJelo Horderp Zool JimWood saicho91 Mapcore.org Community /r/CSMapMakers Community
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    Hey Yall! Here is a video walking you through it!
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    What's going on with your life?

    My father commited suicide 2004, and all i had was 4 pictures or so of him. I really loved my father and he was the best, so, when my cousin randomly sent me a dropbox video on messenger two days ago i thought it was a virus or something. Turns out it was a video from when my grandmother turned 70. And my dad was there, and i got to hear his voice again. I never thought i would be able to do that again. Best thing in a long long time for me!!
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

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    The random model thread!

    Just finished my Mars Rover that perhaps some of you seen in #creative https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4KaxY it has a sketchfab viewer if you are interested
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    warowl used our map- along with a bunch from the contest - for a recent video. Video has been viewed 84,000 times which pretty crazy! This contest has been awesome for exposure, thanks guys
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    The random model thread!

    As DJ Khaled would say, another one. No brakes on this train. More images on artstation
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    [DOI] El Guettar (WIP)

    Hey, guys, the alpha is out! It's still rough around the edges, but it's playable and you can get a pretty good idea of the overall theme. Give it a try if you want: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304752352
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    [CS:GO] de_Gubbio

    Hey! I've been working on a map for a few months, and would appreciate some feedback on it. Workshop link with more screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278157162
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    [CS:GO] Central (Workshop link posted)

    Pushed out an update in advance of some play testing today (imgur album), it includes various layout changes based on initial feedback from the first session of playtesting. My favorite change however is how much better the arches look with proper smoothing: Mid is still a bit big and open though... still working on it...
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    Finished work on a remake of an old map, which itself is a remake of my very first map. I think I've improved quite a lot since the beginning. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286056480 Original V1:
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Maybe things will work out this time.
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    [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Hi Everyone, This is my first Hammer map*, also my first CSGO map aaaand therefore my first Source map in general, so I'm a little late to the party but heyyy it's nice to be here at last. So far I've spent about 7 or 8 days on it over 4 weeks. Roughly ~ 80 - 100 hours I'd say? I spent a lot of time playing bomb defusal and learning all the mechanics before jumping in of course. And watching some online matches to see what hacks players can exploit in the engine, and trying to design with all that in mind. It's actually a lot fun! *I've dabbled, but never made a full map So, what is de_pointblank? The story is a terrorist/rebel group are infiltrating a weapons development facility hidden in the mountains with the goal of destroying either the weapons cache (A) or the giant satellite dish (B) It's called pointblank as I was aiming to frequently funnel players into fairly close crossfire scenarios in enclosed spaces. There are three main paths. Either through the HQ, or the mid-lane via the waterway, or through the server room which links A and B on the upper level. Here's a general diagram and overview of the initial layout: EDIT... I added a hallway between 'Turbine' and B and Turbine is just a courtyard now, really Amended layout in-editor, first greybox pass... Some early wip shots... Bombsite B Courtyard HQ Bombsite A And so far this week I've been learning a *lot* about lighting and prop placements and the difference between static props and dynamic props, so on and so on. I'll finish by just attaching some of the latest images. Aiming to have the map done asap! Want it in my portfolio PS: I think I'm not enjoying the fog. It's hard to get it right and might be better off totally without! I'm open to feedback, C&C! I'm learning a *lot* as I go along, so forgive me of any rookie errors haha. (But also please point them out. I need to know how to improve!)
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    Yeah, the part where I make levels is really time-consuming... Can anything be done about that?
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    Two boosters landing next to each other and the idea that there is a mannequin sitting in a tesla in outer space is ridiculous and I love it.
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    [CS:GO] Waterfall

    I changed my layout on Waterfall. I made it the easiest to remember, but very nuancedly dependent on the tactical plane. Now CT can pay for a passive game on the site, a long rotation. Thank you Mapcore and Reddit Playtest. Thanks to everyone! In future updates corrective respawn CT and T. In addition, there will be some changes in the gameplay, but they will not be as global. I wrote an article about the test results. I shared my thoughts and ideas. Article in Russian, but if you are interested in the text can be translated. Article
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    The random model thread!

