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MapCore Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server

Thrik | MapCore - The Home of Hurg

We'll be enjoying de_icebourne (Psy) and cs_siege_go (3Dnj and moroes) tonight at 7pm GMT. Simply download the maps and turn up!

If you'd like to have your map tested on the server, get in touch with Psy or reply in the We'll also be introducing a special playtest forum soon, where people can arrange playtests for CS:GO and of course any other game.

There's a lot of interest in CS:GO mapping on MapCore, not too surprising considering that Counter-Strike mapping provided the foundation for the community in the first place. Why not get involved and enjoy having your maps playtested and criticised by MapCore's mighty crew?

Update: cs_siege_go will also be playtested tonight, download link above has been updated.

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