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    Source 2 Hammer Bugs

    Can't you just extrude the edge a bit, then just snap move it to where you want? I always do that by default.
  3. Hotkeys do not work if you used a different keyboard language. (For example Russian). It's funny, but in other software everything works well. Solution, change the language to English on you're keyboard
  4. after 3 months on halt, the map i am working on has resume development
  5. Yesterday
  6. Love Nolan, but not hype... I'm sure it's gonna be a good movie!
  7. Last week
  8. Does it have a one-click 'align all vertexes to grid' option/command? (haven't used it yet, just wondering)
  9. Yeap, tlou1 is amazing. As for clickers. Even though they've got no eyes, they can see with sound waves, like bats. So if you're out in the open moving around and they're facing you, they might spot you even if you're sneaking. If you hear them clicking, you're better of staying behind something or just stop moving entirely until they stop.
  10. Finished this yesterday, decided to give it at least a day before talking about it on here. I played it on the Oculus Rift S, which is a really amazing piece of hardware. I've had some very limited VR experiences in friends houses, but it was the very first time I've had the time to really sit down and appreciate it.... or rather stand up. The room VR is really awesome, I love that the Rift S didn't make me install those annoying sensors on my walls, putting even more cables in the room. Never, not even once during this 14 hour long campaign had problems with controllers or headset tracking, so the sensors on this thing work really well. Also relatively impressed with the built in speakers on the headset, while not too loud or bassy, the surround sound really feels great, and it's actually useful for gameplay too. The screen is ok, 80hz refresh rate is sorta noticable but you quickly forget about it. What I didn't like is that the resolution and screendoor effect still needs to be at least twice the quality of what we have here to really start to be impressive. I sometimes would take the headset off and glimpse at my monitor and it looks so much better there, color depth, sharpness, etc. But, the exchange of picture quality for full immersion was really worth it here I think... I mean, it's one of the most immersive experiences I've ever had with a video game, it sometimes really feels like you've been transported into another simulation, and not a very uplifting one either, the combine really fucked earth up. Lmao. Btw, I did experience some nausea on my first day, it lingered for a few hours too, which sucked. But now, it's completely fine, I don't even feel that eerie feeling when taking off the headset and returning to reality anymore. Anyway, the game... it took me a full hour, or probably more just to get to Russell's apartment, I was tossing bottles at the walls, throwing pots at cats, sketching penises on a glass window with a marker, reading newspapers, and just grabbing shit... I legit felt like a kid that just received the most amazing toy on Christmas morning, lol. It's a really polished game, the level design is really well done, and it works really well for VR. Sometimes it falls on the claustrophobic side, and lacking any meaningful exploration paths. When the levels do (rarely) open up a little bit, it feels great to just move around and take it all in. But I'm also well aware of the technical limitations of the platform. Overall, I'm glad I updated my PC and got a VR headset for this. Don't regret it one bit, amazing experience. And now... we have source 2 to play around with, lets go baby.
  11. It's because of stuff like that I often just use marquee selections anyway, even if I'm selecting a single vert or edge, smoother than having to do a precision single click. Hammer's lasso selection works pretty well. I think you can also swap it's behavior from full object bounding box inside the lasso area drawn or just touching it. Started doing a few tests with this, now that I finished HLA. And I'm in love with the tilable meshes function, that paired with the ability to straight up model, texture map and vertex paint in editor is an absolute joy.
  12. Hah, I guess I've had this problem in every 3D modelling package :p. I believe this was one of the reasons adding a gizmo to blender was so controversial for so long! I agree priority could be different
  13. noice. i don't have that problem in 3dsmax tho ;0 if you precisely click on a vert it should take priority over the gizmo imho. The gizmo has long enough arms where if you want to interact with it you still can by clicking anywhere along the 95% of the arms that aren’t occupied by a vertex.
  14. The legend himself. I ran into him at the Street League in LA a few years back, super cool guy
  15. welcome to 3D modeling lol. You can use middle mouse to lasso select the vert
  16. Why I hate the vertex tool, in one image. The stupid gizmo takes priority over verts
  17. Yep, confirmed on my end. If I choose "hide unselected" from the menu, and then hit U, nothing happens.
  18. Hi! I'm Telvy, lead director of TACTICAL THOT EXTERMINATORS, a comedic sandbox tactical shooter singleplayer mod for Half-Life 2. Our mod team is a well knit community, and we could use the best help we can get now more than ever! We are looking for skilled Hammer mappers capable of brushing, detailing and optimizing existing maps, as well as creating maps from scratch. We have a map that needs to be polished and optimized as soon as possible. The map is a fortress that sits on top of a seaside cliff, partially based off the real life Spanish fortress Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We need mappers proficient in brush detailing, optimization, texture and decal detailing, as well as mesh detailing. We are willing to provide monetary compensation as well. My contact info: Discord: Telvy#6268 email: [email protected] If you are interested, you can always DM me and/or join our business inquiries/vetting Discord server. See you then!:
  19. Serious Sam 3 - Hero (OST) to get you pumped for SS4 Undercode, the Croatian heavy metal band who are performing this song for SS3, confirmed they will be back for SS4. Damjan Mravunac, the soundmeister of the whole series since the original in 2001 as well as Talos principle, is also back for SS4
  20. Strange, I will have to test that more today
  21. Been up most part of the last three nights and completed this! Outstanding game, shoots at the top of the best narrative games. This alone was worth getting the PS4. Any Mapcorean worked on this? I realised there actually is a chapter unlock, I’ll definitely replay the winter section, the sandbox maps on the shore are so beautifully designed, it was incredibly fun to predate on the scavengers. ~ I can’t shake off my head the parallels with HL in terms of level design, might just be the choice of locations… I guess we’ve seen it “all“. I dunno how this is possible, but it also felt the infected AI was less consistent two-thirds if the way in, with clickers suddenly detecting me from further away sometimes, despite being sneaky, despite having got past the very same ones without a problem on previous attempts of the same section, with them even almost colliding with me at times.
  22. I just checked and both hiding/unhiding (unselected) from the menu also works fine on my end.
  23. I haven’t tried doing the hot key to hide unselected, I’ve only done it from the menu. So If it’s true that U unhides when you do hide unselected with the hot key, but not if you do it from the menu, that’s kind of weird.
  24. H = hide selected Ctrl + H = hide unselected Right? I'm starting to doubt myself
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