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  2. Tips on guiding the player with level design

    Thank you everyone for your comments
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  4. [WIP] de_Athrom

    Update #2 Lots of changes, still no workshop. At this time I don't want to pack everything, make changes and repack everything again. But I will be uploading shortly. So instead here are pictures from similar POV frames from above to give a general idea where things are going.
  5. cs_2high

    Hi again, Good news and bad news, the good news is I have a play test scheduled for 5pm EST this Friday if anybody would like to join in and play and give feedback. The bad news is I smashed my monitor today by accident, I moved my table too fast and it fell over and got cracked. I can still use it though so hopefully this won't set me back too much, I'll go out this weekend and try to buy a new one.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1147264012
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  8. What movie is this?

    Yes sir
  9. Computer graphics, my journey to understanding

    I've started writing everything down, with a narrative of why we are doing those things. It doesn't seem readable as is, you'd have to tell me! Follow up And the end! Next up later implicit curves and why they are not used as much in some scenarios
  10. Total War: Warhammer 2

    Installing this baby right now. Those filthy man-things are about to die!
  11. Arnold and Sly movies etc

    Linda Hamilton is making a comeback in the new film!
  12. Functional Lighting - Magnar Jenssen
  13. Tips on guiding the player with level design

    This video but you might have seen it already :x
  14. [WIP] de_bali

    Finally got a free day to work on the map! Here are some updates: 1) Overall size has been reduced I used the minimap reference in my previous post to help me redefine my layout, as there were problems with empty space and needless areas. I went back to pencil and paper to draw out a new version of the map layout, this time trying to "squish" the old one vertically. It worked quite well; most of the areas that were trimmed off ended up being large paths branching from T-spawn. This reduced their timings to sites, but I countered this with a new CT-spawn as well. I brought the CT rotation path closer "in" towards the map, so timings are shorter overall. With both of these improvements done, the chokepoint areas ended up about the same, they are just reached quicker by both sides. Here's a look at the Terrorist path towards A. Notice how much less space it takes up! There used to be a hedge maze type thing here. 2) Added a B-connector, replacing an entrance to B I decided to get rid of the side-door entrance to B-site for a number of reasons: it provided for way too fast of a rotation for T's, it was a hassle and created weird angles when trying to defend the bombsite, and it felt out of place with the rest of the site aesthetically. So, in its place, I added a connector that serves to both slow down rotations from B-site to mid, and eliminate an unnecessary chokepoint on the bombsite. Note: this new path could potentially position Terrorists behind the defending CT's, allowing for an easy possession of the bombsite. However, there's no way that a group of T's could get to the connector itself unless they obtain complete mid-control (due to a lack of CT presence, killing CT mid-player, etc), and by that time CT's should already be aware of the incoming T's and will have time to reposition suitably. Here's how the new Middle looks: And here's a good angle showing the different paths one could take after obtaining mid-control. To the left, there's a vulnerable path towards A-site. Going straight, you can wrap around CT spawn. And to the right, you can noisily approach B-site. 3) Removed building at B-Long The "library building" that was located on the Terrorist path towards B turned out to simply be a problem-starter, so I got rid of it. It was a completely free, unpunishable cover option for T's, was too enclosed and annoying to check, and it wasn't serving the purpose I intended for it, which was a sniper spot. So in its place, there's now a simple balcony with some tables to hop on and see over the railing, if you so desire. This just gets rid of another one of the pointless areas that were abundant in the previous map version. With all that being said, I hope to schedule another playtest soon so I can get some feedback on how my improvements helped the layout overall! Hopefully I'll get a solid version completed soon, and then finally begin the detailing process. I'm looking forward to trying my best at meeting the competition deadline (as it scarily gets closer and closer)
  15. Tips on guiding the player with level design

