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  2. Nice, bought this a couple weeks ago, still wrapped but I'll hit it once I'm done with Days Gone.
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  4. If anyone could give us feedback based on this WS link would be appreciated.
  5. may be a little complex. Try to cut unnessesary routes.
  6. Everyone in 2013 was a cunt. Nowonder humanity's on a terminal spiral in to the depths of mediocrity.
  7. Gravedigging the topic because it looks like #gowokegobroke strikes again and Anita is finally out of money. I hope all this celebrating doesn't jinx it, but hopefully her voice and her overall presence will soon just be a fart in the distant past.
  8. So I decided to rebuild middle from the ground up, turning it from a convoluted mess of twisted and inconvenient connectors and ladders, to a more nice-looking, a bit less convoluted mess of convenient and quick connectors with half as many ladders. Here's a few screenies, just for the sake of it: So, the wallbang is still there, but it is will be made in such way that it is much less unfair for Ts. I've gotten rid of the big open bath and moved it here, where it is more secluded by the tall walls and protected from the wind. Now that same (mid 1) pathway is visible through the arch on the left in the last image, which allows me to more comfortably allow Ts to have access to CT spawn, that in turn would play in a very interesting way with bomb site A, which you will see in future update. The rotation times have decreased drastically down to about 14-16 from plant zone to plant zone. I've gotten rid of the 15 second door, which was frankly very funny, but I would not miss out on a chance to swap it out for a more convenient path. (I am planning a 20 second door, though at a different spot) Likely to remove the 270 degrees turn that CTs have to make at spawn to get to A. So now I'm trying to focus a lot of the action towards this middle area, which is difficult to access for Ts, but will inevitably give them a lot of options. The connector to B leads to a very powerful elevated spot through a bridge that can be destroyed both by CTs and Ts.
  9. Me neither, but I always keep an eye on every release, especially the DLCs as they play with much wilder map themes and they do for great inspiration
  10. Yeah, I can respect that it's a good opportunity for you and others to gain experience with a known framework in areas you might not be involved with during your day job. But given the scope of the source material and the fact that numerous hl3 projects have sprung at valve and failed over the years, you're not really making it easier on yourselves at all.
  11. I never expected to be sat here 15 years later (!!!) watching another Half-Life 2 tech demo but on Unreal 4. Am I in some alternative dream?
  12. A Map set in calabar Nigeria
  13. Halcyon Winds are looking for fresh and dedicated members who have a love for video games and learning. We are currently finishing our prototype build of our launch title, Cepheus Protocol, which we will utilize to seek investment. As of right now, several potential backers have approached us or have shown interest in our game. With that in mind, we genuinely require new team members that are fully committed to joining our team – people who see game design as a career and want to either expand their portfolios with something genuinely inspiring or want to join an experienced team of creators. Halcyon Winds is a dedicated, structured, and trustworthy team looking to make a splash in the industry. We would love for you to join us on this journey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ab0PuJr-WY This, we feel is a great opportunity for any inspiring artist wishing to enter the game industry or expand on their own resume and experience. It must be stated that at this point we are only seeking volunteer positions at this time. If you feel this is something you want to be part of, please feel free to reach out to us and apply for one of our openings. Click on the link below. http://halcyonwinds.com/join-us/ You can learn more about our game, Cepheus Protocol by visiting our website and IndieDB pages. https://www.indiedb.com/games/cepheus-protocol
  14. First Layout Concept. Doesn't exactly look like a submarine, but a CS:GO map set in a few long corridors is pretty boring. We can say It's a futuristic submarine, with all the space anyone ever wants.
  15. It's great to hear that you had a playtest! I hope you learned lots from it!
  16. Playtest ended. Map is fun but T sided as of now because CTs have poor options when it comes to rotations compared to the Ts.
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  18. I'm thinking of a map set in a submarine. Could be either defusal or hostage.
  19. Hey guys! We're about to start a playtest on the source engine discord server! If anyone wants to join us, just type this into the dev console. connect can.tophattwaffle.com The current version of the map has also been uploaded to the steam workshop for you guys to check out and give feedback on! The link to its steam workshop page is below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1763680057
  20. Syllaris Industries is proud to be joining this competition. Soon we will be unveiling our brand new innovations and technological wonders. Stay tuned for more: Syllaris, shining brighter than the Future.
  21. I've never played black ops or call of duty really ;w;
  22. Looking after a newborn doesn’t let you do much more than watch lot of TV… Well at least I’m caught up with Better Call Saul, Season 4 was again great and I kinda feel this is the best ongoing show on TV. I adore the camera work, I think it really helps to lean in with the characters feelings. They also do this very basic tricks of framing details that can bring you back one-two seasons, for example one of the last episodes they use the rule of thirds to frame a litter bin Jimmy kicked in previous seasons: the bin is still dinked and you immediately remember of that old scene. Brilliant If you are not watching this you should, especially after watching Breaking Bad, because watching the downfall you know these characters face is such a neat narration device. When the TV show was announced this concept was my biggest concern, it’s actually its strength. ~ Also finally ticked this off the list cheesy AF lol
  23. Update: Workshop Link - Fixed the long sight line at B from bridge to connector - Added a wall at the A entrance: I think this wall fixes some issues with A. It was feeling a bit too open, but mostly there was just way too many positions to check as T coming into the site (see the top left pic) Now its much cleaner to check the different encounter spots AND the powerful sniper position for CT is still intact but more interesting to interact with (pop a flash through the hole in the roof and run up to the wall and you now have 2 points of attack) The only downside is really visual. I liked having the big vat/container greeting the player coming into the site, but i guess i cant have it all.
  24. this covers 90% of all youtube gaming content https://twitter.com/burgerdrome/status/1139360651187326978
  25. Hello, level designer on the Listening Post gameplay segment here. The main motivation for me is to work on a free time project in modern middleware like UE4, which I use in my day job. This allows me to perhaps flex and learn in areas that my day job perhaps won't allow for due to time/scope/seniority/project/etc. It's good practice. It also gives a good opportunity for others to join and learn too, so that they may be better prepared for say - full time work in games. Like the way it used to be I wouldn't say that building a known framework to allow this is stupid. It gives a good base with some known mechanics for people to work to and given the age of the source material, ideally improve upon.
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