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  1. What's with that building in the first picture?
  2. de_kilkenny Whitebox W.I.P. Link to steam workshop: New Imgur Album with the latest pics from V3: Progress: 42% Layout: This is my 5th CS:GO competitive map( 5th on the workshop, I have a lot of unfinished work). It is a layout I put together on a paper for a minute and it has changed a lot since the initial build. This is my idea about middle and how it is supposed to work: The terrorists arrive at middle at about the same time as CTs and they can rush through the middle opening window towards A. That way they will arrive at the site just when the CTs take positions. But that way they risk getting picked off by CT AWPer/AWPers peeking mid. If they decide to instead go around through Secret they will not be noticed by the CTs and the choke point will move a little bit towards the Ts allowing the CTs to get aggressive. I think this is an interesting mechanic and makes the map more strategic. The terrorists can decide to smoke off mid and cross or set up an AWPer to watch the CT area of middle for any potential CT AWPers. The CTs on the other hand can purchase 5 awps and go all mid... which makes no sense. Middle also plays an important role later in the round allowing for faster rotations and split pushes. The CTs can also play 2 men middle - one in CT Mid and one Underpass. Please give me your opinions. Updates: Update: 13 Feb @ 6:55pm V2: -Adjusted timings overall. -Widened mid T window(now it can not be smoked off with one smoke. -Added a second opening for the CTs towards bombsite B, kinda lika a balcony. -Added a room with a self-boost window for the Ts outside B(for timings and for holding for pushes). -Added a second path to A over 'Secret'(check the screenshot for callouts). -CT mid is widened. Now you can hide to the right behind a second column. -The bomb target areas are now colored with red. -Added yellow boxes in the underpass (towards B) entrace. -The .bsp file is now called de_killkennys. Update: 12 Feb @ 9:24pm All the custom textures have been packaged with the .bsp file so there should be no problem with running the map and no black textures.