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  2. I am working on an Cuba inspired map. This map will have a cosy atmosphere with warm colors and a feeling of relaxation. Hopefully I will pull this off References:
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  4. As things are, the only way to ensure some future proof, would be supporting companies like GOG that have made their mission to maintain access and playability of old games. Also a devil’s advocate point is this: both Sony and MS have gone to great lengths in the last generation to provide compatibility with old games. Considering that the value of a platform/service is in great part linked to the offering, these companies have all the interest in maintaining their games long after their main “profitability lifetime”. I also wonder for independent/privately own developers what entitlement they have to eventually make their games available in case their publisher shuts down the servers.
  5. Yeah I don't care about multiple launchers, I've already got like 4 or 5 on my PC. I meant subscription services (ala Netflix, Prime, HBO, Disney etc...) and the fear that gaming equivalents will become the norm in the future doing away with physical/digital copies of games. There would be no way for those games to be preserved except in YouTube lets plays like Jim Stirling mentioned. I saw that Ross Scott video and it was really good, hopefully it does get somewhere and will lead to a way to keep games alive once their servers are switched off.
  6. I tested several scenarios and could not replicate this issue. You may need to send me your VMF for testing. EDIT: Thanks for sending your scene and pointing this out. Latest WW fixes the problem.
  7. Yeah, ok, I can probably deal with the massive segmentation of having several launchers and services as long as I can play the games. What is troubling me more lately, and this is something that Ross Scott is also stressing a lot, are the games that require authentication to an online server. With this subscription service that is being pushed and also stadia's streaming, I think this will become even more of an issue in the future. Sure, you can argue that this is an issue even with regular platforms that offer digital copies. If the platform dies, then shieeet. But that's less likely to happen than say a game's servers being shut down. Take for instance the Games for Windows Live. When they shut that down they also killed a lot of games. Some of them were patched to use Steamworks, but others not (Dirt 2). Ross Scott tried last month to push forward the idea that some games being advertised as services are fraud. While he does have some fair points, the argument was partially shut down by various lawyers. However, some pointed out that he could instead try to branch into the duration of granted copyright time. Here's his video: This is one of the lawyers responding with the copyright idea: Ultimately, shitty monetization and segmented as the market might become aside, I'm more concerned about the actual games and being able to play them long after their release.
  8. Yeah, I'm not liking the look of all the subscription based services. I doubt physical/digital copies are going to go anywhere too soon but the industry could definitely go the same route TV/Film has gone with every studio having their own service with their own content locked to that service. In other news, unskippable adverts in full priced games.
  9. The map seemed to be far more open in the initial posts but I'm liking how it's turning out, looks a lot like Insurgency maps in some ways. If there's (another?) Mapcore test I'll be definitely on the lookout for this one, the style you've gone for is intriguing.
  10. Just wondering if this is something stupid that I've done on my end but the uniform scale on importing the vmf seems to work, except it has moved all the props down and rotated them 180 degrees? The last pic is in game (and not gone through wallworm yet, it was just the compile before I opened wallworm as it didn't have the scale support then) so you can see how the bikes and the arch isn't supposed to be in the ground Still, if it's something I've done then it could be a cautionary tale for someone else if there's a fix or thing to avoid
  11. Went to watch the first video, immediately got hit with a 30 second advert. Yeah nah.
  12. 2 videos of Xen gameplay have been reveiled from IGN : https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/06/25/black-mesa-xen-preview-fixing-half-life-1s-weakest-part I don't really want to get spoiled too much so I didn't watch both entirely ^^ But it seems really promising and the standards of quality of the game clearly increased
  13. I've been trying to make some minor changes before the (potential) playtest tomorrow, mainly redoing some older brushwork. I've also started making custom textures for the map, includin g Sanskrit decals and hanging tinsel. Here's a picture: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1768578755&searchtext=monsoon also an off-brand logo i made for the map:
  14. Try not to overindulge in narrow corridors. They aren't typically very good in gameplay. After you've cut down what paths you're still using and simplified the map, stretch out all of the halls and give them some unique aspects.
  15. Concept of the space station skybox. Rotation is a bit experimental and might not work well, but oh well.
  16. A little update, but still more complexity. I know that I need to cut out some routes but not sure which right now.
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  18. I think I'll just skip Absolution I think, been too long. With a baby, it's challenging, but the good thing is that they go to bed earlier so I reserve myself about 45 mins to an hour a day for games, so I usually play something between 9pm to 10pm. Games like hitman are perfect, because you can finish a mission in more or less an hour. Even after 10pm, I still have 2 or 3 hours left of my day to squeeze from, which you can use for love making, side project work, meditation, or whatever you have planned, because these last couple years I forced myself to be a lot more restrictive with my time, so I soft plan my hours of the day, you'd be surprised how much "fat" you have in your day to day life you can easily trim out. I started by leaving facebook, I still do Twitter but I only follow 99 art accounts, so when I'm taking a shit or whatever I can just quickly scroll through some inspiring art. And I just learned to make my calendar my friend, instead of my worst enemy, which is how I treated it my whole life, lol. You can treat time the same way you count calories, or count your money. If you sit down to check your monthly bills, you realize how much needle shit you're paying for. Same for food, if you sit down and count your calories, you'll be surprised how much needless shit you're eating daily. Time is the same thing, I would even argue it's the most important thing so treat it with the respect it deserves. (Sorry for the OT ramble)
  19. How do you find the time? I want to play the first new Hitman and haven’t yet even purchased, knowing just how long it takes to play every mission. (also haven’t even played Absolution)
  20. Hello All! It took some time but here is the newest radar image. Map will be ready for play testing soon. EDIT: I hope to get my server running soon where people can play test, However the server is hosted in Cape Town, South Africa so will only realistically be available for People in Cape Town And Or Johannesburg to get a decent connection.
  21. https://imgur.com/gallery/E1Yr0 I clicked these while I was in Himachal pradesh, India.
  22. Nice, bought this a couple weeks ago, still wrapped but I'll hit it once I'm done with Days Gone.
  23. If anyone could give us feedback based on this WS link would be appreciated.
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