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Introducing verticality to aim maps for a more consistent aim in all axes?


A problem in all "aim" style maps, with a potential solution?

After playing to much and many aim maps, I realized that my flick shots were only accurate horizontally; so I tried making a map that made your opponent spawn on a different vertical level than you. This not only to increase vertical aim and muscle memory, but also to increase complexity with having to visually keep track of more potential angles from above/below as well has horizontally. However I think I made a shocking discover, most of which is anecdotal since I don't have enough time yet to make a numerical statistical comparative study. However after practicing on my map for comparatively similar amounts of time to another similarly sized standard aim map, I feel my aim is much more accurate. I will be starting to collect data on this, Ill publish it here soo. Anyways for mapping I then made it even a little more complex by having it spawn you on the same level as you opponent 25% of the time, to increase constant "looking up and down". Which should hypothetically increase even more vertical movements. I even added: ladders, stairs, cars, trains, colorful lighting and much more. In it's current development it's only good for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4...


I believe for this increase in uniform range of comfortability in all axes of shooting could influence more of a demand for vertically emphasized maps in the base game! Please let me know what you think and any improvements I should make!






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    • [CS:GO] Shore
      One of the projects I worked on after I made de_austria.

      Yeah, I know the timing is really bad (CS2!), but can't change it... 🙁

      In general a lot went wrong during this project. Had a lot of problems with the layout, but I think I found a good compromise in the end. Also learned many new things. Maybe I would even be ready to create a really good map now after all, but I think that it's gonna be the final one. I really like making maps, but it has become too time consuming over the years for just being a hobby. Unfortunately I never managed to get a job in the games industry. So that's it. I hope it's a worthy ending of 20 years of making maps for me. 🙂

      Shore is a bomb defusal map for CS:GO that takes place on Lofoten Islands, Norway. (Also have a Hostage version of this that works well imo)

      Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2955084102

      I took some inspiration from this place in Norway:


      Some pictures:
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