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My name is Matthew Dear and I am a sound designer, composer and audio programmer. I've combined my two great passions of audio and gaming to create in-your-face, highly varied audio assets!
Here are a few points about me:

 - I've been playing games and composing music for well over ten years, covering a wide variety of styles and formats.

 - I run a pro-quality home studio; capable of both realistic, high quality recordings and far-out conceptual effects/ambiences.

 - Last year I completed an online course using Wwise audio implementation software, graduating with an A. I've since used this knowledge to program my own audio systems.
   You can see a demo of my Wwise work here:

 - You can view my Soundtrack, SFX and voice acting portfolios via my website

 - You can actually download and play my Limbo demo here! All sound effects, music and ambiences created and implemented by me using Wwise

Some examples of my previous work:

Folk Tale - RTS RPG - SFX

Sakura Dungeon - Dungeon crawler RPG - SFX

Rising Legends - Retro side-scrolling beat'em'

Sakura Fantasy - Steam visual novel - SFX & Ambience

Bananadoh! - iOS, Android and Browser game - SFX & Music

'Omegalith' - Work in progess - demo on Gamejolt

'Puzzle House: Mystery Rising' - iOS game - SFX

Current Work Includes - Medikidz (Multi-platform, SFX & Music), Folk Tale (PC, SFX), Dinosaurs: A Prehistoric Adventure (PC, SFX), RuneWards (PC, SFX)

You can see more of my audio-video demos here:


Please get in touch if you like what you hear, my rates vary depending on complexity/style and can be flexible to meet your budget.
I am willing to work for rev-share if the project is right.

Matthew Dear
[email protected]
Skype: matthew.dear2

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A short audio mock-up for the UNity game Angry Bots, made for my Berklee Onlince course 'Game Audio Production with Wwise'.

All music, sound effects, ambience and dialog made by me.

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It's been a while since I've posted! I've been busy with my Berklee online course on audio implementation, as well as the following project...

I designed all the sound effects and ambiences for Winged Cloud's visual novel, Sakura Fantasy, which has been released on steam today!

You can listen to a soundreel of some my personal favourite sfx and ambiences:


And can view the steam store page here:

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The third of a series of character themes I have written for game developer Randy Overholt (Prototeen), who on this occassion wrote the lyrics.

This song is for the Japanese character, Yuna:


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