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  2. What is not prohibited is allowed. Yes, I am currently using content from the game L4D2, but in truth, I am currently working on content that will replace it. As a result, I will have my own set of trees, bushes and other attributes of the visual component of the map.
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  4. Tom Cruise reprises his titular role of Maverick in this sequel (that looks like a scene by scene remake)
  5. no real difference on an audio level really. Analog just means the signal isn't being created by a computer program. Because of this the signal can come with imperfections or weird quirks, which can be desirable! The circuits tend to be simple and moddable. Some people solder different resistors on the Volca beats to get different sounds (there's an easy mod that makes the snare sound more like an 808 snare for example). Analog synths tend to come with tons of dials, so they are a lot of fun if you are more of a tinkerer :).
  6. Anything you can tell me will help a ton. The korg stuff is WAY more complicated than the TE stuff. I have FM, Bass and Keys volcas. I just went to the korg page now to check the FM specs. I guess I thought that since the bass and keys were analog I assumed the FM was also analog as well. I do have to say I'm fairly confused now. I guess I need to do a lot of reading to understand the differences. I understand the differences between analog and digital signals from a digital signal processing standpoint but at an audio level I obviously have a lot to learn. The one thing I'm learning the more I learn about making electronic music is how much I can barely grasp or understand. So it's basically exactly like art or computer science edit : you have a cool girlfriend
  7. Last update before the playtest. Can't wait! The playtest will happen at 2PM CST. Type: "connect can.TopHATTwaffle.com; password se" in console to connect. (When it's time of course lol) B Before: B After:
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  9. Gotta say, this one is gonna be somethin' special. =-]
  10. Well it ain't much, but here's 2 models I made for my contest entry map. They are nice and high poly too! So at least they'll be future-proof for a long time
  11. Are any of these models from L4D2? I'd love to use some models from that game but I don't know if they're allowed within the rules
  12. Gosh can’t believe I didn’t post this movie when the first trailer came out. Let’s fix this: and add add the new trailer
  13. Looks neat dude!! I like your overview showing where things are and where zombies come from! I also like your gameplay video at the bottom, but I think it should come in way sooner in the page. Videos are always better at communicating gameplay than screenshots, especially yours since you added voiceover! If you take a step back and squint, all of your screenshots look identical... I'd probably replace some of them with different ones, like one of an interior, one looking downwards at an area, etc. Also there's still a few typos, I highly recommend running all text through a spellchecker before publishing, even if it looks all good at a glance... Cheers, Keep it up!
  14. The map's coming along pretty nicely in Hammer imo, I might have made a few tiny layout changes by taking a quick look at it in-game.Still working on the timings as they're still not exactly how I would want them to be, I also haven't made A site yet since I'm not completely sure how to do it yet.
  15. Good choice. Here's an Internet fist bump for Finland being "exotic"
  16. Volca FM is not analog These things are super fun though, I have a Korg Monologue and Volca beats I toy around with a lot =). My girlfriend has a bunch of synths and drum machines as well, lots of fun to hook them all up together and just jam.
  17. I have a litle update on my portfolio. Overall I simplified my whole portfolio while trying to explain some of my design choises. And I have add a new piece! Its a FC5 Zombie Survival map: https://www.roaldvanderscheur.com/werk
  18. That's the old layout. Mid has changed quite a lot since then. Now you're gonna need to increase your brightness for this one, cause I'm too lazy to recompile. Here's some screenshots of mid house: Lighting is bad and I still haven't imported my custom brick textures, but so far I'd say it looks fine. I think I might scrap the night idea, though and just make it daytime with clouds, my textures are too dark and it's hard to see anything. I imagine when I add some mossy brick textures, place some vines coming up the walls and roofs and a lot of grass, it would be much better looking. Here's one with better lighting: I was also looking for a giant fish skeleton prop to hang somewhere, and I think I've found a suitable one. I just need to make it look like a zombie.
  19. @JollyHolly @MikeGon Sorry my bad! I temporarily removed the link so I could do some tweaking to the site in the mean time, but then I completely forgot to re-upload it! So here it is https://www.jamesdesignsgames.com/
  20. I found some nice pictures, and decided that I'm gonna base the map in snowy Ruka Village based in Finland!
  21. So finally got more time to work on the map. Updates coming soon. I will work on the layout and work in the feedback i got and then schedule a playtest. I want to make the architecture more like it will be, when it's finished but maybe i will wait with that until after the playtest. I will in the following days update the workshop page and start modeling some basic stuff (im completly new to 3d modeling so don't expect anything grand)
  22. oh my this looks nice! i really like the view of the layout. the train could be an interesting part to boost over
  23. how did you make the flowing water?
  24. Don't be afraid to use brighter textures and more lights, otherwise players will hardly be seen against walls and it can become frustrating. Lighter spaces also feel more open. You can still do mood lighting as long as you can clearly see other players. Good job so far tho
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