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  2. Let the controversies begin: locking difficulty behind a paywall now
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  4. Yeah have a friend that moves to Montreal for a few months every year for work and when I startd talking Canada he was questioning if I really would like to shovel snow every morning lol. I'm all for dry cold (or dry heat). Wet is just shit. You go out and you get muddy, wet... the house can get mould and so on. My year in Namibia was so much better than one summer in NE Italy despite temps in Africa are obviously hotter. Same loved my holiday in Iceland, lots of snow, dry cold... wear the right gear and you don't even feel it.
  5. At some point we'll see more SP https://www.pcgamer.com/gabe-newell-says-valve-has-games-in-development-that-were-going-to-be-announcing/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow no mention of Valley of Gods, hopefully they are getting back to it (and not making it VR exclusive).
  6. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Thanks all for your input. Made some gameplay improvements to the map based on reviewing demos and playtester feedback. Feeling good about these changes. I think they address the core issues and improve the logic of the map. Let's see how the next playtest goes this week. CHANGE NOTES [A SITE] Moved plant zone to truck Reworked truck shape to eliminate headshot angles when a player is on top Moved boostable propane cannisters to side of truck to eliminate headshot angle Widened A main and added boostable crates near warehouse entrance [WAREHOUSE] Forklift now boostable [MID CONNECTOR] Redesigned connector to reduce the number of sightlines visible at once when pushing to/from A-mid Rerouted to B-mid for smoother rotations [B-MID] Slightly reworked elevation to create a defined pit area Added some cover Added a trim on T stairs [B SITE] Redesigned cover on bombsite Closed off part of crypt Reworked main entrance from CT spawn Widened balcony and added some cover Balcony now fully wallbangable [T-SPAWN] Widened area in front of cathedral entrance Moved some T spawns back
  7. I scrolled through the trailer, looked dope. RE7 was good (except for the end lmao) so i'm sold anyway.
  8. Reddit is going to jack itself raw to this
  9. Vaya

    Corona Virus

    getting the 1st dose of vaccine in 30 mins woo
  10. That explains a lot. When I lived in Japan it wasn't THAT much hotter than Vancouver in the summer but I was dying and taking like 5 showers a day. It was however WAY more humid. Most of my neighbors had rice paddy's and they would flood them in May. During that time I felt like I was drowning just breathing air Now I know what people mean when they say "it's not the heat, it's the humidity"
  11. Yeap, exactly this. At least Vancouver's weather is way more tolerable, since the pacific ocean (and coast) is way warmer than the atlantic. I have a friend who just moved from London to Vancouver this week, he told me that if you look at the avg temps between both cities during this time of year, you'd think they're about the same, but Vancouver feels way warmer. This actually sent me down one of those internet rabid holes, and turns out there's other aspects to how cold it feels that temperature (C/F) can't read, there's the dew point and relative humidity and others that might or might not be less relevant like how far you are from the arctic jet streams. So since London tends to feel more humid, 10c will feel way colder than 10c in drier location, which will just feel cool. But yes, fuck the cold man... I can take rainy weather, but I'm not a fan of freezing my ass off!
  12. I went on vacation to Montreal a couple years ago in August and absolutely loved it. Way more interesting city that Vancouver when it comes to nightlife and stuff to do. I was seriously considering moving there. I mentioned my thoughts to the security guard at the hotel we were staying and he said "maybe take another vacation here in December before you decide to move here
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  14. I'm betting on a turnaround, they will fix the kinks and keep releasing content for years to come!
  15. Also fuck the cold. I wish I was in California or somewhere hotter right now
  16. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    One idea I have would be to allow Ts to lob grenades into the windows of muesum and also let them throw nades into the court yard of the fort. As for Tunnels I am thinking of adding a passage which takes you up to the Courtyard in front of CT Spawn
  17. blackdog

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    I like the tunnel solution, for the rest I would only advise not to try and replicate too faithfully because it's flat and tight, which doesn't make for great CS gameplay. You don't want players to only engage in an aim shootout, utilities need to be useful and also counter-able. Tight spaces would cause smokes to make it unplayable and make it about gambling when to push through, and atm they seem to be long corridors. It also looks like that CT could just stay put within the site and cross their fire to kill whomever peeks... which is exactly how forts were designed for, but is not that fun. Probably I'm stating the obvious, but you need to ensure Ts can use utility to flush them out of there. You might want to consider having two exits for the tunnel, because sounds like you have a one-way drop in there, so once the Ts commit to that, they can be easily held back from the pump room dropping molotov and smokes once CTs know they are in there. I can see that side of the map like apps in Inferno, which has two exits in Boiler and Balcony.
  18. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    Whilst I didn't get to shoot one I did however hold one not only that but I also got to see two tanks, A Matilda and a Stuart tank. They were used by the Australian Armoured Divison, the bear the insignia of a crocodile and a palm tree. I've edited the map I have attached by changing the white with a very light grey to represent pathways, The Dark grey is meant to represent doorways that are underground or areas you can acces but they are covered up like the bridge. The box at tunnels Is meant to be a hole where Ts drop down to reach the pump room. Green is meant to be Spawns, Orange is the Site, White is any non-accessible area and black is the walls . [NOTE: The left side of bridge is non accessible.
  19. blackdog


    This is gonna turn heads when #blocktober comes back around
  20. blackdog

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    I had another window in front of the post while it was loading, but as soon as I saw the cannon I knew what this was about: I've been to Malta and fort Rinella a few years ago on a holiday! Great to hear they are open, I had wondered sometime back if places like this, which seemed in dire need of constant stream of visitors, was struggling because of the pandemic. With the horses they look after, it would be sad if they couldn't get cashflow. Are they still doing the weapon demonstration? My gf shot the cannon and I shot the winchester type of rifle Keen to see what you come up with! I had thought back to the fort and tried to think how to make it work as a de_ map, but that was before Wingman existed and for some reason didn't think about it when I tried to come up with Wingman maps ideas. Atm it's hard to judge your sketch as it's unclear where the paths are, if you can use some colour or even just fill in non-walkable areas it would help people giving feedback.
  21. Hey, sorry to dig up this topic but I noticed two things recently: the embedded youtube videos don't play - they start to load and then return an error Some posts I've done don't seem to post - I mean I press submit and the post box doesn't refresh/empty, so it looks like nothing has been posted. I thought this was due to some network hiccup as I was on my phone the other day (and posted x3 times the same comment), but just happened on the desktop as well this has happened for me with Firefox (mobile is iPhone on Safari), not sure if is a browser problem or indeed just a random network issue, thought I'd bring it up in case others have seen similar glitches.
  22. Not that there are many, I mean that it didn't give me the impression it would be and it doesn't seem to fit much, but I haven't been following closely, just watched the videos.
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