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  2. Dude, you need to watch Speedracer! It's a really underrated fun movie.
  3. Sony made a BUNCH of money with the game, spiderverse and far from home. So, they're realising that spiderman is huge again, so it kinda makes sense they wanna hold on to that property. I for one, am kinda happy to see other players in the "hero movie" field tho, I hate to see Marvel dominating it so much, which means they'll just stay formulaic with their movies, which is bad.
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  5. I forgot about V for Vendetta. So, that was at least watchable. Surprised to hear Speedracer was any good.
  6. I think the Wachowskis are very hit and miss, they have some really horrible stuff, almost unwatchable, yet at the same time some of their works are REALLY damn good. Movies like, Speedracer, V for Vendetta and Assassins are absolute must watch classics. On the other hand, Matrix Revolutions, Jupiter Ascending and (arguably) Cloud Atlas are so bad it really makes you question what the fuck they were thinking. So, what gives me some faith here, is that Matrix Revolutions was so bad, in so many obvious ways, there's no way they can't know that, there's no way they don't know that the formula to make a sequel is somewhere in the first movie, not in the two sequels that proceeded it. Also, I didn't say I'm optimistic, I said I'm open minded.
  7. Yeah the first one is an amazing, polished work of art. The second and third were unbelievably stupid, it's crazy they were made by the same people. Sometimes an artist creates an amazing work of art, then creates more art that is so bad you almost swear they must have stolen a wandering gypsy's amazing idea for a project, then killed them to hide the secret forever. The Matrix is a good example of this phenomenon, as is "The Sixth Sense" (although in that case, the gypsy had like, one or two other good ideas that M. Night also stole...) What have the Wachowskis done since the first Matrix to inspire any confidence?
  8. The Matrix is one of my favorite films. I even like the sequels, but I am not optimistic about this one at all. Hopefully it turns out mind numbingly great, but I have my doubts.
  9. Plantello

    [CS:GO] Chlorine

    Okay, so the most recent version is still not on the workshop due to networking issues, but I'll have to shelf this entire thing for a while. I'm taking on uni in a few weeks, and I got a laptop for that reason... which means I'm getting off of the much more powerful shared PC I was using so far. Consequently, I'll no longer play CS until I get a PC of my own, which might take awhile. For the time being, my map is staying as it is, and all I can promise is that I'll eventually update the workshop version.
  10. @[HP] not surprised of the announcement as it was rumoured already during the John Wick campaign, but I have zero confidence in the Watchowskys after Sense8: I found it unwatchable, the gay contents were really on the nose and imo didn’t add anything to the narrative; it felt like propaganda. Even a company as woke as Netflix couldn’t keep the lights on the show, so I can’t be the only one of this opinion.
  11. Updated the map on the workshop: - Mostly just added a bit of cover here and there - Textured the ground, still needs some blending and bumpy ground though Also, here's the updated radar I guess:
  12. Another story of corporate greed will deprive us of the great rendition of Spider-Man that we finally got, with Sony putting its head up its ass once again. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20825580/marvel-studios-future-spider-man-films-disney-sony-fight-kevin-feige-mcu it looks like Sony will bet on crossing Spider-Man and Venom, which is something fans want, but Peter Parker will be completely absent from any future Avengers movie... and they won't be even able to mention his name. Hopefully they can get their shit together for Phase 5 when a big event that would cross Avengers and X-Men could take place.
  13. Optimistic for a Matrix sequel? Did you skip all the years since 1999?
  14. That granny is so awesome! When I read 'Watch Dogs' I was ehh another one... but this trailer got me pretty exited though.
  15. Quality post! Also, dunno where to post or talk about this, but you guys seen that Matrix 4 is in the works? All original cast too? I mean, after the absolutely great sequel that Blade Runner 2049 was, I'm open minded, long as they dont do cgi fest like Revolutions.
  16. I love the Batman Arkham series, from which they seem they took looot of inspiration. It looks like a perfected Arkham Knight experience in terms of pacing and storytelling, so I’m very excited of playing this. Hope they don’t get boxed into being “the Spider-Man studio” and will get the chance of maybe making justice to another superhero franchise… or even better to keep bringing new IPs
  17. Seen Spider-Man Far From Home a week ago in cinema, then Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse on digital tonight; this is the most impressive animated movie since the release of Monsters Inc., absolutely captivating in terms of art. Also a very good story Dunno why they are so stingy in terms of web slinging for the MCU movies. Also watched for the first time Big Trouble in Little China So I now understand the meme
  18. I bought a drawing tablet recently because I'm still trying to git gud at drawing. It's very different from drawing on paper, but hopefully I'll learn quick!
  19. Hi y'all! Since Dixon is probably gonna end up not being finished (For the contest, I do plan to get it done someday), today I present to you guys Blossom. A map set in a Japanese rock garden. @Interfearance has been a major help with this map (Thanks by the way!). It will be ready for playtesting in a few days. I hope to make some final changes to the layout first Not to mention that the buyzones and B-Site aren't ready yet. And for the first time, this map isn't overdetailed for a greybox this time unlike Dixon
  20. Yesterday
  21. Long time since i posted here, but Ive been busy playing around with materials and props that i know i need no matter any layout changes, as well as trying to refine some of the spaces that feel "safe" without over-committing. Ive had one play test that was a pretty cool experience with lots of informative and constructive feedback. However I will definitely need another play test soonish with the new changes even of they are relatively subtle: blocked some nasty sight lines on long A and added a small cover made pit at A less deep and lowered heaven position (definitely focused too much in aesthetics there) moved Tspawn back a few inches to give CT more time to get to mid expanded box at B and reduced sight lines expanded wall at B to make it harder for T to get to site. moved the bridge at B closer to make it easier for CT to cover position. lots of small stuff! Changes are not online yet as i only have the old grey box but here's a few teasers until i get it ready with new radar etc.
  22. This system shows so much potential, if it really is as varied as the trailer makes it look, then it will be awesome. Looking forward to finding out.
  23. By far not a perfect game but it definitely pulls of "feels like you're Spiderman" pretty convincingly. Definitely worth playing if you like Spiderman / open world + parkour. They did a incredible job with the game, so I'm excited to see what they can pull of with they probable sequel on PS5.
  24. I forgot to add the Steam workshop page of the map! Here's the link I also edited the original post and yeah, I hope you guys like it and have some feedback so I can improve the map!
  25. Really enjoyed that @Radu (Zia's theme) very nice voice and relaxing. ...Been hooked on these over the last couple of days...
  26. You're watching possibly the last hints of originality on AAA game in the foreseeable future. lol
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