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  2. Any reference from Namibian locations? This transports me back to my stint as tour interpreter, been in a good number of lodges Also in case you want to add more custom props, these could be interesting There was an interesting bomb proof APC in Future Weapons that I remember being South African as well but can’t find right now
  3. @JackT that's true! i'll try to fix that up when i get the chance. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. Hey guys, LIttle bit late to the E3 party but I've been away all week. Zombie Army 4: Dead War got revealed at the PC Gamer show last week and I can finally talk about what I've been working on! I've been working on a couple of levels in ZA4, part of one can be seen in the gameplay below Cinematic trailer: Some co-op gameplay:
  6. Here's a comparison of versions one and six of Gongji.
  7. Mainly the path from T to the right site as it has no space for setup.
  8. Sneak peak of the escalators at A-Site. I still have to add lighting in, but the escalators still need to be aligned with the ceiling tiles.
  9. So I got the train working but everything renders black. This is most likely not the trains fault; I tested it on a separate level and everything was a okay. Its not mat_full bright either. There were already a handful of black faces (no pun pls) in my level as well as some artifact around an arch I had to replace. Now everything is like not reflecting any light.
  10. Hey guys, I'm Jony's teammate in this mapping contest, and I've created some ambient music for a portion of the map! This will play somewhere in middle when you get close to a door, similar to the hidden music on dust2 and inferno. It was performed by one of my good friends Quirby64. Hope you all enjoy! Sorry if it's too loud!
  11. So today I visited a classic car show. And I even got to sit in a few cars courtesy of the very nice owners. All in all, it was a great day! They even served free coffee!
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  13. @JackT What areas do you think need the most work? I was already considering remaking the T route to A (seeing as it's the first part of the map I made after setting up the basic layout), but i'm open to changing really any part of the map.
  14. thanks for all your information i appreciate it. so it will be a bomb map only and here is another quick draw in paint for what i have in mind.
  15. 1- Mid is almost done. 2- CT spawn is done and changed 3- Cool view
  16. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Thank you @Roald! The things that you are saying are true but we also have to keep in mind that this project is a VR shooter game, not a 3rd person or a FPS one, so when you are playing both levels with the Oculus the feeling that you get is completely different from the still images you have on UE4. For example, if you modify the ground in the level, when you are doing it, it doesn't feel you are modifying much, but once you put on the glasses and start to play it, you are looking are the same but x4 or x5 times more inclined than what it really is, so we have to careful with that (It has to do with something about vision in a VR that gives you a fisheye effect that you don't have in real life). Beside that, we also have to be careful with what is seen in the screen while you play, if you put too much things in the scene the computer is going to slow down so much and you won't have a good experience. Also, as it is a VR shooter and you always have a lot of robots and things coming to you, you don't pay attention to the details and things around the scene like in other games, so that's why we try to keep everything simple and clean. The color palette it is a nice observation, and it is something we could have done better. The problem with this is that we are so many people in this project, and it is not a professional project, more like a class project in our school, so the standards and everything have not been as high as something professional should have, even though it is what we aspire to. We tried to create everything with the same art style, which is a complicated thing to do since almost none of us still don't have experience in the sector, and with the short time given (Just 3 months) we didn't have much opportunities to change things. For now the project is not going to change much more, as we need to deliver this project this next week, and everyone is now busy creating their Artstation posts and Demoreels. We just had 3 months to create everything form scratch, so we consider it could be better but it has been a great project in such a short time. The goal for our school now is to show it at different expos and education fairs, so maybe in the future we will be able to make it better!! I will post final renders and gameplays this next week so for everyone who doesn't have Oculus glasses can see and experience what it feels to play it. If aneone has some question just ask
  17. Played it a bit, redesigned the sites a bit, did a proper minimap, added wingman support. It is playable now. Album: https://imgur.com/a/AmBGiPN
  18. Country - Spain Town - TBA Backstory - A criminal family have for years plagued the town of (to be determined), harassing and terrorizing locals, manufacturing drugs, laundering money and using the town as their personal playground. The law has begun cracking down and the criminals aren’t happy. An anonymous tip off has informed the police that the criminals intend to set off explosives at one of two locations in the town in a show of defiance. Will these terrorists succeed or will the counter terrorists stop them? Status - Currently in the process of blocking out the map. I will post images of the layout soon.
  19. @Karthoum Ohhh that makes sense. I thought they were imported with materials baked into them. RIP Oh also, mid is gonna be two lanes with the left train line seemingly going from T entrance 1 to A conn. To solve timing issues, a train will block T entrance one for ~3 secs and then stop, conveniently on the empty platform car which player can jump over.
  20. @csWaldo It could work. The farthest left site approach lets cts see Ts before they make it to A. T's taking the right side passage to A are easily sandwiched from site and mid conn. Maybe he could cut off the left side of the B fork and B's mid connector to spice things up.
  21. I 've been with Ubisoft Berlin since august 2018 in a 50-50 QA / LD role.
  22. Roald

    [UE4] Western Recall

    It is very interesting to follow this progress, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy watching these updates. It looks beautiful, fun and interesting! What I would love to see is some dust/fog on the background to set some mood to the enviorment and to blend the playable area with the background. Right now it feels a litle plain and not like a believable place. It would be nice to get a feeling of being in a small western town in a super large desert. There is not much use of color I see, is this on purpose? When thinking about western towns I think of those big colorfull signs that say 'saloon' or 'bank' and etc. I can image signs like that on the buildings but then maybe digital to make it more futuristic, though not sure if this will become distracting. Anyways good work! And goodluck with finishing it
  23. Wether it is technically possible or not I think two gamemodes in one is not going to work, rather focus on one of the two. Why? Because the core of the gamemodes are different and require different style of level design. I feel to be really honest with you while looking at your layout drawing and think you should redo it. The bombsites are too close to eachother, the seightlines are very long, the map is very small, there are almost no options for T's, cant tell if there is any elevation at all... my suggestion is to look at a official map of your liking, see how it is, meassure the timings, the ammount of paths and etc. You can defenitly learn from that. Anyways mapping is constantly learning which is fun so goodluck and enjoy!
  24. Ah (despite probably knowing the answer) one thing I was wondering after the podcast you were on: you moved back to the US or stayed in EU?
  25. The map is a 16th/17th century Spanish fort in the Caribbean. The Counter-Terrorists must stop this valuable piece of history from being destroyed by the Terrorists, who are determined to blow up the symbol of imperialism on their island. I have collated some reference images and will post updates as I make progress.
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