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  1. For digital content designer whose preferences include work and travel altogether For digital content designer whose preferences include work and travel altogether, there’re openings in Thailand that can fulfill your dream of working abroad. Bangkok International Digital Content Festival 2017 is the event for you to enjoy the gathering of various digital content showcases from all over the world which, this year, will have been open for public for 4 consecutive years Chance to experience digital content leaders in person Besides the exhibit of over a thousand showcases in this event, a number of globally renowned character-design and digital-content individuals will be featured on stage and take close participation in this program who are from prominent developers such as Square Enix, Ghibli, Lucas Film, etc. Good news for individuals looking to earn experience while work and travel in exotic country This event exhibits the works from leading content production firms; also, it offers designers and character designers with career opportunity in ASEAN region due to high demand especially in Thailand. Due to constantly thriving demand for character designers and digital content related functions, interested individuals looking for the change of work atmosphere to Thailand. For more information, please visit Being held in the high time in March, 2017, you may take this opportunity to experience Songkran Festival, the most exciting and popular festival in Thailand. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which programmers seeking entertainment while at work should give a try.