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Introducing MapCore's new logo and store


Designed by professional designer Arthur de Padua (AKA Thurnip), the new logo was developed over a period of many months and incorporates some of the successful themes that came up during the logo design contest we had some time ago. Unlike the existing logo which only existed as a low-resolution render, this one is perfectly crisp and comes in numerous formats suitable for print — allowing us to finally offer high-quality merchandise.

So, head over to the MapCore store if you want to show your MapCorian allegiance in public! All items come as a 'Regular Edition' (no profit for MapCore) and 'Donation Edition' (£5 profit that goes towards MapCore hosting/development costs).

We're currently offering a small but carefully designed selection of products. Once we make sure everything's running OK and we don't need to change vendor for whatever reason, more products will be added. We'll also soon be adding a way for you to donate while receiving a small token of appreciation (e.g. a sticker that can be bought for £5, £10, or £20) for those who want to support us but don't necessarily need or want a T-shirt, etc.

If you buy anything, be sure to post some photos for us to look at! I have some orders on the way, so will create a thread for such snaps if nobody else beats me to it. If you'd love to buy something but the item you want isn't available, don't hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with me — I'm happy to build up the products based upon what people want.

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I put this on Facebook but just in case anyone else is wondering about Skjalg's questions:


The colour customisation is just something the vendor offers, unfortunately the artwork can't be adjusted on a per-colour basis unless a standalone version is made (like we have for white, black, and red). Red is missing as a standalone version though, so I'll add that today using the appropriate artwork! I'll clean the shop up if I can to make it more clear.


As for the circle, that's a feature of the logo design I believe and is meant to be transparent (it certainly is in all the variations such as light-on-dark, two-tone, etc). Can always create a one-off special for you, though!


Regarding the small slogan, it SHOULD be a good size IRL because the design is printed pretty big.



That delivery fee surprises me Em, as these are made and shipped from the UK! I specifically chose it as it said EU delivery prices were low. That's pretty annoying, as I checked the delivery fees here:




Is this for all French addreses, can anyone verify? I can create region-specific stores with the same products if it avoids stupid shipping charges because those don't benefit anyone. :oops:

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Also thanks so much for your patronage everyone, it's lovely to see the love and support. As I said on Facebook, now we need a gathering so we can all wear our T-shirts!


I'll be adding some new products within a few days which incorporate the most popular suggestions (red T-shirt, tilde T-shirt, logo-only T-shirt, baby clothing). We'd definitely like to get some of MapCore's lore into these products, so Hurg will be making an appearance before long!

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Ordered a Black T-shirt and a mug, both donation editions of course :) I'd like a white one as well but first I wanted to check out if the size matches.


Nice job on the shop and logo!

Price is fairly reasonable, too bad it's in pounds though. Would've been cheaper if I had to convert from Euros but oh well! :)

Shipping to Sweden was only £4 so not sure what went wrong there --Em--...? :s

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Great Thrik, I'll wait for the the "red" version then :)

I love me some red shirts.


One day I noticed that my entire closet was filled with black clothing, so I've made a wow, that unless I can't help it (free t-shirt) I am not going to buy another black piece of clothing for some time. And I'm not a fan of pure white either because all spots (I cant put all the food into my mouth) are so visible :D

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I might be able to switch the currencies, I'll do it when I update the products. :) Euros would make more sense. In terms of prices, the regular editions are literally the minimum prices and we make nothing off them, but if there is Mapcore merchandise in the world that's still a win. :D Hopefully they're all OK, they seemed about on par with other vendors offering a similar level of quality (i.e. better than CafePress which I've had some bad experiences with).

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