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  3. [HP]

    XIII (reboot)

    Loved the original, back in the day I found the art style really fresh! Will be keeping an eye on this.
  4. [HP]

    Days Gone

    My time is becoming very limited to be playing open world games like this, but I have friends who worked on this and it legit looks interesting to me, both the tech and gameplay. Gonna get this day 1, it's showing a lot of potential.
  5. blackdog

    God of War

    Official documentary is coming
  6. blackdog

    XIII (reboot)

    It looks like Sony has secured the rights for the videogame version of XIII, the Belgian comics series. This was already made into an (amazing!) game by Ubisoft, back in 2003. I was never expecting a remake/reboot really, but I personally welcome the news. My problem is that it seems it’s gonna be an exclusive to the PS. The teaser suggests it will return to a very stylised presentation. (Sure hope so, that’s what made so special the Ubisoft game.) Video:
  7. blackdog

    Days Gone

    Well done @[HP], was just coming to update the topic since they are pumping out footage to hype the imminent release thw way they describe the soft-survival mechanic makes me think of Mad Max, but hopefully they do it slightly more seriously (was way too easy in Mad Max after very little into the game)
  8. Interfearance

    Now playing - 2018

    Half Life 1. And on hard. Its hard. Also sorry for offending die hard hl fans, at least I'm playing it on a old laptop, the way it was meant to be played!
  9. Interfearance

    [CSGO] Amstel (WIP)

    I think that A site needs to feel more important and unique. Right now it feels like another connector or open area. Maybe add something important that is getting bombed like a statue or important building. It should be distinct from the rest of the passages. Otherwise, interesting geometry and a clean +pleasing T spawn art pass.
  10. FMPONE

    What's going on with your life?

    Hahaha. Dude... nice!
  11. mEkbOk

    [CS:GO] de_uno

    @ElectroSheep the reason my terrorists are further back is to let the CTs get to sites first but nuke has both teams back, which they should just move both forward and it won't effect timings. Also moving the split back reduces the amount of area in the map that only gets used at the start of the round and slows down CTs that push through sites.
  12. Radu

    A Game of Thrones

    We're too busy drinking giants milk
  13. blackdog

    A Game of Thrones

    Nobody watching this anymore?
  14. blackdog

    What's going on with your life?

    Thanks, yeah I’m lucky my boss just had one as well and I’m seeing the toll it’s taking… I need to start being regular in my sleep. my gf thought would be nice to give an Italian name so we have run a few ideas, but we are not final. Although I have my top pick already since Jan and I was a bit sneaky calling the baby the name I like so seems it’s sticking. But we were just talking of proper writing down the list and see to decide. It’s gonna be a (gamer) girl!
  15. ElectroSheep

    [CS:GO] de_uno

    What's the problem withe the T corridor n? It's like this on Nuke and I guess you can adjust the timing of terros by easily changing the lengh of this corridor.
  16. mEkbOk

    [CS:GO] de_uno

    I just updated the map to fix the floor brushes that were slightly misaligned to fix being able to see through them and also removed the ladder on A site to make the lower CT path more used
  17. Interfearance

    [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]

    I mean the bots ruining you is sad but the dislike button is kept there for shitty maps that aren't spam but aren't good. Like ones that are dust 2 asset flips
  18. I ♡ The 1950's

    [CSGO][WIP] Downtown

    I hate to tell ya this, but I believe there was already another map with the name Downtown that was featured in an operation a while ago. Aside from that, I can't wait to give this a try!
  19. Interfearance

    [CSGO][WIP] Downtown

    @SmityHead Cool dev texture. Is that a custom one?
  20. Interfearance

    [CS:GO] de_uno

    @mEkbOk TY. Although remember take feedback with a grain of salt. If u dont like it then revert back, its just my opinion
  21. Yesterday
  22. Yanzl

    VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files

    I've created some official documentation for VMT Editor and Substance shaders. VMT EDITOR USER GUIDE Hopefully you'll find this useful and discover some new features.
  23. infecti0n


    Bombsite A is a little secluded for afterplant scenarios from the underpass-mid area. I think this is nice, but I feel like the T side has a little more room to breathe than the CT side.
  24. http://nextleveldesign.proboards.com/thread/394/action-adventure-level-design-1 http://nextleveldesign.proboards.com/thread/403/action-adventure-level-design-2 Cool read.


    Work going on the new metro track C
  26. Eric Matyas

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    New cartoon-style texture images are ready here: TXR – BRICK - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-cartoon/ TXR – CONCRETE / PAVEMENT - Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-concrete-pavement-cartoon/ TXR – GROUND – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-ground-cartoon/ TXR – METAL – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-metal-cartoon/ TXR – WOOD – Cartoon https://soundimage.org/txr-wood-cartoon/ I hope some of them come in handy!
  27. I love it as well. Think there's some refactoring to be done here and there but overall it's pretty positive.
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