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18 hours ago, Dosentti said:

I see Substance Design is pretty HC tool. I gotta try it too. Is it any good with creating textures for csgo since there are so many limitations?

You can use Substance for CS:GO but I wouldn't do it. I used it a couple times for CS:GO and it's just not very worth it compared to "last gen" techniques. Now if you were in a proper engine that doesnt suck dick balls like UE4 or Unity 5, Substance is amazing.

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54 minutes ago, Yanzl said:

Speaking of Substance and CS:GO, I patched together a Source engine looking shader for substance.

Get it here: http://gortnar.com/vmt/shaders.7z and put it in ...\Substance Designer 5\resources\view3d\shaders


This deserves it's own thread!

I expanded on this by making a template for Substance Designer to be used with the Source Shader.  Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvkakn8mlij5qlu/SourceEngineSubstanceTemplate.7z?dl=0 Instructions on how to set up are on the read me file


I also made a Base Source Material node. You can use this node to get up and running the source shader for quick results, then later on plug in custom maps for env mask, and specularity (Phong). You can also work with height map and then the node will get the normal map.



Example Node. To explain the very basics.


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On 10/4/2016 at 3:58 PM, Pampers said:

what limitations?

Sorry, I didn't notice your question until now.

Umm.. dunno if you are familiar with source engine's textures. I don't know if the texture system is old or is it different than other game engine's texture system too.

Anyways.. for example.. there's no height map, there's no roughness map. All reflections are a bit hard to create(at least for me) when you have to guess correct values for the parameters. Everything is named differentely and everything looks a bit second hand. 

I generated today two textures with Substance designer 5 and I gotta admit it's pretty damn good tool. It's good for csgo also. At least for creating good diffuse texture. For normal maps it wasn't as easy as I wished, but it was doable.


I don't know if this looks any good to you guys :D But I was amazed how well it turned out.



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Spent the past two evenings trying to make this bark for my tree. I swear this material will give me gray hair. I just can't make it look the way I want it. I was going for european white elm, but ehh yeah not even close. I need to figure out how to do the smaller "flaky" parts.


Update: messed around a bit during lunch. Might be getting somewhere now.


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