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  2. I have had issues with scale. I managed to sort it out a little bit.... however that might be a big concern in the future. thank you so much for the feedback means a lot to me ~^^~ thank you so much ~^^~
  3. I don't thing that there's a lot of feedback that can be given from a layout sketch, but the scale seems to be HUUUGE! It might be only impression tho.
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  5. The team has announced an Alpha-demo consisting of 3 levels coming soon in mid-June: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/prodeus/prodeus/posts/2847927, if you paid $20+ when you backed the game, you will have access automatically. The level editor will also be included.
  6. I always assumed this game is going to be multi player… really curious to see how it turns out if anything but the mechanic
  7. Pet mod project, DOD:Area Pacific, first map for the mod is the battle of Iwo Jima... Really early WIP shot
  8. Or maybe its the crossing Fighting with another player throughout the story.
  9. Hiii ~^^~ This is the start of Akashi's development and attached is the initial sketch of the layout. This is still early development so any feedback would be appreciated hopefully another post coming soon ! ^^
  10. With all the Arkane news recently, I rewatched the trailer and I might have figured it out or at least here's my theory: So the obvious things are that the day is repeating over and over, but the characters retain their memories of every day even if they die... and as stated in the trailer, one is trying to break the cycle while the other is trying to protect it. We can also see in the trailer that one of the characters learned from their previous deaths and avoided the same scenario during the next try. But if things are gonna truly change in this loop, then there have to be some means of killing other characters/targets in a permanent way. Now, my theory is that we're gonna play as both characters, Colt and Juliana, switching between them with every repeated day and then fighting against our own playthrough similarly to like a racing game where you can see your ghost car. Imagine you go about doing a mission as Colt, making certain moves, killing certain NPCs, basically a whole sequence of events... and then you play as the other character, Juliana, and a "recording" of the previous character, Colt, is used in the world and you can plan around what you did as that character. Then, when you switch characters again, you know that you used the other character, Juliana, to kill Colt during a specific point so you then have to avoid that. It's gonna be yourself vs yourself, but it does sound complicated. I have no idea how you would go about structuring this. However, if the two characters can disrupt certain events in the day, this is the unexpected twist that we're going to experience when playing as the other. Or maybe I read into the trailer a bit too much and it's not like that at all.
  11. It's a shame that they chose to cancel Ravenholm because you could easily re-brand it as a standalone game not related to HL series.
  12. Last week
  13. I'm using the UE4 FPS template as a base. According to its scale, 256 x 256 x 256 in UT1 translates to roughly 500 x 500 x 500 in UE4. Collision and lightmaps in this current state are completely screwed. I made some basic BSP prototype and converted to static meshes. This conversion step causes a lot of issues with lightmaps and collision. UE4 with a 1366 x 768 screen isn't good. It has so many menus and windows that you really need two screens to work properly with it. Ideas for UE4 version: - 3D trims - Flickering light effect for all tourches - Water caustics. Not raytracing, just some cool projected texture - Textures now can have displacement, normals, Physically Based - Higher triangle count, mostly due to round columns and trim https://postimg.cc/gallery/cs04sd3 A bit of achitectural research
  14. Next Saterday 6th of June at 1PM - EST I'll be hosting a livestream on the Wall Worm Discord channel on how to create Surf Ramps in 3DS Max in a procedural and easy way, and export them in matter of seconds with Wall Worm. Everyone who's interested is free to join the stream! I'll be covering a few things that are specifically aimed at Surf Mapping, and how you can create ramps as they appear in surf_galaxy, surf_greatriver_2015 and surf_snowslide. This includes -but is not limited to- the following: Creating ramps in any shape or form. Keeping those ramps procedural. Preparing the ramps for texturing. Creating collision models that are not buggy. Exporting all the ramps straight from 3DS Max and also export them as a scene directly from Max as opposed to Hammer (just so you know both ways ). There will definitly be room for a few AmA's regarding surf mapping in general, so don't be shy and let me know of any questions you may have! I'll also prepare a few scenes that can be downloaded, and in case you can't make it, the stream will be recorded (most likely by myself but I'll be backed-up by other members as well). Before the stream starts I'll make another announcements here on the day itself. The stream will start taking place here: https://discord.gg/a6ZByvv
  15. Oh my lord... the entitlement! Back in the day, when you bought Street Fighter II (or any other game) for the Genesis, it wouldn't run on the SNES or any other console. It's hard enough to make a game for one platform, it's an extra pain in the ass to make it multi-platform, now there's this extra stuff to worry about? Yeah... no. When you go out for a concert the ticket is valid for that one venue. When you go to a sports event, ticket is valid on that stadium When you go to a restaurant, you can't order the food in a place, then claim you wanna eat it in another. Creating the expectation that a video game (or any other software) needs to run on your kitchen toaster because you "bought the game" is so unrealistic it's almost comical.
  16. RIP Erect, the map that was to advanced for CSGO. May it return one day to save us all. It is the map we need, but not the map we deserve.
  17. It is explained, at least in part. The Gravity Gun is a tool not a weapon, you accidentally get to hold on to it because of the combine attack. It is also very logical to imagine they don't have the resources to mass produce it anyway. Seemingly I'd imagine that the Resistance doesn't have the resources to make more suits, they could also be very well made to custom fit the operator. Of course the "cool stuff" will almost always available only to the player, but is a matter of how you present things that make it immersive.
  18. Yeah but you do choose where to play the game, nobody forces you to stream it. What does it mean to you end user if the servers you are streaming from are nVidia or something else? Also Valve's solution seems open to whomever comes forward with a compelling solution. I think it's more interesting to understand if you can simply stream games you own on Steam, it does seem like it...
  19. "Valve has quietly dipped its toes into the waters of cloud gaming with the beta rollout of Steam Cloud Play, which introduces GeForce Now streaming integration, but may include other services in the future. For now, it allows publishers to opt into GeForce Now streaming for their games through the Steam backend." https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-cloud-play-enters-beta-testing-with-geforce-now-support Some of the comments are raising some valid concerns like: But with both Epic and Valve now supporting GeForce Now, it will be interesting to see how this evolves.
  20. Why aren't more HEV suits being produced to give the resistance fighters an edge in battles? Why is only Gordon using the gravity gun if it has such a wide creative usage in combat? My point is that some items are there and only available to the player because they're fun. Yes, it would make more sense to see those being used by the other NPCs, it would establish more consistency of behavior, but it's a not a must. And it was supposed to be a spin off, something not as serious - think of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned for Borderlands.
  21. Yeah, birds are basically the only thing there is. Not even rats. How you justify something so peculiar as monkeys when there’s nothing else around? And I’m not simply taking about a zoo, but why would all animals die except these. Also I’m not talking about traps, I was referring to the magnet gun and all the other crazy inventor stuff like the leaf-blower to double jump. Why would Grigori build or have something so effective available and not use it?? We are also talking about a priest… you can sell me on a priest being very good at shooting and surviving, but he’s also the next Tesla-level guy?
  22. Grigori was always about traps even though he had a shotgun, do you remember ravenholm? No fauna? There are literally birds in the first 5 mins of HL2, when you open the train station door pigeons fly off.
  23. MetaNewt


    Like the look of the map. But don't you think, that roofs look too flat?
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