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  2. With B-Site now in it's playtestable state, it's time to move on to A-Site for now
  3. ...time has past since the global events of 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry.
  4. Yesterday
  5. 1- Mid is finished for the most part 2- CT spawn +B on the works 3- Cool view update
  6. Very different layout from before, and just passed 100 subs on the map as well!
  7. Updated the layout a bit, shifted back the connector, changed B site.
  8. I'm sure this has been shared before somewhere on Mapcore, but couldn't really find it. Optimization in Source: a practical demonstration And an interview with Iikka (Valve) about designing CTF_DoubleCross (includes some nice sketches). Impromptu Interview: Iikka Keranen
  9. It does not. I've run around this map, it's basically some custom developer textures tinted to different colors, and some sprinkled around props. That doesn't rise to the level of significant art. We do appreciate people paying attention to the rules and keeping entries honest, though.
  10. Sorry Kodiak I think this entry might fall foul of Rule 4 of the entry guidelines, which you can read here:
  11. Thank you! Yes first baby… so much to learn
  12. Been offline for a week so missed all the hype (Thank god for E3Recap!) but it was an alright E3 by the looks of it. For me I'm most excited for: FFVII Remake - After seeing the combat system in action it put my fears to bed. Fully looking forward to this now. Damn them for making me want to spend £250 for the collectors edition. Not happy about the exclusive summon materia for pre-ordering or paying more though. That shit can fuck off. Luigi's Mansion 3 - Looks great. Loved the original and this has co-op elements too! New Zelda BOTW sequel. Nice surprise! Cyberpunk 2077 - Already hyped for this nice to have a release date! Shenmue 3 - Again, already hyped as I've been waiting nearly 20 years for a sequel
  13. When he grows up he will finish de_highlands
  14. Awesome Beck, great job. I like those litle traps, gun features and melee specials and etc. Seems to be a fun game
  15. @blackdog I still want one of these after the first time I saw that episode. They pretty much make road legal LAV's for half a milly. I think that the most appealing part is the seating arrangement, stairs to the drivers seat, and the fact that nobody will cut you off. If you get t boned it will be like they are slamming into a brick wall.
  16. @csWaldo I've done three playtests so far and we've come to a conclusion that the far left path to the left side is redundant. Next update there will be only one main entry to the site. Here are some screenshots. We've also had some trouble with CTs flanking too much and I have high hopes that from now on with this change it will be discouraged.
  17. First father day, so happy to have this cool kiddy
  18. We have been working on a map since years that we would like to enter into the competition, the alpha was released in 2016. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=737386777 Since then we have been playtesting it with a hand picked group of people. And it will hopefully be ready in a few months. This is the concept art for the map: You can find more info here:
  19. Any reference from Namibian locations? This transports me back to my stint as tour interpreter, been in a good number of lodges Also in case you want to add more custom props, these could be interesting There was an interesting bomb proof APC in Future Weapons that I remember being South African as well but can’t find right now
  20. @JackT that's true! i'll try to fix that up when i get the chance. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. Hey guys, LIttle bit late to the E3 party but I've been away all week. Zombie Army 4: Dead War got revealed at the PC Gamer show last week and I can finally talk about what I've been working on! I've been working on a couple of levels in ZA4, part of one can be seen in the gameplay below Cinematic trailer: Some co-op gameplay:
  22. Here's a comparison of versions one and six of Gongji.
  23. Mainly the path from T to the right site as it has no space for setup.
  24. Sneak peak of the escalators at A-Site. I still have to add lighting in, but the escalators still need to be aligned with the ceiling tiles.
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