    Prof. Clem wrote a paper on the subject: http://www.clement-melendez.com/portfolio/articles/push-pull/introduction/
  16. In a previous post we haven't mentioned one important fact about faction equipment and ships: although they depend on different resources, they are connected in a certain way. All ships and equipment designed so that the first income level of each resource, for example, allows you to assemble a certain ship build - Blazing Fist modification with Stingray laser and Scouting drone module. In other words, each faction ship modification constructed to easiliy fit modules and weapons you get for the same income levels of other resources. We hope that this system is going to motivate you to maintain the same income level of each resource and look for new territories you can conquer. Now let's come back to our faction equipment lists: Deprived weapon Lvl.1"Storm Rocket Launcher", Kinetic, size 1x2 - weapon, designed to hit small and maneuverable targets. Launches several rockets at a time, has average firing rate, good burst damage but lower DPS (damage per second). Lvl.2 "Reconstruction Beam", Energy, size 2x2 - equipment for remote (up to 6000m) repairservices. Uses laser ray focus to connect damaged coating elements, delivers subatomic gel to the damaged. Lvl.3 "Eradicate Cannon", Kinetic, size 4x2 - battery, which shoots with exploding shells and permanently damages target ships so they can never be fully repaired.Shoots with several projectiles, just like a usual shotgun. Lowers maximum ship armor. Lvl.4 "Plasma Dissolver", Energy, size 2x4 - Heavy Plasma Cannon modification with increased range. Lvl.5 "Valkyrie", Kinetic, size 3x3- rocket tower, which guides rocket flight and immediately launches another rocket once it hits target ship. It means that at closer distances it has higher firing rate. Here are all new weapons for Vanguard, Eclipse and Deprived: Faction special modules "Scouting Drone" - Vanguard, lvl.1, activatable - Drone scout. Moves in a straight line and reveals everything on its way. "Omicron Generator" - Deprived, lvl.1, activatable - Creates a special area which deals damage to enemies and heals friendly ships for the same amount. Has limited duration. "Force Weapon Reload" - Eclipse lvl.3, activatable - Forced reload. As a matter of urgency, makes all weapons ready to fire. Deals damage to ship structure on activation. "Selfstasis module" - Deprived, lvl.3, activatable - Module, which puts an initial ship into special stasis for a limited amount of time: it drastically increases recovery rate for structure, armor and shields. "Sabotage Squad" - Vanguard, lvl.4, activatable - Boarding module which has a sabotage squad instead of usual troopers. Turns off ship functional systems (modules). "Sabotage Squad" module Vanguard ships Lvl.1 - battlecruiser "Blazing Fist", Curtana modification Lvl.2 - battlecruiser "Iron Guard", Tarnhelm modification Lvl.3 - battleship "Esprit de corps", Tizona modification Lvl.4 - battleship "Spirit of Rage", Ichaival modification Lvl.5 - dreadnought "God of War", Mjolnir modification
  17. Avalanche

    Why is police line upside down?
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  19. Tips on guiding the player with level design

    thank you very much my friend
  20. [WIP] de_transmit

    you should post more pictures in here. people will be more likely to check it out.
  21. For koth_brazil, the main element of the map is the control point. The purpose was to lead the players to the control point as easily as possible, and also to make it looks like the main goal of the map. For the first version I've created a simple barn, I wasn't sure about the direction I wanted to take for the control point at that moment, I just knew I wanted to make a jungle map. After the playtests, and when I became happy with the layout ( Yyler helped me on that) I started to make a full artpass on the map. Here you can see the greybox on the spawn, the main goal to achieve here was to show to the players the 3 options they had to choose a path. After the artpass I tried to make a bright yellow lighting to try to catch the player's eyes, putting more details at the door spots helps to show the options. Below you can see the snipers deck, it's the main road on the map which is the fastest way to go to the control point. You can clearly see that it's hard to see where is the objective here. Here's the result after the artpass, I added a path to go to the snipers deck on the left, I added lamps to put some focus on the important areas, and more important, I changed the whole control point area. During the artpass, I wanted to create something that was standing out from the map, on a koth map, the control point is the main element, and you want to lead the players to it as naturally as possible. That's why I decided to work on a radar dish, like the one on tc_hydro, but instead of having a dish on the gameplay area, I decided to work on the pillar, which was fitting more on the current layout and design, and then put the dish on the background to create an awesome atmosphere. This site is shite, I can't upload more pictures :< After some texturing work I decided to put yellow stripes on the beams, it's making the tower even more standing out this way. The final result On the picture below, notice the lack of detailling on the left building, that way you put the emphasize on the tower. Sometimes adding details is not the best choice, instead, you just need to decrease the amount of details on the less usefull areas. Check these articles http://magnarj.net/article_funclight.html http://www.nodraw.net/2010/08/tf2-density-of-detailing/
  22. cs_2high

    Released RC12 today Worked on a bunch of little things here and there, some which I don't remember. CT side is still the same layout as I have not been able to do a 5v5 play test on the map yet. I had tried making a mulitlevel radar today but got too frustrated and went back to just the plain 1 level radar for now. I took some new screenshots as well. (mostly T side) I'm not a big fan of the CT layout at the moment but maybe it isn't that bad. Close to 4,000 downloads on the workshop and I still haven't played a full match on it yet. I also find some of the lighting models on the ceiling a bit ugly. I will be paying more attention to the ceiling when I start detailing both sides more. The bottom floor you can access via the elevator shaft will be raised 1 floor too for next release.
  23. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Please let the cs_ map be Agency...
  24. Random Photo Thread

    Nice photos guys
  25. What's going on with your life?

    I just come back from 2 days spent in the mountains ! It was amazing ! Now I'm tired ^^ A video I made on a peak (in french guys ).
  26. Hello Everyone im currently doing my dissertation on guiding players using level design. Im needing some research and was wondering if any of you kind people could tell me some tips on how you guide players in your levels, eg like lighting, colour etc and maybe give a example's of when you used it and how. have a nice day and thank you for anyone who answers.
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