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  3. Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Maybe we could convince James? He’s a good dude. I might play one or two and stream.
  4. Congratulations winners, and all participants, you really showed off great talent. Thank you @FMPONE and all the Mapcore staff that organised the contest. Such opportunities don’t come round often.
  5. Congrats hope to see all of these maps in an operation soon
  6. Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    2 matches at the same time now!
  7. Congrats to all the winners - Biome was a strong first place - great concept and execution!
  8. Congrats to biome, map was solid.
  9. Congratulations to all the winners! Some really cool maps came out of this; really fantastic to see. Cheers!
  10. [CS:GO] - De_Seed

    Hi everyone! There is quite some history on this map release since I started it way back in Counter Strike Source years ~2005 (80% complete i would say) but never released it or called it finished. This had a good reason because at that time I got hired for my fist job in the games industry as a character artist which got me fully occupied at that time and further years. Now its 2018 and I was searching through my hard drive and wanted to finally release it to the public, but now ported and adjusted to Counter Strike Global Offensive along with some visual improvements. At the time of creation I had in mind to make a unique map out of displacement surfaces for non vertical/horizontal gameplay and a simple and quickly memorize able layout. Its focus is on open field battles and gives not too many corners to hide. Right now I call it beta2 since there is slightly room for improvement and I need to gather feedback on how it plays and visual & other improvements that could be adjusted/done - Everyone who helps me out on that is highly welcome! Click here for my Steam Workshop page. More Screenshots Known issues by now: It does not support multicore-rendering! Turn that off in the graphic setting or you might end up in disappointment. (It might work for some folks out there but my experience is that it crashes the map randomply in the first minutes of gameplay. I don't know who to blame for that...)
  11. Altered Carbon

    Ok. But your argument can't work as you see Google and digital totalitarianism as a progress. I don't. This is your point of view. I can't speak for the people from the last centuries and which kind of lifestyle they would prefer but I'm pretty sure that we'd find people accepting that trade-off of liberty (get all your data harvested from capitalists without any fair counter party just to get free services) and others who wouldn't. I don't understand the comparaison between Lifestyle and Google with the main subject which is "transfert consciousness" and prosaic science. You can't argue mankind walked on the moon so we'll, one day, travel to the edge of Universe. It doesn't make sense to me to be able to transfer your consciousness and be finally the same person. This would just create a bad copy of you imho. I had a quick conversation with Maria Konovalenko. She's driving her research on this subject. As nobody know if one day will be able to fully transfer a individual consciousness to a computer or another body, I was factually reacting for the common sense. There is a huge gap between "transferring consciousness" and centralized distributed databases connected together. That's mostly a buzzword. This field of research exist for 30 years. This is just our powerful machine of today better running algorithms. And algorithms are even older that what we may think. See Ada Lovelace's bio. Another buzzword. And trust me I'm an expert in that field. Media and fake expert are making an inclusion to name from a chained data-structure a whole IT protocol. What's even freak me out is that disrupted third parties are making apology of a thing supposed to decentralize third parties... oh oh! xD There's a lot of bullshit around. My point isn't we won't be able to transfert our mind to other body/computer but what is the definition of "transferring a consciousness" to another body/computer? Would you be happy to get "transferred", seeing your "transferred you" adopted by your family and figuring out that it's just a plain copy of you while you're actually dying? That'd be scary.
  12. Congrats all! Top 4 are all awesome maps. Thanks for hosting Mapcore & Faceit!
  13. Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Definitely a good idea. Would be awesome if we could get the guest judges to participate, or any csgo pros.
  14. Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    We're going to be having a major Hub event this weekend to play the Contest maps. Clear some time from your schedule!
  15. Congrats all! Biome, looks so good (especially on unplayable area outside).

    Hey Yall! Here is a video walking you through it!
  17. Congrats to all finishers and especially the top 4. They're gorgeous, and I'm happy to see de_studio up there, too, think it's super sick aesthetically! De_abbey feels like a map that could really be viable for competitive play, would love to see how that plays out. Biome...I mean not much to say here. Super unique concept and gameplay like no other map I've played, and masterfully polished. Well deserved! Kaizen...I need the night time map :-p Let's make it happen Andre & jakuza! Just want to say big word of THANKS to all you guys, you delivered at a level that I usually only see from maps that are already in the game! Hope this competition helped shed some light on you and the community. It was a blast, and I can't wait for the next one. And now...let's play some CS on these new maps! You can play them on MapCore's Hub on FACEIT. Click here for the EU Hub Click here for the NA Hub See ya ingame :-).
  18. Congratulations everyone!
  19. Congrats. All gorgeous entries!

    Congrats to @jd40 and others! Memories will be with us forever...
  21. We have a lot of video content coming your way. Get ready!
  22. Congrats! So i've asked this in discord but is there gonna be any written or video review of each map ? Would be nice to have that
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