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  1. It was a cool idea for the theme but I think the layout had some problems.
  2. Finally found a solution for the problem with the bomb getting stuck under the water. Before there used to be a bomb reset on the surface of the water so if you dropped the bomb, it would teleport back to the location, it had been dropped from, but there was an issue where if a player died in the water, with the bomb, it would be stuck at the bottom, irretrievable. Shipping update.
  3. Small update incoming: - Fixed some bomb stuck spots. - Extended bomb reset trigger to the bottom of the water. - Fixed a bug where dropping a bomb through a window prop would result in the bomb getting stuck inside the wall. - Clipping adjustments. - Marked bombsite B borders. - Added an iceberg next to the ship to partially block off the sightline from the front of the ship and Outside A. - CT spawn moved 1 second closer to Mid and B and respectively 1 second further from A. So now after this spawn points adjustment, the CTs playing on B should reach the corner of B Long at roughly the same time(the CT playing in the site, peeking by the blue container) and the CT playing Upper B should have around 1,5 sec to post up before the Ts peek at Long. I just discovered this sightline and idk if it should stay or not: The Ts obviously get there first and since the map does feel a bit too T-sided right now I might consider keeping it. Maybe it would be a good feature? It would force the Ts to apply at least a little bit of pressure to mid. And it is also a very high risk high reward for the CT. If he misses his shot, he is dead. I am also thinking of adding some cover in the area of the map where the blue dot is.
  4. I like the architecture of the map. Will check it out in game when I have time. BTW how did you make that heatmap image?
  5. Maybe he will start working on it after the release of Ruby.
  6. I really like the B bombsite of the Copenhagen version of De_Riverside. Hope you revive it in this one ;D
  7. I like the changes you've made to middle and the sites and using textures that fit the theme. I have a few suggestions for you: 1. Remove this door: It's very tiny and limits movement. Imagine a 5 man rush to B through here. I'd suggest that you use this wider frame instead: Or maybe you are trying to block a sightline with it idk. 2.This hallway feels very cramped: I feel like it would be better if you removed the dust 2 crate. I don't see what the purpose of it is. 3.These stairs are too close to the ceiling and they feel weird and unrealistic: I'd suggest that you move the stairway a little further: 4.I don't remember if this corridor was longer in the last version of the map but I like it as it is now. But I feel like one of these boxes needs to go: More like the bricks. It restricts movement and the only benefit of having it is that you can play peek-a-boo with the CT behind the other crate. If you remove both boxes, it will make it easier for Ts to take control of the room and raise the skill ceiling. The CTs will have to hold from the doorway and if they miss their shot, give up the area to the Ts. 5.Also there is an invisible ledge or sth that I'm getting stuck on if I'm moving into the vents, rich next to the right wall:
  8. V4 in the contest forum:
  9. De_glace is set on the north pole, where one of the bombsites is in the center of a research base settlement and the other one is on a cargo ship, or a crab fishing ship. The terrorist have arrived with their plane to destroy the scientist's home and blow up their ship (the scientists like to go fish some crab in their free time to make up for the low salary). The idea behind bombsite A is that one CT is going to be playing outside the ship, watching the side lane, while the other one is going to be inside the ship itself. The way bombsite B is supposed to work is: one CT will play behind the site from the overwatch position and spot for information, while the other CT will be playing Inside the bombsite. Middle can be watched by one CT. Middle gives access to the B squeaky as well as A short. Workshop: Overview image: Callouts: Screenshots: V4 Change Notes: - Added a second entrance to Upper B for the CTs so now getting smoked off is not an issue. - Changed squeaky door speed. - Terrorists entrance bridge to the ship has been replaced with a Blue Container so they can now safely cross. - One of the T entrance drops on the ship has been replaced with a slope. - Added a low crate at the front of the ship as minimal cover for CTs playing there. - Orange dev texture replaced with a flat and reflective orange texture. I will update the workshop version right after I finish the radar file and pack up everything. Here is the WIP thread from the 3d forum:
  10. How do I add my map to "The Official Event Forum" for the contest? Should I make a new thread? Edit: I made a new thread.
  11. So I can participate with this map? That's awesome! Thanks for the reply.
  12. I really want to take part in the MapCore 2017 mapping contest but I don't think this map fits the criteria since it's already been released on the workshop and has a complete layout and a set theme. If it does not, then I will have to put it on hold for some time.
  13. RIP new operation. Won't have time for that
  14. Damn this guy is doing pretty well :D. Don't know if I'll be able to contest with him. Also this is an entry level map for me and I am not aiming for an operation.
  15. I'll see what I can do about the theme. Looking to get a playtest soon.