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Epic Games & Mapcore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest



Epic and Mapcore are teaming up! In an effort to push the custom content scene forward, we are hosting a Level Design contest for Unreal Tournament. We challenge you to create a new level for the “Team Showdown” game mode.

Phase 1 - ­Design (1 Month) 

Design a level for the new “Team Showdown” Mode in Unreal Tournament 4.
Focus on level flow, theme, weapon and spawn placements that compliments “Team Showdown”.

Contestants need to submit their designs before the May 2nd deadline on Mapcore’s contest forum

Phase 2 - Art and Polish (2 Months)

Use official art (Liandri, Castle, Chill and Snow Fortress assets) or your own.
Mesh and light the level.
Do a collision/blocking volume pass. 
The level must be functional.
The level must run at a reasonable framerate (dm­outpost23 is a good reference).

Contestants need to submit their designs before the July 4th deadline on Mapcore’s contest forum. Download links will be sent to Epic, who will judge all entries. Epic will also host a community playtest event of the final submissions. 


Small teams are allowed, for example, an artist and a designer.
Custom art is allowed, but use of official art is completely fine.
You can start art passing whenever you're ready. You don’t have to wait for the second phase.
You have to be willing to have your level tested and played in Unreal Tournament.
Must be designed for “Team Showdown” but that doesn't mean it won’t work for Deathmatch.    


Prizes will be sent to the individuals who post the submissions. We are not responsible for how teams wish to submit and divide their prizes. 

Judging and Prizes

The entire UT team will vote for their favorite submissions and the results will be shared on Unreal Tournament's Twitch channel.

First Place ($1650) + Swag
Second Place ($850) + Swag
Third Place ($500) + Swag
Fourth Place ­ Honorary Mention (Swag)
Fifth Place ­ Honorary Mention (Swag)    

Depending on the quality of entries, and work required to take the levels to release quality, Epic will evaluate the possibility of adding winning entries into the Marketplace or the game. Epic will work directly with the designers on any issues that need resolving (similar to dm­lea and ctf­pistola).

Good Luck!

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If anyone would want to team-up, I would be happy to (since it is allowed). If not, I will whoop you with the greatest showdown level ever :P (but not really because they're outstanding designers/artists here).

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