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  3. This is amazing! Didn't want to spam this thread with this, but I'm really excited for the support Blender is getting. There's also rumors of some more announcements at Siggraph in a week. Should there maybe be a Blender thread here too? I'd imagine there's many mappers here using blender.
  4. Bombsite in the water? That seems very unique and cool! Also imo, the upper bombsite (Which is probably A if I had to guess) feels like it has 1 entry too much.
  5. Nothing to do with Epic, or does it, but Ubisoft will also be supporting Blender: "Not only will Ubisoft help funding online support for Blender developers, Ubisoft Animation Studio – a department of Ubisoft Film and Television – will also use Blender for their productions and assign developers to contribute to Blender’s open source projects." https://www.blender.org/press/ubisoft-joins-blender-development-fund/
  6. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Hello guys! After a long time I'm finally able to post the final renders from our Mod. We all had a lot of work to do with our personal projects so we decided to wait for a bit to post everything online so that we could get a similar style for everyone that wanted to post their work on this project. I'm going to put the link for the mod here once our school gives us permission, so that you can download and try it. You can see the rest of the renders (and also my contribution) on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/itzomega
  7. It is a custom texture. Some textures like this are transparent and tileable so you can make them move to a direction. Its a bit difficult to explain but its actually simple. I recommend checking out TopHATTWaffle's WaterSource material pack. The waterfalls are usually black and white in brush selection. Also on THW's pack the moving is already built in vmt so you dont have to do anything besides downloading and putting it in.
  8. Back again with another update on the Haole, this time with a workshop release update! I've curved the entrance to B site instead of keeping it the strait route it used to be. This is so that T's have a better chance of not running into the instant site engagement, although timings will be a bit longer to hit the site. Passing through, they can take a new look at the cave, which now takes over where the river once was (Although technically you can't have a waterfall without a proper cave). The lore behind this decision is that the cave is open to the public, but lately top secret agents have been allowed to enter and store their stealth ships. The professionals accidentally came across these files, and are attempting to blow it up. As for the tiki bar/stage, that'll be another story... The CT Spawn now resembles more like a resort, although more tweaking will commence in order to make it look better. This house up above is a secret VIP deck that guests can enjoy. Or is it actually a ploy to hide secret government info within the depths of the resort? Please give feedback, and I will continue to be working on perfecting the setting, as well as the eventual addition of textures and such. If you'd like to try it out, it's on the workshop too!
  9. MikeGon

    [CS:GO] cs_sauna_2019

    Hi @Mamorex, your stuff looks pretty cool!! I know writing text is pretty boring, but a little explanation could go a long way in communicating your though process here! Design is all about decisions and intent... images don't communicate that as well as words. The diving board jump onto catwalk / baby pool drop thing is crazy and original, but I'm wondering how it's gonna play out in a real match. I think it would be fine if this was a niche side thing, but here it's one of the two routes to the hostages! Also it took me a few minutes to understand the baby pool drop thing, so I think a lot of players will be confused at first... and I don't think bots can do any of these jumps btw In the pool room again, the "concrete pillar on catwalk" part is weird... I know I'm supposed to walk on the railing next to it, but it doesn't feel great for both gameplay and fiction. There's a lot of awkward, dead-end little rooms packed with props... it's cool to add spaces for storytelling, but I think they shouldn't be playable (e.g. door is locked, we see a cool thing through a window, and that's it) A thing to keep in mind with interactible objects, is that as soon as we use one it creates the expectation that the next identical object will behave the same way. This isn't the case with doors in your map (green door interactible on T-spawn, green door non-interactible on CT-spawn...) I'd say make the interactible doors have 1 consistent appearance, and non-interactible doors have a different one. There's a few more props that encroach navigation space, like the benches in the locker room for instance... I suggest having a single row instead of 2 per section, to simplify it a bit, and moving them a bit further away in the alcove, not aligned with the lockers, to make it less likely to accidentally bump into them while moving across the room. This wall is at the awkward height of "Is jumpable question mark???" (it actually isn't). I'd make it a bit higher so it's visually clear There's also a lot of snagging on small collisions. Disabling collisions on small props and adding clip brushes will solve that (large window by the pool, railings in the staircase, doorframes, etc. Overall it's looking pretty nice! Keep up the good work
  10. Yesterday
  11. Is this really an Overwatch hero? (btw it's cool, but weird)
  12. that fucking ruled, but how is Capcom not finna sue you??
  13. New hero coming soon, this is by far my favorite origins video Enjoy!!
  14. filous


    I agree with the lightning, I have never led a map into such a late stage, my projects almost always ended in designing stage (i got bored/started to dislike the map etc.). Could you please give me a lesson/or send me a link or anything, how to properly light up areas to make it look realistic? I've been messing with the light a lot during the development, but almost always it felt a bit off. The version that is currently up, is the one that felt to me to be the best out of all attempts, but its far from being good. Thanks for your help!
  15. KingOfCorn


    I think the map would benefit from having a cleaner color theme with fewer colors used that works well together. I also agree with blackdog, the lighting could get improved. Other than that it looks like a solid map with good effort put into it.
  16. Update: I haven't really posted any updates in a while, sorry about that. I'd also like to note that I'm kind of slow when it comes to building stuff in Hammer lol, I had to rework T to A a bit since the timings were a bit off. Basically I'm adding another area between T and A, I'm also getting some ideas for A site!
  17. Oh shit, it is possible to get out of the map with a 4 man boost
  18. I thought Wingman was some kind of mode against some AI or something. Granted I haven't been playing CSGO for a while. Gotta admit that does looks smooth af though!
  19. Radu

    The Walking Dead

    This series is indeed true to its theme... the walking dead
  20. not an expert but this does not look very witchery?
  21. «Step aside de_vertigo, I’ve got this»
  22. Now that's... An original, and very cool idea. Not sure how it plays, but it doesn't look bad neither!
  23. blackdog


    Congrats on releasing the project! I would go back to it and touch up a few things before calling it a day. I think lighting in particular can be refined.
  24. @3m18s “they talked A LOT about diversity” ah, what a brave new world, where empowered females have to scrounge from IPs established by men to have a shred of success.
  25. Hello again, here's the progress of the layout so far.
  26. Update: this week we've been doing a lot of playtests and sadly we've gotten some fairly negative results (not that the map is bad, is just that is bland) so after a really long discussion with the team I'm making this map, we've come to the conclusion that we need to make some major reworks to make this map better and easier to work around. We'll be updating you soon about the changes.
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