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Introducing MapCore's new logo and store


Designed by professional designer Arthur de Padua (AKA Thurnip), the new logo was developed over a period of many months and incorporates some of the successful themes that came up during the logo design contest we had some time ago. Unlike the existing logo which only existed as a low-resolution render, this one is perfectly crisp and comes in numerous formats suitable for print — allowing us to finally offer high-quality merchandise.

So, head over to the MapCore store if you want to show your MapCorian allegiance in public! All items come as a 'Regular Edition' (no profit for MapCore) and 'Donation Edition' (£5 profit that goes towards MapCore hosting/development costs).

We're currently offering a small but carefully designed selection of products. Once we make sure everything's running OK and we don't need to change vendor for whatever reason, more products will be added. We'll also soon be adding a way for you to donate while receiving a small token of appreciation (e.g. a sticker that can be bought for £5, £10, or £20) for those who want to support us but don't necessarily need or want a T-shirt, etc.

If you buy anything, be sure to post some photos for us to look at! I have some orders on the way, so will create a thread for such snaps if nobody else beats me to it. If you'd love to buy something but the item you want isn't available, don't hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with me — I'm happy to build up the products based upon what people want.

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Lol of course, the store isn't going anywhere. :D


It looks like I have to re-create the store for it to be in Euros, so what I'll do is take down the products and re-add them. It'll probably to be during the weekend or next week I do that (any existing orders won't be affected). I should have done this in the first place though, so I'm happy to do it.

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Good suggestion. I think I'll create a two-tone version of each colour with and without text, that way people can choose which they prefer. I'll do that at the weekend or so when I re-add the products as I don't have any more time right now for doing more variations. :)

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by fitted, there is some information here about how the measurements are taken, though — it recommends just physically measuring an existing T-shirt you like the size of, which seems sensible.


I should note that they're all B&C T-shirts. There's also the option of having American Apparel T-shirts, but that adds like £5 to the price so wasn't sure if many people would be interested. I can put them up when I add the extra products if anyone would prefer that brand.


Personally I just see a T-shirt as a T-shirt so don't know too much about all the differences between brands, lol. :oops:

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Will work on that Sprony. ;)

Regarding the fit, can't say for sure. I'll take some photos of me in my large one soon, but those who are in better shape might have more useful feedback on that, lol. My expectation is that because they're described as standard fit, they're not totally baggy but not slim-fit either. Just... normal.


I know that American Apparel is generally quite slim-fitting, so if that is a priority those could be more suitable. I can add those options.

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