    Realistic head I'm doing on zBrush as part of a complete character (The first realistic head I have ever done actually). Still needs a lot of work!
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    Major update today: The first part of the campaign (out of 3 major parts) is almost finished where the player has to locate, save, and contact a survivor to gather more info about the whereabouts of the medicinal herb. The warehouse where the encounter happens is almost done with a fight sequence and a mini boss; I have also implemented a custom dialog with the human NPC survivor. The implementation of the custom dialog wasn't a smooth sail at first and left me scratching my head for a whole day as the dialog script wasn't properly loading in the editor. After much trial and error, a test map, and half a day of analysis and frustration, I finally got to the bottom of the issue. It was a simple one-letter typo in the script (lower case instead of upper case) that was the root cause of my shenanigans. All is good now Sample of the custom dialog Bonus pics from new quest parts On a somewhat related note, developer Techland is celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Dying Light by having the whole month of February for celebratory festivities They will release a new content drop/free DLC, a new community event with rewards at its end, and weekly giveaways on their website. And to top this up, there is a massive sale on Dying Light up to 67% off. If you are still on the fence about buying it, now is the perfect time Full details here
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    What happened yesterday is absolutely fuckign unreal! I think we're witnessing a comeback of the spirit people felt in the late 60's with the Apolo program! Glad to see something positive in life, amidst all these fucking negativism.
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    looks like something out of a movie
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    [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199504283 Wildwood is a work-in-progress 5v5 competitive defusal map set in the forests of the Midwestern United States. I originally sketched out a rough layout on paper after getting inspiration from a dream. There were some unique ideas I had in mind, and I did my best to translate them into a playable CSGO map. I've put in many interesting gameplay features that have been used sparingly, but with useful intention, in other maps. I've just recently pushed this map into the greybox stage. It has gone through many, many changes in its layout as I've tinkered with elements like timings, chokepoints, and positional advantages. There are plenty of visual additions I want to make: - Edit the skybox to keep the orange sunset look, but add in a blue sky instead of the dull gray tones. - Seperate three parts of the map into their own distinct "looks", all fitting into the general forest theme. T-Spawn will be a train station, A-site will be a manufacturing/factory area, and B-site was planned to be a log fort (might be subject to change). - Create a custom redwood model for the A-site landmark. - Lake with floating logs, connected to railroad. (Based on real life lumber mills) If you have suggestions or critique for the map layout, feel free to comment about it I'm looking forward to completing this map and designing it to be as fun to play as possible.
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    The random model thread!

    Again Quick pistol model I have made to practise with. More photos on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/66Va0
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    This is amazing and sadly accurate.
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    What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

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    How cool is this? hope to see it live some day
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    The random model thread!

    @Vorontsov It's looking pretty nice, but i'm a bit surprised with the design of it. Usually, I believe the 6 wheels are here for a clever solution of some sort of suspension that works like this : it doesn't need any spring or anything and sort of auto-balance itself and can adapt to almost any terrain. So it seems a bit weird to see the 6 wheels on your model being directly attached to the chassis. Anyway, it still looks pretty nice and fits with your other recent models. Are you working on some game or something ?
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    Come play CTF ma bros!
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    This is seriously awesome, those boosters landing side by side doesn't look real. Shame about the centre core, I've not heard what happened but saw some rumours it missed the barge and cause a lot of damage to the barge too. I'm sure they'll figure out what went wrong and iron out an issues. It insane they've made a rocket which can lift twice as much as the next and cost half as much per flight. That's huge savings and I hope it starts a new era of space travel. I was driving to work today and had a good view of the moon on the way. It's crazy to think somewhere up there there's also a car floating about
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    Tim Sweeney on the first version of the UE

    https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/DavidLightbown/20180109/309414/Classic_Tools_Retrospective_Tim_Sweeney_on_the_first_version_of_the_Unreal_Editor.php What a really fun read!
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    will2k inspired me to get out of my csgo sdk shell and to try a new engine, i don't have the Dying light game but i tried cry engine sdk . What can i say...i'm hooked I made my first simple island. The video has a lower resolution than HD but it's good enough for a first attempt.
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    Shadow of the Colossus

    Looks ridiculously good, I'm so ripe for playing it again.
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    I wouldn't hold my breath for Source 2 that much; unless it comes out with a solid game on release, I don't see it getting high adoption rate against already established, and easy-to-use next gen engines. If it gets released alongside, say L4D3, or a new IP or God forbid, HL3, then I can see people switching to Source 2 (or if it has a brand new feature that's not existing in other engine); otherwise, it will be just another engine trying to compete for market share, albeit a tad late to the party.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Amazing finals! Brought the best cs has to offer
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    There's a story yes. Those structures you talk of have been abondoned for a long time.
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    The random model thread!

    Hey guys, a week later and I just finished my latest piece, very happy with this one. Check it out! Some details: built and rendered in Modo, completed in a week, texturing is a mix of Substance Painter and native Modo work. Geometry is light weight, boolean'd a lot, making heavy use of the rounded edge shader. Artstation link w/ more images.
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    I've been working on an old western Gmod RP map for over a month now. I've only just started detailing, still very much WIP though.