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Reddit + Mapcore CS:GO Mapping Contest Finalists Announced!




(Art by Thurnip)


Contest finalists have been chosen!

Before announcing our finalists, we want to thank everyone for participating and giving your feedback: with over 150 entries, this event has thus far exceeded expectations in every way.

We strongly considered adding an “honorable mentions” addendum to this announcement, but realized there were simply too many maps which came extremely close to becoming finalists, lacking only one of our “big three” judging criteria components.



Now, without futher ado…



(in no particular order)



By Jakuza


Workshop Link



By Andre Valera


Workshop Link



by Klems


Workshop Link



By Ornate Baboon


Workshop Link


These exciting levels exhibit competitive potential, excellent visual presentation, AND a satisfying level of polish, making them truly strong representatives for our talented community. As finalists competing for the grand prize, the authors of these levels will be able to update their work based on your feedback, including fine-tuning their competitive layouts using public playtesting over on Reddit. Let's support them on their journey!

To check out the excellent prizes awaiting our finalists (including money prizes + official Valve merchandise), click here.




Congratulations, finalists!

...but who will be the Grand Prize Winner? Find out September 30th.





P.S. – To all our wonderful participants: don't despair. Level design is an art to be pursued for its own sake, and brilliant work should always be celebrated and studied. Additionally, Valve has consistently supported CS:GO community mapping, and Valve Operations remain a lucrative and thrilling opportunity for community mappers such as yourself. Valve’s criteria for Operations can be found here.


"Never give up." - Hurg


User Feedback

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I knew my map won`t be one of the finalists, but that wasn`t my goal. Contests like these give me the motivation to start working on a map and FINISH them. Thanks to everyone who helped me out and congrats to the finalists! I wonder what maps will make it into the next operation :)

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Congratulation to the finalists :)

I knew my map would not make that far, but i got a lot of feedback during this contest.

So good luck to every finalist. :) 

And a thank you to the mapcore staff for doing this contest, which I learned a lot from.  

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    • Post in [UE4] Island Environment [W.I.P]
      I've release the project on the ue4's Marketplace. LINK

      There's also a playable demo that you can check out here: DEMO

      This was my most time consuming project that I've started back in 2018, but then scrapped and returned to it in 2021.

      It took about 8 months to complete and was a great learning experience for me. 



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