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  2. Hi Folks, Some cool new seamless texture images are ready on these pages: WOOD (Artistic) BARK (Artistic) ORGANIC (Artistic) You can access them from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Vanquish. Holy shit this game is good. The control feels so amazing.
  5. This is de_wasteland! I wanted to make a fun competitive layout that was not four square and this is what I have at the moment. The map is still in a very early greybox stage so the visuals will likely change. Any feedback is appreciated! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2439278132
  6. The gameplay video literally has hundreds of units and the unit cap per player is 200, which is the same as aoe2.
  7. @PampersYeah, I really don't like the scale being so off in AOE3 and apparently 4 too. AoE 2 seems to be much better in that regard. Nice too see that they are bringing new content like coop for AOE 2 tho.
  8. The blue tone seems more saturated and better. Previously it was more washed out.
  9. Roald


    I did a playtest at Source Engine and made some changes An album: https://imgur.com/a/LlHZ5R2
  10. How are there going to be epic battles when you have like 20 actors in the scene at once? Arrows looking all weird and don't sync with the firing animation. Actors just run into each other and play an attack animation, zero weight or physicality AoE 3 came out 16 years ago and looked like this AoE 2 has the overall scale nailed imo. Then again nothing will ever compete with AoE2 #gatekeeping
  11. Last week
  12. only streamers who never played d2 are worthy of an alpha invite
  13. Mediocre ass graphics. AoE2 is beloved because it was polished as hell for the time, and the graphics were incredible for the time. This is just hollow, hollow stuff. It doesn't withstand inspection and I honestly fail to see what they have brought to the table that is new, other than the golden ghost people spamming around when you build something. That ain't cutting it
  14. I've just made some tweaks (browser caches may need clearing) to cut down on the size of the 'Our Picks' section on the home page, hopefully it's less overwhelming. I still need to figure out the weird issues in the sidebar but it's still usable. I don't think the base font size or zoom has changed, but there might be a bit more padding around some of the forum titles and such. (These are changes that have been inherited from the software we use rather than something intentionally done.) Edit: I've also squished the header to try restore some of the space lost to the general added pa
  15. It looks like a mobile game and stutters a lot
  16. Its better on mobile now, but im seeing a lot less on desktop. Like its zoomed in. This is what I see when I open mapcore Trying to zoom out just dynamically spaces things out instead of shrinking it. I dont have any screenshots of the old version, but I used to be able to see Game-Dev, Off-Topic, Prodeus and Source 2 without having to scroll down or zoom out. I dont really see why it has to be so zoomed in or why topics and posts are slightly more spaced out.
  17. Games Jobs Live: Midlands is happening on Wednesday 14th April: a FREE online livestream with gamedev studios in the Midlands who are currently hiring! On the livestream presenting and taking your questions we'll have Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs), Codemasters (Dirt, Grid, Formula 1), Kwalee (OverTake, Off the Rails), and Electric Square (Forza Street, Hot Wheels ID). Join us to hear directly from games developers in and around the Midlands with active vacancies; who they are, what they’ve done, and most importantly, who they’re desperately looking for. The event is FREE and open
  18. Fixed that quickly. Badass~ @Thrik
  19. Looks slick and more responsive on mobile, brilliant update! As for what Radu says, I imagine that section’s template is customisable/has options… I’d say deffo remove the preview text, and picker removal something to consider, if is a few people that does that activity doesn’t seem to harm. Maybe the avatar can be made smaller and overall simplify that section too.
  20. Not really, looks super faithful to the originals
  21. Some of the screenshots from this are absolutely beautiful. It's working its way onto my playlist I think
  22. You don’t like seeing my avatar six hundred times? Maybe we can adjust this area @Thrik
  23. Getting mobile game vibes from it.
  24. While I like the daily picks as a small quick highlight, they take too much space now. I guess that applies overall, everything feels zoomed in after the recent update.
  25. Conflig


    Thank you Today I had few 5v5 matches and it went well. There are few issues but nothing that would require masive rework.
  26. Original map Topic: Changelog: Update 36 --B-- -made B main lowered --ALL-- new radar image Update 35 -- B -- -New clipping -New cover long Update 34 --B-- Edited route from T-spawn to B Photos ________________________________ Update 33 --A-- -removed pit Photos from this update _________________________________ Update 32 -- A -- -added a Boost on left side of A site(Test) -- ALL -- New cubemaps ________________________________
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