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  2. I could release a second simplified version after I finished this one. For all traditional csgo players who want a more static CT and overall less variance play. Then I got two versions. One challenging map for people who want to learn and adapt to something new and one for traditional players.
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  4. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    I just setup a scene with a dev wall, crouch height, door etc. All around the center of the origin. I tried exporting multiple times. When I import to Maya I still see no geometry in the project outliner. I had exported entire maps years ago, no trouble. Thanks Ringel, I'll check out Crafty.
  5. Just felt like this could simplify it overall & make things more straight forward, you could incorporate essential things from the removed part in the smaller map:
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  7. ics

    Ambush [TF2]

    This has been over a year long project for me to build this on and off on my free time. Welcome to 3-stage map cp_ambush. Each stage has 2 CP's that you need to capture in order to advance. After capturing all 6, you win the game. As RED, naturally you have to stop BLU from capturing! Still wip, but good enough to test on. Check it out at TF2 workshop on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2007331583 Thanks.
  8. Hi! I completely forgot to do this. The map has been out for about two weeks now, and even had an update today. I'm glad you clicked! Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1999336985 Some factors Difficulty: Medium-Hard There is no portal gun Map is relatively short Solution on my YT channel and on the workshop You can basically smell summer The map wouldn't have been here, hadn't it been for the amazing TWP and Mapcore communities! Thanks guys
  9. @blackdog I think I figured it out, seems to be an issue with safari. I believe I fixed that issue with the text on every page using container boxes.
  10. I was just doing some edits this morning so you may of caught me while I was making updates. Does the text still look like that out of the box on that page? Also what browser do you use on mobile? On my Google Pixel it shows up right That blur effect gets caused my mobile getting screwy with backgrounds. I may just set it to switch to a plain background when someone uses mobile if I can't get the picture backgrounds to show up properly
  11. Not sure if is cache, I haven’t opened your website before today, but I can see background images that make text less legible and not such clear separation between entities (although in the portfolio index is not a big deal, just can create a weird optical effect)
  12. Ringel

    Hammer export to DXF

    You can convert a map into an .obj with crafty. I used this to make one model inside blender. Maybe this will help you aswell.
  13. Hence why I apologised, and; as mentioned I had literally just re-uninstalled it for 'like, the umpteenth time.
  14. esspho

    Hammer export to DXF

    The DXF export works like it did in the past. Is your geometry far from the origin maybe? In my experience it works best if you copy just the brushes you need into an empty file and export from there. That's not helpful at all.
  15. Sorry, no. I avoid Hammer like the plague - it is the most unwieldy PoS to have ever been invented by human beings. I hope it gets replaced with HL: Alyx with a level editing tool for people in the second decade of the 21st century, and not the 1990's. Apps for the outburst, but I literally just opened it again with fresh eyes and nearly threw my computer out of the window within 3 minutes. Hope you get it sorted.
  16. m8nkey

    The random model thread!

    Early WIP. Aesthetics inspired by Mateusz Urbanowicz - https://mateuszurbanowicz.com/
  17. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    Back in my day I used the Hammer export to DXF to allow me to import my bsp into Maya to ensure assets are to correct scale. Doesn't appear to be working for me. Any suggestions to correct this or any way to get my BSP geometry into external 3d apps?
  18. I made this suggestion also exactly one month ago under my maps. Maybe they got it from there. Yes they can do this. My idea was only to do this for the time until the contest ends. Just to make a statement. Exactly, thats why it fits so well for this purpose. Edit: Smart idea, only to disable enemy skins. But if they don't do this make it equip only per faction would also not ideal because of their colour variance. The normal fbi models are blue and there is one green, one black and one grey-green custommodel. And if more skins are added to the game the variance would make it worse. And Valve would still have the problem that the ESEA, ESL and FACEIT does not allow custom skins. Edit2: Those minor customizable bodyparts could be faction exclusive stuff like belts / belt buckels solely for the phoenix faction.
  19. It would not be a company policy or anything (like a checklist) - but look at it this way, if a recruiter sees that and gets the sense that your portfolio is very junior, which it is since it doesn't contain any professional experience, they might quickly skim past your portfolio if other candidates are more senior. Don't give them a reason to overlook you unnecessarily. Let them at least soak in your portfolio a bit first before they make a decision.
  20. At risk of sounding stoically unimpressed, this is fucking dumb
  21. I would say all of the examples on mirage were contested areas
  22. Big news, guys! All of my tracks on my Dark/Ominous page are now available as very high quality Ogg files. They sound amazing…almost as good as the original WAV files that they were created from…and are much much smaller in size…perfect for videogames. Give them a try. https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ On that note, some people have asked me why I’m offering Ogg files when they can simply convert my free MP3 tracks to Ogg themselves. You are certainly welcome to do this, but it won’t increase the quality of the tracks at all because you’re starting with MP3. The reason my Ogg files sound so great is that I’m creating them from my original WAV recordings. That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my Fantasy 10 page: SKY DRIFTERS – (Looping) SKY DRIFTERS 2 – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-10/ On my Positive / Upbeat page: THE BALLOON HEADS DAY OUT – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ On my Puzzle Music 5 page: FUNKY PUZZLER – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-5/ And on my Sci-Fi 8 page: DESOLATE STREETS IN A MACHINE WORLD – (Looping) ELECTRIC DRIZZLE – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-8/ Enjoy…and keep being creative!
  23. Just watched episode 1 & 2 and it starts impeccably. The music is so tense, brrr
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