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Congratulations to our finalists and Grand Prize Winner, DE_EMPIRE!




(Art by Thurnip)


It's Time!

It’s finally time to declare a grand prize winner in our exciting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapping contest. You’ve playtested the maps on Reddit, you've waited months for the results... let's get down to business!!







By Andre Valera


Workshop Link


Sometimes it boils down to consistency: broad strength across several categories. No map in our contest better exemplifies this notion of consistent quality than Empire.

Empire features a stacked bomb-site layout similar to popular official maps like Nuke and Overpass. While this relatively unorthodox design presents level designers with additional challenges, Empire ably sticks its landing. Furthermore, the ambition of Empire’s design is tempered well by its no-nonsense visual presentation. We’re left with a digestible, fun, and very playable level.


Congratulations, Andre Valera!



Featured in a goRGNtv showmatch!

Featured in CEVO PUG rotation for one month!

$1000 and Mapcore swag!

CS:GO prize pack courtesy of Valve:

a signed CS:GO poster, lanyard, vinyl sticker

SteelSeries Kana Mouse!



2nd PLACE:


by Klems


Workshop Link


A truly unique map. Some felt it was the strongest entry in the contest given its strong theme, abundant polish, and beautiful visuals; others, however, questioned the map's small scale. This was a tough map to judge.  





CS:GO prize pack courtesy of Valve: 

a signed CS:GO poster, lanyard, vinyl sticker



3rd PLACE:


By Jakuza


Workshop Link


An attractively sleek map, there is plenty of room for Royal to blossom into something very special. 




CS:GO prize pack courtesy of Valve: 

a signed CS:GO poster, lanyard, vinyl sticker



4th PLACE:


By Ornate Baboon


Workshop Link


A map that was under heavy construction for much of our contest, one gets the sense that Coast wasn't quite ready yet. With a little bit more time, who knows?



$100 + Mapcore swag!

CS:GO prize pack courtesy of Valve: 

a signed CS:GO poster, lanyard, vinyl sticker



~~~We at Mapcore would like to thank the r/GlobalOffensive moderators for their assistance, our lovely guest judges, Valve, goRGNtv, CEVO, as well as Gamebanana.com and Steam workshop artist EGO DEATH for contributing to our prize pool.


Last but not least... THANK YOU, for making this 'Core event special and fun!



"May Hurg guide you..."



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Congratulations to winners! And big thanks to contest organisers. Definitely made me push de_coast a lot more in the 3 months than I would have done otherwise. Hopefully, this is just the first of many Mapcore and reddit mapping contests. Lot of fun maps out there now!

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