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On 11/01/2017 at 0:48 PM, Buddy said:

I had the same sensation, maybe because of how simplified the game was compared to SS2?

...and because it wasn't in space and SHODAN wasn't in it.

"Would you kindly... give me a sequel to SS2 already ffs!"

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5 hours ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Not playing anything but watching AGDQ instead. Right now the TASBot is remote executing code on a SNES via Link To The Past to draw a fucking FMV of a Portal speedrun frame by frame, and the chat is half convinced they're somehow actually running Portal on a SNES. This is the best thing by far from this entire marathon.

I was actually thinking about having a GDQ thread, but I guess it's a bit late. DRAM world was HYPE

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21 hours ago, Sentura said:

There are plenty of reasons there shouldn't be shield enemies in any SP game ever. But the fact that they are in Doom is so much worse. Doom is a symbol of careless, coverless combat where you rely more or clutch reactions and instinct rather than thinking. Having shield enemies in Doom is an antithesis to what the game is about.

That's true -through and through- just saying that I didn't mind too much ;)

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